Package _emerge :: Module FakeVartree
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Module FakeVartree

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int(x=0) -> int or long int(x, base=10) -> int or long
Implements the vardbapi.getpath() method which is used in error handling code for the Package class and vartree.get_provide().
This is implements an in-memory copy of a vartree instance that provides all the interfaces required for use by the depgraph.
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grab_global_updates(portdb) source code
perform_global_updates(mycpv, aux_dict, mydb, myupdates) source code
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  __package__ = '_emerge'

Imports: sys, warnings, portage, os, Package, PackageVirtualDbapi, VDB_PATH, vartree, find_built_slot_operator_atoms, _get_eapi_attrs, InvalidData, InvalidDependString, grab_updates, parse_updates, update_dbentries, _pkg_str, PackageDbapiProvidesIndex, _unicode