portage._global_updates module

portage._global_updates._do_global_updates(trees, prev_mtimes, quiet=False, if_mtime_changed=True)
portage._global_updates._global_updates(trees, prev_mtimes, quiet=False, if_mtime_changed=True)

Perform new global updates if they exist in ‘profiles/updates/’ subdirectories of all active repositories (PORTDIR + PORTDIR_OVERLAY). This simply returns if ROOT != “/” (when len(trees) != 1). If ROOT != “/” then the user should instead use emaint –fix movebin and/or moveinst.

  • trees (dict) – A dictionary containing package databases.

  • prev_mtimes (dict) – A dictionary containing mtimes of files located in $PORTDIR/profiles/updates/.

Return type



True if update commands have been performed, otherwise False