portage.util.env_update module

portage.util.env_update._env_update(makelinks, target_root, prev_mtimes, contents, env, writemsg_level)
portage.util.env_update.env_update(makelinks=1, target_root=None, prev_mtimes=None, contents=None, env=None, writemsg_level=None, vardbapi=None)

Parse /etc/env.d and use it to generate /etc/profile.env, csh.env, ld.so.conf, and prelink.conf. Finally, run ldconfig. When ldconfig is called, its -X option will be used in order to avoid potential interference with installed soname symlinks that are required for correct operation of FEATURES=preserve-libs for downgrade operations. It’s not necessary for ldconfig to create soname symlinks, since portage will use NEEDED.ELF.2 data to automatically create them after src_install if they happen to be missing. :param makelinks: True if ldconfig should be called, False otherwise :param target_root: root that is passed to the ldconfig -r option,

defaults to portage.settings[“ROOT”].