Package portage :: Package util :: Package _async :: Module FileDigester :: Class FileDigester
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Class FileDigester

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                           object --+                        
                SlotObject.SlotObject --+                    
_emerge.AsynchronousTask.AsynchronousTask --+                
    _emerge.AbstractPollTask.AbstractPollTask --+            
                    _emerge.SubProcess.SubProcess --+        
                    _emerge.SpawnProcess.SpawnProcess --+    
                                  ForkProcess.ForkProcess --+

Asynchronously generate file digests. Pass in file_path and hash_names, and after successful execution, the digests attribute will be a dict containing all of the requested digests.

Instance Methods [hide private]
_start(self) source code
_run(self) source code
_parse_digests(self, data) source code
_pipe_logger_exit(self, pipe_logger) source code
_digest_pipe_reader_exit(self, pipe_reader) source code
Unregister from the scheduler and close open files.
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Inherited from ForkProcess.ForkProcess (private): _spawn

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Overrides: _emerge.AsynchronousTask.AsynchronousTask._start


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Overrides: ForkProcess.ForkProcess._run

_pipe_logger_exit(self, pipe_logger)

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Overrides: _emerge.SpawnProcess.SpawnProcess._pipe_logger_exit


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Unregister from the scheduler and close open files.

Overrides: _emerge.AbstractPollTask.AbstractPollTask._unregister