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OpenRC - universal init system

OpenRC is a dependency based init system that works with the system provided init program, normally /sbin/init. It is not a replacement for /sbin/init. OpenRC is 100% compatible with  Gentoo init scripts, which means you can probably find one for the daemons you want to start in the  Gentoo Portage Tree. OpenRC also provides an init script that runs BSD rc.d style scripts too, making it easy to port your BSD system to OpenRC.

Starting points

OpenRC is no longer maintained by me

I no longer have the time or motivation to maintain OpenRC. This is partly because I no longer use Gentoo. All bugs should be sent to them, the discussion list and the irc channel will be closed down. This trac instance will be removed after a period of time.

Thanks, and I hope you have enjoyed me working on OpenRC.