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#135 interactive boot fails when parallel is enabled accepted roy defect major
#155 iptables / ipset new roy defect major
#183 funtoo "bare" net initscripts feedback request new roy task major
#212 install /etc/conf.d/network and /etc/conf.d/staticroute like /etc/conf.d/net new roy defect major
#216 localmount fails to unmount filesystems with mountpoints containing special characters new roy defect major
#218 OpenRC fails to read from AC adapter in on_ac_power new roy defect major
#180 openrc doesn't use proper escape chars for cursor positioning new roy defect minor
#217 Error when setting bonding interface new roy defect minor
#99 Suggestion for RC events new roy enhancement trivial
#7 openrc should log per-service output new roy defect normal
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