Package _emerge :: Module PackageUninstall :: Class PackageUninstall
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Class PackageUninstall

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                        object --+            
portage.util.SlotObject.SlotObject --+        
     AsynchronousTask.AsynchronousTask --+    
               CompositeTask.CompositeTask --+

Uninstall a package asynchronously in a subprocess. When both parallel-install and ebuild-locks FEATURES are enabled, it is essential for the ebuild-locks code to execute in a subprocess, since the portage.locks module does not behave as desired if we try to lock the same file multiple times concurrently from the same process for ebuild-locks phases such as pkg_setup, pkg_prerm, and pkg_postrm.

Instance Methods [hide private]
_start(self) source code
_unmerge_exit(self, unmerge_task) source code
_emergelog(self, msg) source code
_writemsg_level(self, msg, level=0, noiselevel=0) source code

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Overrides: AsynchronousTask.AsynchronousTask._start