Package _emerge :: Package resolver :: Module output_helpers
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Module output_helpers

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Contains private support functions for the Display class in

Classes [hide private]
str(object='') -> string
Simple class to hold instance attributes for current information about the pkg being printed.
Functions [hide private]
_create_use_string(conf, name, cur_iuse, iuse_forced, cur_use, old_iuse, old_use, is_new, feature_flags, reinst_flags) source code
_tree_display(conf, mylist) source code
_unordered_tree_display(mygraph, mylist) source code
_ordered_tree_display(conf, mygraph, mylist) source code
_prune_tree_display(display_list) source code
_calc_changelog(ebuildpath, current, next) source code
_strip_header_comments(lines) source code
_find_changelog_tags(changelog) source code
Variables [hide private]
  bad = create_color_func("BAD")
  __package__ = '_emerge.resolver'

Imports: io, re, sys, os, _encodings, _unicode_encode, InternalPackageSet, PackageSetNotFound, localized_size, blue, bold, colorize, create_color_func, green, red, teal, turquoise, yellow, writemsg, SlotObject, catpkgsplit, Blocker, Package