_emerge.post_emerge module

_emerge.post_emerge.display_news_notification(root_config, myopts)
_emerge.post_emerge.post_emerge(myaction, myopts, myfiles, target_root, trees, mtimedb, retval)

Misc. things to run at the end of a merge session.

Update Info Files Update Config Files Update News Items Commit mtimeDB Display preserved libs warnings

  • myaction (String) – The action returned from parse_opts()

  • myopts (dict) – emerge options

  • myfiles (list) – emerge arguments

  • target_root (String) – The target EROOT for myaction

  • trees (dict) – A dictionary mapping each ROOT to it’s package databases

  • mtimedb (MtimeDB class instance) – The mtimeDB to store data needed across merge invocations

  • retval (Int) – Emerge’s return value