_emerge.JobStatusDisplay module

class _emerge.JobStatusDisplay.JobStatusDisplay(quiet=False, xterm_titles=True)

Bases: object

_bound_properties = ('curval', 'failed', 'running')
_default_term_codes = {'cr': '\r', 'el': '\x1b[K', 'nel': '\n'}

Initialize term control codes. :rtype: bool :return: True if term codes were successfully initialized,

False otherwise.

_min_display_latency = 2
_property_change(name, old_value, new_value)
_termcap_name_map = {'carriage_return': 'cr', 'clr_eol': 'el', 'newline': 'nel'}

Display status on stdout, but only if something has changed since the last call. This always returns True, for continuous scheduling via timeout_add.

property out

Use a lazy reference to sys.stdout, in case the API consumer has temporarily overridden stdout.