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Hardening Documents

1.  List of Benchmark/Hardening Documents

The following table gives an overview of the benchmarks I maintain.

Benchmark (HTML) PDF Version XCCDF Source OVAL Source CPE Dictionary SCAP Data Stream Source Example XCCDF report (HTML) Example OVAL report (HTML) Latest Update
Gentoo Security Benchmark PDF XML XML XML XML HTML OVAL 2014-05-26
Hardening OpenSSH PDF XML XML XML HTML 2013-12-24
Hardening the Linux Kernel PDF XML XML HTML 2012-07-21

Using the benchmarks

When a SCAP data stream source is available, then all you need is this file as it contains the XCCDF, OVAL and even SCE scripts (if applicable) in the same file.

In order to validate the XCCDF (inside the data stream) using open-scap:

Code Listing 1.1: XCCDF validation with open-scap

$ oscap xccdf eval --profile gentoo-ds.xml


Page updated March 26, 2014

Summary: Overview of the hardening documents I maintain

Sven Vermeulen

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