portage._sets package


Module contents

class portage._sets.SetConfig(paths, settings, trees)

Bases: object


Create a default hardcoded set configuration for a portage version that does not support set configuration files. This is only used in the current branch of portage if _ENABLE_SET_CONFIG is False. Even if it’s not used in this branch, keep it here in order to minimize the diff between branches.

[world] class = portage.sets.base.DummyPackageSet packages = @selected @system

[selected] class = portage.sets.files.WorldSelectedSet

[system] class = portage.sets.profiles.PackagesSystemSet

getSetAtoms(setname, ignorelist=None)

This raises PackageSetNotFound if the give setname does not exist.

update(setname, options)
exception portage._sets.SetConfigError

Bases: Exception


Exception.with_traceback(tb) – set self.__traceback__ to tb and return self.

portage._sets.get_boolean(options, name, default)
portage._sets.load_default_config(settings, trees)