Scanelf: Missing Shared Object Name (SONAME)

    QA Notice: The following shared libraries lack a SONAME

A shared library that you would link against lacks an ELF SONAME tag. With simpler libraries, this can be acceptable, but with any sort of ABI sane setup, you need the SONAME tag. This tag is how the system linker tells the loader what libraries a program needs at runtime. With a missing SONAME, the linker needs to guess and with many cases, this guess will not work for long.

To fix this issue, make sure the shared library is linked with the proper -Wl,-soname,... flag. You will need to replace the ... part with the actual ABI name. For example, if the library is named, you will probably want to specify -Wl,-soname,

Note that this warning only applies to shared libraries that you would link against. It certainly does not apply to plugins that you would dynamically load. However, plugins should not exist in the main library directory, but rather an application specific subdirectory in the library directory. In other words, it should be /usr/lib/app/ rather than /usr/lib/