1(closed enhancement: fixed)openrc doesnt use /etc/sysctl.conf
2(closed enhancement: worksforme)hotplug of network services doesn't work
3(closed enhancement: wontfix)restore old look & feel
6(closed defect: fixed)openrc doesn't load required kernel modules
7(new defect)openrc should log per-service output
11(closed defect: fixed)rc scripts lose track of wireless interface, refuse to start
12(closed defect: fixed)openrc tries to mount /lib/rc/tmp, but directory does not exist
13(closed defect: fixed)openrc tries to swapon before localmount
14(closed defect: worksforme)root service needs to be started!
15(closed enhancement: fixed)OpenRC doesn't build
16(closed enhancement: fixed)/etc/init.d/crypto-loop needs non-existant service checkroot
18(closed defect: fixed)runscript: malloc(): memory corruption
20(closed enhancement: fixed)[tracker] Jail support in openrc (maybe also vserver)
21(closed enhancement: fixed)start-stop-daemon should not use /dev/mem and /dev/kmem (jail and grsec support)
22(closed enhancement: fixed)find a nicer way to notify openrc that certain service are provide from outside (useful for jail and vserver and possibly other)
23(closed enhancement: wontfix)start-stop-daemon incorrectly thinks the program dies
24(closed enhancement: fixed)start-stop-daemon doesn't provide --env
25(closed defect: fixed)Problem with dbus service
26(closed defect: invalid)slow udev populating
27(closed enhancement: invalid)Creating X Configuration ...
28(closed enhancement: fixed)cannot write /var/log/rc.log in boot process
29(closed enhancement: wontfix)fsck.xfs - do nothing, successfully
30(closed defect: invalid)some errors on first stage of booting
32(closed defect: invalid)/etc/init.d/lvm fails lock type1
33(closed enhancement: worksforme)RC_DEPEND_STRICT is ignored for "need net"
34(closed defect: invalid)Segmentation fault when caching depencies
35(closed enhancement: fixed)fsck fails on file partitions
36(closed enhancement: fixed)openrc crashes if there are strange mountpoint in fstab
37(closed enhancement: worksforme)caching dependency gets called several times
38(closed defect: fixed)mdraid/lvm/localmount order
39(closed enhancement: fixed)rc manpage says /lib/rc/init.d is mounted tmpfs
40(closed defect: wontfix)consolefont issues
41(closed enhancement: invalid)Typo int checkfs and checkroot
42(closed enhancement: fixed)wipe_tmp and pam_mktemp
43(closed enhancement: fixed)rc-update refuses to add services to boot runlevel
44(closed enhancement: invalid)Add some way to set system environment variables
45(closed enhancement: fixed)openrc (compiled with openrc-9999) fails tests
46(closed enhancement: fixed)Malformed /etc/init.d/modules
47(closed defect: fixed)net and multiple ntpd servers
48(closed defect: duplicate)Running init scripts cannot fulfill dependencies if they aren't in a runlevel
49(closed enhancement: fixed)VLAN support in network configuration is broken
51(closed enhancement: worksforme)openrc-{2.1-r1,9999} from portage fails during 'make check'
52(closed enhancement: fixed)rc-status behaviour
56(closed enhancement: wontfix)get clock and editor configurations back
57(closed enhancement: worksforme)No per-device postup scripts
58(closed enhancement: invalid)dmcrypt should start before partitions get mounted
59(closed defect: fixed)OpenRC (0.2.2) doesn't respect the /forcefsck file
60(closed defect: fixed)associate_order="forcepreferredonly"
61(closed defect: invalid)Madwifi
63(closed defect: fixed)fstabinfo: Command line help out of sync
65(closed enhancement: fixed)modify OpenRC to (possibly continuously?) output messages when waiting for things (e.g. on shutdown)
66(closed defect: fixed)Librc fails to compile on uClibc
67(closed enhancement: wontfix)Parameter fallback_route_eth0 ignored by net.sh
68(closed defect: worksforme)fsck failed to check /usr/portage.img
69(closed defect: wontfix)/ is mounted twice (rootfs and /dev/root)
71(closed defect: invalid)runscript misquotes variables from /etc/conf.d
72(closed defect: fixed)ntfs-3g gets confused by LC_*="POSIX"
73(closed defect: invalid)color codes are messing up dmesg at the linux console
74(closed defect)init cant enter into single runlevel
75(closed defect: fixed)fstabinfo commandline help for -M and -b in is reverse
76(closed enhancement: fixed)fstabinfo returns passno 0
77(closed defect: fixed)multiplex fsck doesn't work with reiserfs
79(closed defect)rc_need_ethX does not work (0.2.4)
80(closed defect: fixed)net/iproute2.sh fails to create and delete tunnels
82(closed enhancement: worksforme)config_SSID doesn't work with ssidnet.sh and wpa_supplicant.sh
83(closed enhancement: wontfix)arping.sh can trigger an infinite loop
85(closed defect: fixed)Typo in fsck
87(closed defect: fixed)openrc won't compile on my gentoo linux box
88(closed enhancement: fixed)Runlevel Stacking/Inheritance
97(closed enhancement: wontfix)openrc does not provide the means to set RC_DOWN_HARDDISK for /etc/init.d/shutdown.sh
98(closed enhancement: fixed)We need to be able to control if some daemons/init scripts are shut down
99(new enhancement)Suggestion for RC events
100(closed defect: fixed)Net services are not properly shutdown on runlevel change.
102(closed defect: fixed)udev does not start under OpenVZ gentoo container
103(closed defect: fixed)some modules can be loaded more than once
104(closed defect: fixed)/etc/init.d/netmount does not start in openvz due to noopenvz keyword
105(closed enhancement: fixed)make bonding functionality prefer using sysfs over ifenslave
106(closed defect: fixed)rc-logging inside openvz container does not work
107(closed defect: fixed)wpa_supplicant fails to survive connection lost
108(closed defect: fixed)Handle ip4-only systems
110(closed defect: fixed)ipfw.confd - is it needed?
111(closed enhancement: fixed)MODE of detected APs is lost when sorting by link quality
113(closed enhancement: invalid)OpenRC hangs before xdm is loaded if nvidia driver isn't explicitely installed for a new kernel before reboot
114(closed enhancement: wontfix)Less verbose debug output for initscript debugging
115(closed defect: fixed)init fails to stop when OpenVZ container is stopped
116(closed defect: fixed)openvz needs empty /reboot file when rebooted
117(closed defect: invalid)stop nfsmount fail with nfs4
118(closed enhancement: fixed)new ifstop
119(closed defect: fixed)Add possibility to pass default route without -host (for p2p interfaces)
120(closed enhancement: fixed)automatically restart crashed services
121(closed defect: fixed)start-stop-daemon unable to send signal
122(closed defect: fixed)start-stop-daemon man page
123(closed defect: fixed)postdown if interface_exists does not work in /etc/conf.d/net
124(closed defect: fixed)OpenRC 0.3.0 segfault in rc-misc.c
125(closed enhancement: invalid)timeout for start-stop-daemon --start
126(closed defect: fixed)openrc should warn when stopping sysinit services
127(closed defect: invalid)openrc 0.4.0 and dev file systems problems
128(closed defect: fixed)Interactive mode works only for first two services.
129(closed defect: fixed)can't restart/stop net.ppp0
130(closed defect: fixed)[CRASH] start-stop-daemon: Segmentation Fault on --stop
131(closed defect: fixed)runscript fails to bring up net.eth0 during startup when using netplug
132(closed defect: duplicate)Openrc-0.4 unable to reboot/shutdown
133(closed defect: wontfix)the Gentoo's kexec init script stopped working after upgrade to openrc-4.0
134(closed enhancement: fixed)/etc/init.d/fsck should check boot_parameter only for start not for stop
135(accepted defect)interactive boot fails when parallel is enabled
136(closed defect: fixed)openrc-0.4.1 doesn't compile on !__linux__
137(closed defect: fixed)new sysfs and dmesg init scripts break vserver
138(closed defect: fixed)openrc-0.4.X: creating /reboot file for openvz vps container on reboot
139(closed defect: fixed)start-stop-daemon --user root doesn't set ${HOME}
140(closed defect: fixed)$(svnversion) == "exported" fails on non-english locales
145(closed defect: invalid)some perfectly running services are reported as crashed with openrc
146(closed defect: fixed)umask option doesn't actually work
147(closed defect: wontfix)Provide 'reload' or 'release' for dhcp on bridge network interfaces
148(closed defect: fixed)How to not remount root filesystem read/write
149(closed enhancement: fixed)On shutdown, tmpfs-es should be unmounted before swap
150(closed defect: fixed)typo in rc-update.8
151(closed enhancement: fixed)Add --pretend support to runscript
152(closed defect: fixed)ipv6 "default" routes not added when using routes_iface="default"
153(closed defect: fixed)wipe_tmp="NO" still cleans tmp
154(closed enhancement: invalid)log all runlevels
155(new defect)iptables / ipset
157(closed defect: fixed)Litte error in start-stop-daemon man-page
158(closed defect: wontfix)auto detect and create net.* symlinks
159(closed defect: fixed)runscript does not call status
160(closed enhancement: fixed)start-stop-daemon can't wait for pidfile to be created
162(closed enhancement: fixed)add support for UPS triggered shutdown
163(closed enhancement: fixed)runscript status should return with non-zero if service is crashed
164(closed defect: fixed)start-stop-daemon - problem indentifying process by name
165(closed enhancement: fixed)[PATCH] speedup of gendepends.sh
166(closed defect: fixed)Typo in Changeset 1515 (Improve utmp handling)
167(closed enhancement: wontfix)Support for priviledge seperation with wpa_supplicant
168(closed defect: fixed)handling tap interfaces with /etc/init.d/network
169(closed enhancement: fixed)Save/Restore feature for keyboard layout
170(closed defect: fixed)Duplicate /etc/rc.d rcorder execution in rc-enabled service
171(closed enhancement: wontfix)Create a service tool similar to redhat service
172(closed defect: fixed)OpenRC fails to start HAL
174(closed task: fixed)re-tag old releases
175(closed defect: fixed)'init.d/hwclock stop' script barfs on stderr with busybox
176(closed defect: fixed)wpa_supplicant init script requires deprecated kernel option to detect wireless interfaces
177(closed defect: fixed)OpenRC-0.5.0 doesn't build with Linux 2.6.30 headers
178(closed enhancement: fixed)keywords have "no" prefix
179(closed defect: fixed)/etc/init.d/urandom should not run for openvz
180(new defect)openrc doesn't use proper escape chars for cursor positioning
181(closed defect: invalid)devfs, udev-mount, udev dependencies issues ?
182(closed defect: worksforme)e2fsck fails with unexpected error, but system boot continues
183(new task)funtoo "bare" net initscripts feedback request
185(closed enhancement: fixed)eliminate warning when mtab is symlinked to /proc/mounts
186(closed defect: invalid)Latest git sources is missing net.lo binary
187(closed enhancement: fixed)Provide support to pkg-config
190(closed defect: fixed)service not added to dependency tree if it contains "provides <self>"
191(closed enhancement: fixed)Disable anonymous editing of wiki
195(closed defect: fixed)waiting ipv6 tentative address can hang boot forever
196(closed enhancement: wontfix)use iproute2 in network initscript if available
197(closed enhancement: fixed)s-s-d support for printing dots while waiting for daemons to stop
198(closed enhancement: worksforme)defining rc_depend_strict per interface
199(closed defect: invalid)"/etc/init.d/net.eth0 restart" complains saying "line 510: _exists: command not found"
200(closed defect: invalid)The system doesn't shutdown
201(closed defect: fixed)openrc-0.5.1 does not bring up the interface when using ip (iproute2)
202(closed enhancement: fixed)[patch] Support for lxc containers
203(closed defect: fixed)add support for /etc/sysctl.d/
204(closed enhancement: fixed)move fsck:_on_ac_power into exported functions.sh
205(closed defect: fixed)plugins for pppd must be placed first in arguments list.
206(closed enhancement: wontfix)Enhance init.d/bootmisc to skip wiping tmpfs-mounted dirs
207(closed enhancement: fixed)Better documentation for bridged wireless APs
208(closed enhancement: fixed)iproute2 support in staticroute service
209(closed defect: fixed)wireless detection without wireless extensions
210(closed defect: fixed)better documentation for staticroute
211(closed defect: fixed)set default route with iproute2
212(new defect)install /etc/conf.d/network and /etc/conf.d/staticroute like /etc/conf.d/net
213(closed defect: fixed)Typo in net/vlan.sh, $iface instead of $IFACE
214(closed defect: fixed)/sys/class/power_supply/* is not supported
215(closed defect: invalid)Changes between Openrc 0.5.2 and 0.6.0 - internal and external network cards are biting each other.
216(new defect)localmount fails to unmount filesystems with mountpoints containing special characters
217(new defect)Error when setting bonding interface
218(new defect)OpenRC fails to read from AC adapter in on_ac_power