Package _emerge :: Package resolver :: Module output
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Module output

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Resolver output display operation.

Classes [hide private]
str(object='') -> string
Formats and outputs the depgrah supplied it for merge/re-merge, etc.
Functions [hide private]
format_unmatched_atom(pkg, atom, pkg_use_enabled)
Returns two strings.
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Variables [hide private]
  bad = create_color_func("BAD")
  __package__ = '_emerge.resolver'

Imports: sys, portage, os, dep_expand, Atom, cpvequal, _repo_separator, _slot_separator, _get_eapi_attrs, InvalidDependString, SignatureException, localized_size, _get_feature_flags, spawn_nofetch, blue, colorize, create_color_func, darkblue, darkgreen, green, nc_len, teal, InternalPackageSet, writemsg_stdout, best, cpv_getversion, Blocker, create_world_atom, _DisplayConfig, _tree_display, _PackageCounters, _create_use_string, _calc_changelog, PkgInfo, show_invalid_depstring_notice, _unicode

Function Details [hide private]

format_unmatched_atom(pkg, atom, pkg_use_enabled)

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Returns two strings. The first string contains the 'atom' with parts of the atom colored, which 'pkg' doesn't match. The second string has the same number of characters as the first one, but consists of only white space or ^. The ^ characters have the same position as the colored parts of the first string.