1196639Gentoo LinuxApplicationsmake scheme implementations keep slib registration intact
2311303Gentoo LinuxServerlibspf2 collides with Mail-SPF
3196665Gentoo LinuxApplications[Tracker] CL implementations cannot find ASDF
4131139Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNot workings scriptpath for blender
5196681Gentoo SecurityGLSA ErrorsGLSA dtd: date format does not match comment
6262230Doc OtherDevmanualDefining EAPI before it's usage is discussed
7262241Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgnome package determines python version on their own (and wrong)
865637Gentoo LinuxEbuildskoi8-term
9163961Gentoo/AltFreeBSDfreebsd-share and xf86-*-drivers collisions
10295035Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for acceptance of Prefix modifications to dev-python ebuilds
11295038Gentoo LinuxEbuildsdecibel-audio-player could use a gnome use flag
1298452Gentoo LinuxEbuildsGlobal jabber-dirs for all jabber-related stuff
1398455Gentoo LinuxEbuildspunjab ebuild missing (Jabber HTTP-Polling)
14262303Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux: <2.6.25 [ICMP]: Dst entry leak in icmp_send host re-lookup code (v2). (CVE-2009-0778)
15196792Gentoo LinuxServer[kolab overlay] Remove the "legacy" support
16196793Gentoo LinuxServer[kolab overlay] etc/kolab/templates/._* should not be considered by kolabconf
17131268Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedsleuthkit and dstat collision in /usr/bin/dstat
18164049Gentoo LinuxGamesnew xscavenger ebuild including (new) sdl patch
19196830Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < 2.6.22 eHCA Memory disclosure (CVE-2007-3850)
20295152Gentoo LinuxKDEusb mounting IsCallerPriviliged failed
21196862Gentoo SecurityKernelieee80211 off-by-two integer underflow DoS (CVE-2007-4997)
22164130Doc OtherDevmanualDocument package removal process to devmanual
23295230Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnumpy and scipy SVN ebuilds
24295242Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPlease add Xmind in portage.
25311353Gentoo LinuxApplicationsStabilize dev-python/py-1.2.1
26262490Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profiles[TRACKER] gnome2 eclass sucks
27262491Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesStupid USE="doc" managment in gnome2.eclass
28229727Gentoo LinuxApplicationsmysqlreport package request
29229731Gentoo LinuxApplicationsmysqlsla package request
30295278Gentoo LinuxKDENepomukservices Segfault / Error in libstreamanalyzer.so.0.7.0
31229775Gentoo LinuxLibraryopenssl-0.9.8g-r2 removes old libraries too aggressively
32262556Doc OtherDeveloper HandbookCode Listing 3.5 states it contains an "src_install", while in-fact contains an "src_unpack"
3365950Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] fortran.eclass
34262559Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesenewgroup uses GID_MIN/GID_MAX to generate system GIDs
35295329Doc OtherDevmanualdevmanual mentions /usr/lib/portage/bin/ where it has to be /usr/lib/portage/bin/ebuild-helpers
36295330Doc OtherDeveloper Handbookeconf does not need to || die
37197040Gentoo LinuxApplicationsprovide ssax
38223987Gentoo LinuxApplicationspatch to add support for embedding realm in (open)ldap via ldap USE flag.
39295376Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedCannot login using xdm/kdm/gdm
40234609Gentoo LinuxGamesnew licenses: DOOM and BUILD (for ZDoom Source code)
41131571Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[req] Flash Operator Panel
42262656Gentoo LinuxApplicationswww-client/{mozilla-firefox,seamonkey} displays combining utf8 characters wrong (see url, combining characters)
43295433Gentoo LinuxApplicationsrkhunter updated to 1.3.6
44262678Gentoo LinuxEbuildssys-libs/db-4.4.20_p4-r1: file size mismatch while fetching
45262683Gentoo LinuxJava[java-overlay] ant-core-1.7.1-r3 hangs in build with gcj-jdk
46295453Gentoo LinuxEbuilds
4798849Docs-userSubmit NewPocketPC HOWTO Guide
48295465Doc Translations[PL]update: xfce-config.xml (1.13) -> (1.17)
49229959Gentoo LinuxCore systemiwl3945: crash/freeze, unpredictable behavior, when running /sbin/iwconfig wlan0 txpower on
50295505Gentoo LinuxHardenedhardened gcc-3.4.6 does not compile latest gentoo-sources and vanilla-sources kernel
51295523Gentoo LinuxApplicationssys-process/at-3.1.12 version bump
52164457Gentoo LinuxKDE[PATCH] emerge should show all choices for unsatisfied || ( x y z ) dependencies
53197230Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[webapps overlay] phpgedview-4.1.2 ebuild update
54262768Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPermission inconsistency for /var/spool/cron causes crontab (vixie-cron) to break
55295553Gentoo LinuxApplicationsX does not work in a virtualbox-ose guest with xf86-video-virtualbox-3.0.12 and xorg-server-1.7.1
56262795Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[webapps-experimental] pmwiki 2.2.0 version bump
57262845Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilestoolchain.eclass should install to /$(get_libdir)/rcscripts instead of /lib/rcscripts
58230091Gentoo LinuxEbuildsaiccu needs some resolver code which is not present in uClibc (patch included)
5966260Gentoo LinuxApplicationsteapop's java support checking will fail on non-x86 arches
60295652Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: hfs filesystem buffer overflow (CVE-2009-4020)
61197354Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[java-overlay] updated the hamcrest ebuild so it builds using gcj as jdk
62295660Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: mac80211 delete block ACK DOS (CVE-2009-4026)
63234618Gentoo LinuxApplicationsDuring shutdown Truecrypt Volume gets umounted too late
64230137Gentoo LinuxEbuildswhy not provide tuxonice-friendly hal power scripts?
65197386Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrename par2cmdline -> parchive
66197390Gentoo LinuxApplicationsprovide psyntax-r6rs portable r6rs and syntax-case library
67207661Gentoo LinuxApplications/etc/sasl2/smtpd.conf for postfix should be updated
68262928Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesbashrc of amd64 should filterflags depending on CC used
69131901Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[EBUILD] gshare-0.90
70262979Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: <2.6.29-rc3 inotify_read() DOS (CVE-2009-0935)
71262994Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAdd support for evolution-mapi
7266405Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgnustep LDAP AddressBook (extension to ebuild)
73262295Gentoo LinuxHardenedqt won't compile on hardened profile with grsecurity/TPE
74300526Gentoo LinuxApplicationsTeX Live 2009 keywording request
75263083Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] GNOME 2.26 Official Release
76284147Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit Remote loading of Java applets is not prohibited (CVE-2009-1712)
77295862Gentoo LinuxKDEKorganizer: Marcus Bains line is not updated
78263097Gentoo LinuxEbuildsport openconnect to gentoo portage
79295866Gentoo/AltPrefix Supporteclass migration preparations
80230345Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPlease add "provide sql" and "mysql or postgres, ..." to the initscript dependencies of the MySQL, PostgresSQL, ... database ebuilds
81263149Doc OtherProject-specific documentationPaX Quickstart guide updates
82295918Gentoo LinuxGNOMExdm with XSESSION=gdm doesn't start the gdm at bootup
83197617Doc Translations[ES]repodoc should check for missing values
84132119Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAda binding to the GNU Multiple Precision Library (GMP)
85263200Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNew korean fonts distributed by Amorepacific (Aritta fonts)
86263202Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNew GPLed Korean font (Lexi Gulim)
87213173Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutnet.tunl0 can't be restarted or stopped because of failed ioctl call
88263255Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedA change in portage to lower bandwidth usage needed(some ideals on how two do so)
8966651Gentoo LinuxEbuildscontact-lookup applet ebuild
90296074Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportmysql-5.0.84-r1 fails to build on IRIX
9199511Gentoo LinuxServerqmail-scanner fails permissions checks
92230622Gentoo LinuxApplicationsopenoffice-bin installs its own libstdc++ (was: cannot startup previous instance)
93263397Gentoo LinuxGNOMENetworkManager's dependency on PolicyKit should be optional
94294651Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[Tracker] Packages using ${EDITOR} at build time
95296318Gentoo LinuxApplicationsdvipdfmx-20050831.ebuild tries to install nonexisting files
96165270Gentoo LinuxUnspecified[Tracker] emul-packages
97296345Gentoo LinuxKDECompilation error when creating KDE help search index
98230813Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for a new program ("splitpipe") to be added to Gentoo
99132515Gentoo LinuxEbuildsocamlagrep ebuild
100230830Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgnat-gcc-4.2 produces an error box when compiling polyorb
101278772Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilestoolchain-funcs.eclass: tc-getF77 undefined f77
102198077BugzillaGeneral Bugslogs/error message etc. should be in English (LC_ALL=C) when filing bugs
103296383Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: Ext4 "move extents" ioctl privilege elevation (CVE-2009-4131)
104296393Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: ip_frag_reasm() in ipv4/ip_fragment.c NULL pointer dereference (CVE-2009-1298)
105295159Gentoo LinuxCore systemCould not establish VPN on kernel 2.6.31-gentoo-r6 and later
106296401Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesPlease remove C(XX)FLAGS checks from profiles/arch/amd64/profile.bashrc
107296412Gentoo LinuxKDEkontact crash when selecting korganizer component
108132575Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNew SR Recnik ebuild (Serbian-English dictonary)
109256934BugzillaGeneral BugsAdd a link for easily going to http://dev.gentoo.org/devaway/
11099825Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmaking python packages available for all major versions of python
111296450Gentoo LinuxCore system"Kernel unaligned access at TPC[address]" message when accessing CIFS mounted share
112132611Website www.gentoo.orgForumsLocalized forums' interface upon still uses English time template before user login
113198154Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] fix numarray dependent packages
114296472Gentoo LinuxCore systemencrypted rootfs on MD raid1 + hibernation to encrypted swap = corrupted rootfs and unbootable system
11599871Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[EBUILD] jreversepro-1.4.1
116296492Website www.gentoo.orgOther"Agenda" links are wrong
117132698Gentoo LinuxApplications[init.d] gnump3d not starting for ldap user
118296539Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedUvesafb fails on 2.6.32-gentoo
119263788Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: <, 2.6.25 UTF-8 DOS (CVE-2009-1046)
120263797Gentoo LinuxCore systemsys-libs/db-4.7.25_p3 fails tests as root
121231046Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest: de_neo keyboard driver as ebuild into the main tree
122198286Gentoo LinuxApplicationsprovide guile-gnome
123311581Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentno 64bit support with crossdev in avr-gcc (Gentoo 4.4.3 p1.0) 4.4.3
12467286Gentoo LinuxEbuildsStardicts dictionaries ebuilds
125198362Gentoo LinuxApplicationsemerge-delta-webrsync-3.5.1-r3 should not hardcode /tmp with mktemp
126163728Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesjava-vm-2.eclass needs to provide LIBDIR for sablevm's env file
127165629Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[Tracker] invalid usage of USE=static in ebuilds
128132894Gentoo LinuxApplicationsprocps-3.2.5-r1 crashes with very small terminal
129231242Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPatch for Bind 9.4.x to allow use of Maxmind's free GeoIPCityLite
130296802Gentoo LinuxApplicationsaudacious-2.2 + audacious-plugins-2.2-r2 +projectm-2.0.1 =crash
131231271Gentoo LinuxApplications2008.0 x86 livecd: USB mouse is unknown device
132100200Gentoo LinuxEbuildsLaTeX style for Elsevier journals: elsevier ebuild
133306151Gentoo LinuxEbuildseselected boost 1.35 prevents openoffice 3.2.0 from building
134231329Gentoo LinuxEbuildsemerge: parsing error of entries in package.keywords
135231341Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < fix for tty operations bugs (CVE-2008-2812)
136301196Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedGnubiff 2.2.13 version bump
137231346Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: do_change_type() check privileges before setting mount propagation (CVE-2008-2931)
138231347Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < x86_64 ptrace: fix sys32_ptrace task_struct leak (CVE-2008-3077)
139290470Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesKDE Xpdf Multiple Integer Overflow Vulnerabilities (CVE-2009-{3603,3604,3606,3608,3609})
140198601Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutsys/apps-baselayout-1: root filesystem won't remount read/write under nfs
141296968Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profileswebapp.eclass webapp_serverowned handles directories wrong
142133140Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentAda compilers: enabling ACATS tests
143133193Gentoo LinuxEbuildsSupport for aMule Adunanza
144289805Doc Translations[FR][fr] Updated: /doc/fr/handbook/hb-install-mips-medium.xml
145231506Gentoo LinuxUnspecified[version bump] Centerim 5.0 alpha1 is out, please update
146297045Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: firewire: ohci: handle receive packets with a data length of zero (CVE-2009-4138)
147198759Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgnulib's m4/printf.m4 segfaults when testing for infinite long doubles
148264298Gentoo LinuxApplicationsrecent pam versions: pam_unix should have silent option for using multiple authentication plugins
149231532Gentoo LinuxApplicationsBeaver - A Small GTK Editor
150264337Gentoo LinuxHardenedkvm-84 modules crash on a 2.6.28-r6 kernel
151231584Gentoo LinuxApplicationsNew root directory option for webapp-config
152297153Gentoo LinuxApplicationsopenvpn init script finishes before openvpn is up, causing depening services to fail.
153297169Gentoo LinuxEbuildsck-sources-2.6.32: -ck kernel patches are back
154133332Gentoo LinuxEbuildsImage-MetaData-JPEG perl module ebuild
155297197Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmyrulib - Create your own collection of e-books
156264436Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: < nfsd does not drop CAP_MKNOD (CVE-2009-1072)
157198901Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Nuking logrotate use flag
158297255Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilescmake-utils.eclass uses array for mycmakeargs and it doesn't work with <=portage-2.1.6.x
159231727Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRevel a xvid library used by wxcam
160231731Gentoo LinuxEbuildswxcam: A wxWidgets webcam application for linux.
161264510Gentoo LinuxPrintingpdftk-1.41-r1 fails to compile after upgrade to gcc 4.3.2-r3
162231750Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < fix ldt limit for 64 bit (CVE-2008-3247)
163264519Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profileseutils.eclass: make enewuser/enewgroup use --system for system accounts with newer shadow package versions
164297299Gentoo LinuxEbuildsQt 4.6.2 stabilization
165264534Gentoo LinuxCore systemgcc should use --with-arch= on arm
166300141Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmediastreamer-x264 version bump
167133489Gentoo LinuxApplicationsbug in automake mdate-sh when dealing with TIME_STYLE causes infinite loop
168100754Gentoo LinuxEbuildsdkms-2.0.5 ebuild
169264601Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities*TeX Xpdf JBIG2 Multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2009-{0146,0147,0165,0166})
170264603Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesKDE Xpdf JBIG2 Multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2009-{0146,0147,0165,0166})
171231863Gentoo LinuxJavaAutomatically parse http_proxy var in java launcher
172231901Gentoo LinuxHardenedhteditor-2.0.10 SSP detection [hardened]
173297445Gentoo LinuxCore systembug in sys-libs/db-4.8.24: crash with install docs
174231920Gentoo LinuxPrintingCUPS 1.3.7-r1: Number up mode with page range specified does not correspond to page range when printed.
175231929Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[java-overlay] JBoss Application server 4.2.2 ebuild
176100868Gentoo LinuxEbuildsHeimdal expects OpenAFS to be in non-FHS locations
177264709Doc OtherDeveloper HandbookAdding a "getting started" as first section
178264722Gentoo LinuxEbuildsLinux 2.6.29 package regression tracker
179166438Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiede100 driver not making 'cable in'/carrier up events after link down
180297532Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities
18135391Gentoo LinuxServersendmail Makefile for /etc/mail
182232012Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedGenkernel 3.4.10-r1 : frame buffer splash bug
183264808Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedI would like to disable the "Updating inittab" Feature in livecd-tools.
184297587Gentoo LinuxApplicationsganglia_jobmonarch ebuild
185297596Gentoo LinuxKDEEmpty xorg.conf, set res in KDE, logout, login, reverts to default
186297597Gentoo LinuxApplicationsUse x11vnc, logout of KDE, X.org doesn't quit
187199312Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux <= 2.6.24-rc2 tcp_sacktag_write_queue Remote DoS (CVE-2007-5501)
188133777Gentoo LinuxGamesadd gpclient in portage
18968263Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[recode 3.6] recode_string() clobbers out-of-bounds memory
190264889Gentoo LinuxCore systemsys-devel/bc-1.06.95 is leaking memory
191297708Gentoo LinuxEbuildslog4c currently not available in portage
192232180Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedsnd_ice1724 No sound with alsa after upgrade to 2.6.26
193306305Gentoo LinuxKDENo emerald/compiz window decorations on maximized KDE4 applications
194232203Gentoo LinuxEbuildsCeltx - All-in-one media pre-production software
195297740Gentoo LinuxEbuildsShift and ctrl don't work in tigervnc server
19668373Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEBuild for TkGofer
197104245Gentoo LinuxEbuildsslrn- (Update): canlock support
198265026Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[Request Ebuild] Quamachi: Qt GUI for Hamachi
19968434Gentoo LinuxApplicationsAllow TightVNC and TigerVNC to coexist?
200289946Gentoo LinuxApplicationslivecd-tools: x-setup should not be run on x86 or amd64 with >=xorg-server-1.5
201199609Doc OtherProject-specific documentationSELinux handbook should cover labeling swapfile
202232399Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesupdate fedora in thirdpartymirrors
203265177Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: 2.6.29 net/ipv4/udp.c "udp seq_file infrastructure" DOS (CVE-2009-1243)
204232422Gentoo LinuxServercheckpassword-pam triggering RLIMIT_AS resource overstep with grsecurity
205307801Gentoo LinuxKDEakonadi-server-1.3.1 fails to start with sqlite use flag in both qt-sql and akonadi-server
20668618Gentoo LinuxCore system[PATCH] new/more dispatch-conf fixes
207199691Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < wait_task_stopped() DoS (CVE-2007-5500)
208134156Gentoo LinuxGamesunreal-tournament ebuild tidy-up
209166937Gentoo LinuxCore systemenewgroup/enewuser fails due to missing groupadd/useradd
210134175Gentoo LinuxEbuildsicecast-2.3.2 appears to work on mips
211199732Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgnoMint package request
212265272DocumentationOther documentsARM Handbook: Netwinder Netboot link broken
213232508Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNew pre-release version of slrn available - slrn-pre0.9.9-122
214232528Gentoo LinuxEbuildslinm ebuild
215167000Gentoo LinuxEbuildssplit off common stuff in gnat related eclasses/confs into a separate eclass?
216298073Doc OtherDeveloper HandbookLink to Mandriva's repo in "Ebuild policy" is outdated
217298090Gentoo LinuxbaselayoutOpenRC sigterm on unmount /lib/rc/init.d
218167029Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesruby.eclass prepall override needs to be removed.
219284521Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit XSS (CVE-2009-1724)
220232575Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPackages that use /usr/lib/python instead of /usr/$(get_libdir)/python
221232581Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedRfE: IPV6 support for suck
222298121Gentoo LinuxEbuildsopencv-2.0.0-r1 doesn't build on gentoo prefix, OSX snow leopard.
223298139Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedudev-146-r2 fails to create /dev/hda25
224199845Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel <=2.6.23 isdn_net_setcfg buffer overflow (CVE-2007-6063)
225232630Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedsu from root to another user will exit after pressing a key.
226199868Gentoo/AltPrefix Support"Text file busy" during merge on some alternative operating systems
227232651Gentoo LinuxApplicationsNew p2p TV application
228167132Gentoo LinuxApplicationsvcdimager crashes when trying to play vcd
229134367Gentoo LinuxEbuildsapp-text(?)/paps: Unicode-aware text to PostScript converter
230298239Gentoo LinuxApplicationsOpenoffice 3.1.1 crashes upon opening data sources (F4)
231311853Gentoo LinuxEbuildsphoronix-test-suite-2.4.1-r1 is emergable without gtk use flag but useless
232298260Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest to add GIMP FX Foundry to the tree
233298286Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportglib-2.22.2 doesn't emerge on interix 6
234265519Gentoo/AltOthereutils.eclass doesn't find groupadd (with root privs) on OpenSolaris
235199995Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentcross-gcc installs with broken openmp support
236115773Gentoo LinuxEbuildssockfwd-0.1.0.ebuild (NEW Package)
237232790DocumentationOther documentsAdd "gcore" GDB command info to the "meaningful backtraces" doc
238134491Gentoo LinuxEbuilds(metabug) USE-flag cleanup
239232820Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profileseautoreconf should force elibtoolize, to work if ran more than once.
240167287Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAdding ebuilds for TENG templating engine
241300949Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: print_fatal_signal() information leak (CVE-2010-0003)
242265601Gentoo LinuxApplicationsUse of pam_mktemp with WIPE_TMP (on by default) causes error message at boot
243300951Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: ipv6: skb_dst() can be NULL (CVE-2010-0006)
244134559Gentoo LinuxServerInstance manager could replace zope-config, integrate with webapp-config?
245300955Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: netfilter: enforce CAP_NET_ADMIN (CVE-2010-0007)
246298410Gentoo LinuxApplicationsQWebFrame::setUrl works only from second time if url fragment is present
247101810Gentoo LinuxGamesebuild: caboodle: a clone of the Flash game Planarity for the GNOME desktop.
248298434Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesselinux/2007.0/amd64 profile should unmask multilib and x264 USE flags
249298457Gentoo LinuxEbuildsApache ActiveMQ open source messaging and Integration Patterns provider
250134619Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentcvs-1.12.12 does not work with mit-krb5-1.4.3: no kerberos4 auth support
251134640Gentoo LinuxGamesOOmadness ebuild
252232949Gentoo LinuxCore systemkernel 2.6.26-gentoo iwl4965 not working in normal boot sequence
253134650Gentoo LinuxCore systemperl: cross-compile
254265801Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedportage using distcc when it has been disabled
255298570DocumentationOther documentsECVS_TOPDIR should be ECVS_TOP_DIR
256101965Gentoo LinuxApplicationsadd lemon to portage
25769198Gentoo LinuxCore systemthere is no apm init script system to handle apm resume/standy
258200284Gentoo LinuxEbuildslinking to firebird, interbase/gpl license incompatibility, guarding with bindist needed
259265834Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnetbeans 6.5 r4 reports insecure RPATH, text relocations, executable stacks
260200321Gentoo LinuxJavajava-utils-2.eclass should set variables to empty instead of unset
261294846Gentoo LinuxJavatomcat initscript fails, server takes longer to stop
262265864Gentoo LinuxKDEmake phonon optional in kde enviroment.
263200331Gentoo Linuxbaselayout[Feature request] "toggle" option for init.d scripts
264302367Gentoo LinuxJavaNetbeans integration for java libraries
265233106Gentoo LinuxEbuildspackage request for ulipad
266200343Developer RelationsDefaultRetire: Michael Imhof (tantive)
267233120Gentoo LinuxServerXen-tools fail to compile with mkdir ACCESS DENIED errors
268306459Gentoo LinuxEbuildsGrammatical Framework (GF)
269298675Gentoo LinuxKDEebuild: pyrad-0.3.1 - a wheel type command interface for KDE
27069343Gentoo LinuxGNOME[TRACKER] GNOME packages failing with FEATURES="test"
271233197Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAdd scheme2c to portage
272298741Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRTL network driver 8169 not work with RTL 8111C on board NIC r8168 (from Realtek website does)
273265997Gentoo LinuxApplicationsunified gst-plugins.eclass and outdated ebuilds
274104971Gentoo LinuxGamesebuild: Lost Labyrinth
275102194Docs-userOtherDebugging and Bugzilla HOWTO outline
276233267Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedfsck vs bootsplash
27769440Gentoo LinuxGamesggz-grubby-0.0.9
278290102Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesmake_desktop_entry creates ugly .desktop file names
279200524Gentoo LinuxEbuildsapp-text/ua-1.0 ebuild initial submit
28050993Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrwhoisd v1.5.9 ebuild
281233302Gentoo LinuxGCC PortingGCC 4.3.1 builds borked binaries for mythtv-0.21-p17722
282298844Gentoo LinuxServerpacemaker 1.0.0 ebuild needed
283284649DocumentationInstallation Handbookwe will need to document how to install with speech or braille
284233354Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesAdd LDFLAGS to perl-module.eclass?
285102297Gentoo/AltOtherpreplib command uses non-portable ldconfig
286233393Gentoo LinuxApplicationsx11-libs/qt-3.3.8b + postgresql-8.3 - error: libpq-fe.h: No such file or directory
28769605Gentoo LinuxEbuildsqmail-scanner write permission denied
288298987Gentoo LinuxCore systemGENERATE_KEYMAP produces oops in kernel 2.6.31 when attempting to start hald
289233452Gentoo LinuxEbuildspyfacebook-9999.ebuild submit
290266230Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmadwifi-hal new svn-ebuilds for madwifi-hal-testing branch
291200700Gentoo/AltFreeBSDtip(1) will not work unless the directory /var/spool/lock exists
292233477Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profiles2008.0/developer profile - request for added warnings about usage - ie gentoo devs only
293135215Gentoo LinuxGamesrequest for Dofus ebuild
294200769Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: Local OOPS-DoS (GENERIC-MAP-NOMATCH)
295266308Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: rose_sendmsg information leak (CVE-2009-1265)
296200777Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel 2.6* allows coredump in pre-created files (CVE-2007-6206)
29769739Gentoo LinuxApplicationssys-process/at - atd not aware of daylight savings time changes
298168046Gentoo LinuxApplicationssys-* ebuilds abusing ROOT
299295613Gentoo Linuxbaselayout[TRACKER] openrc/baselayout2 stabilization
300295619Gentoo LinuxApplicationsmysqld and named depend on eachother and this is slowing the boot
301233628Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPlease add odvr
302266413Gentoo LinuxApplicationsxine-lib- will not compile with USE vdr
303200884Gentoo/AltFreeBSDAdding alias IP addresses does not work if they are indented
304299196Doc OtherDevmanualUpdate documentation of "use" and "useq"
30569855Gentoo LinuxGamesMade a fuhquake-bin ebuild with working security module
306102634Gentoo LinuxEbuildstos-javalibs-1.1.14 for TinyOS 1.1.14
307299245Gentoo LinuxKDEGHNS doesn't install splash screens (system settings 1.0 kde 4.3.3)
308266479Gentoo LinuxApplicationsPython-2.6 failed to crosscompile on arm
309168179Gentoo LinuxApplicationsPackages misusing || ( use? ( ) ) constructs
310266502Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgoogle-v8 svn ebuild
311102668Gentoo LinuxEbuildsVerse ebuilds
312273796Gentoo LinuxApplicationsPainting of screen gets offset a specific x and y distance when using compiz-fusion
313306565Gentoo LinuxKDEkontact-specialdates 4.3.5 should depend on kontactinterfaces
314299307Gentoo LinuxEbuildsVersion Bump for Gallery 2.3.1
315138720Gentoo/AltFreeBSDPolish dvorak keymap for FreeBSD's console.
316233795Gentoo LinuxGames[file collision] games-rpg/{nwn-1.68-r1,nwn-data-1.29-r1}
317266564Gentoo LinuxCore systemtoolchain.eclass changes for amd64 32bit userland profile
318233811Gentoo LinuxEbuildssane-backends with HP3900 updates from SVN repository
319233843Gentoo LinuxApplicationsimprovements (Gentoo specific) to distcc zeroconf support
320299391Gentoo LinuxEbuildsThe --with-fribidi-config="pkg-config fribidi" is needed if one wants bidi in mplayer
321102792Gentoo LinuxGames[EBUILD] glee-5.03
322266638Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel < [CIFS] Fix memory overwrite when saving nativeFileSystem field during mount (CVE-2009-1439)
323295661Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: mac80211 delete block ACK DOS (CVE-2009-4027)
324102800Gentoo LinuxCore system`groff' doesn't process manpages correctly
325135589Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for ebuild: Rubric
326299430Gentoo LinuxGamesGrid based flashcard drill for learning multiplication tables and more
327299434Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesGit eclass feature requests
328102828Gentoo LinuxEbuildstextpattern-4.0.ebuild (NEW package)
329299437Gentoo LinuxApplicationsstepintochinese: Chinese language leanring tool
330299439Gentoo LinuxApplicationsresearchmaster: Research media organization and management tool for multi-taskers
331266690DocumentationInstallation HandbookAdd a chapter on setting up a PAN, and other bluez-related updates
332102866Gentoo LinuxCore systempatch svscan with readproctitle support
333295673Gentoo LinuxKDEkde 4.3.3: Clicking 'Configure Desktops...' in kde pager and nothing happens
334266742Gentoo LinuxEbuildsplease add eldy to portage
335102905Gentoo LinuxEbuildstos-util-1.1.14 for tinyos-1.1.14
336102906Gentoo LinuxEbuildstos-message-1.1.14 for tinyos-1.1.14-r1
337102908Gentoo LinuxEbuildstos-packet-1.1.14 for tinyos-1.1.14-r1
338102909Gentoo LinuxEbuildstos-sim-msg-1.1.14 for tinyos-1.1.14 simdriver
339102910Gentoo LinuxEbuildstos-sf-1.1.14 for tinyos 1.1.14-r1
340102911Gentoo LinuxEbuildstos-simdriver-1.1.14 for tinyos 1.1.14
341233992Gentoo LinuxApplicationsNo package can be installed due to invalid contexts in file_contexts.homedirs
342299531Gentoo LinuxApplicationsxen > 3.3.1-r1 can not install virtualisation guest, vm crash on install
343234011Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Packages mixing CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS
344266483Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportgdb does not work with executables linked with -bbigtoc linker flag
345295687Gentoo LinuxHardenedprovide checksec.sh script to audit process security
346268381DocumentationOther documentsConfiguring Input section is unclear
347102962Gentoo LinuxEbuildssipXphone portage inclusion (ebuild ready)
348279306Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportlrzsz-0.12.20-r3 fixes for IRIX
349102982Gentoo LinuxApplicationsfenice lacks startup script
350234077Doc OtherOtherwebapp-config man page does not explain how to set up a web project
351301159Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPackages checking for USE=spl need fixing for php-5.3
35237484Gentoo LinuxEbuildsA python script that generates all possible freedict ebuilds (44+1 at the moment)
353135796Gentoo LinuxGamesmissing paintball2 in portage
354299646Gentoo LinuxApplicationsMessages mixed up after restoring an email from "Junk" folder in thunderbird-3.0
355266879Gentoo LinuxApplicationsGnupg support for portage binhost
356299652Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportxz-utils-4.999.9_beta compiles cleanly on IRIX, but detects valid data as corrupt
357279318Gentoo LinuxEbuildsbump twiki to 4.3.1
358299665Gentoo LinuxCore systemelilo script does not properly initialize $loop
359201376Gentoo LinuxCore systembuilding glibc with use flag "profile" to get libc_p.a, then link app against it results in programs that segfault
360299681Gentoo LinuxEbuildspolicycoreutils won't compile without gettext present even with USE=-nls
361301311Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesgnome2.eclass installs empty /var/lib for many packages
36270337Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEpsonEPLIJS utility to get Epson EPL working with cups
363299714Gentoo LinuxEbuildsfortran.eclass should use EAPI=2 & DEPEND="|| ( gcc[fortran] ifc ... )
364290251Gentoo LinuxJavaicedtea6-bin required for emerging swt or xulrunner .tbz2's ??
365299725BugzillaGeneral BugsDon't couple session/cookie to IP
366299727Gentoo LinuxApplicationsScript to clean up autounmask-files
367266961BugzillaGeneral Bugsseverity description inconsistent with other documentation
368135893Gentoo LinuxEbuildsxawtv 4.0 cvs-snapshot (xawtv-20060227-141156.tar.gz) working ebuild
36970377Gentoo LinuxEbuildslink-monitor-applet: Gnome applet showing ping of hosts
370135927Developer RelationsDefaultReturning developer: William L. Thomson Jr (wltjr)
371267000Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesjava-vm-2.eclass: set_java_env should allow @lib@
372137345Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[ebuild] HDAPS gkhdaps application
373267024Website www.gentoo.orgOtherAnon web CVS path disclosure, security
374299796Gentoo LinuxEbuildsMake postgresql compatible with multilib-native
375234279Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgv4l - webcam app
376299817Gentoo LinuxEbuildsphplogcon ebuild
377234292Gentoo LinuxCore systemmake on uClibc is unable to find subdirs
378299836Gentoo LinuxApplicationsactionpack-2.3.5-r1 forces circular downgrade of rack-1.1.0 which is reinstalled on next paludis -i world
379135999Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[MFO] Expand php-toolkit capabilities and fix it up
380290272Gentoo LinuxJavajava-config: man path broken if unmerging user and system vm
381234310DocumentationInstallation HandbookUpdate install documentation (handbooks) to use eselect profile for profile switching
382299859Gentoo LinuxApplicationskde4: clock applet doesn't show holidays
383267181BugzillaGeneral BugsAdditional X-Bugzilla- header request to allow distinction of e-mails sent for watched e-mail addresses
384279497Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: x86: fix buffer overflow in efi_init() (GENERIC-MAP-NOMATCH)
385299966Gentoo LinuxKDEkde-4.3.5, qt-4.6.2 and earlier: Cannot sort clicking in column header in some KDE applications. Qt problem?
386234762Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentlibpq-8.2.7 with USE="threads" fails with This platform is not thread-safe
387267235Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrcssserver-13.2.0.ebuild
388267237Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: < fs/nfs/client.c DOS (CVE-2009-1336)
389267239Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: <2.6.30-rc1 kernel/exit.c CAP_KILL local root (CVE-2009-1337)
390267242Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: net/ipv6/inet6_hashtables.c DOS (CVE-2009-1360)
391267294Gentoo LinuxPrintingcups doesn't work (/usr/libexec/cups/[{something} crash)
392268468Gentoo LinuxCore systemfbsplash doesn't switch to verbose mode in initramfs
393267333Gentoo LinuxApplicationsInkscape color chooser widgets maximum limited to 245 instead of 255 with gtk 2.13+
394267335Gentoo LinuxDevelopmenti486-gentoo-linux-uclibc SSP build segfaults
395300119Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Perl packages failing with FEATURES="test"
396234586Gentoo LinuxLibrarysuggestion: blas-atlas disable temporarily cpufreq
397300166Gentoo LinuxCore systemsegmentation fault for cp and mv related to libattr
398300169Gentoo LinuxApplicationsboinc-6.10.18 cannot find localhost when called with "/etc/init.d/boinc attach"
399103575Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedinit script for runsvdir from runit
400300194Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: ext4 EXT4_IOC_MOVE_EXT DoS (CVE-2009-4306)
401300195Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: ext4 ext4_fill_flex_info() DoS (CVE-2009-4307)
402300197Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: ext4 ext4_decode_error() NULL pointer dereference (CVE-2009-4308)
403230257Gentoo LinuxCore system@preserved-rebuild contains packages that have already been rebuilt
404300203Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: fuse_ioctl_copy_user() DoS (CVE-2009-4410)
405284874Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesPrototype JavaScript framework Cross-Site AJAX requests issue (CVE-2008-7220)
406201921Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnumpy-1.0.4 broken: libgomp.so.1: shared object cannot be dlopen()e
407300236DocumentationOther documentspostgresql installation guide is completely out of date, referencing fully masked packages
408234706Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedSlacker arches
409234710Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedas-needed by default
410300250Gentoo LinuxEbuildsUsing ${vhost_subdomain_#} in vhost_root configuration option of /etc/vhosts/webapp-config breaks emerge for trac
411267498Gentoo LinuxApplicationsUSE=pam sys-process/at- not usable for local users
412234782Gentoo LinuxLibraryblas-atlas-3.9.2 fails to compile because of undefined reference to `ATL_flushCacheByAddr'
413300324Gentoo LinuxEbuildsLinux 2.6.32 package regression tracker
414300331Gentoo LinuxEbuildsuserspace cdemu - keywording
415234803Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux <2.6.27 vfs: fix lookup on deleted directory (CVE-2008-3275)
416234808Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux =2.6.26 V4L/DVB (8207): uvcvideo: Fix a buffer overflow in format descriptor parsing (CVE-2008-3496)
417234812Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < tmpfs: fix kernel BUG in shmem_delete_inode (CVE-2008-3534)
418234813Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux <2.6.27 Fix off-by-one error in iov_iter_advance() (CVE-2008-3535)
419234821Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux 2.6.26 rt6_fill_node() NULL dereference (CVE-2008-3686)
420300366Gentoo LinuxCore systemstage3-sparc64-20090429 (multilib) is totally unusable due to bash-3.2/portage incompatibilities
421300393Gentoo LinuxApplicationsKDE SC 4.3.5 stabilization request
422300405Gentoo LinuxEbuildsremoving kdepimlibs from eclass breaks a s**tload of ebuilds
423103800Gentoo LinuxGamesEbuild-Request Sim City 3000
424202116Gentoo LinuxCore systemLVM2 Volumes that are once used by XEN-HVM machine keep open
425136591Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesmailer.eclass gives an error mailer-config: command not found
426267672Gentoo LinuxApplicationsEject button on Macbook does not generate keycodes after upgrade of Xorg to use evdev
427267691Gentoo LinuxApplicationssci-libs/{c,}blas-reference leaves dangling symlinks around after uninstall
428267708Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedlivecd accessibility issues
429169442Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutinit scripts don't wait for completion of IPv6 address addition
430234990Gentoo LinuxCore systemdeltup deletes patches for sys-libs/db-4.6.21_p3-r1: build failed, missing patch. file
431285475Gentoo LinuxEbuildsStabilize postgresql
432202229Gentoo LinuxApplicationsEmacs package for Portage integration
433300537Gentoo LinuxApplicationsapp-text/gv-3.6.8 version bump
434202235Gentoo SecurityKernel<=sys-kernel/*-sources-2.6.23.X hrtimer:overflow for large relative timeouts (CVE-2007-5966)
43571176Developer RelationsDefaultMissing developer keys on public keyservers
436300592Gentoo LinuxKDEkmail fail to open attached files in associated programes
437202290Gentoo SecurityKernelsys-kernel/*-sources <=2.6.23.X possible memory overrun issue in the isdn ioctl code. (CVE-2007-6151)
438104035Gentoo LinuxGamesMachineball ebuild
439267886Gentoo LinuxApplicationsOpenERP-Server OpenEPR-web
440300662Gentoo LinuxApplicationscheck-reqs.eclass should display a path instead of ${T}
441300665Gentoo LinuxApplicationsOpenOffice crashes either silently or with "glibc detected" and "invalid pointer"
442235138Gentoo LinuxCore systempam's audit support causes multi-second hangs when kernel lacks audit support
443136840Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNo Bug; Update database for MonitorsDB in package hwdata-gentoo-0.3 New Monitor 10" Bridge BM10A
444136862Gentoo LinuxEbuildssetiathome, request for a new snapshot
445136877Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutadding local info pages to INFOPATH
446104127Gentoo LinuxGamesdismount ebuild reqest
447202445Gentoo LinuxJavacommons-* HOMEPAGE changes
448235221Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux dccp: change L/R must have at least one byte in the dccpsf_val field (CVE-2008-3276)
449235239BugzillaGeneral BugsOpera lists bugs.g.o's SSL cert with AES256+SHA as insecure
450136974Gentoo LinuxGamesKohan : Immortal Sovereigns request
451136988Gentoo LinuxApplicationsAdd libg2c-3 ebuild to the tree
452104228Gentoo LinuxEbuildssubmission of wx-xmingw-2.6.1.ebuild
453104252Gentoo LinuxEbuildsa port of hsflinmodem 5 to linux 2.6
454300866Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgtk+-2.18.5 claims to need DirectFB-1.2.0.so.0 when DirectFB-1.4.x is installed and the other way around
455202564Gentoo/AltFreeBSDfreebsd-snapshot ebuild
456181327Gentoo/AltFreeBSD/etc/init.d/nfs script does not work in Gentoo/FreeBSD
457300911Gentoo LinuxEbuildsX11 app-defaults are installed in wrong location for some X apps
458224917Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentESVN_BOOTSTRAP and EGIT_BOOTSTRAP seem to suggest using bootstrap/autogen scripts, should launch a QA warning
459228247Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: pppol2tp_recvmsg() Heap corruption DoS (CVE-2008-2750)
460202656Doc OtherDevmanualProvide a way to generate eclass documentation for devmanual
461268194Gentoo LinuxCore systemportage error while installing binary packages with PKGDIR on vfat
462300975Gentoo LinuxCore systemgentoo-sources 2.6.31-r6: reboot and poweroff not working
46371606Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAdd Java Communications API support
464301006Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: fs: async flag vulnerability (CVE-2009-4141)
465301045Gentoo LinuxCore systemcifs: file append loss of data
466202755Gentoo SecurityKernelsys-kernel/*-sources <2.6.23.X possible data leak or DoS in shmem_getpage (CVE-2007-6417)
467137227Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[req] CMU toolkit for language modeling
468301069Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest to add the terminal client application "remmina" to the portage tree
469235539Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesupdate-modules doesn't appear to be called from the linux-mod.eclass
470202778Gentoo SecurityKernelsys-kernel/*-sources <=2.6.23.X "mmap_min_addr" Local Security Bypass Vulnerability (CVE-2007-6434)
471235551Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentglibc-headers for mips cross-toolchain fails
472137255Gentoo LinuxEbuildsHelFORTH is a fast and powerful implementation of FORTH programming language
473137268Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[tracker] Ada reorganization tracker bug
474301156Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentemerge gcc-3.4.6-r2 fails: gcc-3.4.6-r2/work/build/gcc/libgcc_s.so.1: version `GCC_4.2.0' not found (required by /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/4.4.2/libstdc++.so.6)
47571785Gentoo LinuxEbuildslibiqxmlrpc ebuild
476104554Gentoo LinuxServerEBuild for 389 Directory Ldap Server (fka Fedora Directory Ldap Server)
477301182Gentoo LinuxEbuildsevrouter-0.4-r1.ebuild (Patch for Package)
478175808Gentoo LinuxEbuildsemerge should intelligently solve circular dependencies triggered by flags such as USE="doc"
479104578Gentoo LinuxEbuildserland doesn't need tk without X
480137351Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[ebuild] HDAPS gnome hdapsgl-applet application
481137352Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[ebuild] HDAPS gnome tilt application
482137353Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[ebuild] HDAPS wmhdaps application
483137362Gentoo LinuxEbuildsimage2mpeg ebuild
484301203Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedcupsd crashes after xfce4 starts up firefox that tries to resume cups session
485104599Gentoo LinuxGamesebuild unreal-tournament-bonuspacks only installs the 4th bonuspack, even though the first three are also required in non-goty-ut
48671856Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedeclipse-sdk needs to be split
487235701Gentoo LinuxJavajava-check-environment doesn't use slot syntax for recommended fixes
488235708Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesuse.local.desc contains global flags
489301251Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesTinderboxing request: linux-mod binpkg without-kernel-sources install support QA
490307957Gentoo LinuxKDEincorrect use requirements for kdelibs, phonon, xcb
491268497Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesRemove ._* files in perl-module_src_prepare
492152970Gentoo LinuxEbuildsflex-sdk-3 ebuild
493235770Gentoo SecurityAuditing[Tracker] Tempfile issues found in Debian
494290454Gentoo LinuxCore systemarmeb-softfloat-linux-uclibc: uclibc- and gcc-4.1.2 fails to build with VFP mismatch
495104751Gentoo LinuxGamesadd support for amd64 to epsxe
496203073Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux =2.6.2[01] Hop-by-hop IPv6 extended header Remote DoS (CVE-2007-4567)
497301423Gentoo LinuxGamesPlease add GNU Techne to Portage
498235911Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[XEN] patches for dom0 kernels for >=2.6.26 via pv_ops
499235914Gentoo LinuxEbuildswww-apps/rt-3.8.1 version bump
500268688Gentoo LinuxServerservers die if Ethernet interfaces are shut down
501301469Gentoo LinuxApplicationsxorg-server crashes after 2nd gpu activated
502301478Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAdd README/CHANGES to kernel package docs
503268720Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedThe amd64 minimal install cd kernel detects hard drive partitions as /dev/hdxN format; seemingly outdated behaviour.
504301515Gentoo LinuxApplicationsopenafs-kernel-1.4.11 will not build with vanilla-sources-2.6.33-rc4
505252330Website www.gentoo.orgCVS repositorylinks between anoncvs.g.o and sources.g.o
506301576Gentoo LinuxApplicationsxorg-server wont start with xinerama enabled
507301587Gentoo LinuxJavaA fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment
508110341Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmtasc-1.10.ebuild
509137773Gentoo LinuxEbuildsFEATURES="userpriv" incompatible with non-world readable /usr/src/linux
510301620Gentoo LinuxKDEmoving a konsole tab make it turn black
511268853Gentoo/AltPrefix SupportMaking revdep-rebuild work on Darwin with the prefixed portage
512268857Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPatch to have ruby.eselect switch all executables provided by gems
513301630Gentoo LinuxEbuildsremove bluez-2 from portage
514301634Gentoo LinuxGNOMEwebkit-gtk-- fails due to minimal TOC error
515301636Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[Tracker Bug] Toolchain related bugs
516301638Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[Tracker Bug] Toolchain related bugs
517236118Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux sctp: add verification checks to SCTP_AUTH_KEY option (CVE-2008-3526)
518268887Gentoo LinuxEbuildspython cross compilation aware
519245729Gentoo LinuxApplications[tracker] Binaries in / that link to libraries in /usr
520268905Gentoo LinuxApplicationssys-libs/db-4.5.20_p2-r1: ../dist/configure: line 22051: LT_OUTPUT: command not found
521301679Gentoo LinuxApplicationsalsaconf doesn't recognize usb sound devices
522268913MirrorsNew ServerNew IPv6 Mirror in Germany
523268916Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesDiscontinue SRC_TEST with EAPI 4
524137857Gentoo LinuxEbuildsjbrout-9999.ebuild (NEW)
525301709Gentoo/AltPrefix SupportInclude dev-haskell/x11
526278769Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAdd the palm-mojo-sdk and novaterm to the portage tree
527192286Gentoo LinuxEbuilds32bit packages on amd64 require IA32 support in kernel (duh)
528236218BugzillaGeneral BugsA bug listing all users with editbugs privileges
529170694Gentoo LinuxEbuildsSony Vaio (FS series) laptop hotkey handler
530301780Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentPatch to get the lzcnt instruction recognized in valgrind
531105186Gentoo LinuxEbuildsproxy65 ebuild
532236286Gentoo LinuxEbuildspcmcia-cs-pnptools: lspnp and setpnp not built
533290603Gentoo LinuxCore systemGenkernel's linuxrc's use of blkid not correct for multipath
534269064Gentoo LinuxApplicationsportage should be able to handle umask
535236322Gentoo LinuxApplicationsPine 4.64 has Trouble converting other charcatersetups to UTF-8 by default
536138021Gentoo LinuxDevelopment[tracker] new recruits to find mentors
537301874Gentoo LinuxApplicationsxulrunner 1.9.2 build fails on nsTArray.h:47 / with gcc-4.4.2
538236339Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrospell 2008.00-4 ebuild
539301876Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedportage takes a long time to install linux kernel sources
540269111Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentMake python modules cross-compile
541219615Gentoo LinuxJavaUSING new slot notation in java-pkg_getjar cause runtime failure if EAPI is not declared to be 1
542306997DocumentationOther documentsSmall update to X HOWTO to include info about startx
543138049Gentoo LinuxUnspecified[tracker] Scientific Gentoo reorg
544255557Gentoo LinuxServerBIND won't start with query-source specified
545301915Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedPython bytecode (.py[co]) sometimes included sometimes excluded in python packages
546170857Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: Mincore function does not properly lock access to user space (CVE-2006-4814)
547236395Gentoo LinuxEbuildswpa_supplicant doesnt start up net fast enough
548170862Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: Buffer overflow in omnikey driver (CVE-2007-0005)
549236400Gentoo LinuxEbuildsGoogle Earth digest verification failure
550170865Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: spinlock CPU recursion (CVE-2007-0006)
551170872Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: DoS with NFSACL 2 ACCESS request (CVE-2007-0772)
552170883Gentoo LinuxGamesStart Script for the dedicated Nexuiz Server
553236430Gentoo LinuxApplicationsXEN kernel compiles always with PAE support even when I set "-pae" as USE flag
554301968Gentoo LinuxEbuildssamba-server don't install rid.so
555301969Gentoo LinuxEbuildsMany Perl module LICENSEs need to be || GPL-1-or-later
556105363Gentoo LinuxEbuildsYet another Chat Engine 5 - Ebuild
557269231Gentoo LinuxApplicationsmozilla-firefox-3.0.10 buffer overflow at start time.
55892982Gentoo LinuxApplicationslivecd-tools-1.0.20: Incorporate rebuildfstab into autoconfig
559138183Gentoo LinuxGames[ebuild] Adventures on Planet Zephulor
560236491Gentoo LinuxEbuildsemerge @preserved-rebuild and then !!! [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory None
561302029BugzillaGeneral BugsThe New bug-guide should advice people to post backtraces
562269262Doc OtherDevmanual[devmanual] LINGUAS section
563269270Gentoo LinuxKDEDuplicate entries on lancelot/kick off ( kde-4.2.3 )
564290640Doc Translations[FR][fr] Updated (EN: 1.32->152): /proj/fr/devrel/handbook/hb-guide-ebuild.xml
565301565Gentoo LinuxEbuildsettercap-0.7.3-r5.ebuild amd64 DNS patch
566236528Gentoo LinuxApplicationslsusb -t -> patch to work wihtout usbfs
567214186Gentoo SecurityKernelmm/mmap.c bug in the hugetlb kernel on PPC (CVE-2007-3739)
568236556MirrorsNew ServerIPv6 only Source mirror in Portugal
569203811Gentoo LinuxEbuildsdev-lisp/{cl-cxml-20071021,cl-gcc-xml-ffi-0.1.6} released
570236580Gentoo LinuxApplicationsnet/p2p-frostwire: shouldn't show update notification
571269349Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutopenrc migration guide does not document /etc/conf.d/modules correctly
572302119Gentoo LinuxApplicationsMoonlight 2.0 crushes Firefox
573302120Gentoo LinuxApplicationsRoeder's Reflector halts entire gnome environment
574203821Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnet-zope/{annotations-0.4.5,filesystemsite-2.1,groups-0.5,parsedxml-1.5,proxyindex-1.2.1,silva-2.1.3,silvadocument-2.0.4,silvametadata-1.0.1,silvaviews-0.12,sprout-0.8,xmlwidgets-0.13} released
575269359Gentoo LinuxCore systemstart deprecating devfs compat names (/dev/{loop,md,ram}/#)
576302129Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedGentoo Embedded Handbook: Chapter 1: General Improvement Patches
577302137Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportpython fails to compile with the OS X 10.4 (Tiger) toolchain with -mcpu/-mtune
578230581Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < get_user_pages() ZERO_PAGE DoS (CVE-2008-2372)
579290657Gentoo LinuxApplicationsapp-emulation/x48-0.6.1 fails with 'segmentation fault' message
580230583Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: copy_user memory disclosure (CVE-2008-2729)
58183130Gentoo LinuxEbuildsSmooth Blend, a KDE window decoration
582269413Gentoo LinuxApplicationsPatch for support various Creative X-Fi Titanium sound cards
583302183Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesAdd a helper eclass for perlinfo, fixlocalpod,...
584246978Gentoo LinuxEbuildslibwww-5.4.0-r8.ebuild
585302242Gentoo LinuxCore systemsynaptics - newer kernels cause touchpad's buttons malfunction on Dell Latitude D600
586105635Gentoo LinuxEbuildsBrowser Bookmarks Menu - a Gnome panel applet
587277391Gentoo LinuxPrintingHplip rules.d files cause udevd errors on startup
588302246Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedLTTng is a kernel tracer for Linux
589269491Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesgit.eclass Invent some robust yet fast way to clone from ${DISTDIR} to ${S}
590269498Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedgentoo-bashcomp doesn't complete on new-style virtuals
591302300Gentoo LinuxKDEkdesdk-misc-4.3.95 fails to build
592204015Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutbaselayout tuntap.sh doesn't create tun devices properly
593204050Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutrc-status should have an option to sort entries according to dependency information
594269596Gentoo LinuxCore systemgold linker breaks prelinking: section file offsets not monotonically increasing
595204067Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesgames-fps/{doom3,quake4} * - remote exploitable format string vulnerability
596302373Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportwxgtk vs wxmac (or wxwidgets)
597225159Gentoo LinuxApplicationsapp-misc/sl-3.03 has too many coaches for me
598274313Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgarbage-pools-0.1.2.ebuild
599302399Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesbsdmk.eclass should filter MAKEOPTS
600150843Gentoo LinuxGamesSDLanza is a frontend for SDLmame
601312549MirrorsNew ServerA new gentoo mirror server in China by Netease Inc.
602138592Gentoo LinuxCore systemreadline echo behaviour change from 5.0-r2 to 5.1_p4
603302457Gentoo LinuxEbuildsLinux 2.6.33 package regression tracker
604204156Gentoo LinuxEbuildsX360MediaServe EBuild for Gentoo
605302495Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPlease keyword perl-Pod-Simple and perl-Pod-Escapes
606307099Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmedia-sound/{squeezecenter,squeezeboxserver} - bogus bonjour USE flag
607269732Gentoo LinuxJavaAdd eclass check for multiple slots being pulled to classpath
60873129Gentoo LinuxCore systemdispatch-conf should support vimdiff
609302521Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profiles[ dev-zero overlay ] bad atoms in package.mask
61072267Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrequesting qfaxreader ebuild
611302542Website www.gentoo.orgOtherdomain gentoo.org.il
612171500Gentoo LinuxCore systemarcload on mips octane r12k doesn't load
613263424Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux <2.6.29 eCryptfs: Allocate a variable number of pages for file headers (CVE-2009-0787)
614302609Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportgnome-keyring fixes for Interix
615237082Gentoo LinuxCore systeminstall-sparc64-minimal-2008.0 - BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 11s! [ip:6446], system locks as soon as you see the bash prompt.
616302621Gentoo LinuxApplications[Tracker] pkgs depending on hdf5 should use hdf5[mpi=] and mpi wrappers
617302624Gentoo LinuxApplicationsversion bump iscan-2.23.0
618302645Doc OtherOtherGLEP 23 is not consistent with ACCEPT_LICENSE="* -@EULA" used by portage
619237146Gentoo LinuxApplications[java-overlay] 'emerge struts-1.3.8' fails because of missing commons-validator-1.3
620307133Gentoo LinuxApplicationsmedia-gfx/xv: 128 character file name - buffer overflow detected
621312595Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesPlease review Prefix modifications to haskell-cabal.eclass
622307135Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentrepoman should check relation between the latest non-live and a live ebuild
623237193Gentoo LinuxCore systempaludis-0.30.0 fails to compile mit-krb5-1.6.3-r3 because of missing /usr/libexec/paludis/utils/sed
624296221Gentoo LinuxPrintingcups-1.4.2-r1 installs /etc/xinetd.d/cups-lpd read only
625302772Gentoo LinuxPrintinglibinklevel-0.8.0 can't be built without debug
626204469Gentoo LinuxEbuildsMallinckrodt Institute of Radiology DICOM Central Test Node Software (CTN)
627204517Gentoo LinuxEbuilds"another" Ada compiler/translator, somewhat minimal
628302831Gentoo LinuxKDE/usr/lib64/gpgmepp/GpgmeppConfig.cmake has incorrect include
629302833Gentoo LinuxKDE[kde-overlay] konqueror 4.3.95 hangs on web pages with high CPU usage
630204532Gentoo LinuxGamesHex-a-hop - a hexagonal puzzle game
631186847Website www.gentoo.orgOtherheader css on overlays.gentoo.org project pages could use a bit of resizing
632138999Gentoo LinuxEbuildsGtk 2 Guitar Tuner
633139005MirrorsFeature RequestIPv6 (only) rsync rotation
634270079Gentoo SecurityGLSA ErrorsGLSA dtd: ambiguous description between product and affected-element
635237315Gentoo LinuxServer[improvement] support for running slotted postgresql-servers on different ports
636237318Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnetxms-0.2.22 ebuild
637139020Gentoo LinuxGamesMangband - multiplayer angband rogue-like game needs an ebuild
638302865Gentoo LinuxApplicationsmozilla-firefox / xulrunner: gnome useflag needed for libnotify useflag?
639302874Gentoo LinuxEbuildsdahdi-2.2.1 release (proposed ebuild and fixes attached)
640302890Gentoo LinuxEbuildspyparsing-1.5.2 deps are too restrictive
641171825Gentoo LinuxCore systembash 3.2 history problems in vi mode
642139060Gentoo LinuxUnspecified[tracker] Scientific Gentoo webpage (TLP and subprojects)
643270142Gentoo LinuxGamesVersion bump: newton 2.0.0
644237381Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedDocument appeals process
645302926Gentoo LinuxEbuildsafter revdep-rebuild, f-spot can no longer load database
646307171Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[feature request] Module installation for multiple kernel versions
647237403Gentoo LinuxEbuildscourier-authlib-0.60.6 failed to start
648237408Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux <2.6.23 dio: zero struct dio with kzalloc instead of manually (CVE-2007-6716)
649302955Gentoo LinuxApplicationsfirefox' download manager does not use default app for opening PDF files
650171886Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: ipv6_fl_socklist is inadvertently shared (CVE-2007-1592)
651171888Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: sys_timer_create() local DoS (CVE-2006-7051)
652237433Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnautilus-dropbox-0.4.1.ebuild
653302984Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedRMD160 digests seem to be broken from (at least) rsync.europe.gentoo.org
654106389Gentoo LinuxEbuildssome stardict ebuilds (italian german french english)
655106391Gentoo LinuxApplicationschrony ebuild should install logrotate config file
656237473Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux <= wan: Missing capability checks in sbni_ioctl() (CVE-2008-3525)
657237475Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < sctp: fix potential panics in the SCTP-AUTH API (CVE-2008-3792)
658237477Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < sunrpc: fix possible overrun on read of /proc/sys/sunrpc/transports (CVE-2008-3911)
659303014Gentoo LinuxEbuildseix-sync: RootTest() call should be optional
660237479Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < nfsd: fix buffer overrun decoding NFSv4 acl (CVE-2008-3915)
661312647Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesSeamonkey 2.0.3 issue tracking bug (CVE-2009-{1571,3388,3389,3979,3981,3982,3983,3984,3985,3986,3987,3988},CVE-2010-{0159,0160,0162,0167,0169,0171})
662303023Doc OtherProject-specific documentationHardened FAQ Outdated Information
663303035Doc OtherDevmanualGentoo Development guide/pkg_setup: could it be done with a case ?
664139196Gentoo LinuxGamesCDROM_SET_NAMES not in eutils.eclass (and nowhere else)
665139197Gentoo LinuxEbuildssmtp.proxy is an application level gateway for SMTP
666139198Gentoo LinuxEbuildspop3.proxy is a proxy server for the POP3 protocol
667237520Gentoo LinuxJavaDocument how to use java virtual packages in Java Packaging guide
668303069Gentoo LinuxPrintingemerging foo2xqx does nothing, compiling from source allows printing.
669237539Gentoo LinuxJava[java-overlay] java-maven-2.eclass refers to javatoolkit maven-helper.py in wrong location
670270328Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux <2.6.30 agp: zero pages before sending to userspace (CVE-2009-1192)
671270333Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux: nfs: Fix NFS v4 client handling of MAY_EXEC in nfs_permission. (CVE-2009-1630)
672270363Gentoo LinuxEbuildsSmartTagFix: new (partial) ebuild with patch
673312667Gentoo LinuxEbuildslibtool errors cause problems with multiple ebuilds including apache
674303149Gentoo LinuxEbuildseclipse 3.5.1 java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: start > length() build failure
675237646Gentoo Linuxbaselayout/etc/init.d/net.wlan0 just ignores /etc/conf.d/net at bootup (only)
676303185Gentoo LinuxLibraryblas-atlas-3.9.21 build fails due to segfault of atlas tuning code
677204892Gentoo LinuxServerXend (3.1.2) does't properly restart with custom named interfaces
678303227Gentoo LinuxJavagroovy-1.6.7 doesn't honor CLASSPATH or ~/.groovy/lib
679236228Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedportage 2.2rc8 needs too much time and memory to emerge packages
680106651Gentoo LinuxApplicationslogrotate loses log output if sharedscripts, postrotate and compress options used together
681139422Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesmyspell: support mozilla thunderbird, firefox in addition to openoffice
682303273Gentoo LinuxEbuildsCNNIC-free Firefox
683106677Gentoo SecurityGLSA Errors[GLSA-2] glsa-check is not working correctly with slotted packages.
68473915Gentoo LinuxApplicationsqmail-scanner overwites its configuration
685296311Gentoo LinuxApplicationsnzbget ebuild doesn't install Post Process Script
686303319Gentoo LinuxApplicationsdansguardian segfault
687233546Gentoo LinuxJavaAdd USE=snmp support to Sun-compatible JRE/JDK ebuilds
688270575Gentoo LinuxApplications[TRACKER] Deprecating USE="arts esd"
68973994Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[Feature Request] make qmail-scanner-queue.pl call another qmail-queue replacement on env settings
690303377Gentoo LinuxServertightvnc server has wrong keymap with gnome
691303397Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportbeanstalkd-1.4.3 fails to build
692205100Gentoo LinuxServer[kolab-overlay] kolab2-1 apache config is incomplete after running /usr/share/kolabd/scripts/kolab_bootstrap
693303405Gentoo LinuxEbuildslibwebcam, uvcdynctrl package request
694106815Gentoo LinuxApplicationsufed enhancements to filter list of flags
695237888Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPyICU ebuild
696172391Gentoo LinuxApplications[TRACKER] packages should install to /$(get_libdir)/rcscripts instead of /lib/rcscripts
69774091Gentoo LinuxGames[EBUILD] ultimairis-0.5.9
698237938Gentoo LinuxJavaAllow to mark VM as build-only or system/user-only
699237959Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < sctp: fix random memory dereference with SCTP_HMAC_IDENT option (CVE-2008-4113)
700205207Gentoo LinuxCore systemThe hme driver fails with "eth0: transmit timed out, resetting".
701303513Gentoo LinuxEbuildsUI::Dialog - an OOPerl wrapper for various dialog applications.
702303529Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPATCH: genkernel should detect BTRFS volumes
703303531Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPATCH: genkernel should support detection of multiple devices as root
704237996Gentoo SecurityGLSA ErrorsGLSA 200710-02 wrong php 5.2.x downgrade
705303533Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPATCH: Add user space suspend support to genkernel
706303539Gentoo LinuxKDEKDE4 login screen loops - will not launch KDE4 desktop
707139715Gentoo LinuxEbuildssamsungmfp - drivers for Samsung MFP USB printers
708303579Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportgit fixes for interix (6, mostly)
709172528Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: DCCP Memory Disclosure Vulnerability (CVE-2007-1730)
710303605Gentoo LinuxEbuildsGaleon does not find plugins
711172594Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesjava-util-2.eclass: java-pkg_get-javac can't be called alone
712270919Gentoo LinuxEbuildsChange USE="debug" non-sense in eclass
713107103Gentoo LinuxApplicationsAdd support for XFS to aboot
71474356Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnew sundials ebuild
715303741BugzillaGeneral BugsBugzilla's "Normal search" doesn't work as expected, search word: k3b
716303757Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: e1000 trailing payload data (CVE-2009-{4536,4538})
717303759Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesKernel: r8169 multiple issues (CVE-2009-4537)
718238236Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedemerge @preserved-rebuild attempts to emerge gcc from non-existent slot (system type in slot identifier)
71974421Gentoo LinuxEbuildsDISLIN high-level plotting library for displaying data
720139960Gentoo LinuxEbuildsscanbuttond ebuild
721271040MirrorsServer ProblemI found THIS-FILE-SHOULD-NOT-BE-PUBLIC.txt on ftp.kaist.ac.kr
722172748Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: [Bluetooth] Fix L2CAP and HCI setsockopt() information leaks (CVE-2007-1353)
723271058Website www.gentoo.orgPlanetThe planet software (venus?) should advertise itself in User-Agent
724303845Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedVideo playback interrupts in VLC with CSS-encrypted DVDs (or .iso files)
725238312BugzillaGeneral Bugsmake default search include also recently closed bugs
726238321Gentoo LinuxApplicationsNo RGnumeric ebuild
727140029Gentoo LinuxEbuildsSuomi-malaga-0.7.1.ebuild
728140052Gentoo LinuxEbuildswanderlust for xemacs?
729303911Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedcompiz-0.8.4-r2 window focus problem on XFCE4
730283994Gentoo LinuxEbuildswxHexEditor - new hexadecimal editor (wxGTK based)
731303943Gentoo LinuxApplicationsPitivi does not run when Hal is not installed
732301879Gentoo LinuxApplicationshasciicam 1.0 buffer overflow
733271243Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profiles[TRACKER] X fonts bugs
734140180Developer RelationsDefaultdocumentation for virtuals, both for end user and developer
735170825Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: binfmt_elf loader vulnerabilities (CVE-2007-0958)
736238535Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesMozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Xulrunner: ".17" fixes (CVE-2008-{0016,3835,3836,3837,4058,4059,4060,4061,4062,4063,4064,4065,4066,4067,4068,4069,4070})
737138061Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedScientific Gentoo reorg: crystallography herd/category?
738271313Gentoo LinuxGamesglob2: corrupted double-linked
739271315Gentoo LinuxApplications69-odofonts.conf from opendesktop-fonts causes missing text in some flash
740205785Gentoo LinuxCore systemunable to remount nfs rootfs without rpc.statd running
741296451Gentoo LinuxApplicationsXFCE4 and Exo iocharset fix
742304165Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentruby-fakegem doesn't sutb all required attributes
743107558Gentoo LinuxEbuildsfpdf-153.ebuild
744238638Gentoo LinuxCore systemmips-sources- crashes when USB input device inserted
745301920Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesmozextension.eclass 1.4 2007/12/20: Parsing of install.rdf is too sloppy
746173129Gentoo LinuxEbuildsxml-xmlbeans 2.1.0 and 2.2.0 (Version bump)
747238681Gentoo LinuxEbuildsBind ldap dlz support is broken
74842098Gentoo LinuxEbuildsdbf2mysql ebuild missing
74974868Gentoo LinuxGames[EBUILD] snowballz-2004.12.12
750258239Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Ruby 1.9 incompatible packages
751121709Gentoo LinuxApplicationsPCL input for cups - ghostpcl ebuild
752107682Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNew WXRuby branch into WxRuby2
753285098Gentoo LinuxCore systemscanf() and strtoul() disagreeing on hex parsing
754206024Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesjava-pkg-2* eclasses binpkg issues
755140523Gentoo LinuxEbuildsploneboard-1.0_beta.ebuild
756304365Gentoo LinuxKDEVarious packages needed to be keyworded for KDE SC 4.4.0, please proceed ASAP
757271635Gentoo LinuxApplicationsprovide libunistring which will be a dep of guile-2.0
758173341Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrcsparse-9999.ebuild fromcvs-9999.ebuild
759304435Doc OtherDeveloper HandbookDeveloper Handbook should document how/when to touch arch profiles' files
760271670Gentoo SecurityAuditing[Tracker] Remove vulnerable ebuilds from the tree
761206188Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPortage leaves no indication as to why some packages are being blocked
762274664Gentoo/AltFreeBSDhttp://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/gentoo-freebsd.xml ia out of date
763304503Gentoo LinuxApplicationsXFCE - Creating a 'Launcher' disappears when entering a character into any field
764238984Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentgij not installed or linked to /usr/bin
76575156Gentoo SecurityGLSA ErrorsRFC: Specifying services to restart in GLSAs (and handling them in glsa-check)
766290641Gentoo LinuxApplicationsJboss-bin-5 ebuild
767274680Gentoo LinuxEbuildsProblems installing OTRS-Modules by splitting the otrs directory into hostroot and htdocs
768304599Gentoo LinuxApplicationscourier-imap-4.5.0 and relay-ctrl
769271839Gentoo LinuxCore systemfalse warning from mkswap in connection with device-mapper
770304623DocumentationOther documentsQuickStart Guide to Mutt E-Mail outdated
771173562Gentoo LinuxEbuildsipager-1.1.0 ebuild (pager for fluxbox and other wm)
772169449Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[Tracker] run-crons bugs
773173577Gentoo LinuxApplicationsmulti-line bash completion does not work correctly - readline issue??
77475335Gentoo LinuxEbuildsxml-stylebook (part of Jakarta project) needed in portage
77575341Docs-userSubmit NewXMLify some new cluster docs
77675345Gentoo LinuxEbuildsasleap ebuild - LEAP/PPTP Wireless Password Cracker
777291088Gentoo LinuxApplicationsUnable to play video streams that require windows media player and quicktime
778271985Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesOnly slotmove supports version handlers, move should also.
779140930Gentoo LinuxApplicationsMatrox vidix support is sorely lacking
780272006Gentoo LinuxApplicationsgnomebaker-0.6.4 - Crash when adding films to a DVD project
781272024Gentoo LinuxApplicationsBlender 2.48a-r3 dies when rendering to ffmpeg with a buffer underflow -- floating point exception
782304811Gentoo LinuxCore systemRadeon KMS: Garbled kwin shadows and pixmaps
783108208Gentoo LinuxEbuildsGnome Fdisk - patritioning tool
784252873Gentoo LinuxApplicationsprovide SPELLS
785140984Gentoo LinuxApplicationsblender-2.42: fix overly long misanimation
786140986Gentoo/AltFreeBSDboot0 ldflags compilation error
787304833Gentoo LinuxKDEkde-4.4.1: .xsession-errors grows rampantly due to QPainter and many more debug messages
788272071Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAdd PHPCPD into Portage
789141007Developer RelationsDefaultRetire: Peter Weller (welp)
790304853User RelationsUser/Developer IssuesNot possible to purchase Larry the cow clothing
79175494Gentoo LinuxGames[EBUILD] Medal of Honor (MOHAA)
792173811Gentoo/AltFreeBSDadsl.sh net script
793239348Doc Translations[CS][cz] update alsa-guide.xml
794239349Doc Translations[CS][cz] update faq.xml
795239356Gentoo LinuxKDE[Tracker] kdeprefix related bugs
796206621Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutwpa_supplicant 0.6.1 and wpa_supplicant.sh timing out because of -W option
79775589Gentoo LinuxEbuildsplease add KSendFax to portage
798272212Gentoo LinuxApplicationsgnome-hdaps-applet ebuild
799173915Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgeneration-2 does not set LD_LIBRARY_PATH correctly
800141163Gentoo LinuxGamesquake3- ebuilds should work with both quake3 and quake3-bin
801272240Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentOn unmerge, gcc should ensure that a valid gcc profile is used
802305011Gentoo LinuxHardenedEbuilds fail after emerging bash with gcc 4.4.3-r1 and mem-scramble on x86
80375665Gentoo LinuxEbuildsJelly-Tags metapackage
804239524Gentoo LinuxEbuildsMany ebuilds install gtk-doc even with USE="-doc"
805305073Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmu (maildir utils) should be in Portage
806272313Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuilds for Python interface to Oracle DB and an alternative SQLPlus CLI client - cx-oracle, pysql
807108479Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[Tracker] Split gnome-python bindings
808151079Gentoo/AltFreeBSD[PATCH] sys-process/at doesn`t compile on g/fbsd
809174032Gentoo LinuxGamesquake3-openarena-9999.ebuild (svn ebuild)
810305127DocumentationInstallation HandbookMissing Component To install - lzma-util x86 amd64 before genkernel all
811269310Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAntico XKB - Antico keyboard layer switcher
812305169Gentoo LinuxKDEKDE 4.4 Workspace theme "Air" broken
813272453Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedTerminus 12 fonts as consolefont gives error: * Setting user font ... > putfont: KDFONTOP
814153044Gentoo LinuxEbuildsastrology packages for linux
815174182Gentoo LinuxLibrarycreate virtuals of logical subparts of tools.jar (javadoc, javac...)
81675882Gentoo LinuxApplicationsfeature request: HOL theorem proof assistant
817174196Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentgjl doesn't use the VM entry in package.env
818174209Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: [APPLETALK]: Fix a remotely triggerable crash (CVE-2007-1357)
819272516Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedKDE apps can't see webcam
820305299Gentoo LinuxApplicationsvirtualbox-ose-3.1.4 fails with opengl USE flag
821305313Gentoo LinuxEbuildsplease add noconfigs (like nosamples) USE flag for asterisk
822108709Gentoo LinuxEbuildsopendwg support into grass
823108714Gentoo LinuxEbuildsoctaga vrml player
824305351Gentoo LinuxEbuildsvalgrind 3.5.0 build failures against 2.11-r1
825313037Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] GNOME 2.30 Official Release
826141536Gentoo LinuxGamesquake1-textures-20060722.ebuild (Update)
827274812Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedadd USE flag categories to reduce USE flag hunting
828296658Gentoo LinuxGCC Porting[tracker] GCC 4.5 porting
829207098Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesjava-utils-2.eclass should check and eerror/die/something if inherited directly
830269355Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: proc: avoid information leaks to non-privileged processes (GENERIC-MAP-NOMATCH)
831272676Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[2.6.29 regression] fbcondecor breaks boot on Sun Blade 1000
832108850Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPSCyr font collection
833174393Gentoo LinuxEbuildssys-libs/db-4.3.29-r2+ubclic compile-fail - undeclared 'TIOCNOTTY' in generated file
834305477Gentoo LinuxEbuildsF*EX (Frams' Fast File EXchange) is a service to send big (large, huge, giant, ...) files from a user A to a user B.
835207193Gentoo LinuxCore system[EAPI] unpacking lzma files
836141660Gentoo/AltFreeBSDmake.conf.example for Gentoo/FreeBSD for amd64
83776127Gentoo LinuxEbuildsGyach enhanced is a Yahoo Messenger linux client
838258449Gentoo LinuxApplicationsNot truly distinguishes LABEL at root mount on booting.
83961845Gentoo LinuxApplications[PATCH] --getbinpkg doesn't support $http_proxy
840174466Gentoo LinuxEbuildsspamassassin-fuzzyocr-3.5.1 ebuild doesn't install the Utils
841141705Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[NEW EBUILD] pypar2-0.07
842203843Developer RelationsDefaultRetire: Colin Morey (peitolm)
843174530Doc OtherDevmanualDocument new style virtual RDEPEND behaviour
844174542Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesversionator.eclass doesnt match portage behavior
845305615Gentoo/AltFreeBSDProblems with emerging freebsd-lib while building crossdev toolchain
846258467Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesamd64 profile contains unbypassable flags warning
847141784Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[ebuild] idesk-extras
848307621Gentoo LinuxKDEkonqueror doesn't render some sites properly
84976256Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuild to include the qms-analog patch along with the st patch
850305637Gentoo LinuxApplicationsdev-lang/R should check if fortran compiler exists
851305639Gentoo FoundationProposalsReimbursement from infra budget: halcy0n for bender PSUs
852305641Gentoo LinuxApplicationsdev-lang/R: Cannot access docs from R
853174610Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[Ebuild] for lasertraq-0.2
854305701Gentoo LinuxKDEPrinter system settings module not working after upgrade to KDE 4.4
855109132Gentoo LinuxApplications/etc/init.d/amavisd doesn't start /usr/sbin/amavis-milter required for sendmail milter
856141906Gentoo LinuxEbuildsinteractive bashdb triggered by scripts w/out shebang and w/out --debugger due to `shopt -s extdebug` (openssl/rsstool)
857174675Gentoo LinuxLibraryjava-config make it possible to use || ( ) deps for providers
858141909Website www.gentoo.orgOtherGLSA RSS Feed has incorrect dates
859272998Gentoo LinuxUnspecified[tracker:tracker] Scientific Gentoo recruitment root
860240235Gentoo LinuxEbuildsdev-lang/sr: C(XX)FLAGS are ignored (at src_configure/compile)
861305773Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for Support for ARM in Java (java-config) & Sun's Java SE for Embedded
862305781Gentoo LinuxEbuildsiptraf-ng is a fork of original iptraf-3.0.0
863296724Doc Translations[IT][it] translated l-redesign-3.xml
864273041Gentoo LinuxCore systemPrelink invalidates file checksums for "equery check"
865109263Gentoo LinuxEbuildsdelny python module
866240352Gentoo LinuxApplications>=media-libs/x264-0.0.20081006: position independant code support has been dropped upstream
867273138Gentoo LinuxbaselayoutUpdate OpenRC detection in existing init.d scripts
868174853Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[EBUILD] oprofileui-0.1.1
869118209Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[tracker] D language packages, possible new herd..
870273171Gentoo LinuxEbuildsfortran.eclass should set F77 and F90 env vars
871142110Gentoo LinuxGames[REQUEST] TaxiPilot ebuild
872207667Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[QA] ebuilds not using python/distutils eclass where they should
873305987Gentoo LinuxApplicationsrevdep-rebuild: set konsole title during "Assigning files to packages"
874240492Gentoo LinuxEbuildsQEdje
875273279Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentGdb fails to access debug symbols (for libxul.so in galeon & libglib.so in firefox).
876306057MirrorsServer Problemgd.tuwien.ac.at doesn't reply 404 with non-existent files
877175004Gentoo LinuxEbuildsvmware server init.d script doesn't seem to be stopping vmware-serverd process
878240568Gentoo LinuxLibrary[QA] sys-libs/db-4.6.21_p3-r1 - /bin/bash: line 4: none: command not found
87943976Gentoo LinuxGamesquakeforge: nq-sdl32 crashes (SEG11), sometimes with core, while swimming in Turbulent()
880175054Gentoo LinuxJavajava-maven-2.eclass
881306147Gentoo LinuxEbuildspykde4-4.4.1 fails to run make install for Python-3.* modules
882280402Gentoo LinuxKDEKernel 2.6.30-gentoo-r4 breaks composite on nvidia-driver
883306207Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilescmake-utils.eclass: enable verbose mode by default
884231259Gentoo LinuxApplicationsCompiling kdevplatform fails with GCC 4.3 (boost includes redefinition error)
885306247Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedlivedvd-x86-amd64-32ul-10.1.iso: booting stops at "xdm started"
886273481Gentoo LinuxHardenedLinux kernel crash on reboot and shutdown with CONFIG_PAX_REFCOUNT enabled
887306265Gentoo LinuxCore system[sandbox-2.2] emerge libstdc++-v3-3.3.6 hangs after src_compile
88844132Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmake mpich, lam-mpi, openmpi, etc simultaneously installable
889280425Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: do_sigaltstack: 'stack_t' Information Disclosure (CVE-2009-2847)
890260068Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: < sock_getsockopt() kernel memory retrieval (CVE-2009-0676)
891109697Gentoo LinuxEbuildsbash-completion for genlop does not support all command-line arguments
892208029Gentoo LinuxPrintingEbuilds for Brother HL-5250DN LPR driver and CUPS wrapper.
893208033Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[tracker] obsolete/incorrect/non-existant usage of depend.apache.eclass
89476968Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnet package: pcal
895208047Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesfdo-mime.eclass should depend on desktop-file-utils
896306353Gentoo LinuxApplicationsrequest for "weborf" package
89744211Gentoo LinuxServerSet RELAYCLIENT after smtp-auth with qmail and qmail-scanner
898208054Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[java-experimenta] sun-jdk-1.7 installs empty .desktop file
899273660Gentoo LinuxCore system--quiet option for bootstrap
900208166Gentoo LinuxApplicationspmac.c broken sound on powerbooks 3.5 titanium linux kernel
901208178Gentoo Linuxbaselayout[PATCH] /etc/init.d/keymaps doesn't set console mode correctly (since kernel 2.6.24?)
902306495Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuilds for connecting iphone: libimobiledevice, ipheth, ipheth-pair, usbmuxd
903258614Gentoo LinuxApplicationssys-libs/db upgrade lost db_185.h symlink
90477168Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmimetic 0.8.8 ebuild
905306545Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesgit.eclass and clones being both shallow and bare
906306579Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesSun JRE/JDK <= < Multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2009-3555,CVE-2010-{0082,0084,0085,0087,0088,0089,0090,0091,0092,0093,0094,0095,0837,0838,0839,0840,0841,0842,0843,0844,0845,0846,0847,0848,0849,0850})
907306615Gentoo LinuxCore systemsys-libs/db-4.7.25_p4 fails selftest
908208320Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[request ebuild] Amora: A mobile remote assistant
909241092Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnet-nntp/sn: C(XX)FLAGS are ignored (at src_configure/compile)
910175582Gentoo LinuxbaselayoutTelinit to alternate state fails
911273909Gentoo LinuxEbuildsHAL dbus policy updates refuse pulseaudio access
912273912Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: <2.6.30-rc8 e1000_clean_rx_irq DOS (CVE-2009-1385)
913273919Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: <2.6.29 pci_register_iommu_region arch/sparc/kernel/pci_common.c DOS (CVE-2009-1914)
914273922Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: <2.6.30-rc3 fs/ocfs2/file.c DOS (CVE-2009-1961)
915110084Gentoo LinuxEbuildsini-mode-0.1.ebuild
916306705Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportpython packages without ~x64-macosx keyword
917306747Gentoo LinuxEbuildsStabilize dev-lang/R-2.10.1
918142964Gentoo LinuxEbuildspowerthend - a powernowd fork
919274042DocumentationOther documentsCode Listing 1.1: should contain "-g" too
920208520Gentoo/AltFreeBSDXDM dumps core when login attempted
921291437Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgentoo ebuild missing for new xmpp transport system "Spectrum"
922274065Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedPlymouth "bootsplash" to get into Portage
923306835Gentoo LinuxCore system[tracker] portage-multilib support
924241310Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnet-p2p/{edonkey,overnet}: documentation installed outside /usr/share/doc/${PF}
92577471Gentoo LinuxGamesTenebrae 1.04 has issues with Quake map e3m3
926306867Gentoo LinuxEbuildsemerge cmake-2.6.4 and related core dump
927306881Gentoo LinuxLibraryfaac-1.28-r1 fails due to strcasestr ambiguity
928306895Gentoo LinuxKDEKDE4 Okular, xpdf prints "PDF" document in landscape mode
929241360Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmultiple net-zope/* ebuilds: Precompiled python object files in /usr/share
930275068Gentoo LinuxApplicationscherokee-0.99.17 bad file permissions and etc-update doesn't create a valid cherkee.conf for php
93177549DocumentationOther documentsProposal: Guide on cloning disks on Sun Sparc
93244805Gentoo LinuxGamesEbuilds for Virtual Advanced Squad Leader
933143133Gentoo LinuxEbuildsBricsCad for Linux
934208691Gentoo LinuxApplicationsmedia-libs/{libdvdread,xine-lib} can't play DVDs with DVD-Movie-Protect
935175926Doc Translations[PT_BR][pt_br] new translation /doc/pt_br/handbook/hb-install-x86+amd64-medium.xml
936302388Gentoo LinuxEbuildsMyspell doesn't work with oxt dictionaries provided by OpenOffice.org extensions
937305813Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for ebuild: preyproject
938307005Gentoo LinuxJavainstalling tomcat native doesn't add apr lib to classpath
939307029Gentoo LinuxCore systemCPU Fan not working on kernel-2.6.31
940110432Gentoo LinuxGames[EBUILD] osgcal-0.2.1
941307057Gentoo LinuxApplicationsgkrellm-2.3.4 using 35% CPU under KDE 4.4.0
942274294Gentoo LinuxApplicationsSamba 3.0.33 crash (winbindd)
943307065Doc OtherDevmanualebuild guide should document "has_version"'s ability to check for USE-Flags
944143226Gentoo LinuxEbuildsada bindings to Qt
945176008Gentoo LinuxApplicationsemerge-delta-webrsync stalls when run as non-root user
946274314Gentoo LinuxEbuildscl-libxml2-0.3.1.ebuild
947241568Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[QA] Packages installing multiple folders in /usr/share/doc
948110518Gentoo LinuxApplicationsAdd example for qmail in mailer.conf
949110534Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrequest for sharpmusique
950110536Gentoo LinuxGames[EBUILD] poker3d-1.1.30
951176075DocumentationOther documentsopenldap ebuild refers to a unmaintained guide.
952307875Gentoo LinuxServersamba-3.0.37: ldap passwd sync fails with openldap-2.4
953241624Gentoo LinuxApplicationshmake version bump
954274412Gentoo LinuxCore systemnfs resets sticky bit when writing to a file that already exists
955307183Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportopenldap-2.4.19-r1 fails to build
956307193Gentoo LinuxKDEkigo should install gnugo or have a use flag for gnugo
957307203Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNew parrot and rakudo available
958241672Gentoo LinuxGNOMEAutomatically symlinking identical GNOME user documentation figure pictures
959241674Gentoo LinuxGNOMEImplement gstreamer missing-plugins support for Gentoo
960143388Gentoo LinuxGamesFrets on Fire Ebuild
961307237BugzillaGeneral BugsRestrict default CC field write access to only add/remove own account handle
962307239DocumentationOther documentsImprove documentation for liveUSB : less commands, support for both amd64 and x86 systems
963176213Gentoo LinuxEbuildssflowtool support for mysql connection
964176215Gentoo LinuxEbuildsUmlet is a UML designer
965176236Gentoo LinuxApplicationsXAnim ebuild doesn't include VCR1 codec.
966176249Gentoo LinuxEbuildsheatload in portage request
967274560Gentoo LinuxEbuildsHAL will fail if /var/cache/hald does not exist on startup.
968110751Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for ebuild: MetaMoniter
969241834Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] perllocal.pod collision
970209079Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNew EBuild request for 'winexe'
971296996Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportimport pipepanic/pipepanic-0.1.3 with small changes
972143581Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnew submission: newLISP, a new dialect of LISP
973176351Gentoo LinuxJavaMake eclass functions more strict
974274662Gentoo/AltFreeBSDerrant directory in /bin on livecd
975241896Gentoo LinuxGNOMEDon't install static libraries for most GNOME packages
97678060Gentoo LinuxGames[request] APS/NWNX2
977307441Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: mmap/do_mremap DoS (CVE-2010-0291)
978307443Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: load_elf_binary DoS (CVE-2010-0307)
979307445Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: connector.c NETLINK_CONNECTOR DoS (CVE-2010-0410)
980176376Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest of an ebuild to add support for "Linux Bluetooth Remote Control - LBRC"
981307449Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: wake_futex_pi() DoS/? (CVE-2010-0622)
982307451Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: futex_lock_pi() DoS (CVE-2010-0623)
983241922Gentoo LinuxKDE[TRACKER] kde4 test failures
984241950Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Packages using /lib/modules/`uname -r` rather than /usr/src/linux
985274725DocumentationOther documentsIt would be useful to have a reference to eix in the overlays userguide.
986209229Gentoo LinuxEbuildsobex-data-server on system bus via init script
987274768Gentoo LinuxCore systemBootloader config option missing from genkernel.conf
988307543Gentoo LinuxApplicationsPuppet-0.25.4-r1 doesn't install packages from overlays
989307563Gentoo LinuxEbuildsladspa-cmt needs to filter out -O2 optimization
99061556Gentoo LinuxGamesRequest: add gtk USE flag to nethack
991307603Gentoo LinuxEbuildsdev/util/codeblocks +contrib fails with wxgtk-2.8 and glib-2.22
992242082Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profileseautoheader ignores AT_M4DIR or "-I" parameter and thus doesn't run autoheader
993143786Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPlease add Tetradraw to Portage
994307633Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiessys-devel/m4-1.4.14 (CVE-2009-4029)
995143810Gentoo LinuxGNOMEgstreamer 0.10.8 not seeing playbin plugin (required by totem 1.4.2)
996176579Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: IPv6 Type 0 Route Headers Denial of Service (CVE-2007-2242)
997176580Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: Infinite recursion in netlink (CVE-2007-1861)
998242132Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[EBUILD REQUEST] pygooglechart
999307671Gentoo LinuxCore systemgentoo-sources-2.6.31-r10 SIGSEGV while shutdown
1000307683MirrorsFeature Requestaudit thirdpartymirrors for the gentoo mirrors
1001284119Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit about:blank XSS (CVE-2009-1689)
100278311Gentoo LinuxEbuildspyqlogger- (new)
1003274924Gentoo LinuxServerdovecot-auth (1.1.7-r1) crashes on logins that have a .ssh dir with private key
1004307703Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedwireless network fails to configure after upgrade to kernel 2.6.33
1005176643Gentoo LinuxServermysql init script failed to start when system is using an ldap backend
1006300487Gentoo LinuxUnspecified/usr/sbin/pcscd failed for etoken
1007307719Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedreducing size of oxygen icon pack
1008307729Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportportage assumptions about TEMP and TMP invalid on Interix
1009307743Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilescvs.eclass does not honour ESCM_OFFLINE
1010307745Gentoo LinuxApplicationsqt4.6.2: taskbar items has a shadow sibling
1011307035Gentoo LinuxApplicationsanki- requires PyQt4-4.7 for graphs
1012209460Gentoo SecurityKernelkernel 2.6.17 - splice: missing user pointer access verification (CVE-2008-{0009,0010,0600})
1013236980Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPEAR-Text_Wiki_Doku ebuild
101478406Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedportage lacks virtuals query possibility
1015176717Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: Fib_Semantics.C Out Of Bounds Access Vulnerability (CVE-2007-2172)
1016275030Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAfter installing tomcat user permissions are wrong
101796449Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNew: fusd A library and kernel module to create userpsace char devices
1018176781Gentoo LinuxJava[Tracker] Removing requirement for generation 1 being installed
1019144060Gentoo LinuxEbuildssendmail ebuild with sasl should create /etc/sasl2/Sendmail.conf and /etc/pam.d/smtp
1020307903Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedSome thing changing dosemu settings for a login user on my gentoo
1021303855Gentoo LinuxKDEkde-4.3.5 comes up in wrong screen resolution
1022209627Gentoo/AltPrefix SupportPackages ready to be keyworded as ~mips-irix
1023307941Gentoo LinuxDevelopment*** buffer overflow detected ***: mips64-unknown-linux-gnu-ar terminated
1024307947Gentoo LinuxApplications`PORTDIR_OVERLAY="" equery which` gives traceback
1025176877Doc OtherDeveloper Handbookdev handbook's cvs section should cover keyword expansion in patches
1026242414Gentoo LinuxEbuildslogstalgia-0.9.9 ebuild
102745814Gentoo LinuxCore systemSandbox is broken on mips
1028259774Gentoo LinuxPrintingPrinting no longer works with HP2600n and ghostscript-gpl 8.64
1029275221Gentoo LinuxApplicationskrb nfs mount hangs with >=nfs-utils-1.1.6-r1
1030242456Gentoo LinuxApplicationsProblem in octave - gnuplot communication results in wrong data displayed
1031111388Gentoo LinuxEbuildspyfest ebuild-- python module for festival
1032144164Gentoo LinuxEbuildszopeedit does not report errors if python is built without USE=tk
1033275241Gentoo LinuxApplicationsidle2.5 runs using system's default python which might not be 2.5
1034242474Gentoo LinuxUnspecified[portage] categories that only exist in overlays don't have a /var/db/pkg entry
1035176940Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: [UDP]: Do not allow specific bind when wildcard bind exists (CVE-2007-2480)
1036242490Gentoo LinuxKDEa weird Plasma bug - panel doesn't show after second log-in
1037275268Gentoo LinuxEbuildsperl hangs during installation tracker
1038177023Gentoo LinuxJava[Tracker] Don't install bundled class files from dependencies inside jars
1039111491Gentoo LinuxApplicationsjmf-bin 2.1.1e-r1 doesnt install all the library available in the performance pack
1040111498Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgrads-1.9 GRid Analysis and Display System
1041308107Gentoo LinuxEbuildsTesting Bugday Keyword
1042308111Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilespython.eclass enhancement for man page needed
1043111508Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedAdding the examples USE flag to packages installing example source code
1044308129Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedmdadm-v3.1.1 creates version 1.1 superblock by default which are not recognized automatically
1045242594Gentoo LinuxApplicationsps-flamingpear-freebies: some free Photoshop plug-ins for the GIMP found above
1046308131Gentoo LinuxSecurityNew Keyword: ~sec to fix security issues quicker
1047209828Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[science overlay] Please add GenChemLab to the tree
1048242604Gentoo LinuxApplicationsps-fotomatic-plugins: some free Photoshop plug-ins for the GIMP found above
1049242606Gentoo LinuxApplicationsps-luce-plugin: some free Photoshop plug-ins for the GIMP found above
1050242608Gentoo LinuxApplicationsps-mehdi-plugins: some free Photoshop plug-ins for the GIMP found above
1051242610Gentoo LinuxApplicationsps-mehdi2-plugins: some free Photoshop plug-ins for the GIMP found above
1052242616Gentoo LinuxApplicationsps-photo-plugins: some free Photoshop plug-ins for the GIMP found above
1053242618Gentoo LinuxApplicationsps-xeroset1-plugins: some free Photoshop plug-ins for the GIMP found above
1054242620Gentoo LinuxApplicationsps-xeroset2-plugins: some free Photoshop plug-ins for the GIMP found above
1055242622Gentoo LinuxApplicationsps-xeroset3-plugins: some free Photoshop plug-ins for the GIMP found above
1056242624Gentoo LinuxApplicationsps-xeroset4-plugins: some free Photoshop plug-ins for the GIMP found above
1057242626Gentoo LinuxApplicationsps-xeroothers-plugins: some free Photoshop plug-ins for the GIMP found above
1058144332Doc OtherDevmanual$ROOT not documented in dev docs
1059308177Gentoo LinuxApplicationsThunderbird Portuguese (Portugal) Wrong Language Pack installed
1060302586Gentoo LinuxEbuildslibperl and perl ithreads and perl-cleaner
1061209893Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < 2.6.22 HTX MSR bits Denial of Service on PPC (CVE-2007-3107)
1062308217Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutfailure building baselayout-1.12.13 with a ro /dev
1063111612Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNEW: pyexcelerator-0.6.3a.ebuild
1064308247Gentoo LinuxEbuildslibyaml 1.03 bump
1065308251Gentoo LinuxEbuildsliveDVD login trouble
1066308257Gentoo LinuxApplications[TRACKER] Verifications and potential improvements of Python-related code in packages depending on Python
1067232855Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmgeops-psp ebuild
1068177189Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[req] DVD backup tool for the GNOME desktop
1069209979Gentoo LinuxCore systemcryptsetup crashes when USE=-dynamic
107078908Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] tinyos 1.1.0
1071111684Gentoo LinuxEbuildsXen network bridge support
1072209997Gentoo LinuxJavaJava environment variables are only set on interactive shells
1073177260Doc Translations[RU][ru] nvidia-guide.xml updated
1074177268Doc Translations[RU][ru] home-router-howto.xml updated
1075210042Gentoo LinuxEbuildsFlac2Mp3 ebuild (perl script for converting flac to mp3)
1076144526Gentoo LinuxCore systemarpping misses a signal for timeout causing latest /etc/init.d/net.* scripts to hang
1077308383Gentoo LinuxApplicationsPlease mark =app-misc/mc- stable
1078242862Gentoo LinuxEbuildssun-jre-bin consumes 100% CPU on Juniper SSL-VPN and doesn't start
1079111791Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPython Machine Learning Framework
1080111794Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[ebuild] wgrib-1.8 - utility for the GRIB file format
1081144564Doc Translations[CS][cs] gentoo-upgrading.xml
1082302623Gentoo LinuxApplicationsiscan-2.21.0 crashes with memory violation when trying to use jpeg pdf as output format
1083275652Gentoo LinuxApplicationssys-libs/db: Request examples installation
1084308435Gentoo LinuxKDEkdm doesn't install help files
1085275672Gentoo LinuxEbuildsStabilize Resin related packages
1086308453DocumentationOther documents'Support for hot-pluggable devices' option has apparently moved
1087308473Gentoo LinuxApplicationsliblapack.so: undefined reference to ATL_sgelq2 and atl_f77wrap_zgelqf_
1088144643Gentoo LinuxEbuildsSetting system locale takes alot of work - request for a new tool
1089275717Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAdd an ebuid for CableSwig
1090308497Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[PATCH] allow Mesa to be built with only {r100,r200,r300,r600} support
1091308099Gentoo LinuxApplicationsRequest for dahdi-2.2.1 ebuild with vzaphfc support for hfc cards
1092177429Gentoo LinuxJava[TRACKER] java virtuals support and migration
1093210198Gentoo LinuxCore systemxen-sources-2.6.20-r6 dom0 kernel panic during boot on Intel Core 2 and Xeon
1094275741Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: RTL8169 (drivers/net/r8169.c) DOS (CVE-2009-1389)
1095308521Gentoo LinuxEbuildsXorg 1.7 stabilization
1096242568Gentoo LinuxApplicationsps-digital-artshop: some free Photoshop plug-ins for the GIMP found above
1097210234Gentoo LinuxEbuildsejabberd init script should not use env with start-stop-daemon
1098242570Gentoo LinuxApplicationsps-aphtophoto-plugins: some free Photoshop plug-ins for the GIMP found above
1099308549Gentoo LinuxGNOMEGNOME 2.26 stabilization, pass #2
1100308597Gentoo LinuxCore systemperl upgrade should mark dependents for rebuild
1101308617Gentoo LinuxApplicationsmedia-gfx/{xfig,transfig} relies on deleted libpng14 function png_set_dither
1102268875Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: selinux_ip_postroute_iptables_compat <, <2.6.28.? < network restriction bypass (CVE-2009-1184)
1103177580Gentoo LinuxApplicationsPort LTSP 5 to Gentoo
1104243148Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: vmi_write_ldt_entry() DOS (CVE-2008-4410)
1105243150Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: DOS via printk (CVE-2008-3528)
1106243154Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: sctp_auth_ep_set_hmacs information leak (CVE-2008-4445)
1107243156Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: do_splice_from() arbitrary changes with O_APPEND (CVE-2008-4554)
1108243180Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: sctp sctp_sf_violation_paramlen(), sctp_sf_abort_violation(), sctp_make_abort_violation() DOS (CVE-2008-4618)
1109308733Gentoo LinuxJavagcj-jdk needs to be in the main tree to bootstrap icedtea
1110144922Gentoo LinuxGamesgate88-bin-20050319.ebuild
1111308773MirrorsNew ServerNew distfiles and portage mirror in Montreal, Canada (mirror.the-best-hosting.net rsync6.ca.gentoo.org)
1112112178Gentoo LinuxEbuildsItzam/Core ebuild
1113308797Gentoo LinuxServerSegmentation fault from large post to libapreq2 based application
111446656Gentoo LinuxLibraryThe sdl-mixer ebuild doesn't install playmus
1115308811Gentoo LinuxEbuildsWebObjects server adaptor - Apache 2.2 module (mod_WebObjects)
1116210525Gentoo LinuxGamesRtCW engine freezes at fire zombie
1117210541BugzillaGeneral Bugstextarea elements on 'entry bug' page could be bigger
1118243340Gentoo LinuxApplicationsunmerging nxserver-freenx doesnt remove file /usr/libexec/cups/backend/nxipp
1119155247Gentoo LinuxDevelopmenttos-deluge-1.1.15 for tinyos-1.1.15
1120308903Gentoo LinuxKDEmultiple TOCs issue with KMail on PPC64, compilation fails
1121243376Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedrequest for custom-cflags use and reusable configure step in openoffice ebuild
1122276146Gentoo LinuxCore systemIncorrect code generation with gcc-4.3.2-r3
1123308927Gentoo LinuxApplicationscopy from Gvim & paste to OpenOffice fails with Gvim 7.2.303
1124177858Gentoo LinuxGamescal3d 16bit-indicies cause eternal lands to segfault
1125177859Doc Translations[RU][ru] sudo-guide.xml 1.11 translated
1126112335Gentoo LinuxCore systemUTF-8 and "pure" console, becoming mad Spanish users
1127308959Gentoo LinuxKDEKrunner 4.4.1: System Activity does not show CPU time anymore
1128145134Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profileseutils.eclass - built_with_use check fails when emerging using ROOT
1129177909Gentoo LinuxHardenednspluginwrapper fails to compile: undefined reference to `__guard'
1130243450Gentoo LinuxJavajava-plugin symlink is not deleted after jdk is unmerged
1131210723Gentoo LinuxJavaPatch for ant-tasks.eclass to make it ready for eclass-manpages
1132112423Gentoo LinuxApplicationsmodule-rebuild-0.5 does not appear to handle portage updates/moves
1133243502Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Packages calling cc/gcc directly as CC (and similar issues)
1134309041Gentoo LinuxApplicationsPackages using gnome-python-common.eclass: Support installation for multiple Python ABIs
1135309053Gentoo LinuxApplicationsPlease stabilize libburnia libraries
1136309125Gentoo/AltPrefix SupportLatest portage with USE="prefix-chaining" broken
1137276378Gentoo LinuxServerMongrel Cluster init.d script does not clear pids on startup
113847018Gentoo LinuxEbuildsaterm no longer processes high-ASCII pastes properly
1139145336Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmisc ada libraries
1140178112Doc Translations[RU][ru] updates for Handbook
1141210884Gentoo LinuxGNOMENew eselect module and eclass for pango modules
1142309191BugzillaGeneral Bugshttps connection not accepte by others due to invalid certificate
1143309199Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPlease stabilize fox reverse dependencies
1144178128Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[QA] duplicated use flags
1145309209MirrorsServer Problemsecsup.org - rsync19.us.gentoo.org seems to be lagging
1146309223Gentoo LinuxEbuildspy-xmlrpc fails to compile
1147178154Developer RelationsDefaultweird half-devs of various origins, possible retirements needed
1148276478BugzillaGeneral BugsWhen Component=Ebuilds, assign to maintainer-wanted@ automatically
1149198997Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel <= 2.6.23 CIFS VFS buffer overflows (CVE-2007-5904)
1150309255Gentoo SecurityDefault Configsxterm-255 logging turned on by default
1151309259Gentoo LinuxKDEqt-4.6 or konqueror-4.3.5? Clear text entry button not display correctly.
1152309277Gentoo LinuxServerUse of bashisms in asterisk init.d script breaks the wrapper function
1153276568Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentplease issue gnat-gcc-4.4 and update the bootstrap to a new version.
1154242706Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: < sctp DOS via INIT-ACK (CVE-2008-4576)
1155309359Gentoo LinuxEbuildsVirtualbox 3.1.4 stabilization
115679989Gentoo LinuxGamesfalconseye dependencies
115780008Gentoo LinuxApplicationscommonbox-styles needs bsetbg
115847241Gentoo LinuxEbuildsshoutpy - boost.python libshout2 bindings. Stream audio to icecast from python.
1159309393Gentoo LinuxEbuildssane-backends-999.ebuild using the latest daily git snapshot
1160227671Gentoo LinuxApplicationsfprint-demo ebuild does not exist
1161309407Gentoo LinuxEbuildsStabilization of matchbox-1.0
1162145572Gentoo LinuxEbuildsUnification of Channel-Logos for VDR-Related Ebuilds
1163309423Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiednatsemi kernel driver increased tx threshold
1164145585Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[NEW EBUILD] Labyrinth - A Mind-mapping tool for GNOME
1165211208Gentoo LinuxEbuildsZimbra Collaboration Suite Evolution Connector.
1166211221Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesPatch for darcs.eclass to make it ready for eclass-manpages
1167211260Doc OtherProject-specific documentationCatalyst FAQ improvement, using GuideXML element
1168275510Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgputils version bump
1169145750Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesAdding javadoc search function to a java eclass
117047473Gentoo LinuxGamesMods do not work with ut2003
1171178546Gentoo LinuxEbuildsfwknop single packet auth
1172309669Gentoo LinuxCore system>=gentoo-sources-2.6.29-r5 Missing mixer control on the Realtek ALC262.
1173309677Gentoo LinuxKDEkde4-base.eclass: stop requiring USE=accessibility in qt packages
1174302735Gentoo LinuxServerbind-9.6.1_p3: installation fails with "Package has poor programming practices"
1175275532Gentoo LinuxCore systemportage-2.2_rc33 depclean crashes with cannot allocate memory.
1176276944Gentoo LinuxEbuildsUnable to install any PEAR extension
117780347Gentoo LinuxEbuildsMetal4kde ebuild
1178276959Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAdd racoon2 to portage
1179309731Gentoo LinuxKDEPhonon::MediaObject::setCurrentSource() hangs with Xine backend
1180211450Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: x86_64 ia32 emulation leaks uninitialized data (CVE-2008-0598)
1181145915Doc OtherOtherfreshmeat page out of date.
1182309783Gentoo LinuxLibraryKeyword devicekit-disks-009 ~ppc
1183143036Gentoo LinuxEbuildskmpg2 is a MPEG2 encoding wizard for KDE
1184242778Gentoo LinuxCore system[PATCH] cryptsetup-1.0.6 calls udevsettle even for mdev systems
1185302854Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for R-vim plugin
1186297396Gentoo LinuxCore system=sys-libs/db-4.8.24 cross compile fail at MIPS platform
1187275551Doc OtherDevmanual[PATCH] devmanual: EAPI=4 documentation (and also other EAPI specific cleanups)
118880455Gentoo LinuxApplicationsrevdep-rebuild can miss broken packages under certain circumstances
1189113224Gentoo LinuxGamesnethack-3.4.3-r2.ebuild + patch
1190113235Gentoo LinuxEbuildsOmsa 4.5: Dell openmanage 4.5 ebuild
1191211559Gentoo/AltFreeBSDwebapp-config doesn't work on g/fbsd out of the box
1192309893MirrorsServer Problemftp.tu-clausthal.de is over a day out of sync
119377969Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuilds for DRAWxtl 44 and 54
1194294703Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentvanessa-socket 0.0.10 doesn't compile
1195291955Gentoo LinuxKDEIn kde 4.x, KWin sometimes gets confused when connecting/disconnecting the power adaptor from my laptop
1196302881Gentoo LinuxPrintingAdd printer driver for Canon imageCLASS MF4320d/MF4350d/MF4370dn
1197309961Gentoo LinuxJavaemerge =lucene-2.3.2-r1 fails with javacc-5.0
1198264653Gentoo LinuxGCC Portinggcc 4.3.2-r3 will compile some files very slowly
1199291964Gentoo LinuxApplicationschoosing java policy files (new eselect module?)
1200277230Doc OtherDevmanual[devmanual] update epatch section
1201270120Gentoo LinuxUnspecified[4.4/bad-code] -ftree-vectorize causes segfaults on x86 due to stack misalignment
1202310021Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedstabilize pidgin plugins
1203277258Gentoo LinuxApplicationspython help fails when using idle
1204297434Gentoo LinuxEbuildsvirt-manager gnome dependencies
1205146226Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for TestNG ebuild
1206244555Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Packages that needs to be rebuilt after a python upgrade should call python_need_rebuild
1207146256Gentoo LinuxGamesRequest for wings2 ebuild
1208277346BugzillaGeneral BugsA bug listing all users with edituser or other granting-level privileges
1209297446BugzillaGeneral BugsResolve [name] to [name]@gentoo.org
1210277368Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: ptrace_start() vs do_coredump() deadlock (CVE-2009-1388)
1211244696Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportgoffice-0.6.5 fails to compile
1212310239Gentoo SecurityDefault Configscdrtools: cdrecord ist world-executable by default (proposal: change to group cdrw)
1213113632Gentoo LinuxEbuildsIEEE Transactions LaTeX and BibTeX classes and styles
1214146436Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPerforce ebuilds
1215156351Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentjava-config-2 should spit out an error message when package.env is malformed
1216310305Gentoo LinuxEbuildsMissing dependency for coq with USE="doc"
1217113698Gentoo LinuxEbuildsp2kmoto - a library needed by moto4lin for "p2k phones" [ebuild]
1218244800Gentoo LinuxCore systempambase should provide a services pam.d service file for setting default services' session chain
1219277607Gentoo LinuxApplicationsgenkernel should recognise "--jobs" option in MAKEOPTS
1220277616Gentoo LinuxServerpsql fails with ipv6 host after upgrading to glibc 2.9
1221244851Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiednet initscript syntax errors when ESSID contains a hyphen/dash
1222146578Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profileskernel-2 - allow patch level on tar patchset when strict order is on
1223179356Gentoo LinuxEbuildsftplugin/ada.vim problem with vim-7.1
1224212136Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux PPC: CHRP - fix possible NULL pointer dereference (CVE-2007-6694)
1225212137Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < vm audit: add VM_DONTEXPAND to mmap for drivers that need it (CVE-2008-0007)
1226212141Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux Vserver: symlink attack via /proc (CVE-2008-0163)
1227277686BugzillaGeneral BugsMake Add Archs button warn about adding unstable arches to STABLEREQ bugs
1228277689Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profiles~ppc64 broken libdir
1229212155Gentoo LinuxJavaJava System Preferences unusable ( possibly also User Preferences )
1230277709Gentoo LinuxApplicationsFirefox 3.0.11 can't login to Facebook, 3.0.10 can
1231277714Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < personality: fix PER_CLEAR_ON_SETID (CVE-2009-1895)
1232244974Gentoo LinuxCore systemNFS filesystem does not unmount, though mount doesn't show it as mounted
1233310513Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesPlease update perl-module.eclass for EAPI=3
1234310515Gentoo LinuxEbuildsxdebug-2.0.5: apache segfault on any PHP page
123581142Gentoo LinuxApplicationsSupport MPD language tools
1236245019Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < splice: fix bad unlock_page() in error case (CVE-2008-4302)
1237277789Gentoo LinuxGNOMEAutomatic font installation
1238310567Doc OtherProject-specific documentationLink to GPNL.org fails to load
1239179497Gentoo LinuxApplicationsvm-pop3d crashes when checking mail and writes garbage to mail file
1240212296Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportdd-rescue-1.14 ignores $CC, has 'gcc' hardcoded
1241212308Gentoo LinuxApplications`rpm -q` fails on random rpms
1242277849Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportsci-libs/{blas-reference, cblas, lapack} ebuild scripts corrected to allow for proper eselect behavior
1243310619Gentoo LinuxServerEnhanced error handling in postgresql runscript
1244310633Gentoo LinuxApplicationsMissing dependencies when installing phpunit-3.4.11
1245277872Gentoo SecurityAuditingVU#466161: XML signature HMAC truncation authentication bypass (CVE-2009-0217)
1246114063Gentoo LinuxEbuildsDVBd ebuild
1247310679Gentoo LinuxEbuildsimosflm check for wish8.4 should be modified/disabled
1248212413Doc OtherProject-specific documentationJava Developer Guide doesn't document rewriting functions in java-ant-2.eclass
1249310719Gentoo LinuxEbuildssys-libs/db-4.8.26 fails tests
1250146882Gentoo LinuxCore systemglibc locale generation should be done in src_*() instead of pkg_postinst()
125181347Gentoo LinuxEbuildsInclude latex-mk ebuild
1252179669Gentoo/AltFreeBSDkernel.eselect module improvement for FreeBSD
1253292089Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPlease add contactos
1254212446Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAdd caps useflag for pambase
1255310757Gentoo LinuxEbuildsLatest mcelog recommends running as daemon
1256179689Gentoo LinuxEbuildsdkimproxy signs/verifies DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)
1257310777Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEAPI=3 changes to sgml-catalog.eclass
1258278012Gentoo LinuxEbuildsruby-gnome2 eclass can only handle one ruby version
125981417Gentoo LinuxGamesebuild inclusion request: Mutant Storm (games-action)
1260278047Gentoo LinuxPrintingWrong xfconf channel/option in xfprint-manager-4.6.1 main.c. Not see CUPS printers.
1261212517Gentoo LinuxCore system[tracker] sys-apps/{acl,attr} testing
1262179755Gentoo LinuxJavajava-config: Add vm switching library for Java init scripts
1263179764Gentoo LinuxHardenedThe use of ruby-odbc on Gentoo Hardened leads to "INTERN (0) [RubyODBC]Cannot allocate SQLHENV (ODBC::Error)"
1264310865Gentoo LinuxKDEFrequent plasma (4.4.1) crashes when changing settings, perhaps wrong rights, solved by activating compositing.
1265297571DocumentationInstallation Handbookgpg verification fails
1266278122Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: tun/tap: Fix crashes if open() /dev/net/tun and then poll() it. (CVE-2009-1897)
1267147053Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[EBUILD] tangerine- release
1268310895Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnew ebuiild pki-java-tools
1269310901Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnew ebuiild pki-kra
1270310905Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnew ebuiild pki-ocsp
1271310915Gentoo LinuxGNOMEGnome FAQ patch for Desktop split profile
1272310917Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnuvexport update/bump
1273179853Gentoo LinuxJavajava-config should report permission denied when it cannot access package.env
1274264814Gentoo LinuxLibraryjade:/usr/share/sgml/docbook/xml-simple-dtd- "X00E1" is not a function name - breaks libusb-0* w/ USE=doc
1275291351Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: AF_UNIX socket DoS (CVE-2009-3621)
1276245411Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnailer (formerly mplayer-video-thumbnailer) a video thumbnailer that uses mplayer
1277310955Gentoo LinuxKDEunable to print multiple copies of a document
1278179885Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] new split octave-forge ebuilds
1279310991Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPlease review EAPI3 changes for app-editors/{vim-core,vim,gvim}
1280179926Gentoo LinuxJavamigration to xalan-serializer
1281310999Gentoo LinuxKDEKDE-4.4.1 "Date & Time" kcm polkit problem
1282311509Gentoo LinuxKDEScreen corruption, KDE 4.4, ATI Radeon
1283112275Gentoo LinuxEbuildsInclude imagej ebuild
1284212797DocumentationOther documentsImprove package move documentation
1285114498Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedWorking Apps under SGI-O2 mips; can they be added to ~mips?
1286212817Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportuse Sandbox/Seatbelt to confine ebuild on Mac OS X 10.5
1287278362Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profileskernel-2.eclass: default unipatch directory
128848993Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgencfg-0.2.ebuild (NEW)
1289311149Gentoo LinuxApplicationsxfce4-battery-plugin-0.5.1 does not find any battery info
1290277688Doc OtherProject-specific documentationDocumentation should be changed (Tomcat ROOT is not running by default)
1291212863Gentoo LinuxJavaxsddoc ebuild
1292212866Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesmozextension eclass regex incomplete
1293180106Doc Translations[RU][ru] liveusb.xml v2-r1
1294245650Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux Kernel<2.6.28-r1 "hfsplus_find_cat()" and "hfsplus_block_allocate()" DOS (CVE-2008-{4933,4934})
1295245662Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmask realplayer support
1296199324Gentoo LinuxApplications[Kolab Overlay] Horde incorrectly handles shared folders with same name
1297311265Gentoo/AltFreeBSDGentoo/FreeBSD stage3 build fails with autoconf complaining about missing perl modules.
1298147442Website www.gentoo.orgForumsWebsite pages use "hard" formating, making the contents difficult to read
1299278520Gentoo LinuxApplicationsSeamonkey Upgrades Always Overwrite The Users Saved HomePage
1300245754Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: < 2.6.21 arch/i386/kernel/sysenter.c privilege escalation/DOS (CVE-2008-3527)
1301311293Gentoo LinuxCore systemSystem wakes up with black screen if kaffeine was fullscreen
1302304971Gentoo LinuxLibraryqt-core stores machine-specific information in /usr/share/qt4/mkspecs
1303278573Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesselinux_file_mmap always enforce mapping the 0 page
1304311347Gentoo LinuxApplications[gnome-overlay] please bump gnome-shell to 2.29.1
130581983Gentoo LinuxServerzprod-manager uses hardcoded constants
1306278610Gentoo LinuxEbuildsFix segfault in uclibc (triggered by network socket use)
1307147549Gentoo LinuxGamesSuggestion: mame-extras ebuild which should install *.dat files
1308292204Gentoo LinuxKDEUsing KMail sometimes opens an unwanted Kontact window
1309278667Gentoo LinuxApplicationsSwitching libuuid/libblkid from e2fsprogs-libs-1.41.8 to util-linux breaks on BSD and Prefix
1310311481Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[tracker] Migrate ebuilds from qt4.eclass to qt4-r2.eclass usage
1311311493Gentoo LinuxApplicationsrox-base and rox-extra need more python love
1312180460Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedMake bluetooth init script in bluez-utils-3* warn when old variables are used
1313311549Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesdistutils.eclass: distutils_src_install() shouldn't generate wrapper scripts when only one Python ABI is enabled
1314311561Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNagios should be apart of webapps-config
1315147728Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[EBUILD] Headers from Steinberg VST Plug-Ins SDK
1316114969Gentoo LinuxGames[EBUILD] opal-0.3.1
1317213277Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportwhich library style to prefer on AIX for both the 'soname' feature and runtime linking enabled
1318147763Gentoo LinuxEbuildsemerge-delta-webrsync should honor portage's http_proxy setting in make.conf
1319287731Gentoo LinuxApplicationslirc-0.8.6-r1: Breaks multiple instances
1320180539Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: Data exposure in geode aes driver (CVE-2007-2451)
1321278884Gentoo LinuxEbuildsautofs automaticly try a credential file for a given host
1322246121Gentoo LinuxEbuildslibgcal (C/C++ interface to Google Data API) - new submission
1323278932Gentoo LinuxApplicationsspandsp API breaks
1324308633DocumentationInstallation HandbookGentoo Linux Handbook - people are breaking their fstab due to incorrect suggestions there
1325213406Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[NEW EBUILD] Tools from USF 3
1326278965Gentoo LinuxEbuildsjava-utils-2.eclass FEATURES misuse (test)
1327147900Gentoo LinuxApplicationsscilab-4.0 with tcltk interface has X errors (BadWindow (invalid Window parameter))
1328278974Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: SGI GRU off-by-one (CVE-2009-2584)
1329279010Gentoo LinuxJavaPatch dojavadoc so that it can install multiple Javadoc trees
1330147952Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[NEW EBUILD] Mission Photo
1331311797Gentoo LinuxApplicationsRemote buffer overflow in aircrack-ng causes DOS and possible code execution
1332180743Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: VFAT IOCTLs Denial of Service (CVE-2007-2878)
1333213514BugzillaGeneral BugsAdd components and flags for keyword requests and arch testing
1334147997Gentoo LinuxServermountd authentication failure with subnets in exports
1335311863Gentoo LinuxDevelopment"internal compiler error: Segmentation fault" during "genkernel all" command
1336279099Gentoo LinuxServerPHP 5 default apache configuration uses "FilesMatch" containers to specify when it would be better to use simple "AddHandler" directives
1337246340Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: < < < drivers/media/video/tvaudio.c DOS (CVE-2008-5033)
1338311877DocumentationOther documents[x11 documentation] HAL fdi snippet
1339115285Gentoo LinuxServertpop3d crashes with "stack smashing attack in function connection_new()" when built with gcc-3.3.4-r1
1340246359Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: __scm_destroy in net/core/scm.c DOS (CVE-2008-5029)
1341279145Gentoo LinuxUnspecified[TRACKER] metadata.xml mistakes
1342311929Gentoo LinuxGNOME[gnome-overlay] gnome-power-manager-2.29.91 compilation fails running aclocal
134382578Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNEW ebuild sysnews (from debian)
1344311957Gentoo LinuxCore systemKernel 2.6.29-gentoo-r5 BUG for file moving between RAID (reiser formated) and reiser partition
1345115381Gentoo LinuxEbuildsbrscan2 sane backends for brother
1346311999MirrorsServer Problemrsync4.ru.gentoo.org lagging in its updates
1347115395Gentoo LinuxEbuildsebuilds of a4make a4library and qopendchub
1348312005MirrorsServer Problemfiles.gentoo.gr is lagging in its updates
1349279284Gentoo LinuxEbuildswww-apps/rt fails tests
1350213756Gentoo LinuxLibraryx11-libs/qt-4.3.4 and other packages - build error using distcc (undefined reference to _Unwind_SjLj_*)
1351312073Gentoo LinuxApplicationsparaview-3.6.2 crashes with 'save screenshot'
1352213782BugzillaGeneral BugsTRACKER: Gentoo Bugzilla3 Migration
1353213784BugzillaGeneral BugsBoogle patch from Gnome
135482718Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedAdd the ability to specify a local config for qmail-scanner
1355115506Gentoo LinuxApplicationsGeronimo Apache (J2EE Application server)
1356213811Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < 2.6.25-rc5 gcc-4.3 missing DF clear memory corruption (CVE-2008-1367)
1357246602Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesMozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Xulrunner: ".18" fixes (CVE-2008-{0017,4582,5012,5013,5014,5015,5017,5018,5019,5021,5022,5023,5024,5052,6961})
1358279378DocumentationNew DocumentationHandbook for the GPE
1359148333Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Python 2.5 incompatible packages
1360294089Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiednvidia-drivers > 173.14.20 unstable, leading to corruption
1361303257Gentoo LinuxApplicationsnm-connection-editor connection list empty
1362115625Gentoo LinuxApplicationssparc is full of executable stacks
1363246710Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: hfs_cat_find_brec() buffer overflow (CVE-2008-5025)
1364213988DocumentationOther documents[TRACKER] OpenRC / baselayout-2 documentation changes
1365246757Gentoo LinuxEbuildspackages with weak linkage having undefined references
1366115688Gentoo LinuxApplicationsexpect-5.43 fails to build with 'invalid host type'
1367115697Gentoo LinuxEbuildsvuurmuur-0.5.69.ebuild
1368246771Gentoo LinuxEbuildsUltimate++, awesome, large project. Not in portage :(
1369284273Gentoo LinuxApplicationskvm-88-r1: Windows booting with Floppy inserted
1370312323Gentoo LinuxCore systemtuxonice-sources-2.6.33 occasionally hangs
1371279558Gentoo LinuxCore system=sys-libs/db-4.5.20_p2-r1 and -4.6.21_p4 fail to cross-compile on linux-gnueabi
1372312329Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPython and sqlite3 support
1373312345Gentoo LinuxKDEKonsole does not save the status of profiles
1374214042Gentoo LinuxApplicationsemerge/pmerge/paludis wrapper
1375181275Gentoo LinuxApplicationsuclibc performs fnmatch(..., ..., FNM_PATHNAME) incorrectly when slash only in string and not pattern
1376279606Gentoo LinuxApplicationsncbi-tools++ needs significant ebuild/USE/documentation work
1377279608Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesebuilds adding groups in the 1xxx range
1378312379Gentoo LinuxCore systemfcron: check_system_crontabs uses wrong path for (f)crontab
1379246847Gentoo LinuxCore system/dev/input/event* not accessible by users by default
1380279631Gentoo LinuxEbuildsopenais-1.0.0 and corosync
1381115796BugzillaGeneral Bugs[Tracker] Bugzilla 2.20 upgrade regressions
1382115806Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrpc.rstatd-4.0.1.ebuild
1383181372Gentoo LinuxGamesgtkradiant 1.5.0 released
1384312447Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgwenview and kdepim-runtime 4.4.2 configure fails because nepomuk is not found
1385214156Gentoo LinuxCore systemX.org refuses to start under kernel 2.6.24 (Ultra 5)
1386148632Gentoo LinuxApplicationsjava-nsplugin eselect module should include support for users being able to select java plugin(s)
1387312475Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: 32bit VDSO DoS on amd64 (CVE-2009-4271)
1388312477Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: SCTP DoS (CVE-2010-0008)
1389312479Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: ip6_dst_lookup_tail() TUN DoS/? (CVE-2010-0437)
1390312483Gentoo LinuxEbuildsSource change request: Made a source change to '/usr/bin/ompload' which will allow you to return only the upload link
1391312485Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: TIPC AF_TIPC DoS (CVE-2010-1187)
1392312487Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: IPV6_RECVPKTINFO DoS (CVE-2010-1188)
1393214184Gentoo SecurityKernelkernel 2.6.20 and 2.6.21 does not properly handle an invalid LDT segment selector in %cs (CVE-2007-3731)
1394214188Gentoo SecurityKernelCIFS filesystem, when Unix extension support is enabled, does not honor the umask of a process (CVE-2007-3740)
1395214189Gentoo SecurityKernelJFFS2 incorrectly stores permissions on inode creation and ACL setting (CVE-2007-4849)
1396248692Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrequest for Kraft ebuild
139750362Gentoo LinuxEbuildsebuild libASE 1.0
139850368Gentoo LinuxEbuildspsqlodbc driver for Postgresql
1399312513Gentoo LinuxKDEkde-base/{ksplash,systemsettings}-4.4.2 automatically links to libxinerama with USE="-xinerama"
1400312531Gentoo LinuxGNOMEAdd EAPI-3/Prefix support to gnome2.eclass
1401279769Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesmercurial.eclass: improved working directory creation with respect to dependent ebuilds
1402312563Gentoo LinuxApplicationspython-updater should only consider packages which depend on python instead of the world
1403312597Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPlease review Prefix changes for Haskell ebuilds
1404214302Gentoo LinuxLibraryld-linux.so.2 eating ALL my memory
1405247076Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedrekeyword libpcap-1.0.0-r1, tcpdump-4.0.0
140683247Gentoo LinuxGamesMajesty Gold ebuild
1407312627Gentoo LinuxEbuildswww-client/jd-2.6.0_p100208: missing "memset" declaration with gcc 4.3
1408312629Gentoo LinuxEbuildsGCC_NO_EXECUTABLES failure building gcc 4.4.x armv4tl-softfloat-linux-gnueabi
1409312645Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesFirefox <3.0.18 issue tracking bug (CVE-2009-{3981,3984,3985,3986,3987,3988},CVE-2010-{0159,0160,0162,0167,0169,0171})
1410312651Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesFirefox 3.5.5 issue tracking bug (CVE-2009-3978)
1411312653Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuilds involving gnomeapplet fail due to sandbox violations
1412214359Gentoo LinuxApplications[kolab overlay] sieve runtime error when forwarder enabled
1413279897Gentoo SecurityKerneleCryptfs: < Check Tag 11 literal data buffer size (CVE-2009-2406)
1414279898Gentoo SecurityKerneleCryptfs: < parse_tag_3_packet check tag 3 packet encrypted key size (CVE-2009-2407)
141583291Gentoo LinuxGamesForce NWN to keep player data in ~
1416312671Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesRename BASH_COMPLETION_NAME in bash-completion.eclass
1417247140Gentoo LinuxJava[Tracker] Tracker for IcedTea related bugs
1418312679Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesFirefox 3.5.7 issue tracking bug (CVE-2010-0220)
141983323Gentoo LinuxApplicationsScreen should have support for Kerberos
1420181638Gentoo/AltFreeBSDfreebsd emerge: chown: operation not permitted
1421181725DocumentationOther documents[DevHandbook] "Removing packages" doesn't document treecleaners, p.mask
1422247266Doc OtherDevmanualbetter / more patch guidelines
142350662Gentoo LinuxEbuildstavia ebuild
1424312809Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesmysql.eclass - testing UID in pkg_setup() does not work as intended
1425312857Website www.gentoo.orgPlanetPlanet feeds for David Shakaryan (omp) are not working
1426299960Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedLinux kernel >=2.6.32 features specialised make targets to simplify configuration
1427149063Gentoo LinuxEbuildsJini Icon theme v 0.5 ebuild
1428139537Gentoo LinuxEbuildshtml401 don't create correct directory structure
1429312943Doc OtherDevmanualSection about src_unpack could be updated
1430247429Gentoo LinuxEbuildsCollisions on /usr/bin/md5
143150850Gentoo LinuxGamesVRizer - a library to create stereoscopic output for opengl software (games)
1432149166Gentoo LinuxEbuildslinux-wlan-ng updated ebuild
143383640Gentoo LinuxEbuildsno Amstrad emulator in portage
1434313047Gentoo LinuxGNOME[Gnome overlay] GDU/udisks doesn't detect lvm volume group
143583674Gentoo LinuxEbuildsApp request: picdownloader
143683676Gentoo LinuxApplicationstigcc stable version make segmentation fault, not the unstable one
1437265169Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: < KVM vmx_set_msr DOS (CVE-2009-1242)
1438247541Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux Kernel: < Buffer overflow in drivers/net/wireless/libertas/scan.c (CVE-2008-5134)
1439247543Gentoo LinuxApplicationsAfter the last xorg update the keyboard doesn't work on the console anymore
144083708Gentoo LinuxEbuildsJavaView ebuild
1441313085Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportsys-libs/db-4.8.26 fails during src_install on OS X with USE="java"
1442313093MirrorsServer Problemrsync2.sk.gentoo.org is unreachable
1443214817Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNew eselect module for /bin/sh
1444313137Gentoo LinuxGamesEternal-lands 1.9.0 fails to compile
1445280413Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesMove profiles/default/linux/package.use.mask hardened USE mask to base/
1446182118Gentoo LinuxApplicationsadd gambit-termite ebuild
1447149374Gentoo LinuxEbuildsko.TeX is a collection of LaTeX packages for Korean
1448182175Gentoo LinuxApplicationsmozilla-*: please base the default language on the user's selected locale, not on $LINGUAS.
1449182198Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: skip data conversion in compat_sys_mount when data_page is NULL (CVE-2006-7203)
1450149435Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[tracker] java ebuilds failing with JDK other than sun due to use of com.sun.* or sun.* classes
1451214981Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutconsole does not work with ISO-8859-1 since kernel 2.6.24
1452308897BugzillaGeneral BugsBugzilla: cleartext password in URL after reset and login
1453215000Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel <2.6.22 RLIMIT_CPU could be avoided (CVE-2008-1294)
1454280541DocumentationInstallation HandbookUpdate Gentoo handbooks from 2008.0 to 10.0 profiles
1455149472Gentoo LinuxCore systemlibacl links against libnfsidmap in /usr when USE=nfs
145683940Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesMissing symlinks to db_cxx.h et al due to incomplete db.eclass
1457280549Gentoo LinuxApplicationsmissing patch for Nagios-Plugin-1.4.13-r4, it concerns check_snmp command with " char
1458280552Gentoo LinuxKDEDropped keywords of amarok-2.2.0
1459280554BugzillaGeneral Bugshave https://bugs.gentoo.org/describekeywords.cgi also link to and number the open bugs with a certain keyword
1460182253Doc OtherDevmanualdeprecated autotools snippets on devmanual
1461308905Gentoo LinuxApplicationsInclude mysql, unixODBC, myodbc in emul-linux packages
1462247853Gentoo LinuxEbuildsdmx4linux-2.6.1 - DMX4Linux 2.6 - A DMX device driver package for Linux
1463280651Gentoo LinuxApplicationslxde and alltray issues
1464247920BugzillaGeneral BugsError in duplication message when duplicate marking hits mid-air collision
1465280728Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPerl packages should install to vendor and not site
1466247966Gentoo LinuxbaselayoutParallel shutdown fails to stop dmcrypt
1467116910Gentoo LinuxGamesenemy lines 4
1468281631Gentoo LinuxEbuilds/etc/init.d/alsasound doesn't always restore mixer volume
1469280776BugzillaGeneral BugsUnable to connect to bugs.gentoo.org via single IP
1470280801Gentoo LinuxGamesArdentryst (NEW EBUILD)
1471280806Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesTested USE flag on ARM: v4l2
1472182515Doc Translations[PT_BR][pt_br] new translation /doc/pt_br/handbook/hb-install-x86+amd64-kernel.xml
1473210711Gentoo/AltFreeBSDmetalog asserts on freebsd
1474215297Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmathmap-1.2.4.ebuild (NEW PACKAGE)
1475182540Website www.gentoo.orgForumsforum search can't handle literals with punctuation
1476298029Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentdev-lang/i{f,c} remove core libraries if installed together
1477149778Gentoo/AltFreeBSDMake fftw compile on freebsd (with patch)
1478135923Gentoo LinuxLibrarygtk 2.8 weird image rendering problems in firefox
1479117031Gentoo LinuxApplicationsosd_cat (xosd) cannot display e-caron after switch to UTF8
1480234716Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedExtent of Code of Conduct enforcement
1481280880Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesrox.eclass calls autoconf in src_compile
1482280883Gentoo LinuxCore systemupgrade to kernel gentoo-sources-2.6.30-r4 makes system unbootable
1483248131Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutadd option to hwclock init.d to disable sysclock init during start()
1484182601Gentoo LinuxApplicationsrevdep-rebuild wants to rebuild toolchains built with crossdev
1485280910Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgst-rtsp-server
1486280912Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgnome-dvd-daemon
1487248888Gentoo LinuxEbuildsGadmin-Samba is an easy to use GTK+ frontend for the SAMBA file and print server.
1488215390Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuild Submission for John Stracke's Isabella Font
1489280935Gentoo LinuxCore systemCan't connect to WPA2 Gentoo router, WPA works
1490149875Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuilds for the scatterchat secure IM client
1491149883Doc OtherOtherGentoo-hu Team
1492280969Gentoo LinuxPrintingwhen emerging cups-1.3.10-r2,it freesed.
1493182734Gentoo LinuxHardenedNon-functioning python UNO bridge on default hardened install
1494248296Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[webapps overlay] dotclear-2.1.3 - version bump
1495215529Gentoo LinuxApplicationsproftpd-1.3.1_rc2-r3 with "DefaultRoot ~" = Unable to open config file pam_env.conf
1496117269Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAlligator RSS aggregator ebuild
1497215614Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesJava Security Status (Tracker)
1498215616Gentoo LinuxbaselayoutGive the option to fail to boot if all local filesystems don't mount
1499182852Gentoo LinuxJavasun-j2me-bin needs a env.d file to add binarys to $PATH
1500215626Gentoo LinuxCore system[tracker] update-modules: modules.d / modprobe.d
1501292621Gentoo LinuxApplicationsxorg segfaults and restarts after workspace switch
150251792Gentoo LinuxEbuildsKDE Symlink Properties Plugin ebuild (symlinkprops-0.11.ebuild)
1503287161Gentoo LinuxApplicationsKOffice 2.0.2 Image shape file dialog works only if file is double-clicked
1504281178Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: mm_for_maps() /proc/$pid/maps information disclosure (CVE-2009-2691)
1505215651Gentoo LinuxEbuildsx11-plugins/wm* stable request
150684592Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEquinox Desktop Environment is small desktop environment, built to be simple and fast.
1507215667Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuild-Request for CrossOver Games
1508182901Gentoo LinuxApplicationsbigloo should provide an option to build the Bee
1509117372Gentoo LinuxEbuildstrustudio ebuild
1510195118Gentoo LinuxEbuildsDAViCal - A CalDAV server
1511150196MirrorsNew Server[rsync-ipv6only] New mirror: e-utp.net (Germany)
1512248506Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedUSE="-*" crossdev -S mips-topan-linux-uclibc: static declaration of '_dl_malloc_addr' follows non-static declaration
1513117435Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[NEW EBUILD] OV511 devel version
1514281293Gentoo LinuxApplications[jokey] virtualbox-ose-3.0.4 kmk fails with gcc-4.4.1 and USE="-pulseaudio"
1515281299Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: load_flat_shared_library() NULL ptr dereference (CVE-2009-2768)
1516183028Gentoo LinuxEbuildsSICP Scheme source
1517252690Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < ib700wdt.c - fix buffer_underflow bug (CVE-2008-5702)
1518281370Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedNews Item | Help Wanted: The Perl Maintenance Project
151984776Gentoo LinuxApplicationsAutofont requested
1520183086Gentoo LinuxGNOME[Tracker] [QA] GNOME 2.18 ebuilds that don't honor LINGUAS
1521281391Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: NULL pointer dereference due to incorrect proto_ops initializations (CVE-2009-2692)
1522225757Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: DCCP DoS / remote code execution (CVE-2008-2358)
1523281427Gentoo LinuxGNOMEStabilization of GNOME-2.26
152452076Gentoo LinuxApplicationsdefault maildir location configuration variable
1525215924MirrorsFeature Requestrsync13.de now with IPv6 Support
1526265365Gentoo LinuxEbuildsThe teleview extension for bongosurfer
1527215950BugzillaGeneral BugsProduct: Gentoo Linux, Component changes
1528183203Gentoo LinuxApplicationsDESKTOP_STARTUP_ID makes window started from terminal appear in background on KDE
1529210759Gentoo LinuxJavaeclipse-sdk-3.4 should build 1.4 bytecode
1530281518Gentoo/AltFreeBSDlibelf collision with freebsd-lib
1531248754Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux: < inotify race conditions (CVE-2008-5182)
1532281529Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: Fix memory corruption in rf cache for driver rt2x00 (GENERIC-MAP-NOMATCH)
1533281562Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: cfg80211 cmp_ies() NULL pointer dereference DoS (CVE-2009-2844)
1534281568Gentoo LinuxCore systemcircular dependency between openssh and pambase when both pam and ssh use flags are set
1535309073Doc OtherOtherinclude new mirrors-rsync.xml document on main page and/or in handbooks
1536300625Doc OtherDeveloper HandbookDocumented Ebuild Policy lacks Bundled Deps section
1537248890Gentoo LinuxEbuildsGadmin-dhcpd is an easy to use GTK+ administration tool for ISC DHCPD.
1538292707Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPlease figure out usage of -mminimal-toc in Qt ebuilds
1539230879Gentoo LinuxServercourier-imap startup scripts to use courierlogger properly
1540248923Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuilds for Brother DCP-7010 LPR driver and CUPS wrapper.
1541293407Gentoo LinuxApplicationscourier authlib fails to build libvpopmail.so
1542117858Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmaintainer wanted for eprzelewy (ebuild provided)
1543216169Gentoo LinuxEbuildsdrbd child process does not terminate error
154452337Gentoo LinuxEbuildsFTP Monitor ebuild submit
1545281744Gentoo LinuxEbuildshal-0.5.13 blocks consolekit messages by dbus
1546150690Gentoo LinuxEbuildsebuilds inheriting distutils.eclass install files into /var/tmp/portage
1547265420Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedMerge of binary packages fails, when the ebuild has been deleted in the course of system updates
1548117972Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedkernel module not removed when package explicitly unmerged
1549281818Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[Tracker] WebKit "numeric character references" ACE (CVE-2009-1725)
1550311101Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesUnification of variables used within SCM eclasses
1551216300Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRename jabber USE flag to xmpp
1552216305Gentoo LinuxbaselayoutLinux >= 2.6.22 and filesystem subtypes
1553249086Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesemerge --fetchonly doesn't work for repository-based ebuilds
155485251Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPL/R integration
1555183563Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for WINBOND IS89C35 Wireless Linux Driver ebuild
155652500Gentoo SecurityGLSA ErrorsGLSA's reference incorrect ebuilds after renames
1557249123BugzillaGeneral Bugsspammers can read the email addresses of the users
1558183597Doc Translations[PT_BR][pt_br] new translation /doc/pt_br/handbook/hb-install-x86+amd64-bootloader.xml
1559216374Gentoo LinuxEbuildsHave pyzord not run as root
1560249166Gentoo LinuxApplicationscurrent use dependency expressions are insufficient in certain not so seldom cases
1561281827Gentoo LinuxUnspecified[TRACKER] 10.0 Release
1562183643Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentadd blas/lapack to RDEPEND in gnat gpl 2007 ebuild
1563156223Gentoo LinuxEbuildsemerge-delta-webrsync patch to support eix
1564249226Gentoo LinuxGCC Porting[tracker] GCC 4.4 porting
1565249232Gentoo LinuxApplicationskover missing in portage
1566282005Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: md driver NULL ptr deref DoS (CVE-2009-2849)
156785411Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedCTAN and CRAN package installation script
1568282055Gentoo LinuxEbuildsMerge fortune-mod-discworld and fortune-mod-pqf
1569282058Gentoo LinuxJavaon first java-vm set, JAVA_HOME does not get changed
1570183764Gentoo LinuxEbuilds(metabug) libpq/postgresql todo until next minor update
1571176701Gentoo LinuxServertomcat security manager, issues with default webapps & catalina.policy file
1572281852Doc OtherDevmanualTypo in the head-and-tail reference
1573118256Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profileslinux-info: linux kernel eclass doesn't identify correctly kernels with different LOCALVERSION
1574282100Gentoo LinuxCore system[PATCH] add proper mdadm support to genkernel generated initramfs
1575183800Doc TranslationsOther[pt_br] update for hb-install-about.xml
1576282120Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnew build: gcf qt generic component framework
1577282151Gentoo LinuxPrintingfontconfig bad font matching NewCenturySchlbk
157885553Gentoo LinuxEbuildsdbf-0.9.0.ebuild
1579309171Gentoo LinuxKDEcannot install kdm themes
1580282173Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPlease provide lpsolve for Gentoo Linux
1581183926AdminCVSnon-dead RCS files present in CVS Attic
1582282264Gentoo LinuxKDE[TRACKER] KDE 4.x keywording
1583282265Gentoo LinuxCore system[TRACKER] Gentoo Loongson support (Yeelong and 2E Fulong)
1584292002Gentoo LinuxKDEKmail highlight emails cause cap lock on
1585216748Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedblacklisting the smsc-ircc2 module does not work anymore
1586151257Gentoo LinuxEbuildseject incorrectly handles mount points with spaces in name
1587134437Gentoo LinuxEbuildscyrus-sasl should have noauthd and nopwcheck USE flags
1588216802Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentautoconf fails sed check when upgrading with maketest
1589308373Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesLDFLAGS in profile make.defaults need -Wl escaping
1590309211Gentoo LinuxServerTomcat-6 issues
1591184106Gentoo LinuxEbuildsLiSP book Scheme source
1592302376Gentoo LinuxServermod_perl cause segmentation fault with tr_TR locale
1593216908Gentoo LinuxHardenedTPE Invert GID misbehavior
1594309219Gentoo LinuxCore systemmultidevice btrfs setups won't mount at system boot
1595189071Gentoo LinuxCore systemunify colorization in Gentoo
1596184166Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[Tracker] Packages that need updated Emacs support
1597282481Gentoo LinuxApplicationsmozilla-firefox lacks a static build option
1598282486Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilessubversion.eclass: ESVN_WC_REVISION references revision before "svn up" instead of the one after
1599249155Gentoo LinuxApplicationslivecd-tools : /etc/init.d/autoconfig start_service not found on baselayout >= 2.0
1600249761Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentCVS should validate package.mask atoms in pre-commit.
1601249763Gentoo LinuxEbuildsvmware-modules- (masked by: corruption)
160253167Gentoo LinuxEbuildslibQGLViewer ebuild submitted
1603217042Gentoo LinuxEbuildsebuilds calling enewgroup/enewuser in pkg_setup() - probably not desired in many cases
1604287395Gentoo LinuxApplicationsGoogle Gears firefox plugin cannot work under native amd64
1605282601Gentoo LinuxApplicationsqemu-0.10.5 needs kvm udev rule to set permissions
1606184304Gentoo LinuxEbuildsprovide petit larceny and possibly larceny
1607309247Gentoo/AltPrefix SupportCannot "emerge -e system" when USE="X ..." due to uuid USE flag
1608217094Gentoo LinuxGNOMELaunching acroread and other gnome apps produces gnomebreakpad load failure.
1609118797Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPlease add openvpn-admin 1.9.3
1610249872Gentoo LinuxEbuildsfence_apc_snmp with MasterswitchV2 support
1611151584Gentoo LinuxEbuildstastymenu / kdesktop-menu (kde menu replacements)
1612282682Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[SCI] AutoDock Vina is a new program for drug discovery and molecular docking
1613249930Gentoo LinuxEbuildsplease enable priviledge seperation for wpa_supplicant dev branch
1614184434Gentoo LinuxEbuildsopenssh-4.6_p1-r2 fails to compile with uclibc when USE=pam due to stdio.h always including pthread.h
1615217209Gentoo LinuxGNOMENetworkManager-0.6.6 does not reconnect to WLAN after restarting hald or after Suspend
1616282754Gentoo LinuxEbuildsUsing dejavu as replacement for ttf-bitstream-vera deps
1617282768Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentPHP cli startup warns mm_create failure (permision denied)
1618271287Gentoo LinuxJavajava-config should implement build-only vm's that ain't used as runtimes.
1619282840Gentoo LinuxEbuildswpa_cli.sh/openrc racy when wifi connection drops/comes back.
1620216445Gentoo LinuxEbuildsvdr@gentoo.org is not a valid maintainer
1621295295Gentoo LinuxApplicationsNew Programm for Gentoo: JHylaFAX
1622282904Gentoo LinuxEbuildsInitial ebuild file for xjdic
1623184604Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedGentoo doesn't have colors in man pages
1624282932Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedadd mmc support to install media
1625250179Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesProposal: disable python and perl language bindings in profile
1626282949Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedxf86-input-synaptics-1.1.3: syndaemon uses bogus touchpad device
1627250194Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Python-3.0 incompatible packages
1628184659Gentoo LinuxApplicationsplanner and muse do not compile for xemacs
1629292921Gentoo LinuxApplicationspulseaudio-0.9.15-r2 and snd_hda_intel.ko reports "Too big adjustment 32"
1630119129Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuilds for xchat-bttrw and libTomiTCP (used by xchat-bttrw)
1631281999Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: parisc isa-eeprom eisa_eeprom_read() memory disclosure (CVE-2009-2846)
1632217439Gentoo LinuxApplicationse-build request: ixhash
163353607Gentoo LinuxCore systemanydbm requires external locking
1634282003Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: execve() clone syscall DoS (CVE-2009-2848)
1635184700Gentoo LinuxApplicationsncurses 5.6-r2 fails to build with gnat-gcc installed
1636250237Gentoo LinuxEbuildsdrapes ebuild, a wallpaper manager for GNOME built in mono.
1637184703Gentoo SecurityKernelA patch in kernel and fixes a H.323 related component in netfilter (CVE-2007-3642)
1638250240Gentoo LinuxApplications/etc/portage/bashrc is sourced multiple times
1639119188Gentoo LinuxServerContinuum integration server for building Java based projects
1640109033Gentoo LinuxEbuildsIssues with mercury 1710
1641184742Gentoo LinuxJavaInclude Sitemesh-2.3 into main tree
1642250283Gentoo LinuxApplicationsKVM / QEMU kvm-ifup script cant handel mutiple bridges
1643184749Gentoo LinuxJavaAspectJ version bump to 1.5.3
1644250286Gentoo LinuxCore systemautomatically solve !!atom blocks
1645303869Gentoo LinuxApplicationsscite: localization of /usr/share/scite/*.properties
1646119281Gentoo LinuxApplicationsuw-imap & heimdal ebuild proposal
1647161877Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: Local DoS due to EFLAGS leakage x86_64 (CVE-2006-5755)
1648119301Gentoo LinuxEbuildsaMule with umask 000
1649217615Gentoo LinuxEbuildsipwraw-ng-2.3.4-04022008
1650144729Gentoo LinuxEbuildsbusybox nukes it's symlinks on every second merge
1651230585Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < sctp_getsockopt_local_addrs_old() DoS (CVE-2008-2826)
1652119353Gentoo LinuxEbuildsxmedcon- ebuild
1653119355Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAMIDE: A Medical Image Data Examiner
1654119356Gentoo LinuxApplicationspinentry messes up mutt and vim input and display.
1655119380Gentoo LinuxApplicationsmdadm does not stop array on shutdown - kexec reboot fails with kernel panic
1656250456Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentGHC 6.6 fails on ppc64 with 32-bit userland
1657271120Gentoo LinuxApplicationshp risc qemu support patch
1658250475Gentoo LinuxCore systemlogin usees /var/log/faillog w/o FAILLOG_ENAB=yes
1659282047User RelationsUser/Developer IssuesAbusive user on mailing list: spgera_tol@hotmail.com
1660217749Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: Linux hrtimer_forward negative value DoS (CVE-2007-6712)
1661300765Gentoo LinuxEbuildscueplayer-9999.ebuild
1662217775Gentoo LinuxApplicationsifconfig in net-tools changed output format
1663250548Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: net/atm/svc.c DOS (CVE-2008-5079)
1664283320Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profiles[TRACKER] Linux-info eclass using userland ebuilds that have hard checks and dependancies
1665119493Gentoo LinuxEbuildsCogent: A graphical environment for cognitive modelling
1666152275Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Add support for a global vim-syntax USE flag
1667185052Gentoo LinuxJavaInclude Gant into main tree
1668185054Gentoo LinuxJavaInclude svnant into main tree
1669283384Gentoo/AltOtheri6fork seems to cause some trouble on server 2008
1670185084Doc OtherProject-specific documentationGNAP Advanced User Guide - possible typo in genkernel line
1671250627Gentoo LinuxServercherokee-0.9.0 sandbox violation
1672283402DocumentationInstallation HandbookHandbook contains incorrect instructions for GPG verification of install iso images.
167354079Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAdd unichrome.sf.net driver
1674283470Gentoo LinuxHardenedcryptsetup segfaults when executing luksFormat on amd64 hardened
1675277857BugzillaGeneral Bugsascii text console bug report input via links, non-graphical browser input, limits on number of char input into which text input fields, no file attachments possible in console mode
1676119636Gentoo LinuxEbuildsGenome Rearrangements Analysis under Parsimony and other Phylogenetic Algorithms
1677217941Gentoo LinuxCore system[TRACKER] Bad or Broken Initscripts/Daemons with Baselayout 2
1678119642Gentoo LinuxEbuildsYaboot fails to automaticly boot on headless XServe G5's
1679283489Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrecordmydesktop- reports JACK support was not built in
1680283499Gentoo LinuxServermailman ebuild does not honor HTTPD_USER/HTTPD_GROUP
168186926Gentoo LinuxCore systemPortage binaries could be functions
1682283545Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilescrossdev- 0.9.19 and toolchain.eclass v 1.406 : crossdev arm-eabi --stage4 dont build stage2
1683286589Gentoo LinuxUnspecified[TRACKER] Gentoo 10 Live DVD Testing
1684283561Gentoo LinuxEbuildsandroid-ndk-1.6_p1 ebuild
1685185264Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentadd support for libXfont-1.3.0 catalog FPE to fonts.eclass
1686218037Gentoo LinuxKDEkdelicious ebuid submission
1687283587Gentoo LinuxCore systemdepclean wants to remove currently eselect'ed kernel
1688309409Gentoo LinuxEbuildsStabilization of GPE-2.8
1689311331Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportmissing dependencies for building gimp on prefix
1690243876Gentoo LinuxEbuildsdev-lang/io: CC variable not respected
1691283610BugzillaGeneral BugsProposal and offer of assistance in vastly improving the search functionality of bugs.gentoo.org (bugzilla)
1692283617Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedvirtualbox-bin-3.0.4 fails to start: "Effective UID is not root"
169321477Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentsupport for gcj as a JDK
1694145575Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPorting text2skin Skins to gentoo.org
169587029Gentoo LinuxEbuildstrueprint-5.3.ebuild
1696218131Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesgcc version used in compile no longer detectable in emerged package information
1697243890Gentoo LinuxEbuildsdev-lang/sr: CC variable not respected
1698119865Gentoo LinuxEbuildslesbian gnu/linux' porn-get utility
169987109Gentoo LinuxEbuildsActiveperl / -python / -tcl ebuilds
1700250965DocumentationOther documentsSMTP Auth would be great
1701250978Gentoo Linuxbaselayout"fallback_route_eth0" does not work for eth0 startup script(baselayout 2)
1702283762Gentoo LinuxEbuildsWaheela Amarok Fullscreen Player ebuild
1703152691Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesfortran.eclass support for Portland Group (PGI) Fortran compiler
1704283772Website www.gentoo.orgProjectsHardened Projects should be updated.
1705185490Doc OtherOtherpam explanation could do with a picture
1706119911Gentoo LinuxGames[REQ] Please add Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas to portage
1707283810Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesQt4 >= 4.3.0: Potential Vulnerability in QSslCertificate (CVE-2009-2700)
1708283821Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: mmap-to-zero-page bypass (CVE-2009-2695)
1709283824Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: AF_LLC Memory Disclosure (CVE-2009-3001)
1710283825Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: getsockname() Multiple Information Disclosure vulnerabilities (CVE-2009-3002)
1711283826Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: tty_ldisc_hangup() DoS, Privilege Escalation (CVE-2009-3043)
1712283837Gentoo LinuxApplicationsblender-2.48a-r3 doesn't work under ppc64, segmentation fault.
171387242Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profileslinux-info can't find my kernel version - SUBLEVEL and EXTRAVERSION not present when using KBUILD_OUTPUT
1714283900Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profiles[TRACKER] All packages building kernel modules must support USE=modules (linux-mod)
171580085Gentoo LinuxCore systememerge gettext-0.12.1-r2 fails with sandbox because of weird filesystem setup
1716152835Gentoo LinuxGamesebuild submission for zepsdreamland-bin
1717153483Gentoo LinuxEbuildsinit-script dependencies of sys-cluster & sys-fs for gfs/cman/clvm/fenced/dlm/rgmanager
1718215678Gentoo LinuxApplicationsequery wish - expand relative path
1719152868Gentoo LinuxEbuilds/usr/lib/xemacs/site-packages nearly empty
1720283949Gentoo LinuxKDEPolicyKit module installation path may need tweaking for kdeprefix
1721185655Doc Translations[RU][ru] Gentoo x86 quick install guide translation
1722283967Gentoo LinuxJavaDEPEND in package.env is using colons for sepreating both packages and SLOT, if colons are used in EANT_GENTOO_CLASSPATH
1723142966Gentoo LinuxEbuildsautoproject missing tex and clig dependency with USE="test"
1724311699Gentoo LinuxEbuildsTypo in geda ebuild's DEPEND section
1725251241BugzillaGeneral BugsChanging Recruitement product to include all developer bugs
1726251286BugzillaGeneral BugsBugzilla produces invalid patch files out of certain attached bzr bundles
1727185760BugzillaGeneral Bugsno link color on gentoo web pages
1728120237Gentoo LinuxGNOMEFluendo GStreamer MP3 Plug-in available
1729251322Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesMozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Xulrunner: ".19" fixes (CVE-2008-{5500,5501,5502,5503,5504,5505,5506,5507,5508,5510,5511,5512,5513},CVE-2009-2535)
1730185788Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[EBUILD] keyfuzz, utility for manipulating scancode/keycode translation tables of keyboard drivers
1731284094Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedIf listen_address is wrong in config - start script reports generic error
1732284101Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesjava-pkg_regjar in java-utils-2.eclass does not strip correctly ${D}
1733251334BugzillaGeneral BugsKILL THE SPAMMER
1734284108Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit insertItemBefore() ACE (CVE-2009-0945)
1735284109Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit Clickjacking (CVE-2009-1681)
1736284110Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit Event Handler XSS (CVE-2009-1684)
1737284112Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit document.implementation XSS (CVE-2009-1685)
1738284116Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit GC ACE/DoS (CVE-2009-1687)
1739284118Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit HTML 5 related XSS (CVE-2009-1688)
1740284121Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit DOM recursion Use-after-free ACE/DoS (CVE-2009-1690)
1741284123Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit JS prototypes XSS (CVE-2009-1691)
1742284124Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit HTMLSelectElement ACE/DoS (CVE-2009-1692)
1743284125Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit Cross-Site SVG capture (CVE-2009-1693)
1744284127Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit Cross-Site CANVAS image capture (CVE-2009-1694)
1745284128Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit Frame/Page transition XSS (CVE-2009-1695)
1746284129Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit PRNG produces predictable numbers (CVE-2009-1696)
1747284131Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit HTTP header CRLF injection (CVE-2009-1697)
1748284132Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit CSS NULL-pointer deref ACE/DoS (CVE-2009-1698)
1749284134Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit XSL external entity File Disclosure (CVE-2009-1699)
1750284136Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit XSLT Redirect File Disclosure (CVE-2009-1700)
1751284137Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit JS DOM "dir" attribute Use-after-free (CVE-2009-1701)
1752284138Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit Location and History XSS (CVE-2009-1702)
1753284140Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit file: URL file existence disclosure (CVE-2009-1703)
1754251373Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentTRACKER: net-mail packages removal tracker
1755284142Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit WebCore SVG Use-after-free ACE/DoS (CVE-2009-1709)
1756284144Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit Address Bar spoofing (CVE-2009-1710)
1757284146Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit Attr DOM object NULL-ptr deref ACE/DoS (CVE-2009-1711)
1758284148Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit XSLT document function File disclosure (CVE-2009-1713)
1759284150Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit Web Inspector XSS (CVE-2009-1714)
1760284151Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit Web Inspector XSS (CVE-2009-1715)
1761287911BugzillaGeneral Bugsautomatic bug assigning
1762260353Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentRequest of adding feature to a portage - automatical fall back to older ebuilds of any problem occures
1763312797DocumentationInstallation HandbookDocument that keywords are optional in package.keywords
1764284189Gentoo LinuxJavaMiddle mouse button doesn not paste in Java apps
1765218657Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuilds not using mirror:// for berlios projects
1766153123Gentoo LinuxLibraryno atlas implementations compile on ppc64-32ul profile
1767251464Gentoo LinuxDevelopment[TRACKER] Packages bundling internal copies of libraries or static link unnecessarily
1768218700Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedcircular dependency: openvpn and bridging
1769284246Doc OtherDevmanualDependencies section still refers to old "default-linux" profiles instead of "default/linux"
1770254905Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: DOS/privilege escalation in sys_remap_file_pages() in mm/fremap.c (CVE-2009-0024)
177187662Gentoo LinuxEbuildsebuild : Cridmanager
1772145683Gentoo LinuxEbuildsXEN: System (Dom0) shutdown/reboot fails if domU hangs
1773293140Gentoo LinuxApplicationsAddition of compat-wireless stable branch
1774236921Gentoo LinuxEbuildscore CGI::Fast uses non-core FCGI
177587685Gentoo LinuxGamesrequest for New Duke3DPort: jfduke3d
1776298608Doc OtherProject-specific documentationParagraph on overriding configure scripts is vague and needs to be expanded.
1777218786Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutafter openRC install ppp0/ppp not working with tethering phones
1778218821Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrequesting hd-idle ebuild
1779218822Gentoo LinuxEbuildsan ebuild and some patch for qRFCView
1780284364Gentoo LinuxGNOMELiveDVD 10.0 Gnome Theme for DVD
1781186062Gentoo LinuxApplicationsvmware blockers makes upgrading painful
1782304077Gentoo LinuxKDEPatch to kde4-base.eclass for cross-compilation
1783284397Gentoo LinuxApplicationsembassy and many embassy-* sub-package emerges fail
1784218885Gentoo LinuxCore systemsys-devel/m4-1.4.11 tests fails on uclibc
1785218900Gentoo LinuxGamesyake ebuild: A game engine using the Ogre graphics engine
1786218911Gentoo LinuxJavacannot install sun-jdk with tmpfs/bind mounted /var/tmp/portage
1787287707Gentoo LinuxApplicationsclean up of net-dialup packages and rpm unpacking
1788162097Gentoo LinuxGamesUnreal "Return to Na Pali" Expansion data ebuild
1789284458Gentoo LinuxApplicationsSwitching libarchive from lzma-utils to xz-utils breaks tar on FreeBSD
1790186156Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutudev should be able to create links to net.lo in /etc/init.d
1791284477Gentoo LinuxCore systememerge --depclean shows non-working suggestions (?)
1792218957Gentoo LinuxJava[PATCH] eclass/java-osgi various fixes
1793186211Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: Regression with CVE-2005-3044 (CVE-2007-0773)
179455149Gentoo LinuxServersaslauthd fails with kerberos5 method
179587921Gentoo LinuxApplicationsNeeded to build bochs with RFB, not x11.
179622390Gentoo LinuxApplicationsblackdown needs folder /etc/.java/.systemPrefs with at least two files
1797219002Gentoo LinuxbaselayoutOpenRC hangs up pppd after successfull connection
1798120719Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[NEW] aqua-data-studio-4.5.2
1799284565Gentoo LinuxApplicationsfcpci-0.1-ri does not emerge with kernel 2.6.31
1800284569Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit float Buffer overflow (CVE-2009-2195)
1801219038Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutopenrc doesn't filter out initramfs rootfs from mtab
1802153513Gentoo LinuxApplicationsemerge-delta-webrsync tries for wrong delta due to daylight saving transition
1803120764Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[NEW] sshdfilter-1.4.2
1804284615Gentoo LinuxKDEakonadi-server-1.2.1 ebuild fails to built target akonadiprivate
1805276822Gentoo LinuxApplications[TRACKER] X driver build failures
180696600Gentoo LinuxApplicationsinstall add-on packages for dev-lang/R using portage
1807304133Gentoo LinuxApplicationsMake all in ekeyword aware of testing-only arches
1808153676Gentoo LinuxCore systempoor AZERTY support - be-latin1
1809284762Gentoo LinuxApplicationsfontconfig-2.7.2 fail to cross compile, require navtive HOST helper utils
1810186486Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmodule-rebuild output is wrong
1811289904Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnicotine+ ebuild with miniupnpc support
1812219309Gentoo LinuxServerrequest for profile
1813186542Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutbaselayout 1.12.9-r2 has problems with read-only NFS root
1814121007Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmlmmj should install with webapp class
1815252080BugzillaGeneral BugsReporter gets denied access to own bug(User Relations product)
1816293238Gentoo LinuxEbuildsispCP Omega ebuild
1817153803Gentoo LinuxEbuildsGBind and other Gadmintools ebuilds request
1818219353BugzillaGeneral BugsRestrict filing new bugs to the Recruitment product to developers
1819284894Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: appletalk IP-over-DDP DoS (CVE-2009-2903)
1820252137Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNetworkManager purports to provide net but doesn't
1821281180Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: "clock_nanosleep()" NULL Pointer Dereference (CVE-2009-2767)
1822219429Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] distfile digest discrepancies
1823252214Gentoo LinuxCore systemAdd support for Bluez PANU connections
1824285046Gentoo LinuxApplicationsMissing symlink in /usr/lib/resin for virtual hosts
1825121209BugzillaGeneral Bugs[bugstest,revisit] "Assign To:" doesn't work when entering a new bug
1826219519Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[ebuilds] blambot-fonts (blambot-comic-fonts, blambot-design-fonts, blambot-soundfx-fonts, blambot-symbol-fonts)
182788458Gentoo LinuxApplicationsOpen Cubic Player ebuild
1828121230Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[ebuild] gphotofs
1829181375Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[req] lm-monitor daemon for hardware health monitoring
1830285082Gentoo LinuxServerPostgis does not work properly with eselect'able slotted postgres
1831219568Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentwebapp-config supports different htdocs dirs for http/https but not different cgi-bin directories
1832285121BugzillaGeneral Bugsbugzilla improvement suggestions
1833186831Gentoo LinuxEbuildswzdftpd 0.8.2 ebuild (new addition to portage tree)
183488528Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrmutt-1.3.ebuild (New)
1835289915Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: 64 bit register information disclosure w/ ia32 processes (CVE-2009-2910)
1836252381Gentoo LinuxApplicationswww-client/{seamonkey-1.1.14,galeon-2.0.4} - segfault in nsUnknownDecoder::FireListenerNotifications
1837121316Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNew Blender Ebuild propose
1838276902Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentpatch ctags-5.7 for better PHP5 support
1839285159Gentoo LinuxPrintingCups 1.4.1 usb printing issues - many instances of cupsd
1840285192Gentoo LinuxEbuildsGerman Templates (germzilla) for Bugzilla
1841285195Gentoo LinuxApplicationssamba-server-3.3.7 does not authenticate existing local users
1842285216Gentoo LinuxApplicationsAutofs: ldaps broken, needs to link with krb5
1843285236Gentoo LinuxApplications[science-overlay] Please bump octage-forge-symbolic
184488636Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEpiGrass-1.3.39.ebuild
1845285267Gentoo LinuxEbuildscrossdev -t bfin-elf : newlib headers failed
1846219733Gentoo LinuxEbuildsportage doesn't track and revert filesystem changes from pkg_* on failure
184788665Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNEW EBUILD: u9fs (9P2000 file server for linux)
1848285298Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities
1849285337Gentoo LinuxJavaroot should own tomcat configuration files in /etc/tomcat-6/
1850285346Gentoo LinuxLibrarymplayer / schroedinger / liboil fail to compile properly.
1851219823Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutproblems handling non-netmounts inside of netmounts
1852285365Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmozilla-firefox segfaults at launch (both 3.5.2 & .3)
185356017Gentoo LinuxEbuildssendymail-0.5.6.ebuild -- sendmail interface to Yahoo! mail
1854252643Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest to add BibleMemorizer to Portage
1855143713Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesflag-o-matic.eclass / raw-ldflags() doesn't remove -Xlinker
1856304255Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedVersion mismatch between stable versions of nvidia-drivers and nvidia-settings
1857219901Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: dnotify/close race condition DoS (CVE-2008-1375)
1858187140Gentoo LinuxEbuildsadd FAKE_TARGET support to gcc-config to maintain kgcc64 wrappers
1859219910Gentoo LinuxCore systemautofs fails to stop
1860252688Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < Enforce a minimum SG_IO timeout (CVE-2008-5700)
1861285461Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: perf_copy_attr() Local privilege escalation (CVE-2009-3234)
1862252729Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < Add preemption point in qdisc_run (CVE-2008-5713)
1863285517Gentoo LinuxApplicationsWhen I use emerge dosemu on my amd64 pc is it not getting all the updates of patches
1864252768Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentFortran to Java compiler (f2j)
1865285539Gentoo LinuxLibrarygstreamer eclasses trigger unrecognized configure options QA warnings
1866154495Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profiles[Future EAPI] Provide ebuilds a way to differentiate between ebuild and binpkg in pkg_setup()
1867220040Gentoo LinuxCore systempackages with outdated/broken AC_FUNC_MKTIME in configure
1868285584Gentoo LinuxEbuildsBindfs ebuild
1869220072Gentoo LinuxJavaMake axis use external jsr101
1870134985Gentoo LinuxEbuildsSipXpbx Ebuilds
1871121785Gentoo/AltOther[PATCH] GNU/kFreeBSD version of /etc/securetty
1872220105Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel < tehuti register size (CVE-2008-1675)
1873252879Gentoo LinuxApplicationsmozilla-firefox-3.0.5 show wrong version in "about:" screen
1874220136Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutcryptsetup for crypt-swap takes ages on baselayout-2 waiting for udev to finish
1875252919Gentoo LinuxEbuildslocalepurge should support the ROOT variable
1876220152Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedbluetooth mouse disconnects after idle time
1877187386Doc Translations[RU][ru] bad link to guide.xsl
1878298837Gentoo LinuxKDEnepomukservicestub floods .xsession-errors with dbus UnknownObject errors
1879220161Gentoo LinuxServer/etc/init.d/lighttpd stop doesn't kill process
1880275338Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profiles[TRACKER] X documentation bugs
1881285720Gentoo/AltMac OSXgroups with backslashes break bootstrap
1882285733Gentoo LinuxApplicationsapp-text/gv-3.6.7 depends on libXinerama / has an automagic on it
188389128Gentoo LinuxKDEPorcelain 0.2 ebuild.
1884285743Gentoo LinuxEbuilds"webkit" USE flag standardization
1885238654Gentoo LinuxEbuildsGnarwl ebuild
1886285811Gentoo LinuxApplicationsOpenVAS 2.0.2 will not start on Gentoo (AMD64?)
1887253081Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRewrite of inter7's qmail-tap patch for netqmail-1.05-r8
1888187551Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgshutdown ebuild
1889285883Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedSound does not work on Compaq Evo D510
1890304363Gentoo LinuxKDEDrop all HPPA keywording of KDE packages
1891243042Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: <=2.6.24 drivers/char/drm/i915_dma.c DOS (CVE-2008-3831)
1892245879Gentoo LinuxCore systemudev hotplugging soundcards results in soundcards loaded in wrong order at boot (not respecting /etc/modules.d/alsa)
1893258096Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] ebuilds abusing ${ROOT}
1894285932Gentoo LinuxApplicationsmp3splt-2.2.5 compilation fails
1895304339Gentoo LinuxEbuildsWPA_supplicant WPS mode can't be avoided if you want to
1896285953Gentoo LinuxEbuildspostgresql-base-8.4.1 failed to compile
1897285973Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRestarting alsasound ignores alsa.conf
1898154928Gentoo LinuxPrintingpstoraster crashes with signal 10 (bus error)
1899286019Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentGentoo should be bootable by boot.kernel.org
1900122207Developer RelationsDefaultReturning dev: Brian Harring (ferringb) (calchan, due 2010-04-27)
190187449Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[NEW EBUILD] dhcp-helper-0.2 little dhcp-agent alternative to ISC.
1902253312Gentoo LinuxCore systemsys-libs/db-4* should run tests in parallel
1903286083Gentoo LinuxEbuildsREQ: Bash Beginner's Guide
1904286088Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: z90crypt_unloced_ioctl() Privilege escalation (CVE-2009-1883)
1905286091Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: get_random_int() produces predictable random numbers (CVE-2009-3238)
1906286093Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: cfg80211: find_ie() signedness error (CVE-2009-3280)
1907286096Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: NFSv4 O_EXCL creates broken (CVE-2009-3286)
1908286097Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportsys-libs/db-4.8.24 fails unless USE="nocxx" on IRIX
1909286098Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: sg_build_indirect() NULL pointer deref (CVE-2009-3288)
1910286104Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: KVM: x86: Disallow hypercalls for guest callers in rings > 0 (CVE-2009-3290)
1911304367Gentoo LinuxCore systemsys-devel-4.3.4: gcj fails with undefined symbol: _Jv_Compiler_Properties
1912260487Gentoo LinuxApplicationsxorg-1.5.3 font corruption
1913287991Gentoo LinuxDevelopment[Gentoo Ten Live DVD] first bug
1914220621Gentoo LinuxApplications"LC_ALL=something" in ~/.bashrc affects bash (breaks command line editing) but is not shown by locale command
1915286175Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentglib-2.20.5 doesn't compile with distcc
1916217935Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportperl-tk links wrong libX11.so from /usr/X11R6/lib
191756804Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPostgreSQL ebuild and PLPHP
1918155741Doc Translations[RU][ru] 2007.0 x86 Handbook
1919220667Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgfnrename
1920220691Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: SMP ordering hole in fcntl_setlk() (CVE-2008-1669)
1921312865Website www.gentoo.orgPlanetUniverse (planet) link for Pieter van den Abeele (pvdabeel) is not working
1922187935Doc Translations[RU][ru]bash-by-example-p1.xml v.1.3 translated
1923286292Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profileslinux-mod.eclass: migration to EAPI=2 required to fix binpkgs support
1924286308Gentoo LinuxApplicationslivecd-tools should not create .noxdm in /etc/init.d
1925122481Gentoo LinuxEbuildsfreeplayer preliminary ebuild
192656967Gentoo LinuxApplicationsMove version control systems to dev-vcs category
1927286355Gentoo LinuxApplicationsGKrellMD incorrectly classifies automounted filesystems as local filesystems [explanation and proposed fix included]
1928260495Gentoo LinuxLibrarymips keyword for qt-phonon-4.6.2 and qt-webkit-4.6.2
1929286378Gentoo LinuxKDEkdm(-4.3.1) does not provide a fallback for "custom" session when .xsession not set
1930304413Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAnarchist FAQ a la debian apt-get
1931286391Gentoo LinuxEbuildslow risk webdav destination bug
1932298955Gentoo LinuxJava[METABUG] class files not found via depend
1933176983Gentoo LinuxEbuildscGmail (check gnome mail) is an email checker and notifier applet for the gnome desktop
1934122570Gentoo LinuxEbuildskio_p7ip-0.2.ebuild (New pacakage)
1935286442Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedUseless Entrys in the global package.mask file
1936286449Gentoo LinuxLibrarylibnetfilter_queue-0.0.17: fails to compile
1937220915Gentoo LinuxApplicationsxdg-open-1.0.2 only supports big and famous Desktop Environments
1938286456Gentoo LinuxCore system/etc/init.d/net.eth0 fails with spurious error
1939309889MirrorsServer Problemgd.tuwien.ac.at lagging by several days
1940220937Gentoo LinuxEbuildsCan't compile Python Extensions for 32-bit systems on 64-bit systems
1941253709Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Packages failing to build with GnuTLS >=2.7.1
1942220943Gentoo LinuxPrintingcups-1.3.7-r1 doesn't find/detects connected and present (e.g. sysfs/lsusb) usb printers
1943188178Gentoo LinuxEbuildsVMWare ESX server mozilla plugin doesn't work with firefox script, only firefox-bin
1944253727Gentoo LinuxApplicationsopenoffice-bin-3.0.0 bundles Python 2.3.4
1945188206Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesvim-plugin.eclass and BSD handling
1946220975Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: IPSec ESP crash (CVE-2007-6282)
1947122673Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for inclusion of ipsumdump
1948286514Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedati-drivers-8*/9* + kaffeine-dvbt kills X
1949220979Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux ptrace crash (CVE-2008-1615)
1950286516Gentoo LinuxApplicationslivecd-tools: remove support for mkxf86config on amd64 and x86
1951220997Gentoo LinuxApplicationsInput-hotplug don't restore mouse/keyboard settings after re/plugging of device
1952233223Gentoo LinuxEbuildsthinkfinger does not work with an LENOVO ThinkPad T61 Modell NH0BBGE 6457-BBG Laptop
1953286550Gentoo LinuxEbuildsqtada ebuilds are very out of date (version 1.04 vs. version 3.0.x)
1954221015Gentoo LinuxEbuildsKeep eye out for release of JazzScheme
1955221019Gentoo LinuxEbuildsprovide JScheme
1956188260Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux Kernel 2.6.x Security Bypass in AACRAID driver (CVE-2007-4308)
1957188265Gentoo LinuxApplicationsrequest for btnx: Button Extension- a GNU/GPL mouse tool for GNU/Linux
1958286576Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentinternal compiler error: Segmentation fault when building opencore-amr
1959188283Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAllow multiple gnustep-back-* installed at the same time
1960253838Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesmozcoreconf-2.eclass : Is -fPIC really needed on amd64?
1961221079Gentoo LinuxEbuildsprogreiserfs aclocal warning
1962312879Gentoo LinuxServerNX backend is needed for this version of FreeNX
1963253884Gentoo LinuxApplicationsdropped keywords: multiple dev-dotnet/*-sharp packages
1964122816Gentoo LinuxEbuildsThis is a support library for cbgp
1965221123Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux Kernels 2.6.22-> - utimensat() file time modification bypass vulnerability (CVE-2008-2148)
1966298998Gentoo LinuxApplicationsfirefox 3.5.6 + nsplugin + acroread 32bit crashing when viewing multiple pdfs
1967253896Gentoo LinuxHardenedPython-uno bridge breaks in hardened openoffice-bin
1968253905Gentoo LinuxServerwebapp-config option for arbitrary install directory (e.g. in userspaces)
1969221179Gentoo LinuxEbuildsperl-related packages with ${PORTAGE_TMPDIR} in their .packlist
1970122894Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuilds for the CAMPOS scientific software.
1971253983Gentoo LinuxServer[kolab overlay] kolab imap: TLS server engine: cannot load CA data
1972277171Gentoo LinuxApplicationsoctave-3.2.0.ebuild doesn't handle its dependencies properly
1973221245Gentoo LinuxCore systemrootfs is incorrectly mounted as ext2
1974270330Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux 2.6.29 ptrace: ptrace_attach: fix the usage of ->cred_exec_mutex (CVE-2009-1527)
1975311137Gentoo LinuxApplicationseclipse-ecj-3.3.0-r3: Wrong/changed source URL in ebuild
1976286826DocumentationOther documentsBluetooth Guide out of date
1977189799Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux Kernel < Parent Process Death Signal (CVE-2007-3848)
1978301775Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmedia-libs/gd DEFAULT_PATH useless, perhaps provide GDFONTPATH?
1979238956Gentoo SecurityGLSA Errors[GLSA-2] Feature cleanup: informational/service GLSAs, unaffected@name
1980254104BugzillaGeneral BugsAdvices to write a report should explicitely ask for "emerge --info" and "emerge -vp"
1981286894Gentoo LinuxApplicationsIn the GIMP, Wacom tablet tools don't work in relative mode, or at all.
1982286899Gentoo LinuxKDEKDE 4 : Default Font (size) not being saved / restored with Desktop
1983285166Gentoo LinuxPrintingcups-1.4 issues with usb and udev rules
1984309963Doc OtherDevmanualUpdate devmanual for automatic generation of use.local.desc
1985214687Gentoo LinuxEbuildslocaledef segfaults w/gcc-4.3 when glibc built with USE=glibc-omitfp
1986155873Gentoo LinuxEbuildsyEd - java based graph editor
1987188644Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux Kernel 2.6.x CIFS Signing Options Weakness (CVE-2007-3843)
1988221421Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Runtime-dependency on buildtime-only tools
198980767Gentoo LinuxEbuildsebuild to provide Java Kernel Support
1990288132Gentoo LinuxKDEPresent Windows/Walk through windows broken
1991123175Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAdvanced Forensic Format ebuild
199252112Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnewts-0.13.2.ebuild (New submission)
1993309039Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesgnome-python-common.eclass: Support installation for multiple Python ABIs
1994155978Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnew brockhaus multimedial ebuild (bmm)
1995234799Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux <2.6.27-rc2 sound: ensure device number is valid in snd_seq_oss_synth_make_info (CVE-2008-3272)
199690451Gentoo LinuxEbuildsopenldev 0.3.9 [new eBuild]
1997195815Gentoo LinuxApplicationsTeXLive 2008 keywording
1998156032Gentoo LinuxEbuildsjunit-3.8.1-r3 emerge pauses if backgrounded
1999264004Gentoo LinuxCore systemallow package manager to wrangle known failures
2000220149Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesToolchain : include versionned compiler symlinks for cross-compilation gcc
2001287138Gentoo LinuxEbuildsTarsnap online backup
2002123318Gentoo LinuxEbuildsavahi 0.6.7 won't build w/o X connection (related to pygtk)
2003123354Gentoo LinuxEbuildsOverriding envelope recipient in nbsmtp
2004287204MirrorsNew ServerAdd mirrors.kernel.org to mirrors3.xml (& mirrors-rsync-data.xml ?)
2005123389Gentoo LinuxEbuildsand - auto nice daemon (ebuild)
2006123390Gentoo LinuxEbuildsOreka-0.5 VoIP call recorder ebuilds
200790630Gentoo LinuxEbuildsGNATS 4.1.0 ebuild
2008188959Gentoo LinuxEbuildsget beirc in
2009254510Gentoo LinuxGamesSimple patch fixes XEvil for AMD64
2010254517DocumentationOther documentsavoid duplication in bugzilla-howto.xml and backtraces.xml
2011301989Doc OtherProject-specific documentationUpdates to crossdev-wrappers section in embedded handbook
201290687Gentoo LinuxApplicationsbochs: ebuild does not support pci nor pcidev linux kernel module
2013271802Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: < CIFS unicode DOS (CVE-2009-1633)
2014156254Gentoo LinuxApplicationseselect module to choose gensplash theme
2015254573Website www.gentoo.orgNewsGenerate GLEP HTML from RST on www nodes
2016312903Gentoo LinuxApplicationsVersion bump: sys-block/di-4.20 ??
2017189090Doc OtherProject-specific documentationcross-development guide ambiguities
2018310045Gentoo LinuxEbuildspostgresql.init doesn't return immediately if failed to start
2019287426Gentoo LinuxEbuildsemerge exim-4.69-r3 fails with >=sys-libs/db-4.7 due to ENV nameclash
2020254664Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedpylons: Mako>=0.1.8 missing while doing 'paster create -t pylons helloworld'
2021254670Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmerge mythtv-themes and mythtv-themes-extras
2022221903Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutnet.ppp0 inactive after baselayout upgrade to 2.0.0
2023221907Gentoo LinuxServerPlease add grsecurity to vserver-sources
2024221921Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPlease use VARTEXFONTS="${T}/fonts" instead of addwrite /var/cache/fonts
2025254700Gentoo LinuxEbuildsfoomatic-db-3.0.ebuild
202683769Gentoo LinuxApplicationsxemacs hangs with UTF-8 locale
2027254704Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgscan2pdf-0.9.29.ebuild
2028254707Gentoo LinuxEbuildsguitarix-0.03.ebuild
2029221951Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPlease stabilise linux-vserver on HPPA
203090893Gentoo LinuxJava[java-overlay] Graphing Calculator written in Java at http://gcalc.net needs an ebuild
2031123663Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPlease add Oracle XE database to portage
2032221999Gentoo LinuxCore systemhas_version/best_version do not honor package.provided
2033108001Gentoo LinuxEbuildsSuSE DeltaISO Utilities
2034287583Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Cmake packages failing to use cmake-utils eclass
2035123762Gentoo LinuxApplications3ddesktop segfaults with software rendering on amd64
2036287610Website www.gentoo.orgOtherhttp://gentoo.org/ redirector doesn't load from Argentina - UltraDNS issues
2037309869Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedPackages from world file are skipped during emerge -upvD world
2038287615Gentoo LinuxJava[Tracker] removal of 1.4 JDK's
2039183067Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequesting CSpace on Gentoo
2040259110Gentoo LinuxHardenedSIGSEGV when import clutter in python
2041254903Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: Race condition in do_setlk() in fs/nfs/file.c (CVE-2008-4307)
2042254907Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: Buffer overflow in net/sctp/sm_statefuns.c (CVE-2009-0065)
2043189378Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[REQ] bitten - continuous integration framework
2044310091Gentoo LinuxApplicationsstabilize app-text/gv-3.6.7
2045287709Gentoo LinuxApplicationsThe "open file" dialog cause gimp and firefox crash with "Segmentation fault"
2046123930Gentoo LinuxGameshlds init script not shutting down server
2047222249Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: NFS: Possible NULL pointer dereference in fs/nfs/super.c (GENERIC-MAP-NOMATCH)
2048282803Gentoo LinuxApplicationsxen-tools-3.4.1 does not build qemu-dm (tools/ioemu-qemu-xen) USE=-hvm
2049287797MirrorsServer Problemeasynews is missing the new 10.0 isos
2050222263Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPlease add LimeSurvey to the portage tree
2051287807Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnvidia-drivers compile cannot find target kernel version
2052287818Gentoo LinuxApplicationsmplayer's stop-xscreensaver not working on xorg-serve-1.6
2053287840Gentoo LinuxApplicationsMake samba run ioniced.
2054250043Gentoo LinuxEbuildsDefault ESVN_UPDATE_CMD in subversion.eclass misses --non-interactive option
2055124012Gentoo LinuxEbuildsaudacious-itouch-0.1.ebuild
2056287857Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for EV Perl module ebuild
2057287861Gentoo LinuxApplicationsqt4 frontend of etc-proposals not highlighting changes in diff view
2058222331Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: potential NULL pointer dereference in drivers/misc/thinkpad_acpi.c (GENERIC-MAP-NOMATCH)
2059124044Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[EBUILD] GreenT terminal
2060287885Gentoo LinuxApplicationszsh completion for pdf files always prints 'No matches'
2061287886Gentoo LinuxApplicationsREQUEST spicebird ebuild
2062156815Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] TinyOS 2.0
2063307465Gentoo/AltPrefix SupportFurther IRIX libtool problems...
2064304667Gentoo LinuxCore systemkernel 2.6.30 problems booting, kernel 2.6.31 will not boot
2065156882Gentoo LinuxGamesMOD_MAP for games-mods.eclass
2066189652Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrequest for bluediving (A Bluetooth penetration testing suite)
2067124130Gentoo LinuxApplicationsRequest for ANDREW to be included in portage
2068124132Gentoo LinuxEbuildsxchat-gnome-0.9-r1 doesn't have working spell checking anymore
2069255206Gentoo LinuxEbuildslibstrophe ebuild
2070277375Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: kvm_arch_vcpu_ioctl_set_sregs NULL pointer dereference (CVE-2009-2287)
2071288014Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: eCryptfs: Prevent lower dentry from going negative during unlink (CVE-2009-2908)
2072255265Gentoo LinuxEbuilds(x11-misc-?)games-submenus - categorisation of .desktop files
2073288034Gentoo LinuxApplicationsFuse with GLuster support
2074288055Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportimport working packages on x86-solaris
2075124219Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNew cluster application: Parallel-Pvm Perl module
2076288073Doc Translations[PL][pl] update: xfce-config.xml (1.14) -> (1.18)
2077189777Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutbr2684ctl.sh doesn't test for success
207891484Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentsome jars in sun-j2ee are broken
2079255326Doc OtherProject-specific documentationRealtime for multimedia instructions incomplete for use with JACK on PAM setup
2080255339Doc OtherDeveloper HandbookSmaller findings in Gentoo Developer Handbook that need improvement
2081189814Gentoo LinuxApplicationsprovide Scheme Now! aka Snow
2082255356DocumentationOther documentsUpdate metadoc.xml with new infrastructure project documentation
208391528Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrescue3D-0.0.4.ebuild
208491531Gentoo LinuxEbuildsspades-1.04.ebuild
208591535Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrcssserver3d-0.3.ebuild
2086222645Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for an open genera VLM ebuild
2087222647Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: ipip6_rcv() memory leak (CVE-2008-2136)
2088157122Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuild proposal for dmitry
2089255428Gentoo LinuxEbuildsasus_oled-0.03 and 9999 kernel module ebuilds
2090288202Gentoo LinuxCore systemsys/apps-portage-2.2_rc44: emerge --quiet resorts to non-quiet output for all packages if any of them has PROPERTIES="interactive"
2091222675Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuild-request: pngout
2092288217Gentoo LinuxGNOMEGNOME displays blank screen with mouse cursor after login
2093189915Gentoo LinuxHardenedghci crashed with PAX on hardened plateforme
2094255478Website www.gentoo.orgNewsAnnounce installer deprecation
2095255480Website www.gentoo.orgNewsAnnounce derivative distro releases
2096288267Gentoo LinuxCore systemdvb-t : b2c2_flexcop_pci : no System Sleep : breaks kaffeine
2097189971Gentoo LinuxApplicationscursor size in ~/.Xdefaults not always honored in X
2098260559Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: < < DOS in ext4_group_add (CVE-2009-0745)
2099222745Gentoo LinuxApplicationsparallels-workstation-2.2.2112-r1 module fails to build
2100222777Gentoo LinuxCore systemsshd seems to be ignoring /etc/hosts.deny in ipv6 scenarios
2101260561Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: < < make_indexed_dir ext4 DOS (CVE-2009-0746)
2102255571Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: < (CVE-2009-0029) Enable syscall wrappers for 64-bit
2103190039Gentoo LinuxPrintingDrivers for Lexmark Z700/P700/P3150
2104124504Gentoo LinuxEbuildsopenmovieeditor-0.0.20080523.ebuild
2105255589Gentoo LinuxApplicationsCannot enable FIPS mode in Firefox 3.0.5 (or any other 3.x version - 2.x untested)
2106190062Gentoo LinuxApplicationsprovide scmpkg
2107288368Gentoo LinuxApplicationsProgrammable completion for mutt mailboxes under bash-4.
2108302025Gentoo LinuxApplicationsX (kdm) fails to start when using fbsplash in silent mode
210991766Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuilds for RoboCup 2D Soccer Simulation.
2110307481DocumentationOther documentslogical structing request for Xorg, nvidia, ati docs
2111124544Gentoo LinuxApplicationshmake-3.10 installs files in wrong location on ppc64 with 32-bit userland
2112312937MirrorsServer Problemrsync8.de outdated
2113299287Gentoo LinuxCore systemgentoo-sources-2.6.32 stops at "Waiting for uevents to be processed"
2114255655Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedinstall of autoconf does not create link in /usr/share/man1 pointing to correct man page
2115222889Gentoo Linuxbaselayout[HPPA] /etc/init.d/consolefont fails to start - PIO_FONT: Function not implemented
2116157375Gentoo LinuxApplicationscvs should not be using `einstall`
2117255689Gentoo LinuxCore systemman 1.6f-r3: jobserver unavailable
2118157386Gentoo/AltFreeBSDjava-pkg_recordjavadoc function won't work with FreeBSD's find
2119306393Gentoo LinuxHardenedProblems with crontabs and selinux users
2120271995Doc OtherProject-specific documentationlinks broken
212159114Gentoo LinuxEbuildskubication 0.0.1b ebuild
2122222965Gentoo LinuxCore systemvcbMounter, vcbSnapshot (VMWARE ESX) fails on any Gentoo virtual machine
2123300860Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesgst-plugins-good needs to enable zlib and bz2 support by default, other defaults may need enabling in this ebuild
2124190261Gentoo LinuxCore systemrunit as process 1 don't reap the zombies
2125124733Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentcvs-1.12.13 is seriously funked up
2126288580Gentoo LinuxKDEUpgrading x11-libs/qt to 4.5.3 breaks kmail's and kwallet's password dialogs
2127266551BugzillaGeneral BugsPassword fields should have 'maxlength' specified
2128124755Gentoo LinuxCore systemnvram-wakeup init script for automatic wakeup
2129190308Gentoo LinuxJavaAdd src_test support for commons-configuration
2130223077Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPlease set VARTEXFONTS=${T}/fonts to prevent sandbox violations
213192017Gentoo LinuxUnspecified[Tracker] Russian messages broken for utf8 locale
2132288626Gentoo LinuxUnspecified[Gentoo 10 Live DVD] Vendor List
2133223107Gentoo LinuxApplicationsDubious curl-config, krb5-config, emerge behavior (portage-
2134190102Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[qemu-softmmu 0.9.0] missing gcc-3 dependency in ebuild
2135302035Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentnvidia-cuda-sdk-2.02.0807.1535 can't be compiled with gcc 4.3.4
2136210545Gentoo LinuxApplicationsg-cpan package collision failure when same package provided by master list
2137223153Doc OtherDevmanualDevmanual documentation for ebuild revbumping is incomplete
2138124887Gentoo LinuxApplicationseterm-0.9.3-r4 + screen-4.0.2-r4 + curses app rendering issues
2139223205Gentoo LinuxCore systemnscd constantly crashes with memory errors
214069972Gentoo LinuxApplications[metabug] don't build packages using bundled jars
2141288771Gentoo LinuxKDEKonqueror/Dolphin randomly fails to use fish:// with "Error: Unexpected Program Termination"
2142273669Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesflag-o-matic.eclass and toolchain.eclass test filtered variable ACCEPT_KEYWORDS
2143190482Gentoo LinuxApplicationsprovide WiLiKi, yet another Wiki clone written in Scheme
2144288431Gentoo LinuxJavaerror emerge eclipse-ecj-3.4.1-r1
2145190496Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedSupport html documentation comrpessed into a jar file
2146256076Gentoo LinuxApplicationscenterim-4.22.6-r1 and centerim-4.22.7 still wants fribidi-config which should be dropped in favor of pkg-config.
2147157773Gentoo LinuxEbuildsebuild: libgphoto2-sharp-2.3.0
2148223311Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesPlease revert switch logic of mount-boot eclass
214959506Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequired CFLAGS being killed metabug
215059512Gentoo LinuxEbuildsXcerdisp ebuild
2151256126Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: security: introduce missing kfree (CVE-2009-0031)
2152125078Gentoo LinuxApplicationssharpconstruct-0.11 3d scultping application
2153256189Gentoo LinuxApplicationsrepoman should not display dropped keywords warnings when a newer version in the same slot is keyworded
2154242614Gentoo LinuxApplicationsps-mv-plugins: some free Photoshop plug-ins for the GIMP found above
2155125151Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedIncomplete implementation of the jabber-base concept
2156295499Gentoo LinuxApplicationsopenoffice-3.1.1 fails to build
2157190708Gentoo LinuxJava[java-overlay] hibernate-annotations is attempting to use other packages without declaring them in the ebuild
2158283010Gentoo LinuxApplicationsgkrellm crashes randomly
2159293933Gentoo LinuxApplicationsXterm & Xpdf start very slowly since update to Xorg-x11-7.4-r1
2160289041Gentoo LinuxApplications[gentoo-science] mlx4 there is a mismatch between the kernel and the userspace libraries
2161256293BugzillaGeneral Bugs"QA" severity is not being offered when sending a new bug report, but can be set after
2162223541Gentoo LinuxCore systemAdd an option for emerge --resume --slipfirst to also slip failed dependencies
2163297183Gentoo LinuxGNOMEUnable to play/stream ogg file with gstreamer-0.10.24 and pulse plugin
2164280227Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesDisable MD2 digest algorithm (CVE-2009-2409)
2165190830Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[EBUILD] code_complete vim plugin
2166256374Gentoo LinuxApplications'replay tone' on end/recache of audio
2167289180Gentoo LinuxEbuildsemerge @preserved-rebuild fails to remove libffi.so from gcc-4.4.1
2168190898Gentoo LinuxServerTap aio device failed working with xen 3.1.0 with kernel-2.6.20-xen-r2
2169239347Gentoo LinuxCore systemhang on shutdown at "Unmounting filesystems" when user has open files on an NFS mount
2170125379Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnew eBuild: terraform-0.9.0
2171256453Doc OtherOtherDocumentation on Gentoo Council meeting processes, particularly regarding agenda items
2172256460Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: eCryptfs subsystem DOS (CVE-2009-0269)
2173285549Website www.gentoo.orgOtherAdd #gentoo-ir (Iran) to IRC channels list
2174289247Gentoo LinuxCore systemncurses-5.7 build fails on x86_64-apple-darwin9 while bootstrapping gentoo/prefix
2175289250Doc TranslationsOtherwww.g.o hits could help translators and users
2176223739Gentoo LinuxApplications"Update" is a portage/pkgcore job wrapper
2177223747Gentoo LinuxApplicationsSegfault in apr_terminate during cleanup for git-svn as perl unloaded neon
2178222403Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutportmap not ready fast enough with baselayout-2
2179223753Gentoo LinuxApplicationsRequest for DNG4PS-2 in portage
2180295509Gentoo LinuxKDEContext menu for task bar entries is wider than it should be
2181302640Gentoo LinuxKDEkde-base/{kalbegra,khotkeys,akregator}-4.3.5 fails to build in parallel emerge
218282015Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for SourceOffsite ebuild
2183191017Gentoo LinuxJava[java-overlay] hibernate-annotations-3.0_beta2 depends on packages from java-experimental
2184281316Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesFully support 'sybase-ct' USE-flag w/ php5_2-sapi.eclass
2185289358Doc Translations[FR][fr] Updated (1.51 -> 1.117): /doc/fr/handbook/hb-install-stage.xml
2186214289Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedsplitdebug causes multilib-strict failures on ppc64 64bits UL
2187312621Gentoo LinuxServerAbility to tune php-fastcgi backlog value for high-load servers.
2188223861Gentoo LinuxEbuildsglslDevil Ebuild
2189289401Gentoo LinuxCore systemConvert eselect-python to use automake
2190125563Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentsun-jdk- has bad java.library.path
2191191106Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[REQ] Scalix - opensource substitute for Microsoft Exchange
2192239866Gentoo LinuxDevelopment[TRACKER] Packages installing pre-stripped files (for built-from-source programs)
2193125595Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedgentoolkit: Helper scripts to download packages for internet impaired hosts
2194158374Gentoo LinuxApplicationsClean up desktop menu entries of slotted Java control panel apps
2195289457DocumentationOther documents[Gentoo Ten FAQ] livedvd cdroot boot parameter
2196158408Gentoo LinuxEbuildsstuff Ada lib paths into conf files instead of env vars?
2197289483DocumentationOther documents'How to get meaningful backtraces in Gentoo' should mention how to enable dumps of apps running as root
2198223955Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[science-overlay] openib-userspace- what can be used with in kernel drivers
2199223957Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[science-overlay] openmpi-1.2.6-r2 ebuild that can work with infiniband =)
2200288549Gentoo LinuxGNOMESome icons cannot be loaded when gnome-settings-daemon is not running and epiphany is run under amd64 arch
2201158453Gentoo LinuxEbuildsQmailAdmin v1.2.10 [UTF8 support] need replace old koi8-r
2202289530Gentoo LinuxKDEKDE 4.3 : plasma-desktop faild on delete "Lancelot module"
2203125691Gentoo LinuxApplications[bash-completion] cannot expand "make ./sapi/cgi/php"
2204289565Doc OtherDevmanualDocument an example of using 'env.d' to append to CONFIG_PROTECT_MASK
2205125726Gentoo LinuxEbuildspentest-tools collection ebuild
2206310407Doc OtherDevmanualGentoo Devmanual - src_compile example for no build system is wrong
2207125740Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmissing feature in sendmail >8.13
2208299485Gentoo LinuxCore systemehci-driver cannot handle devices with different speed for certain kernel-configurations (error: reset low/full speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address N)
2209212107Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNeed a MOSIX Ebuild
2210188589Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux Kernel < Insecure Batch Buffers Privilege Escalation (CVE-2007-3851)
221160262Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuilds for mbrola (german) and txt2pho
2212224141Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilessgml-catalog.eclass misses dependency on sgmltools-lite
2213224145BugzillaGeneral BugsBugzilla XML template missing useful information
2214310427Gentoo LinuxCore systemudev doesnt work inside lxc container
2215244892Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentx86_64-linux-uclibc target fails
221670131Gentoo LinuxbaselayoutRFE: init.d net.* config file verification
2217256953Gentoo LinuxCore systememerge sometimes does not update .pyc and .pyo files
2218224191Gentoo LinuxEbuildssmstools3 ebuild (urgent, original smstools2 is near dead)
2219158680Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPlease add ALSA_CARDS default on per-architecture profiles
2220256997Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportbootstrap-solaris.xml - de-solaritize and make it more general
2221224233Gentoo LinuxEbuildsDetour E17-GTK2
2222289780Doc Translations[FR][fr] Updated (1.13 -> 1.78): /doc/fr/handbook/handbook-ppc64.xml
2223257014Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: < dell_rbu: use scnprintf() instead of less secure sprintf() (CVE-2009-0322)
2224289789Doc Translations[FR][fr] Updated (EN 1.131 -> 1.137): /doc/fr/handbook/handbook-hppa.xml
2225289790Doc Translations[FR][fr] Updated (EN 1.122 -> 1.124): /doc/fr/handbook/handbook-mips.xml
2226289794Doc Translations[FR][fr] Updated: /doc/fr/handbook/hb-install-hppa-medium.xml
2227191495Gentoo LinuxEbuildsprovide Skribe (bigloo)
2228289810Doc Translations[FR][fr] Updated: /doc/fr/handbook/hb-install-sparc-medium.xml
2229257052Gentoo/AltFreeBSDFreeBSD is missing the fdatasync POSIX system call
2230289830Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: r8169: use hardware auto-padding (CVE-2009-3613)
2231158783Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux 2.6.x zlib_inflate memory corruption (CVE-2006-5823)
2232158784Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux 2.6.x ext3fs_dirhash denial of service (CVE-2006-6053)
2233158785Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux 2.6.x ext2_check_page denial of service (CVE-2006-6054)
2234158787Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux 2.6.x gfs2 init_journal denial of service (CVE-2006-6057)
2235158788Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux 2.6.x minix_bmap denial of service (CVE-2006-6058)
2236158791Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: Multiple problems in net/bluetooth/cmtp/capi.c (CVE-2006-6106)
2237289867Gentoo LinuxEbuildsCheck reverse deps with >=xfce-base/{exo-0.5.1,thunar-1.1.0}
2238158809Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: Remote denial of service in isdn_ppp (CVE-2006-5749)
2239158811Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: listxattr syscall can corrupt user space programs (CVE-2006-5753)
2240158819Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrequest for RefDB ebuild
2241257126Gentoo LinuxEbuildsautoconf-2.13 not executable under et_EE-UTF-8
2242289907Gentoo LinuxKDEkstlyes built with --as-needed does not link oxygen to libkio
2243191604Doc OtherDevmanualdevmanual does not mention pkg_info
2244289914Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: ax_25setsockopt() negative "optlen" OOPS DoS (CVE-2009-2909)
2245191611Gentoo LinuxEbuildsTomcat's init script improvements, both 5.5.x and 6.x
2246289916Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: tc_fill_tclasS() information disclosure in 2 structs (CVE-2009-3228)
2247289918Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: tfc_fill_node() tcm__pad2 infomation disclosure (CVE-2009-3612)
2248157547Gentoo LinuxCore system/usr/sbin/run-crons wrongly handles locking and results in cron jobs not being run
2249289928Gentoo LinuxGameshedgewars-0.9.12 fixed so hwengine works on gentoo with nvidia
225093323Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedpidgin-smartear-2.6.2-1 plugin
2251158863Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[REQ] crip a terminal-based ripper/encoder/tagger tool for creating Ogg Vorbis/FLAC/MP3 files
2252289947Gentoo LinuxCore systemAllow an ~amd64 system with 32-bit libraries in /lib and /usr/lib to build properly
2253289984Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profileskde4-base.eclass - support for user-supplied KDEDIR
2254290004Gentoo LinuxServerPlease add mail() header patch to PHP
2255257238Doc TranslationsOther[lt] new hb-install-alpha-* translations
2256158937Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesjava-pkg_dosrc() in java-utils-2.eclass cannot handle source jar files
2257257244Gentoo LinuxApplicationsifc-10.1.018
2258290015Gentoo LinuxGNOMEmail-notification cannot save password in keyring (started with upgrade to 2-26)
2259224487Doc OtherPortage DocumentationAdd more about resolution of blockers in man page
2260126219Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuild: news-notification-0.2.ebuild (New)
2261224527Gentoo LinuxApplicationsFontforge build system meta-bug
226260690Gentoo LinuxEbuilds3ware Device Manager Ebuild - 3dm2
2263257307Gentoo LinuxGNOMEgnome-do 0.8 : libebook-CRITICAL **: file e-book.c: line 2127: assertion `book && E_IS_BOOK (book)' failed
2264290105Gentoo LinuxGamesgames-simulation:secondlife-1.23_rc4-r1 fail on compile
2265126270Gentoo LinuxLibraryVTK didn't support Off-screen Rendering feature
2266257346Gentoo LinuxEbuildsdaa2iso request in the portage tree
2267308563Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentqt-creator-1.[2-3].1 very slow sto start and closing
2268224635Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: sparc/64_mmap_check DoS (CVE-2008-2137)
2269224637Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesVMware Multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2007-5671,CVE-2008-{0967,2098,2100})
2270239510Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesTRACKER for changes to perl-module.eclass and perl-app.eclass
2271305047DocumentationInstallation HandbookReference to removed gensync command in official AMD64 documentation
2272290201Gentoo LinuxCore systemupdatedb on laptop starts, even when AC power is unplugged
2273307447Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: do_pages_move() Memory disclosure/DoS/? (CVE-2010-0415)
227493995Gentoo LinuxGamesAdd Xlink Kai to portage
2275290271Doc Translations[FR][fr] Updated (EN: 1.26 -> 1.30): /doc/fr/handbook/hb-install-alpha-disk.xml
227693664Gentoo LinuxApplications"man" messages looks like garbage
2277290275Doc Translations[FR][fr] Updated (EN: 1.44 -> 1.46): /doc/fr/handbook/hb-install-alpha-kernel.xml
2278290277Doc Translations[FR][fr] Updated (EN: 1.20 -> 1.22): /doc/fr/handbook/hb-install-alpha-bootloader.xml
2279290285Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportported PEAR-PEAR & dependencies to prefix and ~x86-/~x64-macos
2280224765Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for ebuild: Gnome-Voice-Control
2281257556Gentoo LinuxEbuildsbaselayout2 & dm-crypt not parsing /etc/conf.d/dmcrypt correctly while booting
2282220837Gentoo LinuxApplicationsfuse device not created (built in kernel)
2283278086Gentoo LinuxEbuildsapp-editors/mp: fails with forced --as-needed
2284290353Gentoo LinuxEbuildsimap servers coexistence (uw-imap + bincimap)
2285257596Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Packages failing to build with autoconf-2.64
228660992Gentoo LinuxGamesHacked up FuhQuake ebuild that seems to work
2287290380Gentoo LinuxApplicationspulseaudio spam on syslog with useless messages
2288257626Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAMD Stream SDK 1.3-Beta released, providing the ebuilds
2289290448Gentoo LinuxKDEkmldonkey 2.0.x has corrupted progress bar images
2290261404Doc TranslationsOther[bg] translations
2291224941Gentoo LinuxApplicationswpa-supplicant doesn't play well with gnutls (breaks PEAP MSCHAPV2 authentication)
229261116Gentoo LinuxApplicationsFile collision: maildirmake + related manpages (/usr/bin/maildirmake /usr/share/man/man1/maildirmake.1.bz2 /usr/share/man/man5/maildir.5.bz2 /usr/share/man/man8/deliverquota.8.bz2) provided by multiple packages
2293290494Gentoo LinuxPrintingEbuilds for Brother PT-9500PC LPR driver and CUPS wrapper.
2294126665Gentoo LinuxEbuildspysdl-mixer ebuild
2295281262Gentoo LinuxServersamba-server-3.3.6 is missing man pages for idmap_*
2296159439Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesjava.eclass and java-vm-2.eclass does not always match the correct arch
2297257747Gentoo LinuxHardenedSELinux tools linked to wrong python version
2298159446Gentoo LinuxApplicationscrontab no work in time for hourly. daily etc
2299257765Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPatch for nvidia-settings ebuild to build sample programs
2300290541Gentoo LinuxApplicationsUpdate selinux to 10.0 with revised toolchain and parent ordering.
230193934Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnet ebuild: sconnect
2302159483Gentoo LinuxEbuildsSputnik, an internet radio player for GNOME
2303308977DocumentationOther documentsdiskless-howto possibly outdated or lacking information for stable baselayout
2304192278Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[REQ] RabbitMQ message broker ebuild
230593982Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAdd PeerGuardian to the portage tree
2306119430Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuild draft for Portland Group's PGI Workstation set of compilers
2307287915Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutopenrc + LUKS root partition + XFS fails to boot
2308257849Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuilds for jsampler and jlscp
2309225121Gentoo LinuxEbuildsGNU Virtual Private Ethernet (gvpe) ebuild
2310290715Gentoo LinuxApplicationskvm-kmod-88-r1 on intel P8400 and kernel 2.6.30-gentoo-r5 nomultilib: error inserting kvm-intel module (3 unknown symbols only)
2311249729Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: sendmsg() DOS during AF_UNIX GC (CVE-2008-5300)
2312225189Gentoo LinuxApplicationswine failes to build with MAKEOPTS="-j32"
2313290736Gentoo LinuxEbuildsVERSION BUMP: libpst-0.6.44 simple rename of ebuild works
2314192437Gentoo LinuxCore systemUnable to compile kernel on MIPS (IP30), bug in file arch/mips/Kconfig
2315257983Gentoo LinuxApplicationsgcc-4.3.3 miscompiles some code while inlining with -fguess-branch-probability
2316225221Gentoo LinuxEbuildsebuild-request for syncevolution-0.7
2317290787Gentoo LinuxCore systemgdm_slave_xioerror_handler: X crashes if i start mplayer, ding, cinelerra or vncviewer
2318185001Gentoo LinuxEbuildscheck whether that blurb in pkg_postrm of gnatbuild.eclass is necessary
231994204Gentoo LinuxEbuildsGentoo Firewall Scripts
2320290820Gentoo LinuxServerupdate rabbitmq-server to 1.7.0
2321159750Gentoo LinuxEbuildsa request for zeppoo ebuild
2322106795Gentoo LinuxCore systemdillon cron (dcron) sends invalid mails that are not accepted by xmail
2323159780Gentoo LinuxEbuildsJava support on sparc platform
2324290877Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesKDE_LINGUAS_DIR from kde4-functions.eclass doesn't have support for multiple directories.
232558239Gentoo LinuxEbuildsebuild-request for fyre
2326258125Gentoo LinuxUnspecifieddevmanual common mistakes: section about ROOT misuse
2327258159Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesunquoted variables in db.eclass
2328250559Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: PA-RISC DoS (CVE-2008-5395)
2329127117Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesnew useflag 'xmlrpc-external' in php5_1-sapi.eclass
2330258199Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesunquoted variables in gst-plugins{,10,-good,-bad,-base,-ugly}.eclass
233194374Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesEclass to support pre-compiling .net IL with mono
2332289776Doc Translations[FR][fr] Updated (1.49 -> 1.157): /doc/fr/handbook/handbook-ppc.xml
2333225461Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel < asn1: additional sanity checking during BER decoding (CVE-2008-1673)
2334298840Gentoo LinuxCore systemalsa: lspci shows other PCI Subsys Device number of sound card VIA1617A then given in /proc...
2335225493BugzillaGeneral Bugscomment reply link not visible, when having javascript disabled since recently
233694426Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for jboss dependency: joesnmp
233794430Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for jboss dependency: dev-java/je
2338257587Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportflag-o-matic.eclass needs to perform platform-specific filtering for 'strip-flags'
2339288249Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] GNOME 2.28 Official Release
2340192778Gentoo LinuxEbuildsPrint warning when -MERGING- directories are found
2341192779Gentoo LinuxEbuildsCrossover mime.type conflict with xchm
234294480Gentoo LinuxApplicationscopy paste via middle mouse button from Eterm TO qt apps not possible
2343144994Gentoo LinuxEbuildsstabilise xen
2344258371Gentoo LinuxCore systemadd emerge option to automatically satisfy USE dependencies
2345293705Gentoo LinuxApplicationsrequest to port unxsbind into gentoo
2346296662Gentoo LinuxKDEKDE4 regression: keyboard lost when using Alt+Tab several times
2347157553Gentoo/AltFreeBSD~x86-fbsd keywording requested for many x11-wm packages.
2348243198Gentoo LinuxCore systemgenkernel real_root=LABEL= non-functional again
2349225659Gentoo LinuxJavajava-pkg_jarfrom --virtual virtual-name jarname.jar fails with JVM providers.
2350279206Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmetadata.dtd: make required attribute
2351246569Gentoo LinuxPrintingCUPS pdftops broken for Zebra Printers
2352291224Gentoo LinuxHardeneddouble free detected with apache2 on hardened
2353288838Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[EBUILD] icewing, a graphical plug-in shell
2354160173Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profiles[Tracker] Packages still using gnuconfig_update
235594648Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrequest for sdelta3
2356127418Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedstreamdvd_gui exits with memory corruption
2357160192Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilessys-libs/db : using (almost deprecated) gnuconfig_update
2358225729Gentoo LinuxJavajava-utils-2.eclass: java-pkg_doso doesn't make files executable
2359192965Doc OtherProject-specific documentationphp-upgrading.xml still refers to 'apache' USE flag
2360112143Gentoo LinuxApplicationslgrind's lgrindef file is not properly configured for users
236194678Gentoo LinuxEbuildsDictionaries for sword (proposed category: app-dicts)
2362305231Gentoo LinuxEbuilds<=mozilla-firefox-3.6-r2 user-agent string ignores LINGUAS="en_GB"
2363205980Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux <= 2.6.24 Directory truncation, leaving orphaned inodes (CVE-2008-0001)
2364258578DocumentationOther documentsIPv6 Router guide updates
2365291350Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: r128 CCE state initialization DoS (CVE-2009-3620)
2366291352Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: lookup_cb_cred() DoS (CVE-2009-3623)
2367291354Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: kvm_dev_ioctl_get_supported_cpuid() ? (CVE-2009-3638)
2368291356Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: update_cr8_intercept() DoS/PrivEsc (CVE-2009-3640)
2369291359Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: KVM handle_dr() debug register DoS (CVE-2009-3722)
2370258593Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: < sys32_mremap, sparc_mmap_check, sparc64_mmap_check DOS (CVE-2008-6107)
2371298071Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest retriever download manager
2372127542Gentoo LinuxCore systemmkinitrd creates a wrong version cpio file
237362055Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for NUnit ebuild
2374256107Gentoo LinuxApplicationsfile managers can't see fusesmb mountpoint contents (thunar and pcmanfm tested)
237562119Gentoo LinuxEbuildscitadel-6.25.ebuild (Updated Package)
2376127665Doc OtherDeveloper Handbookmissing information: 23 suggestions
2377254120Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportflag-o-matic.eclass contains GNU-specific tests which fail under prefix
237894909Gentoo LinuxbaselayoutFeature request - Setting sysfs values automatically at boot time using an initscript
2379160459Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: wedged processes (CVE-2006-6921)
2380250660Gentoo LinuxApplicationsacroread locks up X when it starts
2381311951Gentoo LinuxApplicationsdev-lang/R-2.10.1 fails install.packages and update.packages() because of Error in read.dcf
2382258785Gentoo LinuxJavajava-pkg_jar-from problem when both --with-dependencies and a specific jar is given
2383160495BugzillaGeneral Bugsdrop the hardcoded bug wranglers search
2384162467Gentoo LinuxEbuildsamavisd-new need a selinux policy ebuild
238594976Gentoo LinuxApplicationsaterm does not support --scrollColor and --troughColor features
2386291596Gentoo LinuxPrintingusb-to-parallel adapter causes segfault in kernel-2.6.31-r4 or cups-1.4.1 or libusb-1.0.3
2387277976Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilessubversion.eclass distfiles in ESVN_STORE_DIR could be writable by portage group
2388193298Gentoo LinuxGameskfceu — a KDE interface for the fceu emulator
2389119599Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrmiregistry startup script
2390291618MirrorsServer ProblemInitial rsync fails for new distfiles mirror
2391201181Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentreplace nasm with yasm+nasm_symlink
2392193340Gentoo LinuxEbuildsvmware-server init script causes spurious blank lines with RC_PARALLEL_STARTUP="yes"
2393193386Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel x86_64: Zero extend all registers after ptrace in 32bit entry path (CVE-2007-4573)
2394258936Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesAttack vector for Freedesktop compliant systems
2395299839Gentoo LinuxApplicationsopenoffice-bin 3.1.1 erratic behavior - mouse jumps, key jumps - only openoffice-bin.
2396258942Gentoo LinuxGamesdesmume-0.9.1 and Nvidia
2397291715Gentoo/AltPrefix Supportdev-lang/tk-8.5.7-r1 requires trivial patch for prefix usage
239895133Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for ebuild of 'freecolor'
2399291745BugzillaBugstestTestcase for "Edit as attachment"
2400226239Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmedia-libs/gd: builds tests with FEATURES=-test
2401259024Gentoo LinuxPrintingPaper mis-match errors and photo printing bug under Gentoo Linux
2402226259Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Packages building tests (with FEATURES=-test) and/or examples and demo (which are neither installed nor used)
2403193514Gentoo LinuxApplicationsadd support for v86d in genkernel
2404226289Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmedia-libs/gd: builds examples/demos (that are not installed)
2405226305Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Bad autotools handling in packages
2406291851Gentoo LinuxCore system[Ebuild] Burg - Brand-new Universal loadeR from GRUB
2407193549Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmadwifi-ng-9999 madwifi-ng-tools-9999
240895249Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentJini Technology Starter Kit ebuild
2409291860Website www.gentoo.orgOtherMailing lists that are considered inactive should be marked on the website
2410160593Gentoo LinuxEbuildsada/gnat related libraries and utilities need updaing or are missing
2411310793Gentoo LinuxApplicationssound in virtualbox-bin-3.1.4 doesn't work with libsdl-1.2.14-r1
2412291904Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: fs/pipe.c race condition DoS/PrivEsc (CVE-2009-3547)
2413291905Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: get_instantiation_keyring() DoS (CVE-2009-3624)
2414226391Gentoo LinuxEbuildslibperl-5.8.8-lib64.patch applied conditionally with no effect
241562553Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for osCommerce ebuild
2416291934Gentoo LinuxGamessoldieroffortune-demo-0.57 liboasnd.so: undefined symbol: alAttenuationScale
241729795Gentoo LinuxCore systemEBUILD: run-exe-0.8: Support for all .EXE files
2418259176Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedstandardise man-page encoding
2419259183Gentoo LinuxCore systemshutdown gentoo leaves out dead ssh connections
2420226439Gentoo LinuxEbuildsapp-text/gv: autotools are being rebuilt through maintainer-mode
2421128151Gentoo LinuxApplicationsCan't get unicode to work with Links
2422292001Gentoo LinuxJava[Tracker] removal of 1.5 JDK's
2423292010Gentoo LinuxHardenedhardened-sources 2.6.28-r9 bug in kernel avc.c:888 with networking cards
2424292023Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesTLS Session Renegotiation MITM vulnerability (CVE-2009-3555)
2425212095MirrorsNew ServerMTU Linux Users Group available via IPv6
2426289783Doc Translations[FR][fr] Updated (1.45 -> 1.140): /doc/fr/handbook/handbook-sparc.xml
2427259280Gentoo LinuxJavajava-config should give a meaningful error message when no user-vm is set
2428292402Gentoo LinuxDevelopment[TRACKER] Python-3.2 incompatible packages
2429161025Gentoo LinuxGameseutils.eclass Enhance CD_ROOT variable.
2430193796Gentoo SecurityKernelALSA snd_mem_proc_read() Information Disclosure (CVE-2007-4571)
2431128275Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgnaural ebuild
2432292130Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesmedia-libs/gd: Improper colorsTotal structure member verification (CVE-2009-3546)
2433151575Gentoo LinuxEbuildssvn+ssh can't find /usr/local/bin/svnserve
2434294452Gentoo LinuxCore systemUser not able to see wpa_supplicant status after resume with hibernate_script
2435193869Gentoo LinuxEbuildsbrutus-keyring - A small and simple keyring build upon libgcrypt
2436259422Gentoo LinuxUnspecified[TRACKER] ebuilds still using 'prepalldocs'
2437292195Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedsamba-libs 3.4.3-r1 compile error (popt)
2438259454Gentoo LinuxEbuildsYaBB forum ebuild
2439259458Gentoo LinuxEbuildsfail2ban's named regex should test for views
2440259464Gentoo LinuxServerwebapp-config-1.50.16-r1 QA Notice: file does not exist
244195630Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEBUILD for "Advanced Policy Firewall"
244230095Gentoo LinuxApplicationsrevdep-rebuild wants to rebuild package providing lib
2443245318Gentoo LinuxLibrarylibdmtx - a library for data matrix barcodes
2444128432Gentoo LinuxEbuildsELV Flash Programmer FP51 Software
2445223475Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutdmcrypt needs to wait for raid volumes
2446292294Gentoo LinuxJavaNew Clojure eclass
2447292365Gentoo LinuxApplicationsgjiten crashes when operating preferences
2448292390Gentoo LinuxEbuildsAdd ultracopier ebuild
2449226863Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Ebuild passing libraries through append-ldflags
2450292401Gentoo LinuxDevelopment[TRACKER] Python-2.7 incompatible packages
2451292408Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesProposal for more detailed description if fortran.eclass cannot find fortran compiler
2452128571Website www.gentoo.orgOtherbugday.gentoo.org xhtml-1.0 strict upgrade
2453231956Gentoo LinuxJavajava-ant-2.eclass: java-ant_bsfix has bad find arguments
2454259686Gentoo LinuxEbuildsWt, the C++ WebToolkit
245595869Gentoo LinuxEbuildsEbuild Alps'lib
2456292480Gentoo LinuxGNOMEGnome doesn`t show application menu, icons and theme over an nx session
2457109969Gentoo LinuxEbuildssuper ebuild
245895927Gentoo LinuxEbuildsebuild and init script for specter, a userspace logging daemon
245995934Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrequest for ebuild mplayer-xp
2460292543Gentoo LinuxPrintingCups 1.4.1 hangs on USB printers - please provide debian 1.4.1-4 patchset to fix!
2461258519BugzillaGeneral BugsHints for advanced bug search are displayed at the wrong point in the process
2462292566Gentoo LinuxEbuildsemerge @preserved-rebuild is not deleting some libraries
2463259802Gentoo LinuxEbuildsejabberd-2.0.2 keywords
2464310907Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnew ebuiild pki-silent
2465259815Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesMissing documentation in perl-module.eclass, perl-app.eclass and perl-helper.eclass
2466179837Gentoo LinuxJavaSwt should install localization files
2467259851Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgimp-9999 build fails - needs gegl svn and babl snv to build
2468227085Gentoo LinuxEbuildsGlassfish Application Server ebuilds
2469294531Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: prevent fuse_put_request on invalid pointer (CVE-2009-4021)
2470259862Gentoo LinuxEbuildsvdr crashes when unloading vdr-lcdproc-
2471289787Doc Translations[FR][fr] Updated (EN 1.134 -> 1.138): /doc/fr/handbook/handbook-alpha.xml
2472234460Gentoo LinuxGNOMESeparate out gdk-pixbuf from GTK+ to support librsvg on headless machines
2473292654Gentoo LinuxApplicationsasterisk-1.2.x compile error, function open needs 3 arguments
2474141619Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profiles[PATCH] portage keeps directory permissions but updates file permissions on merge
2475292660Gentoo LinuxDevelopmentdistutils based packages install into /usr/bin prefix
2476284153Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit Drag event Information Disclosure (CVE-2009-1718)
2477259912Gentoo/AltPrefix Supporteutils.eclass enewgroup/enewuser doesn't really work on OSX [PATCH INCLUDED]
2478239930Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Packages using python_tkinter_exists should use EAPI=2 instead
2479282529Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: UDP NULL pointer dereference (CVE-2009-2698)
2480267240Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: <2.6.28 kernel/signal.c kill_something_info() DOS (CVE-2009-1338)
2481292726DocumentationInstallation HandbookConfusion as to which iso the guide uses
2482292728Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profiles[PATCH] savedconfig.eclass should not die if it can't restore a config file on first use
2483291259Gentoo LinuxHardenedapp-admin-syslog-ng-3.0.4 configuration file format update
2484227207Gentoo LinuxApplicationsattempt to boot into single user mode with real_init 1 on the kernel line ends with kernel panick
2485259990Gentoo LinuxEbuildsboinc-6.4.5-r1 discontinues processing when not connected to net.
2486187004Gentoo LinuxApplicationslatest openmcl in tree (0.14.2_p1-r1) is hopelessly outdated
2487292766Gentoo LinuxEbuildseutils.eclass: preserve_old_lib_notify should coalesce multiple revdep-rebuild calls via regexp syntax
2488227233BugzillaGeneral BugsCan't file a bug and set dependencies/blocks in a single operation
2489284114Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilities[TRACKER] WebKit JavaScript "const" ACE/DoS (CVE-2009-1686)
249096185Gentoo LinuxEbuildsJUDE Community ebuild
2491260027Gentoo/AltPrefix SupportSupport for privileged install, re: portage user and group [NEW EBUILD INCLUDED]
2492260057Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: < stack consumption vulnerability do_page_fault() (CVE-2009-0605)
2493260066Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: < skfp_ioctl permits SKFP_CLR_STATS (CVE-2009-0675)
2494292849Gentoo LinuxEbuildsqt-recordmydesktop missing dependency
2495292894Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutnet.lo dependency on localmount is too late. net.lo should dep on root, and other net.* should be on localmount
2496260142Gentoo LinuxApplicationstcpslice-1.2_alpha2 doesn't support an input file size bigger than 2GB
2497194607Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesgames-fps/{doom3,quake4}* Engine Format String Vulnerability (CVE-2007-5248)
2498260147Gentoo LinuxKDE<=KDE 4.4.1, nepomuk & sesame: Java HotSpot errors -> hs_err_pid*.log
2499289083Gentoo LinuxKDESystem hangs when I attempt to login: this happens with all nvidia drivers EXCEPT 180.29
2500292941Gentoo LinuxKDEcan not add a new network printer with system-config-printer-kde-4.3.1
2501194676Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilessubversion.eclass should try harder when ESVN_REPO_URI changes
2502260225Gentoo LinuxServeremerge should have an option to automatically avoid redundant upgrades
2503129172Gentoo LinuxApplicationstkbibtex : .bib editor
2504293015Gentoo LinuxKDEKMail missing dependency: kleopatra
2505227507Gentoo LinuxJavaTypo in java-nsplugin.eselect module
2506129204Gentoo LinuxCore systemudev starts udevd daemons in chroots [solved, but not satisfactory]
250796450Gentoo LinuxEbuildsNew: oss2jack is a daemon that offers a /dev/dsp device and sends the sound to jackd.
2508162000Gentoo LinuxApplicationsgcc-config should have more detailed documentation
250996484Gentoo LinuxEbuildsa c interface to the chikka protocol - chix-1.0.0.ebuild
2510227559Gentoo LinuxEbuildsGuake is a drop-down terminal for Gnome
2511312003MirrorsServer Problemgentoo-euetib.upc.es is blocking mirrorstats
2512274951Doc Translations[RU]Create obsoletetranslation attribute
2513162080Gentoo LinuxEbuildspfstools, pfscalibration and pfstmo - high dynamic range photography tools
2514260403DocumentationInstallation HandbookUpdate handbooks for autobuilds
2515305459Gentoo LinuxJavajruby.jar lacks bsf parts
2516129367Gentoo LinuxEbuildsdb2latex-xsl-0.8.ebuild
251763847Gentoo LinuxEbuildskxstitch: cross stitch pattern editor
251863865Gentoo LinuxApplicationsadditional features for electric
2519129413Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[Tracker] LDFLAGS="-Wl,--as-needed" support
2520293257Gentoo LinuxGamesInteresting game not in portage: "Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge"
252196655Gentoo LinuxEbuildsvisualworks-base-7.3.1.ebuild
252296656Gentoo LinuxEbuildsvisualworks-vm-7.3.1.ebuild
252396657Gentoo LinuxEbuildsvisualworks-goodies-7.3.1.ebuild
2524194973Gentoo LinuxCore systemRandomly Assertion m==cnt failed on ARM with glibc 2.6+ with swap turned on.
2525293290Gentoo LinuxGamesquake injector - map installer for quake1 engines
2526293304Gentoo LinuxCore systemKernel Log: "ACPI: EC: GPE storm detected, transactions will use polling mode"
2527227779Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesWebapp with plugin Support
2528129478Gentoo LinuxGamesSuper Mario War - a supermario deathmatch game [request]
252996711Gentoo LinuxEbuildsFreeBASIC not in Portage
2530260558Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: <2.6.28 clone syscall allows arbitrary signals (CVE-2009-0028)
2531260563Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: < < ext4_isize in fs/ext4/ext4.h DOS (CVE-2009-0747)
2532260564Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: < < ext4_fill_super in fs/ext4/super.c superblock validation error DOS (CVE-2009-0748)
253396732Gentoo LinuxServerKolab2 - Conversion to Gentoo - Tracker Bug
2534293341Gentoo LinuxEbuildsrealtime filesystem monitoring program
2535310523Gentoo LinuxEbuildsboost-1.42.0 reports python_version() deprecation warning {twice!}
2536293368Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] pangox deprecation
2537293395Gentoo LinuxCore systemlinux-info.eclass: Problem parsing version
2538129582Gentoo LinuxPrintingThe Lexmark z35 driver for CUPS ebuild
2539293427Gentoo LinuxCore systemgenkernel initramfs are not detected by grub-mkconfig
2540195128Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesExperimental support of building modules to all installed kernels
2541256437BugzillaGeneral BugsWarning via SSL Blacklist 4.0 "certificate with MD5 RSA signature"
254296852Gentoo LinuxEbuildsLucidLife ebuild
2543294670Gentoo LinuxEbuildsSome gst-plugins are not in Gentoo - aalib, gdk_pixbuf, libcaca, monoscope, synaesthesia, directfb, mpeg2enc, sdl, timidity, swfdec
2544293501Gentoo LinuxEbuildsunresolvable dependencies between msynctool, libopensync and libopensync-plugins
254548920Gentoo LinuxUnspecified[PATCH] GLEP #11 needs portage to provide upgrade notification
2546256451Doc OtherOtherCouncil meeting notes appear to be missing
2547302981Gentoo LinuxEbuildsKeyword requests for ~arm on several packages
254896949Gentoo LinuxEbuildspyfloppy is a rather nice GUI based floppy formatting tool (ext2 and fat)
254996964Gentoo LinuxEbuildsdlg-etiquette icon theme ebuild
2550228039Gentoo LinuxEbuildspmccabe package inclusion request
2551228051Gentoo LinuxEbuildsSubmit: flac2ogg - perl script for converting FLAC-files into Ogg Vorbis files
2552293629Doc OtherDevmanualdevmanual does not accurately describe group behavior in pkg_preinst
2553249826Gentoo LinuxEbuildsMIT Kerberos ebuilds don't seem to honor max_life or max_renewable_life in kdc.conf
2554260867Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Packages using -Werror for build
2555293657Website www.gentoo.orgOtherdomains gentoo.cc
2556162610Gentoo LinuxGames[Request] FTEQW Ebuild
2557256479Gentoo/AltOthergentoo-mips- fails to initialize SGI O200 pci slots properly
255897105Gentoo LinuxEbuilds(ebuild) net-irc / iroffer
2559162671Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilesbash-completion.eclass should provide get_bashcompdir()
256097138Gentoo LinuxEbuildsant-phone-0.1.9.ebuild
2561293751Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: gdth_read_event() Array Indexing Vulnerability (CVE-2009-3080)
2562308751MirrorsServer Problemftp.daum.net is lagging in updates, and FTP is inaccessible
2563195449Gentoo LinuxGamessmac crashes when begining a game
2564293782Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profileswebapp.eclass not inherited eutils eclass
2565195479Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutuse ethtool in /etc/conf.d/net
2566129836Gentoo LinuxEbuildsnet-nds/gq-1.2.2: New Version
2567129966Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[req] Asterisk @ Home meta bug
2568283657Gentoo LinuxApplicationsopenoffice-3.1.1 fails to merge during avmedia on ~amd64
2569129973Gentoo LinuxEbuildsgnupod ebuilds should RDEPEND on faac, lame, Ogg-Vorbis-Header, (Audio-FLAC-Header)
2570293815Gentoo LinuxUnspecified[devmanual] {do,new}pamd moved to pam.eclass
2571261050Gentoo LinuxEbuildsA myspell dictionary should be pulled as a dependency by hunspell
2572283809Gentoo LinuxApplicationssamba-client fail to mount cifs on mixed ipv6 network
2573261068Gentoo LinuxGCC Portinggcc: host and cross gcj libjvm installed into same location
2574293839Gentoo LinuxEbuildsmedia-libs/gd is missing a pkg-config file
2575293843Gentoo LinuxCore systemi686-mingw32 fails on hardened because of LDFLAG -z
2576305657Gentoo LinuxApplicationsPlease stabilize latest Xfce4
2577259680Gentoo LinuxApplicationsCLUCENE crashes creating hs_err.log appear into home
2578261122Gentoo LinuxCore systemgenkernel should set CONFIG_SCSI_MULTI_LUN by default
2579293902Gentoo SecurityVulnerabilitiesOpera Floating Point Number Handling Memory Corruption Vulnerability
2580130068Gentoo LinuxEbuildsMaia Mailguard ebuild
258197321Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest for ebuild: Sprog
2582293938Gentoo LinuxApplicationsapp-misc/mc- - paste by mouse middle button in konsole-4.3.1-r1
2583228403Gentoo LinuxGamesGccg : Generic Collectible Card Game
2584130108Gentoo LinuxbaselayoutChange mount point permissions from 700 to 755, maybe?
2585228427DocumentationOther documentsDeficiencies in Overlays docs makes install difficult
2586195661Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutdefault baselayout should boot with an headless linux
2587195688Gentoo LinuxHardenedmpost from tetex and (soon to be comitted) texlive gets killed by hardened kernel
2588228471Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[tracker] clean up old ebuilds and deps for Gnome 2.22
2589162945Gentoo LinuxGamesAssault cube, conversion of cube-engine
259097415Gentoo LinuxApplicationsSolipsis is a pure peer-to-peer system for a massively shared virtual world. There is no server at all: it only relies on end-users' machines.
2591261260Gentoo LinuxApplicationsplasma starts with crash handler disabled
2592261267Gentoo LinuxEbuildsauto-create symlinks for network interfaces
2593245475Gentoo LinuxEbuildsjulius speech recognition ebuild, dependency of simon
2594163007Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[REQ] wxformbuilder: The Open Source GUI Builder Tool For wxWidgets
2595261313Gentoo LinuxLibraryadd mips keywords on qt-demo-4.6.{1,2}
2596228553Gentoo LinuxCore systemno drivers for USB 802.11 adapter with Ralink 2870 chipset (rt2870)
2597294096Gentoo LinuxEbuildsdetecting perl-mod ebuild QA problems
2598228565Gentoo LinuxCore systemcharacter encoding mismatch in mails sent by emerge when having PORTAGE_ELOG_SYSTEM="mail"
2599261360Gentoo LinuxKDEdolphin does not copy all files over cifs (cp does)
2600261375Gentoo LinuxEclasses and ProfilesAdd OPTIMIZE=${CFLAGS} to src_compile in perl-module.eclass
2601261380Gentoo LinuxEbuildsreduced manifests w/ git
2602261381Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[PATCH] SYNC_METHOD
2603261382Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[PATCH] addition ways of syncing a git repository
2604311169Gentoo LinuxEbuildsbleachbit needs an ebuild
2605234711Gentoo LinuxUnspecifiedGLEP 54: scm package version suffix
260697557Gentoo LinuxGamesnethack installs platform dependant data into /usr/share
2607294167Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Packages that fail to build with autoconf 2.65
2608195868Gentoo LinuxGameseutils.eclass - cdrom_get_cds sets CDROM_SET and CDROM_MATCH incorrectly when the check fails
2609130346Gentoo LinuxApplicationsCVS has broken gnulib getcwd.c - cvs [xxx aborted]: cannot get working directory: Permission denied
2610122419Gentoo LinuxEbuildssq 905 webcam driver
2611294196Gentoo LinuxEbuildsati-drivers 9.x make kernel oops
2612294198Gentoo LinuxKDEStrigi fails to initialize; needs /usr/lib/libjvm.so
2613261431Gentoo LinuxKDEkonsole-4.4.1 and earlier doesn't honour "Word characters for double-click selection" option.
2614195904Gentoo LinuxGamesShadow Warrior data ebuild
2615300256Gentoo LinuxApplicationsGStreamer plugins fail to compile under multilib project
2616230205Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[TRACKER] Python-2.6 incompatible packages
2617261446Gentoo LinuxKDEupdate-mime-database reports various unknown media types
2618300260Gentoo LinuxKDEkwalletmanager doesn't start as user but only with sudo
2619294234Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: nfs4_proc_lock denial of service (CVE-2009-3726)
2620294238Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: uvesafb, phomelfs, dst, dm CAP_SYS_ADMIN privilege escalation (CVE-2009-3725)
2621294240Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: do_mmap_pgoff() DoS (CVE-2009-3888)
2622294241Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: megaraid_sas: dbg_lvl file permissions too permissive (CVE-2009-3889)
2623294243Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: megaraid_sas: poll_mode_io permissions to permissive (CVE-2009-3939)
2624294245Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: collect_rx_frame() buffer under-read ? (CVE-2009-4005)
262597589Gentoo LinuxApplicationsmailer-config tracker bug
2626296766Gentoo FoundationProposalsCorrections to corporation filing needed as of 2009/12/13
2627195979Gentoo LinuxGamesut3 server beta
2628228771Gentoo LinuxApplicationsvdr automatic shutdown is blocked by running X-Server
2629261562Gentoo LinuxUnspecified[TRACKER] built_with_use removal
2630261582Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux x86-64: syscall-audit: fix 32/64 syscall hole (CVE-2009-0834)
2631294351Gentoo LinuxEbuildssys-process/at- fails to build with flex
2632261589Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux x86-64: seccomp: 32/64 syscall hole (CVE-2009-0835)
2633205114Gentoo LinuxJavaAdd check for packages pulling two slots of same package to java-check-environment
2634305747Gentoo LinuxApplicationsgentoolkit-0.3.0_rc8-r1: equery list sometimes gives duplicate entries
2635218367Gentoo LinuxEbuildsSecondary IP addresses can not be applied to VLAN interfaces as per documentation
263697800Gentoo Linuxbaselayoutopenvpn should be started before nfsmount
2637196120Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux <2.6.19-rc4 Hugetlb local DoS (CVE-2007-4133)
2638261657Gentoo LinuxApplicationsnet-wireless/iw should include an initscript
2639294462Gentoo LinuxEbuildspostgresql to postgresql-{base,server} migration/build issues
2640130642Gentoo LinuxServerMinor changes in zope-config to fix errors with 3.2.0
2641294483Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest splash-theme from LiveDVD 10
264297892Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[EBUILD] sesame-2.0
2643130669Gentoo LinuxEbuildsA DNS client, written in C
2644289386Gentoo LinuxKDEScreensaver fails in KDE after xorg-1.6 update
2645130734Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[req] vicidial ebuild
2646120093Gentoo LinuxEbuildsvcf-0.0.5.ebuild (new)
264797978Gentoo LinuxGamesAddition proposal : ViZiGO a go game client interface
2648196294Gentoo/AltPrefix SupportSupport for service scripts in baselayout-prefix
264998002Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[EBUILD] jena-2.2
2650261846Gentoo LinuxKDEDecorations and windows display errors at KDE 4.2.1 and QT 4.5.0
2651299657Gentoo/AltPrefix SupportFirst build of new version of binutils on IRIX always results in libtool stubs instead of binaries...
2652294625Gentoo SecurityKernelKernel: KVM x86 emulator limit instructions to 15 bytes (CVE-2009-4031)
265398051Gentoo LinuxEbuildsemu-1.10.5.ebuild, speech analysis software
2654261895Gentoo LinuxGamesMYGUI ebuild
2655289364DocumentationOther documents'How to get meaningful backtraces in Gentoo' should mention that +glibc-omitfp (default)
2656229151Website www.gentoo.orgOtherGLSA feed should include more info in the description.
2657294694Gentoo LinuxKDEqt-core-4.5.3-r2 does not compile
2658261927Gentoo LinuxApplicationsxine does not recognise faad AAC audio codec encoded with mencoder
265998110Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[EBUILD] owlsyntax-1.0_beta1
266098115Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[EBUILD] kazuki-1.2
2661175666Doc Translations[PT_BR][pt_br] update for handbook-x86.xml
2662130908Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[EBUILD] muscletool-2.1.0
2663130911Gentoo LinuxEbuilds[EBUILD] libmusclecard-1.3.4
266498147Gentoo LinuxEbuildsRequest to add mailtc ebuild to portage
2665261989Gentoo LinuxCore systemsecond nvidia card does not wake up from sleep
2666261991Gentoo SecurityKernelLinux < shm: fix shmctl(SHM_INFO) lockup with !CONFIG_SHMEM (CVE-2009-0859)
2667245736Doc OtherDeveloper HandbookUpdate ebuild HowTo and devmanal
2668196469Gentoo LinuxEbuildswebapp-config is trying to hard-link across filesystems
2669262010Gentoo LinuxEclasses and Profilessvn, cvs eclasses should ELOG their checked-out version
2670130952Gentoo LinuxGames[REQUEST] Eat The Whistle ebuild
267198241Gentoo LinuxGamesRealTimeBattle ebuild
2672176761Doc Translations[PT_BR][pt_br] new translation /doc/pt_br/handbook/hb-install-x86+amd64-disk.xml