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Class AsynchronousLock

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                        object --+        
portage.util.SlotObject.SlotObject --+    
     AsynchronousTask.AsynchronousTask --+

This uses the portage.locks module to acquire a lock asynchronously, using either a thread (if available) or a subprocess.

The default behavior is to use a process instead of a thread, since there is currently no way to interrupt a thread that is waiting for a lock (notably, SIGINT doesn't work because python delivers all signals to the main thread).

Instance Methods [hide private]
_start(self) source code
_imp_exit(self, imp) source code
Subclasses should implement this, as a template method to be called by AsynchronousTask.cancel().
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_poll(self) source code
_wait(self) source code
This method is deprecated in favor of async_unlock, since waiting for the child process to respond can trigger event loop recursion which is incompatible with asyncio.
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Release the lock asynchronously.
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  _use_process_by_default = True
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Overrides: AsynchronousTask.AsynchronousTask._start


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Subclasses should implement this, as a template method to be called by AsynchronousTask.cancel().

Overrides: AsynchronousTask.AsynchronousTask._cancel
(inherited documentation)


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Overrides: AsynchronousTask.AsynchronousTask._poll


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Overrides: AsynchronousTask.AsynchronousTask._wait


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Release the lock asynchronously. Release notification is available via the add_done_callback method of the returned Future instance.

Future, result is None