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Module template

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str(object='') -> string
int(x=0) -> int or long int(x, base=10) -> int or long
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serialize_eclasses(eclass_dict, chf_type='mtime', paths=True)
takes a dict, returns a string representing said dict
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Without this validation, it's possible for reconstruct_eclasses to mistakenly interpret mtime data as md5 data, and return an invalid data structure containing strings where ints are expected.
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reconstruct_eclasses(cpv, eclass_string, chf_type='mtime', paths=True)
returns a dict when handed a string generated by serialize_eclasses
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Variables [hide private]
  _keysorter = operator.itemgetter(0)
  _chf_deserializers = {'md5': _md5_deserializer, 'mtime': long,}
  __package__ = 'portage.cache'

Imports: cache_errors, InvalidRestriction, ProtectedDict, sys, warnings, operator, _unicode