Bugs by package

alsa-driver alsa-driver 308675 alsa-driver/alsa-driver-9999: missing --null argument to xargs
app-accessibility epos 258645 app-accessibility/epos-2.5.37-r1 emerge fails with FEATURES="test..
288079 app-accessibility/epos-2.5.37-r1 stable request
perlbox-voice 305561 app-accessibility/perlbox-voice tries to install missing document..
espeak 301793 app-accessibility/espeak-1.42.04 stable request
303094 app-accessibility/espeak-1.42.04: does not respect LDFLAGS
lliaphon 152871 app-accessibility/lliaphon - one more french voice synthetizer
flite 290388 app-accessibility/flite-1.3 stable request
305539 app-accessibility/flite fails to build (new failure)
307241 >app-accessibility/flite-1.2-r1 doesn't work on HPPA/PPC
festival 234406 app-accessibility/festival and app-accessibility/speech-tools cle..
309983 import with fixes: app-accessibility/festival, app-accessibility/..
gnome-mousetrap 305565 app-accessibility/gnome-mousetrap fails tests
speechd 125365 app-accessibility/speechd-0.56-r2.ebuild (Update) - Festival comm..
emacspeak 298012 app-accessibility/emacspeak install ELF files into /usr/share
morseall 246731 app-accessibility/morseall-0.4.8 installs man pages in /usr/man
305531 app-accessibility/morseall tries to install missing documentation
gnopernicus 221283 app-accessibility/gnopernicus-1.0.7 fails to compile.
246729 app-accessibility/gnopernicus-1.0.7: fails with forced --as-needed
java-access-bridge 221207 app-accessibility/java-access-bridge-1.6.0-r1 fails to compile
223579 app-accessibility/java-access-bridge-1.6.0 fails with ibm-jdk-bin..
sphinx4 238178 request for new ebuild app-accessibility/sphinx4
gnome-speech 188136 app-accessibility/gnome-speech doesn't compile w/ USE=java
278298 app-accessibility/gnome-speech-0.4.25 has an automagic dependency..
onboard 166876 app-accessibility/onboard (new ebuild)
orca 308261 app-accessibility/orca: Verify and potentially improve Python-rel..
speech-tools 224915 [QA] app-accessibility/speech-tools-1.2.96_beta: shared libraries..
234406 app-accessibility/festival and app-accessibility/speech-tools cle..
246726 app-accessibility/speech-tools: fails with forced --as-needed
253556 app-accessibility/speech-tools resynth is not working
309983 import with fixes: app-accessibility/festival, app-accessibility/..
libtbb 126616 [EBUILD] new package : app-accessibility/libtbb
accerciser 308259 app-accessibility/accerciser: Verify and potentially improve Pyth..
speech-dispatcher 289439 stabilize app-accessibility/speech-dispatcher-0.6.7
308263 app-accessibility/speech-dispatcher: Verify and potentially impro..
app-admin osinfo 158804 app-admin/osinfo lists system information available to the OS (ne..
ulog-acctd 304879 app-admin/ulog-acctd does'n work after build with gcc4
kedpm 308271 app-admin/kedpm: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
eselect-openvpn 239304 app-admin/eselect-openvpn proposal
eselect-xorgconf 311295 app-admin/eselect-xorgconf
rsyslog 235944 Add USE=rsyslog for logging using app-admin/rsyslog
238370 [PATCH] app-admin/rsyslog-3.21.3 does not compile on uclibc
283416 app-admin/rsyslog: rsyslog.conf missing entry for remote hosts tc..
292919 app-admin/rsyslog-5.2.0 version bump
sfic 150609 New ebuild: app-admin/sfic-0.1.7
guidance 226025 app-admin/guidance (new ebuild)
epylog 62994 app-admin/epylog-1.0.1 (new package)
rmake 185505 app-admin/rmake init script errors
204846 app-admin/rmake + app-admin/conary are not multilib-safe
267348 app-admin/rmake-1.0.17 doesn't work with Python 2.5
308275 app-admin/rmake: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
389-ds-console 309553 new ebuild app-admin/389-ds-console
noobjuice-plugins 286998 [new ebuilds] app-admin/noobjuice app-admin/noobjuice-plugins app..
eselect-oodict 292121 app-admin/eselect-oodict: support brief output mode
mcelog 267384 app-admin/mcelog enhancement: add date and time to logged excepti..
ext3undel 232146 New ebuild app-admin/ext3undel
stow 246264 app-admin/stow-1.3.3 - CONFLICT: /usr/local/stow/dmtcp/lib vs. /u..
gnome-system-tools 305309 app-admin/gnome-system-tools: "Failed to execute program /usr/lib..
mon 202497 app-admin/mon, net-analyzer/rrdtool, sys-cluster/ganglia plus lot..
214192 app-admin/mon-1.2.0 update, and dev-perl/mon-client as new depend..
256850 app-admin/mon includes unnecessary packages
swatch 255329 init script for app-admin/swatch
webapp-config 182098 app-admin/webapp-config should handle invalid usage gracefully
211996 add www-servers/nginx support to app-admin/webapp-config
213130 app-admin/webapp-config leaves behind stray files
224859 app-admin/webapp-config - Man page misleading when explaining the..
231482 app-admin/webapp-config-1.50.16-r1: command line options to copy ..
232333 app-admin/webapp-config: Permissions of installations changed whe..
237415 app-admin/webapp-config: webapp-cleaner refers to /sbin/functions..
243260 app-admin/webapp-config: upgrade overwrites existing config_prote..
256150 app-admin/webapp-config should handle 'installation' directories ..
257037 app-admin/webapp-config-1.50.16-r1 - unmerging www-apps/joomla-1...
257592 app-admin/webapp-config-1.50.16-r3: clarify man page with respect..
261165 app-admin/webapp-config-1.50.16-r3: broken. ImportError: No modul..
282831 app-admin/webapp-config-1.50.16-r1 DeprecationWarning: the md5 mo..
293039 app-admin/webapp-config-1.50-r3 blocks access to keyboard
293859 app-admin/webapp-config-1.50-r3 ignores hooked script's exit status
294229 app-admin/webapp-config-1.50.16-r3 does not install http server c..
294266 app-admin/webapp-config-1.50.16-r3 does not install a man page fo..
306105 app-admin/webapp-config-1.50.16-r3 fails tests
308287 app-admin/webapp-config: Verify and potentially improve Python-re..
diskcheck 69508 new ebuild - app-admin/diskcheck
usbtree 301682 app-admin/usbtree (ebuild request)
webmin 210801 app-admin/webmin has broken PAM configuration
xstow 273346 app-admin/xstow: package unconditionally links statically
pki-console 310871 new ebuiild app-admin/pki-console
spass 199425 app-admin/spass (new package)
blockhosts 173631 app-admin/blockhosts-2.0.2 (new package)
noobjuice 286998 [new ebuilds] app-admin/noobjuice app-admin/noobjuice-plugins app..
moodss 287930 Stable request for app-admin/moodss-21.5
302805 app-admin/moodss-21.5 or 20.0: fails to start
gentoo-clean 161825 app-admin/gentoo-clean-0.1.2a (New Package)
setroubleshoot 275085 app-admin/setroubleshoot - User friendly utility for troubleshoot..
275088 app-admin/setroubleshoot (New Package)
collectd 107076 app-admin/collectd (new ebuild)
300771 new application & ebuild: kcollectd, a small live data viewer for..
eselect-xim 54872 new package: app-admin/eselect-xim
eselect-esd 231578 app-admin/eselect-esd - "eselect esd set pulseaudio" sets wrong s..
pwgen 312375 app-admin/pwgen: /etc/init.d/pwgen is unnecessarily not very secure
sysklogd 150845 app-admin/sysklogd: run without root privileges by default
208560 app-admin/sysklogd log rotating cron script with no perl/debianut..
225847 app-admin/sysklogd-1.5 klogd segfault at startup
282450 app-admin/sysklogd-1.5 takes over existing build logfiles on rest..
389-console 309551 new ebuild app-admin/389-console
localepurge 164542 app-admin/localepurge- wrong -version ouput
164544 app-admin/localepurge- reports wrong total disk space freed
176196 app-admin/localepurge- stable on ppc
183273 app-admin/localepurge doesn't find some unneeded locale files and..
prelude-manager 295122 app-admin/prelude-manager: documentation installed outside /usr/s..
301413 app-admin/prelude-manager- can't get installed because li..
sourceinstall 98870 New package: app-admin/sourceinstall
apg 290799 app-admin/apg-2.3.0b-r4 has been TESTED on sparc. Please mark STA..
webalizer-xtended 310845 app-admin/webalizer-xtended: package needs at least one USE flag ..
eselect-init 159790 app-admin/eselect-init-0.1 (new ebuild)
haskell-updater 299494 app-admin/haskell-updater- ignores LDFLAGS and pre-strips ..
gentoo-rsync-mirror 199128 app-admin/gentoo-rsync-mirror: Syncing doesn't work as of updatin..
diradm 254698 app-admin/diradm-2.9.3, 2.9.6: usernextfreeuid seems incorrect
qpage 243324 app-admin/qpage: CC variable not respected
eselect-python 286191 app-admin/eselect-python: python-wrapper sometimes breaks init sc..
311469 app-admin/eselect-python: python-wrapper: Print error message whe..
conky 313081 app-admin/conky-1.8.0 doesn't compile
chrpath 310725 app-admin/chrpath fails tests (segfault?)
sysstat 282938 app-admin/sysstat-9.0.4 - ignores -P when any other option is spe..
295198 app-admin/sysstat - init script doesn't start sadc
logscan-scripts 137649 app-admin/logscan-scripts (new package)
inoticoming 233419 New Ebuild: app-admin/inoticoming-0.2.1
eselect-vi 260593 app-admin/eselect-vi-1.1.6 - ROOT is not respected correctly?
292117 app-admin/eselect-vi: support brief output mode
webalizer 247111 app-admin/webalizer 2.01.10-r15 dns resolving not working
258421 app-admin/webalizer: (Optionally) include webalizer-flags.tgz con..
287931 Stable request for app-admin/webalizer-2.01.10-r16
syslog-ng 228973 app-admin/syslog-ng-2.0.9 attempts to start before all dependencies
232847 app-admin/syslog-ng hardened match filter rules broken by CONFIG_..
236756 app-admin/denyhosts - default denyhosts.conf assumes Gentoo uses ..
265643 app-admin/syslog-ng-2.1.4: fails with forced --as-needed
284669 app-admin/syslog-ng 2.1.4 broken logrotate
294515 app-admin/syslog-ng-3.0.3+ refuses to write to files not owned by..
297675 app-admin/syslog-ng-3.0.4 permanently takes 100% CPU
301137 app-admin/syslog-ng-3.0.4 fails to start at boot
311313 Version bump: app-admin/syslog-ng-3.1.0
eselect-boost 265393 app-admin/eselect-boost-0.3 tool symlink error
290968 app-admin/eselect-boost-0.3 spelling error
292099 app-admin/eselect-boost: support brief output mode
312873 app-admin/eselect-boost-0.3 digest verification fail
testdisk 311495 Please include app-admin/testdisk in liveCD
flexlm 274362 app-admin/flexlm - missing doc useflag
ldapscripts 158441 app-admin/ldapscripts (new ebuild)
puppet 299799 app-admin/puppet should support starting multiple puppetmasters o..
303729 <app-admin/puppet-0.24.6 access restrict bypass (CVE-2009-3564)
306195 Please stabilise =app-admin/puppet-0.25.4-r1
308031 app-admin/puppet: symlink attack (CVE-2010-0156)
gam-server 257766 app-admin/gam-server-0.1.10 requires patch to build on IRIX
267604 dev-libs/libgamin-0.1.10-r2 and app-admin/gam-server-0.1.10 fail ..
eselect-package-manager 274365 Please keyword app-admin/eselect-package-manager
286076 sys-apps/paludis: add app-admin/eselect-package-manager to {R,P}D..
389-admin-console 309549 new ebuild app-admin/389-admin-console
mbr 255053 app-admin/mbr-1.1.10 fails tests
paxtest 246755 app-admin/paxtest: fails with forced --as-needed
setools 297144 app-admin/setools fails to build
308279 app-admin/setools: Verify and potentially improve Python-related ..
integrit 276190 app-admin/integrit fails tests
smolt 308281 app-admin/smolt: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
eselect 265264 app-admin/eselect: profiles module does not support profiles in o..
290700 app-admin/eselect: (re-)keyword dependencies
299974 Please stabilise app-admin/eselect-{ctags,emacs}-1.13
asm 261634 [new ebuild] app-admin/asm - Adaptec Storage Manager (ASM)
gkrellm 195908 app-admin/gkrellm-2.3.0 Segmentation fault when x11-plugins/gkrel..
275262 x11-plugins/wmhdplop-0.9.9[+gkrellm] crashes app-admin/gkrellm-2...
284504 app-admin/gkrellm-2.3.2-r1 crashes on multiple turn on and off of..
303853 app-admin/gkrellm-2.3.4 and kde-4.3 - Invisible theme isn't invis..
pydf 305705 Please stabilize app-admin/pydf-7
denyhosts 236756 app-admin/denyhosts - default denyhosts.conf assumes Gentoo uses ..
244700 app-admin/denyhosts - rc-status of denyhosts is listed as "crashed"
248047 app-admin/denyhosts-2.6-r1 keeps missing on PAM auth regexes.
264165 app-admin/denyhosts-2.6-r1 PLUGIN_DENY executed for all hosts in ..
274253 app-admin/denyhosts should install logrotate config file
284203 app-admin/denyhosts: missing dependency on dev-lang/python[threads]
310631 app-admin/denyhosts add logrotate config file
perl-cleaner 177833 app-admin/perl-cleaner: won't do h2ph for asm-generic/
286910 app-admin/perl-cleaner-2* tracker
292985 dev-lang/perl, app-admin/perl-cleaner:Which header files should b..
293391 app-admin/perl-cleaner isn't properly prefix-aware
conary-policy 267347 app-admin/conary-policy-1.0.13 doesn't work with Python 2.5
308269 app-admin/conary-policy: Verify and potentially improve Python-re..
perl-cleaner-2_pre 288028 Please keyword =dev-lang/perl-5.10.1,=sys-devel/libperl-5.10.1,=a..
func 235570 [new ebuild] app-admin/func
vlogger 152749 app-admin/vlogger (new ebuild)
php-toolkit 301279 php-fpm support for app-admin/php-toolkit
pam-script 70064 app-admin/pam-script-0.1.2 ebuild request
sqlat 98146 app-admin/sqlat-1.1.0 (New Package)
pcihpview 298349 app-admin/pcihpview tries to install missing documentation
log4tailer 295316 app-admin/log4tailer (new package)
usermin 233664 app-admin/usermin-1.330 init script is broken
zope-config 120970 app-admin/zope-config-0.5 makes invalid zope instances on multili..
308289 app-admin/zope-config: Verify and potentially improve Python-rela..
kgentooconf 159730 app-admin/kgentooconf (new ebuild)
tripwire 34662 twpol.txt in ebuild app-admin/tripwire contains redhat sp..
sudo 293985 Please re-keyword app-admin/sudo-1.7.2_p2-r2
306455 app-admin/sudo-1.7.2_p3 - ./configure: line 21855: test: =: unary..
306865 <app-admin/sudo-1.7.2_p4: Privilege escalation bug with sudoedit ..
conary 204846 app-admin/rmake + app-admin/conary are not multilib-safe
235394 app-admin/conary-2.0.21 has file collision with app-arch/rpm-4.4..
242136 app-admin/conary-2.0.23: python2.4 and python2.5 on the same mach..
267346 app-admin/conary-2.0.23 doesn't work with Python 2.5
308267 app-admin/conary: Verify and potentially improve Python-related c..
logrotate 195787 =app-admin/logrotate-3.7.2 behavior doesn't match documentation
python-updater 73978 add app-admin/python-updater to revdep-rebuild
192383 Extend app-admin/python-updater to detect leftovers from python.e..
249177 Alternative to app-admin/python-updater
290569 app-admin/python-updater: Improve handling of options
303037 app-admin/python-updater-0.8: Improve error message for missing PVR
307265 Stabilize app-admin/python-updater-0.8
308579 app-admin/python-updater - scanelf: scanelf_file_sym(): /usr/lib/..
lsyncd 276506 app-admin/lsyncd: fails with forced --as-needed
logscan 137648 app-admin/logscan (new package)
ulogd 285376 app-admin/ulogd uses -I paths against kernel source
eselect-pdftex 302203 dev-tex/pdftex-1.40.10 and app-admin/eselect-pdftex-0.3 stable re..
sudosh 68398 app-admin/sudosh-1.6.3 (new ebuild)
radmind 239862 app-admin/radmind-1.7.1-r1 fails to build (parallel make issues?)
eselect-postgresql 265006 app-admin/eselect-postgresql-0.3 doesn't correct work with dev-db..
287585 app-admin/eselect-postgresql-0.3: typo in usage message re. reset..
292122 app-admin/eselect-postgresql: support brief output mode
sabayon 299638 app-admin/sabayon installs pointless libtool archive (.la) files
308277 app-admin/sabayon: Verify and potentially improve Python-related ..
superadduser 277880 app-admin/superadduser-1.0.9 does not make the account when you p..
metalog 308769 app-admin/metalog-1 stable request
bcfg2 308265 app-admin/bcfg2: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
eselect-xvmc 287364 Stabilize app-admin/eselect-xvmc-0.2
292120 app-admin/eselect-xvmc: support brief output mode
yafic 113883 New ebuild: app-admin/yafic
metche 152095 app-admin/metche-1.1 ebuild (New Package)
apache-tools 247260 app-admin/apache-tools fails to compile with /bin/sh -> dash
310799 app-admin/apache-tools-2.2.14 has automagic dep on gdbm
noobjuice-viewer 286998 [new ebuilds] app-admin/noobjuice app-admin/noobjuice-plugins app..
modules 190580 app-admin/modules - Environment Modules (new ebuild)
monit 308613 app-admin/monit-5.1.1 version bump
app-amin jailkit 60653 app-amin/jailkit-2.1.ebuild (New Package)
app-antivirus f-prot 233928 app-antivirus/f-prot infinite loop via a malformed ZIP (CVE-2008-..
251853 app-antivirus/f-prot: pre-stripped files found
264893 keyword request app-antivirus/f-prot-6.0.1
302546 app-antivirus/f-prot 6.0.3 released
xfprot 105405 app-antivirus/xfprot-1.17 - new ebuild
clamav 268309 app-antivirus/clamav-0.95.* claims to bundle libtommath
272963 app-antivirus/clamav should have multiple initscripts
293734 app-antivirus/clamav logrotate script should rotate milter logs a..
293735 app-antivirus/clamav milter socket permissions do not appear to b..
293740 app-antivirus/clamav milter documentation needs instructions for ..
295182 app-antivirus/clamav - freshclam : since 0.95.1 (current 0.95.2) ..
300298 <=mail-filter/clamassassin-1.2.3 requires old app-antivirus/clamav
305961 app-antivirus/clamav-0.95.3: logfix() function doesn't work in cl..
312559 app-antivirus/clamav-0.96 version bump
clamtk 98976 app-antivirus/clamtk - clam antivirus GUI for linux
avast4workstation 277503 [ebuild] app-antivirus/avast4workstation antivirus
clamd-stream-client 278657 app-antivirus/clamd-stream-client-1.3 New application
clamav-unofficial-sigs 272872 app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs (New ebuild)
bitdefender-console 195614 New package: app-antivirus/bitdefender-console
253822 app-antivirus/bitdefender-console<=7.60825 remote DOS/code execut..
sav 292126 [ebuild] app-antivirus/sav - Symantec AntiVirus for Linux
app-arch zpaq 278021 [NEW EBUILD] app-arch/zpaq & app-arch/zpaq-extras
tar 280139 app-arch/tar USE=static assert "$myfail"
304191 please stabilize =app-arch/tar-1.22
309001 app-arch/tar-1.23 fails to unpack certain GNOME packages
XArchive 96981 app-arch/XArchive (new ebuild)
alien 303865 [Version bump] app-arch/alien latest version 8.79 released.
parano 124290 app-arch/parano (new ebuild)
stuffit 235145 app-arch/stuffit no longer requires fetch restriction
arc 288058 app-arch/arc uses mktemp instead of mkstemp
rar 244987 games-rpg/nwn-cep needs an OR dependency on app-arch/rar
xz-utils 298561 Stable =app-arch/xz-utils-4.999.9_beta
303975 app-arch/xz-utils limits itself to 40% of physical RAM
cfv 308291 app-arch/cfv: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
afio 239924 app-arch/afio-2.5: CFLAGS are ignored
243328 app-arch/afio: CC variable not respected
lcab 236342 new ebuild for app-arch/lcab (CAB file creation tool)
rpm 202399 net-analyzer/net-snmp-5.4.1-r1 doesn't compile w/ app-arch/rpm-5...
207342 app-arch/rpm-4.4.9 and app-arch/rpm-4.5 ebuilds
207722 rpmbuild in app-arch/rpm-5.0.0 is missing its "magic files" when ..
215646 app-arch/rpm-4.4.6-r4 failed rebuilding database /var/lib/rpm/Pac..
222907 app-arch/rpm-5.0.3 - rpm-5.0.3/rpmio/.libs/librpmio.so: undefined..
224821 app-arch/rpm-4.4.6-r3: rpmbuild -tb can't find the embedded specf..
227939 app-arch/rpm-4.4.7-r4 fails to build on AMD64 with LC_COLLATE error
234422 app-arch/rpm somehow misses beecrypt
235394 app-admin/conary-2.0.21 has file collision with app-arch/rpm-4.4..
266780 Need ~mips on app-arch/rpm-4.4.6-r6
300096 app-arch/rpm installs pointless libtool archive (.la) files
306621 app-arch/rpm-4.4.6-r6: rpmio_internal.h:15:26: error: beecrypt.ap..
307353 app-arch/rpm-4.4.7-r2 fails with connstatus undeclared
307459 [patch] app-arch/rpm-4.4.6-r6 broken links to "magic files"
308303 app-arch/rpm: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
paq8l 249724 app-arch/paq8l (New Package)
lzma 218459 allow app-arch/lzma and app-arch/lzma-utils to be installed simul..
bzip2 313015 app-arch/bzip2 build fails on solaris 10 while bootstrap
zpaq-extras 278021 [NEW EBUILD] app-arch/zpaq & app-arch/zpaq-extras
zip 287369 Stabilize app-arch/zip-3.0
archivemount 190000 app-arch/archivemount (new ebuild)
xar 201745 ~arch testing for app-arch/xar
lbzip2 309683 app-arch/lbzip2 patch to act as bzip2 replacement
s4w 166386 app-arch/s4w - Application to join/split Hacha files (new ebuild)
apt-rpm 122025 app-arch/apt-rpm- (new ebuild)
mpq-tools 274303 [ebuild] new package: app-arch/mpq-tools
amigadepacker 115366 Please add app-arch/amigadepacker-0.01.ebuild
220777 New package: app-arch/amigadepacker
tamp 281347 dev-libs/quicklz/quicklz-1.4.1_beta3.ebuild - new ebuild, depende..
281349 app-arch/tamp - new ebuild
plzip 311019 new package: app-arch/plzip-0.6 and library dev-libs/lzlib-1.0_rc1
tardy 239921 app-arch/tardy-1.17 failed to build (parallel make issue)
lzma-utils 218459 allow app-arch/lzma and app-arch/lzma-utils to be installed simul..
unace 81958 app-arch/unace: buffer overflows and directory traversal
215366 re-keywording of app-arch/unace-2.5-r1
222301 app-arch/unace-2.5-r1 - unace segfaults on HPPA
unzip 275244 app-arch/unzip-5.52-r2 lacks iconv support
283798 media-tv/mythtv missing DEPEND on app-arch/unzip
star 310013 stabilize app-arch/star-1.5.1
createrepo 308293 app-arch/createrepo: Verify and potentially improve Python-relate..
file-roller 311055 app-arch/file-roller-2.26.3 from nautilus extension doesn't creat..
cpio 222955 app-arch/cpio-2.9-r1: pass-through copy (user root) don't preserv..
283663 app-arch/cpio-2.10 failed: multiple definition of `lstat'/`stat'
306945 Using gcc-4.4 emerge of app-arch/cpio hangs
308827 Stabilize app-arch/cpio-2.10-r1
ipkg-utils 308299 app-arch/ipkg-utils: Verify and potentially improve Python-relate..
advancecomp 282441 app-arch/advancecomp fails tests
pbzip2 300113 Stabilize =app-arch/pbzip2-1.0.5-r2
hardlink 308295 app-arch/hardlink: Verify and potentially improve Python-related ..
opkg-utils 235611 app-arch/opkg, app-arch/opkg-utils
pigz 307837 Stabilize app-arch/pigz-2.1.6
312967 app-arch/pigz[symlink] causes vim to fail to open .tar.gz
xarchiver 262519 app-arch/xarchiver-0.5.2: drag and drop fails if destination fold..
dpkg 309633 <app-arch/dpkg- applies patches containing insecure paths..
310847 app-arch/dpkg-1.15.6 fails tests (segfaults)
unball 194471 app-arch/unball (new ebuild)
unalz 254225 app-arch/unalz [new package]
mscompress 272595 [patch] Please add ~ppc64 keyword for app-arch/mscompress-0.3
libarchive 305981 app-arch/libarchive-2.8.0 fails test_format_newc and test_option_c
unrar 177402 app-arch/unrar does not package libunrar.so
303187 DVB_CARDS="usb-dw2104" media-tv/linuxtv-dvb-firmware requires app..
308127 Stabilize app-arch/unrar-3.9.7
peazip 178716 app-arch/peazip (new ebuild)
rzip 217552 app-arch/rzip fails on files bigger than 4GB
309383 app-arch/rzip-2.1-r1 stable request
upx-ucl 267256 distinguish app-arch/upx from app-arch/upx-ucl more precisely
upx 267256 distinguish app-arch/upx from app-arch/upx-ucl more precisely
opkg 235611 app-arch/opkg, app-arch/opkg-utils
gzip 290000 app-arch/gzip-1.3.13 fails with deflate.c:(.text+0x1c0): multiple..
290129 app-arch/gzip-1.3.13 is broken for all non-GNU compilers
300943 <app-arch/gzip-1.4: Multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2009-2624,CVE-2..
309079 app-arch/gzip-1.4 compilation fails on x86 when USE=-pic
tarar 128038 app-arch/tarar-0.0.1.ebuild (new package)
tarsync 201563 app-arch/tarsync-0.2.1 doesn't work with symlinked target directory
app-backup spideroak-bin 266424 app-backup/spideroak-bin to be added to Portage
mkcdrec 35715 [EBUILD] =app-backup/mkcdrec-0.9.6: Make CD-ROM Recovery (a scrip..
duplicity 279975 app-backup/duplicity-0.5.17 needs sparc keywords
304161 app-backup/duplicity-0.6.06 stabilization request
308311 app-backup/duplicity: Verify and potentially improve Python-relat..
310857 [version bump] app-backup/duplicity-0.6.08b
netbackup 241194 new ebuild: app-backup/netbackup-6.5.ebuild
mirdir 239939 app-backup/mirdir: pre-stripped files found
bacula 282020 Stable request for app-backup/bacula-2.4.4
291160 app-backup/bacula .desktop files
297896 app-backup/bacula 2.4.1-r1 + gcc-4.3.3 - reports a false buffer o..
299639 app-backup/bacula: documentation installed outside /usr/share/doc..
308309 app-backup/bacula: Verify and potentially improve Python-related ..
311099 app-backup/bacula-5.0.1-r2: Unable to compile with bacula-nodir U..
311123 app-backup/bacula-5.0.1-r2: bconsole binary missing
311161 app-backup/bacula-5.0.1-r2 fails to link to correct library durin..
311623 app-backup/bacula-5.0.1-r2: bacula-tray-monitor missing
rdup 196309 app-backup/rdup-0.5.2 (new ebuild)
ccollect 295300 app-backup/ccollect fails tets when building man pages
backintime 308307 app-backup/backintime: Verify and potentially improve Python-rela..
tsm 302633 app-backup/tsm: small improvement patches (get dsmc run on harded..
backuppc 287133 app-backup/backuppc-3.1.0.ebuild (New, rewritten ebuild)
308013 app-backup/backuppc: information leak (CVE-2009-3369)
fsarchiver 261106 [new ebuild] app-backup/fsarchiver
rdiff-backup 291650 app-backup/rdiff-backup-1.2.8 outputs DeprecationWarning with pyt..
308315 app-backup/rdiff-backup: Verify and potentially improve Python-re..
boxbackup 205558 app-backup/boxbackup-0.11rc2 version bump
221545 app-backup/boxbackup: suspect runtime-depend on sys-devel/autoconf
299411 app-backup/boxbackup fails to build in parallel
areca-backup-bin 165818 New ebuild for app-backup/areca-backup-bin-4.1.7
pybackpack 183045 app-backup/pybackpack doesn't run - module' object has no attribu..
183077 app-backup/pybackpack-0.5.1.ebuild (Update)
308313 app-backup/pybackpack: Verify and potentially improve Python-rela..
dar 273337 app-backup/dar: package unconditionally links statically
297429 app-backup/dar-2.3.9 fails during install phase when USE=doc enab..
faubackup 163569 app-backup/faubackup-0.5.9 (new ebuild)
flyback 261427 app-backup/flyback "Apple's Time Machine" port for linux (ebuild ..
darbackup 159172 app-backup/darbackup-0.7 (new ebuild)
svnbackup 233375 New Ebuild: app-backup/svnbackup-1.6
rsnapshot 145158 app-backup/rsnapshot-1.2.9 fillup all space with sync_first 1
300974 app-backup/rsnapshot-1.3.1 doesn't install Perl scripts (*.pl) un..
nssbackup 261341 app-backup/nssbackup - fork of simplebackup (ebuild request)
backup2l 167249 app-backup/backup2l-1.4.ebuild (New Package)
safekeep 278929 app-backup/safekeep (New package)
amanda 296633 app-backup/amanda fails tests
296634 app-backup/amanda installs Perl modules into site-dir (should go ..
300098 app-backup/amanda installs pointless libtool archive (.la) files
300100 app-backup/amanda tries to install missing file
cdbkup 294393 app-backup/cdbkup: documentation installed outside /usr/share/doc..
app-benchmark piozone 243522 app-benchmark/piozone: CC variable not respected
bonnie++ 239951 app-benchmark/bonnie++: CFLAGS are ignored
cpuburn 243516 app-benchmark/cpuburn: CC variable not respected
pipebench 243524 app-benchmark/pipebench: CC variable not respected
app-benchmarks xfbsuite 248160 app-benchmarks/xfbsuite creates /usr/bin sub-directory
bonnie 243512 app-benchmarks/bonnie: CC variable not respected
bashmark 248274 app-benchmarks/bashmark removal
phoronix-test-suite 295833 app-benchmarks/phoronix-test-suite-2.2.0 gui issues
bootchart 162788 app-benchmarks/bootchart has bundled copies of external classes
268996 app-benchmarks/bootchart errors repeatedly if boot takes excessiv..
275251 app-benchmarks/bootchart needs real_init=/sbin/bootchart with gen..
jmeter 63309 app-benchmarks/jmeter uses packed jars
158498 version bump app-benchmarks/jmeter to 2.3.4
211953 =app-benchmarks/jmeter-2.0.1-r3 does not start due to invalid vm ..
238564 app-benchmarks/jmeter-2.0.1-r2 doesn't install "jmeter" in $PATH
282219 app-benchmarks/jmeter-2.0.1-r4 - documentation dir changed in sou..
289291 app-benchmarks/jmeter-2.0.1-r4: crash at start
bonnie++ 299765 stabilise app-benchmarks/bonnie++-1.96
309319 app-benchmarks/bonnie++-1.96: zcav segfaults with count >1
sysbench 297590 app-benchmarks/sysbench: documentation installed outside /usr/sha..
app-cdr burn-cd 308317 app-cdr/burn-cd: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
cue2tracks 289605 app-cdr/cue2tracks-0.2.11 (New package)
mirage2iso 283565 (new ebuild) app-cdr/mirage2iso
cdrtools 289110 [QA] app-cdr/cdrtools-2.01.01_alpha66 doesn't respect LDFLAGS
308245 Please stabilize app-cdr/cdrtools-2.01.01_alpha75
brasero 256830 app-cdr/brasero should list which gstreamer plugins are required ..
nero 311025 app-cdr/nero- needs a bit more of QA_ magic
backlite 304153 app-cdr/backlite-1.0.0 introduces unnecessary qt3support dependency
310129 Please stabilize app-cdr/backlite-1.0.0
xcdroast 285197 app-cdr/xcdroast installs gifs, sounds and stuff into /usr/lib
webcdwriter 273201 app-cdr/webcdwriter needs virtualx when running tests
sync2cd 308331 app-cdr/sync2cd: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
pxlinux 308327 app-cdr/pxlinux: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
dvd+rw-tools 230648 app-cdr/dvd+rw-tools - growisofs i/o error
263402 app-cdr/dvd+rw-tools: kernel complains about growisofs using 32-b..
cdcover 308319 app-cdr/cdcover: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
k9copy 304755 app-cdr/k9copy-2.3.5 fails to build with gcc-4.5.0_pre9999
qmultirecord 304865 app-cdr/qmultirecord-0.0.4 version bump
cdrdao 255699 app-cdr/cdrdao: pccts shouldn't be an useflag
cdemud 299586 app-cdr/cdemud-1.2.0 init.d script should load/unload vhba module
dekagen 107659 New ebuild for app-cdr/dekagen a bash cd-ripper
abgx360gui 299298 New ebuilds: app-cdr/abgx360 and app-cdr/abgx360gui
lightscribe-labeler 152031 app-cdr/lightscribe-labeler-1.0-r6 (New Package)
gcdemu 308323 app-cdr/gcdemu: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
cdrkit 206939 app-cdr/cdrkit comes with an internal stripped down copy of libdv..
254312 app-cdr/cdrkit-{all-versions} wodim ignores the speed setting
pgcedit 213937 New ebuild: app-cdr/pgcedit
gtkcdlabel 308325 app-cdr/gtkcdlabel: Verify and potentially improve Python-related..
serpentine 308329 app-cdr/serpentine: Verify and potentially improve Python-related..
abgx360 299298 New ebuilds: app-cdr/abgx360 and app-cdr/abgx360gui
xbiso 286297 app-cdr/xbiso-0.6.1 fails to build due to missing ftplib.h
gaffitter 268935 app-cdr/gaffitter-0.6.0.ebuild (New package)
cdemu 308321 app-cdr/cdemu: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
k3b 292281 app-cdr/k3b-1.68.0_alpha3 doesn't see any devices (require HAL?)
disc-cover 308851 app-cdr/disc-cover-1.5.6 always depend on dev-perl/Audio-CD-disc-..
binflash 306461 app-cdr/binflash-1.49b checksum failure
app-crypt pkcrack 247394 Collision: /usr/bin/extract provided by media-libs/libextractor, ..
bsign 273336 app-crypt/bsign: package unconditionally links statically
pwdhash 253731 New package: app-crypt/pwdhash
mhash 287397 Stabilize app-crypt/mhash-
294548 app-crypt/mhash- fails tests on amd64
dogtag-pki-ca-ui 310541 new ebuild app-crypt/dogtag-pki-ca-ui
truecrypt 298907 app-crypt/truecrypt-6.3a: Ebuild should check that CONFIG_CRYPTO_..
302170 app-crypt/truecrypt needs to be ported to openrc
311971 app-crypt/truecrypt-6.3a (and 6.1a) hangs when mounting a volume.
dogtag-pki-ra-ui 310881 new ebuiild app-crypt/dogtag-pki-ra-ui
dieharder 212674 app-crypt/dieharder (new ebuild)
pki-tps 310893 new ebuiild app-crypt/pki-tps
scramble 159678 app-crypt/scramble-4.5.0 (new ebuild)
dogtag-pki-common-ui 310543 new ebuild app-crypt/dogtag-pki-common-ui
pki-tks 310909 new ebuiild app-crypt/pki-tks
signing-party 309771 Please stabilise app-crypt/signing-party-1.1.3
cfs 225321 app-crypt/cfs- and app-crypt/ccrypt-1.7-r1: /usr/bin/ccat..
tthsum 104027 app-crypt/tthsum (new package)
hymn 126318 New package: app-crypt/hymn-0.8.0
rotix 239964 app-crypt/rotix fails to build with -O0 and USE=nls
306435 app-crypt/rotix-0.83: homepage not accessible
visprint 154500 app-crypt/visprint-2.0.ebuild (new package)
ffv 144574 app-crypt/ffv-0.43.ebuild (New Package)
ccrypt 225321 app-crypt/cfs- and app-crypt/ccrypt-1.7-r1: /usr/bin/ccat..
rainbowcrack 312497 app-crypt/rainbowcrack-1.4 version bump ???
heimdal 242288 app-crypt/heimdal complain for missing library
245934 dev-libs/openssl with app-crypt/heimdal - compatibility issue
246397 dev-db/postgresql-base-8.3.4 with USE=kerberos and app-crypt/heim..
246863 app-crypt/heimdal has parallel make issues
258015 app-crypt/heimdal and dev-libs/libedit file collision on /usr/sha..
259838 app-crypt/heimdal-1.2.1-r1 install issues with /usr/bin/compile_et
273708 app-crypt/heimdal-1.2.1-r1 incomplete LDAP support
285368 app-crypt/heimdal (1.2.1-r4) should use system readline on Linux
296117 app-crypt/heimdal-1.3.1: version bump
296610 app-crypt/heimdal fails to build
mdcrack 294634 app-crypt/mdcrack has interactive test phase
qca 213868 Please re-keyword =app-crypt/qca{,-cyrus-sasl,-gnupg,-logger,-oss..
305907 app-crypt/qca uses sys-devel/qconf style ./configure
trousers 232190 app-crypt/trousers-0.3.1: tcsd fails to start, because of insuffi..
282345 app-crypt/trousers- fails to build with >=sys-devel/autoco..
onekript 173493 app-crypt/onekript (new package)
pk7 221461 New package: app-crypt/pk7-0.5
bcwipe 309987 app-crypt/bcwipe-1.9.4 version bump
gpgme 160597 for -march=pentium4 in CFLAGS: "waiting for [...].o.lock to be re..
277890 [TRACKER] app-crypt/gpgme-1.2.0 induced bugs
dogtag-pki-console-ui 310875 new ebuiild app-crypt/dogtag-pki-console-ui
dogtag-pki-ocsp-ui 310879 new ebuiild app-crypt/dogtag-pki-ocsp-ui
keynote 298669 app-crypt/keynote fails with parallel make
pki-ca 310887 new ebuiild app-crypt/pki-ca
ccid 264983 please keyword dev-perl/gtk2-perl and app-crypt/ccid
kstart 244829 app-crypt/kstart - new revision with config file in /etc/conf.d
296618 app-crypt/kstart: fails with _FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
pinentry 161764 app-crypt/pinentry-0.7.2-r3 automake fails
176758 app-crypt/pinentry-0.7.2 - please, add color patch to pinentry-cu..
203871 app-crypt/pinentry-0.7.3: hangs when used with keychain-2.6.6
252912 app-crypt/pinentry bundles a copy of libassuan
264656 app-crypt/pinentry with "caps" in USE does not read passphrases
299388 app-crypt/pinentry-0.7.6 stable request
300988 app-crypt/pinentry-0.7.6 fallback-curses doesn't work
307531 >=app-crypt/gnupg-2.0.13 w/ app-crypt/pinentry[curses] and keycha..
308695 Bump app-crypt/pinentry to 0.8.0
trng 213281 app-crypt/trng-4.4 (new package)
dogtag-pki-kra-ui 310877 new ebuiild app-crypt/dogtag-pki-kra-ui
shishi 255461 New ebuild for GNU Shishi, app-crypt/shishi
gpshell 242228 dev-libs/globalplatform-5.0.0 and app-crypt/gpshell-1.4.2 ebuilds
certmaster 235569 [new ebuild] app-crypt/certmaster
haveged 283055 [New ebuild] app-crypt/haveged-0.8
coolkey 302769 app-crypt/coolkey-1.1.0-r1 missing several needed patches from up..
dirmngr 298913 kde-base/kgpg-4.3.X: needs app-crypt/dirmngr
openssl-blacklist 275621 app-crypt/openssl-blacklist-0.5.2 released
308333 app-crypt/openssl-blacklist: Verify and potentially improve Pytho..
dogtag-pki-tks-ui 310883 new ebuiild app-crypt/dogtag-pki-tks-ui
mit-krb5 177522 app-crypt/mit-krb5-1.6.1 available with real LDAP-backend-support
179907 app-crypt/mit-krb5 needs ~x86-fbsd for zephyr protocol in net-im/..
187201 app-crypt/mit-krb5 breaks openssh w/ USE='kerberos libedit' due t..
216535 app-crypt/mit-krb5-1.5.3-r1 doesn't provide static libs
216963 app-crypt/mit-krb5-1.6.3-r1 missing sys-apps/keyutils RDEPEND
219175 app-crypt/mit-krb5-1.6.3-r1 fails linking on default-bsd/fbsd/6.2..
268889 app-crypt/mit-krb5 bundles sys-libs/db
274209 app-crypt/mit-krb5 can be built on gentoo/FreeBSD-6.2
287399 Stabilize app-crypt/mit-krb5-1.7-r1
303723 <app-crypt/mit-krb5-1.7.1 DOS ticket request (CVE-2009-3295)
305819 mail-client/pine-4.64-r7 depends on app-crypt/mit-krb5 instead of..
308021 <app-crypt/mit-krb5-1.7.1 DOS (CVE-2009-4212,CVE-2010-0283)
310451 app-crypt/mit-krb5-1.6.3-r6 and 1.7-r2 fails to compile with dev-..
311487 app-crypt/mit-krb5-1.8 version bump
312481 <app-crypt/mit-krb5-1.7.2 SPNEGO GSS-API DoS (CVE-2010-0628)
codegroup 285381 app-crypt/codegroup-20080907
ssh-multiadd 308341 app-crypt/ssh-multiadd: Verify and potentially improve Python-rel..
seahorse 275291 app-crypt/seahorse{,-plugins}-2.26.2, x11-plugins/enigmail-0.95.7..
281729 =app-crypt/seahorse-2.22.3 crashed with SIGSEGV if built with USE..
282275 app-crypt/seahorse[epiphany] depends on xulrunner 1.8
paperkey 206945 app-crypt/paperkey (New package)
openvpn-blacklist 308339 app-crypt/openvpn-blacklist: Verify and potentially improve Pytho..
pki-ra 310889 new ebuiild app-crypt/pki-ra
gorilla 292749 app-misc/pwsafe and app-crypt/gorilla must be in the same category
johntheripper 259563 Patch to support Oracle 11g hashes in app-crypt/johntheripper
287932 Stable request for app-crypt/johntheripper-
297821 app-crypt/johntheripper- emerge fail with mpi flag enable
pki-symkey 310891 new ebuiild app-crypt/pki-symkey
gnupg 258944 app-crypt/gnupg should have gpg-agent loader
259789 app-crypt/gnupg-2.0.10: USE="-smartcard" not honored by gpg-agent..
275291 app-crypt/seahorse{,-plugins}-2.26.2, x11-plugins/enigmail-0.95.7..
278860 Failure to emerge app-crypt/gnupg 2.0.11
285289 app-crypt/gnupg: /usr/share/gnupg/qualified.txt is overwriten on ..
300048 app-crypt/gnupg-2.0.14 fails tests
301941 app-crypt/gnupg: pcsc-lite and openct USE flags should be conditi..
305661 app-crypt/gnupg-2.0.14: gpg-agent as ssh-agent replacement always..
306907 app-crypt/gnupg: gpg-agent calls pinentry symlink which does not ..
307531 >=app-crypt/gnupg-2.0.13 w/ app-crypt/pinentry[curses] and keycha..
fcrackzip 146363 app-crypt/fcrackzip (new ebuild)
mcrypt 213088 app-crypt/mcrypt-2.6.7 doesn't work properly with openpgp format
bestcrypt 277164 app-crypt/bestcrypt fails to build
dogtag-pki-tps-ui 310885 new ebuiild app-crypt/dogtag-pki-tps-ui
app-crypto sshfp 181895 app-crypto/sshfp-1.1.3 (new ebuild)
app-defaults XScreenSaver 275321 x11-misc/electricsheep doesn't add itself to app-defaults/XScreen..
app-dict stardict 144451 Russian dictionaries for app-dict/stardict
245304 app-dict/stardict 3.0.1-r1 do not restore position of elements, p..
enchant 263014 app-dict/enchant needs to migrate personal dictionaries from aspe..
jalingo 172065 app-dict/jalingo-0.6.0 (New Package)
myspell-en 192440 app-dict/myspell-en-20060316 thesaurus doesn't work with app-offi..
app-dicts simpledict 266359 [new package] app-dicts/simpledict-0.3.0
lightlang 208742 app-dicts/lightlang - new ebuild
aspell-lt 254425 keyword app-dicts/aspell-lt, app-dicts/aspell-la
myspell-pl 246346 app-dicts/myspell-pl-20081111 version bump
stardict-freedict-hun-eng 180622 New ebuilds: app-dicts/stardict-freedict-hun-eng-2.4.2, app-dicts..
stardict-tools 292773 app-dicts/stardict-tools (new package required)
sdcv 298533 app-dicts/sdcv fails tests
stardict-freedict 258485 Stable request for app-dicts/stardict-freedict-{eng-tur,tur-eng,t..
dixit 224199 =app-dicts/dixit-1.0.1 new ebuild
aspell-la 254425 keyword app-dicts/aspell-lt, app-dicts/aspell-la
myspell-nl 298198 Please stablize app-dicts/myspell-nl-20070607
309947 app-dicts/myspell-nl-20090725 version bump
myspell-pt 151076 app-dicts/myspell-pt update
221733 app-dicts/myspell-pt obsolet and buggy
221735 app-dicts/myspell-pt installation (upgrade) does not change insta..
ispell-no 295830 app-dicts/ispell-no fails with parallel make
multitran 202219 app-dicts/multitran: new ebuilds
ktranslator 121293 add KTranslator ebuild into portage (app-dicts/ktranslator)
lexa 143892 app-dicts/lexa-0.5 - command line dictionary (new ebuild)
qvortado 248719 app-dicts/qvortado: pre-stripped files found
ispell-lt 308343 app-dicts/ispell-lt: Verify and potentially improve Python-relate..
dictd-wn 271336 version bump app-dicts/dictd-wn-3.0
myspell-uk 275136 app-dicts/myspell-uk version bump
stardict-langdao-zh-en-gb 259659 app-dicts/stardict-langdao-zh-en-gb-2.4.2: FROM/TO_LANG mixup
aspell-es 259420 app-dicts/aspell-es-0.50.2: can not extract with either "tar" or ..
aspell-de-alt 254398 Please keyword app-dicts/aspell-de-alt-2.1.1-r1
296443 Please stabilise app-dicts/aspell-de-alt-2.1.1-r1
goldendict 264631 app-dicts/goldendict live ebuild
313059 app-dicts/goldendict-0.9 linked against qt-4.6 crashes
dictconv 224525 New ebuild: app-dicts/dictconv
verbiste 255734 app-dicts/verbiste-0.1.23 doesn't pass tests
dictd-mueller 171201 app-dicts/dictd-mueller-3.1 (New package)
stardict-jmdict-ja-en 297966 app-dicts/stardict-jmdict-ja-en tries to install missing document..
stardict-jmdict-en-ja 298450 app-dicts/stardict-jmdict-en-ja tries to install missing document..
myspell-de 305725 app-dicts/myspell-de-20090701 version bump
myspell-da 305719 app-dicts/myspell-da version bump
stardict-freedict-eng-hun 180622 New ebuilds: app-dicts/stardict-freedict-hun-eng-2.4.2, app-dicts..
stardict 246174 app-dicts/stardict - optional esd support
myspell-lv 292448 app-dicts/myspell-lv version bump to 0.8.2
words-bin 142046 app-dicts/words-bin-1.97.ebuild (New Package)
gjiten 294891 app-dicts/gjiten: documentation installed outside /usr/share/doc/..
app-doc elisp-manual 287460 Please stabilise app-doc/elisp-manual-22.2.9 and -23.3.0
doxygen 221667 dev-libs/vdk: suspect runtime-depend on app-doc/doxygen
263641 >=app-doc/doxygen-1.5.8-r1 doesn't compile on PPC64
308353 app-doc/doxygen: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
simplephpdocviewer 210246 app-doc/simplephpdocviewer (new Ebuild)
selfphp 152774 ebuild for app-doc/selfphp
295527 app-doc/selfphp-5.2.7 ebuild Request
doxys 106316 app-doc/doxys (new ebuild)
diveintopython 284506 app-doc/diveintopython (New package)
ucspi-tcp-man 299677 sys-apps/ucspi-tcp stable to remove app-doc/ucspi-tcp-man
heirloom-doctools-080407-r2 294402 app-doc/heirloom-doctools-080407-r2 does not display umlauts on m..
ebookmerge 267359 app-doc/ebookmerge tries to fetch files from defunct server
howto 294894 app-doc/howto-*: documentation installed outside /usr/share/doc/$..
repodoc 297946 app-doc/repodoc fails tests
297947 app-doc/repodoc fails to install with parallel make
299753 app-doc/repodoc installs ELF files in /usr/share
halibut 299502 app-doc/halibut fails to build
heirloom-doctools 293180 virtual/groff or || ( sys-apps/groff app-doc/heirloom-doctools ) ..
openmotif-manual 309999 Please stabilise x11-libs/openmotif-2.3.2-r2 and app-doc/openmoti..
lpod-docs 306537 Ebuild : app-doc/lpod-docs
howto-html 298027 app-doc/howto-html installs ELF files
app-editor vim 292899 app-editor/vim: strange symlinks breaks jailkit creation
app-editors vile 278415 app-editors/vile fails parallel install
nedit 296942 app-editors/nedit could ship Icon= for .desktop file
299802 Failure to use accented characters in app-editors/nedit-5.5-r1
gvim 235189 app-editors/gvim-7.2 uses old GTK open file dialog and not the pr..
239485 app-editors/gvim-7.2 - paludis:Dropping circular dependency on 'a..
279125 app-editors/gvim: tests get stuck and needs to be killed
oxygenxml 310319 Request for new ebuild: app-editors/oxygenxml
gedit 257004 <app-editors/gedit-{2.22.3-r2,2.24.3} Untrusted search path vulne..
262325 [FEATURES=test failure] app-editors/gedit-2.26.3 fails testsuite
280533 app-editors/gedit wrong highlighting plain text files
306259 app-editors/gedit pastes in the wrong place
vim 94171 app-editors/vim uses vim-with-x use flag instead of X
188315 app-editors/vim-7.1.042 - man output broken with vim-pager
200483 app-editors/vim-7.1.123 - wildmode/wildchar broken/changed
232890 app-editors/vim < 7.2 configure.in Makefile-conf temporary file i..
234652 app-editors/vim arbitrary command execution when handling tar arc..
238120 app-editors/vim <7.2.010 control-k command execution (CVE-2008-41..
257007 <app-editors/vim-7.2.182 Untrusted search path vulnerability (CVE..
279408 app-editors/vim-7.2.182 fails to emerge with distcc enabled
304893 app-editors/vim-7.2.359 fails to build with ruby:1.9
310723 app-editors/vim-7.2 tests have to be killed
312079 app-editors/vim-7.2.303: syntax highlighting bug - Bash condition..
fte-20051115-r1 216444 app-editors/fte-20051115-r1 missing libXpm dep
vim-core 189435 app-editors/vim-core should not install localized files unconditi..
194200 app-editors/vim-core: a bug in Metapost syntax highlighting
227453 app-editors/vim-core <7.1.319 Shell Command Injection Vulnerabili..
245065 app-editors/{g}vim, app-editors/vim-core multiple vulnerabilities..
274949 app-editors/vim-core-7.2.402: exluding last two fields in fstab i..
302796 app-editors/vim-core installs non-prefixed vimrc file
312541 app-editors/vim-core-7.2.402: gentoo autocmd takes too long time ..
xemacs 75028 app-editors/xemacs-21.4.21-r1 fails to build: Segmentation fault
242716 app-editors/xemacs-{21.4.21-r1,21.5.28-r4} font-lock problem
275397 <app-editors/xemacs-21.4.22-r1: Multiple Image Processing Integer..
277084 app-editors/xemacs fails tests
296714 app-editors/xemacs-21.5.29-r2 fails to emerge because of missing ..
mousepad 310121 Please stabilize app-editors/mousepad-0.2.16-r1
jasspa-microemacs-20091011-r1 307507 Please stabilise app-editors/jasspa-microemacs-20091011-r1
efte 297415 app-editors/efte documentation installed outside /usr/share/doc/$..
morla 261711 app-editors/morla-0.16 (New ebuild)
emacs 200297 app-editors/emacs < 22.1-r3 Buffer overflow in format function (C..
234095 app-editors/emacs MIPS support
267053 sys-apps/sandbox-1.9 breaks configure test for fork (seen with ap..
268793 app-editors/emacs-23*: lift ban of 'aqua'
286447 app-editors/emacs-23.1 fails to compile (and freezes emerge proce..
292471 app-editors/emacs: reconnection to emacs-daemon failed
294479 app-editors/emacs-23.1-r2 segfaults during compile
jed 307509 Please stabilise app-editors/jed-0.99.19
tweak 283694 New ebuild: app-editors/tweak-3.01
leevee 243564 app-editors/leevee: CC variable not respected
fte 239928 app-editors/fte: CFLAGS are ignored
mined 307629 app-editors/mined (new package)
hessling 94413 app-editors/hessling-3.3b1 (NEW Ebuild)
ejourn 123451 app-editors/ejourn-0.4.1 (new ebuild)
cooledit 267536 app-editors/cooledit-3.17.17: cut/copy/paste operations cause crash
267567 app-editors/cooledit-3.17.17 not compatible with python
xmlcopyeditor 293064 =app-editors/xmlcopyeditor- wrongly RDEPENDS on dev-lib..
scite 312851 Stabilize =app-editors/scite-2.03
ex-vi 284164 app-editors/ex-vi-050325.ebuild (New Package)
dhex 121086 app-editors/dhex (new package)
screem 252528 app-editors/screem comes with a copy of gdl
conglomerate 214900 Please stabilize =app-editors/conglomerate-0.9.1
sxemacs 298281 New ebuild: app-editors/sxemacs
gummi 282876 app-editors/gummi-0.1f (New Package)
jedit 177024 app-editors/jedit has bsh classes inside it
joe 184740 app-editors/joe-3.5 - conflicting setting in jstarrc file
259482 Stabilize app-editors/joe-3.7-r1
291178 app-editors/joe-3.7: include unreleased fixes
hexer 313039 app-editors/hexer - New ebuild (Console hex editor)
scribes 296891 app-editors/scribes fails to install (sandbox violation)
311177 app-editors/scribes: Verify and potentially improve Python-relate..
moe 263658 Request for ebuild: app-editors/moe
lfhex 288112 Stabilize app-editors/lfhex-0.42
bluefish 311171 app-editors/bluefish: Verify and potentially improve Python-relat..
diakonos 110190 app-editors/diakonos ebuild (New Package)
gedit-plugins 311173 app-editors/gedit-plugins: Verify and potentially improve Python-..
setedit 254246 [new package] app-editors/setedit-0.5.5, a friendly text editor
emacs-vcs 297581 Please re-keyword app-editors/emacs-vcs-{23.1.9999-r3,24.0.9999}
aoeui 172436 app-editors/aoeui-1.1.0 (new ebuild)
leafpad 306449 app-editors/leafpad-0.8.17 stable request
app-emacs wanderlust 307575 Please stabilise app-emacs/flim-1.14.9-r2, app-emacs/semi-1.14.6-..
ess 299973 Please stabilise app-emacs/ess-5.7.1
ecb 307577 Please stabilise app-emacs/ecb-2.40-r1
semi 307575 Please stabilise app-emacs/flim-1.14.9-r2, app-emacs/semi-1.14.6-..
zenburn 304181 Please stabilise app-emacs/zenburn-20090708
navi2ch 309043 Please stabilise app-emacs/navi2ch-1.8.3-r1
org-mode 293773 app-emacs/org-mode should retain the contrib/ subdirectory
pymacs 311181 app-emacs/pymacs: Verify and potentially improve Python-related c..
whine 297562 Please stabilise app-emacs/whine-20091222
slime 256752 Bump app-emacs/slime
265050 [Lisp overlay] app-emacs/slime-2.0_p20090312-r1: Symbol's functio..
muse 307571 Please stabilise app-emacs/muse-3.20
flim 307575 Please stabilise app-emacs/flim-1.14.9-r2, app-emacs/semi-1.14.6-..
tramp 301301 Please stabilise app-emacs/tramp-2.1.17
x-symbol 199220 app-emacs/x-symbol-4.51 (New package) X-Symbol ebuild for Emacs (..
emacs-daemon 263222 Please keyword app-emacs/emacs-daemon-0.15
302977 Please stabilise app-emacs/emacs-daemon-0.17
sokoban 304179 Please stabilise app-emacs/sokoban-1.04_p20030614
gentoo-syntax 299358 Please stabilise app-emacs/gentoo-syntax-1.16
apel 307573 Please stabilise app-emacs/apel-10.7-r1
mmm-mode 311259 app-emacs/mmm-mode-0.4.8-r1 does not work if mode-name isn't a st..
auctex 267930 app-emacs/auctex-11.85: preview-latex fails
app-emulation virtinst 275038 app-emulation/virtinst has incorrect patch - python syntax error
305821 app-emulation/virtinst-0.500.1 doesn't allow cdrom or network ins..
311193 app-emulation/virtinst: Verify and potentially improve Python-rel..
312731 app-emulation/virtinst 0.500.3 version bump
virtualbox 258444 app-emulation/virtualbox-{ose,guest}-additions have unclear descr..
283593 app-shells/bash-completion || app-emulation/virtualbox-{bin,ose} ..
291292 app-emulation/virtualbox-{bin,ose} need to set VBOX_APP_HOME in e..
reapple2 182991 app-emulation/reapple2-0.3 (new ebuild)
vmware-player 230959 app-emulation/vmware-player- : executable stacks shou..
254148 app-emulation/vmware-player <= and app-emulation/vmw..
290831 app-emulation/vmware-player-3.0 version bump
311201 app-emulation/vmware-player: Verify and potentially improve Pytho..
311435 app-emulation/vmware-player- crashes
ganeti 298006 app-emulation/ganeti fails tests
300188 <app-emulation/ganeti-{1.2.9,2.0.5,2.1.0_rc2} Arbitrary Command E..
311183 app-emulation/ganeti: Verify and potentially improve Python-relat..
faumachine 99999 app-emulation/faumachine-20050720.ebuild (new package)
xen 210628 app-emulation/xen-3.2.0 breaks bridging
212429 app-emulation/xen Qemu: insufficient block device address range c..
243590 app-emulation/xen: CC variable not respected
277372 Kernel: sys-kernel/xen-sources app-emulation/xen-3.4.0 hypervisor..
293714 Please stabilise app-emulation/xen-tools-3.4.2, app-emulation/xen..
qemu-kvm 294460 =app-emulation/qemu-kvm-0.11.0 cannot find /etc/qemu-ifup
294461 =app-emulation/qemu-kvm-0.11.0 does not find tap0 device
299211 app-emulation/qemu-kvm- crashes on boot when using "-vga ..
308041 app-emulation/qemu-kvm: multiple vulnerabilites (CVE-2010-{0298,0..
311627 app-emulation/qemu-kvm rename gnutls use flag to ssl
312907 sys-kernel/gentoo-sources-2.6.33, app-emulation/qemu-kvm-0.12.3 -..
aqemu 251001 app-emulation/aqemu - ebuild request
hercules 252716 app-emulation/hercules bundles a copy of libltdl
308823 app-emulation/hercules 3.07 version bump
xcpc 169470 app-emulation/xcpc-20070122 (new ebuild)
parallels-workstation 217212 new version: app-emulation/parallels-workstation-2.2.2222
simh 305523 app-emulation/simh-3.8.1 version bump
qemu 144894 app-emulation/qemu - Adlib Support Flag
201434 app-emulation/qemu TranslationBlock (code_gen_buffer) buffer over..
207708 app-emulation/qemu-0.9.0.ebuild patch for Gentoo/FreeBSD
252266 app-emulation/qemu <= 0.9.1 Denial of Service (CVE-2008-2382)
252595 app-emulation/qemu <= 0.9.1 off-by-one bug limiting VNC passwords..
255605 app-emulation/qemu: patch for support of ZX-80 Spectrum
277395 app-emulation/qemu-0.10.5 should have test restricted
290269 app-emulation/qemu-0.11.0: #error unsupported target CPU
290643 app-emulation/qemu <= 0.10.6 Denial of Service (CVE-2009-3616)
293393 app-emulation/qemu-0.11.0 strips the binaries by default, defeati..
304509 Add IUSE="static" to app-emulation/qemu-0.11.1
304771 app-emulation/qemu-0.12.2 version bump (maybe?)
308039 app-emulation/qemu-*: buffer overflow (CVE-2010-0297)
pearpc 254748 app-emulation/pearpc: package needs at least one USE flag but no ..
273844 app-emulation/pearpc-0.4 and app-emulation/pearpc-cvs-0.1 (zugain..
vmware 236167 app-emulation/vmware-* multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2007-{5269,5..
245941 app-emulation/vmware* <126128/126538 Multiple vulnerabilities (CV..
265139 <app-emulation/vmware-{workstation,player}-*.5.2.156735, <app-emu..
282213 app-emulation/vmware-{player,server} <185404: Use of unitialized ..
292771 app-emulation/vmware-{server,workstation} After upgrade glibc-2.1..
297367 <app-emulation/vmware-{workstation-6.5.3,player-2.5.3,server-1.0...
skyeye 200003 app-emulation/skyeye-1.2.4 bump request
softgun 240004 app-emulation/softgun: CFLAGS are ignored
296238 app-emulation/softgun-0.18 bump request (0.16 fails to build)
open-vm-tools 276759 =app-emulation/open-vm-tools-0.0.20090618.172495 fails to build o..
virt-manager 311195 app-emulation/virt-manager: Verify and potentially improve Python..
312733 app-emulation/virt-manager-0.8.4 version bump
vmware-server-console 255117 app-emulation/vmware-server-console- doesn't launch, ..
276703 app-emulation/vmware-server-console symbol lookup error
qtemu 273870 app-emulation/qtemu-2.0_alpha1 and -9999
playonlinux 305457 [new version] app-emulation/playonlinux-3.7.3
minivmac 255646 new package request app-emulation/minivmac: a miniature Macintos..
virtualbox-bin 279198 app-emulation/virtualbox-bin-* has no `check_license` and has RES..
298373 app-emulation/virtualbox-bin incorrect init.d script
298380 app-emulation/virtualbox-bin depends on libXmu
310237 Wrong dependencies for app-emulation/virtualbox-bin
311197 app-emulation/virtualbox-bin: Verify and potentially improve Pyth..
312581 app-emulation/virtualbox-bin-3.1.6 permissions on included rdeskt..
lisaem 185495 app-emulation/lisaem - Ebuild Request
fuse 257598 app-emulation/fuse: header present but cannot be compiled
libdsk 289743 app-emulation/libdsk-1.1.5 fails to compile due to fail in functi..
spectemu 255777 app-emulation/spectemu fails parallel install
qemuctl 274459 app-emulation/qemuctl-0.2.1 (New Package)
virtualbox-ose 249295 app-emulation/virtualbox-ose: fails with forced --as-needed
252151 app-emulation/virtualbox-ose-9999 VBoxAddIF.sh does not exist
262551 app-emulation/virtualbox-ose-9999 install fails because of missin..
278310 app-emulation/virtualbox-ose-3.1.2 fails with forced as-needed
288281 app-emulation/virtualbox-ose needs to DEPEND on pkgconfig
294506 app-emulation/virtualbox-ose-3.0.12 fails in configure with mallo..
295621 app-emulation/virtualbox-ose-3.1.0 fails to build with an error c..
298883 app-emulation/virtualbox-ose ebuild needs use flag to disable xpcom
299911 app-emulation/virtualbox-ose-3.0.12 vboxwebsrv init script broken
306409 app-emulation/virtualbox-ose does not compile with distcc
307711 app-emulation/virtualbox-ose-3.0.12: fails parallel make
311199 app-emulation/virtualbox-ose: Verify and potentially improve Pyth..
msim 290878 app-emulation/msim-1.3.7 new ebuild
vboxgtk 311191 app-emulation/vboxgtk: Verify and potentially improve Python-rela..
qemulator 250188 app-emulation/qemulator-0.5: could not find glade file '/usr/lib6..
edumips64 186165 app-emulation/edumips64 (New ebuild)
packettracer 257873 app-emulation/packettracer: Cisco's Packet Tracer ebuild request
kvm-88-r1 286587 Stack smashing detected in app-emulation/kvm-88-r1
open-vm-tools-kmod 296277 app-emulation/open-vm-tools-kmod-0.0.20091015.201664 fails to com..
pearpc-cvs 273844 app-emulation/pearpc-0.4 and app-emulation/pearpc-cvs-0.1 (zugain..
coldfire 298319 app-emulation/coldfire: documentation installed outside /usr/shar..
vmware-view-open-client 295737 app-emulation/vmware-view-open-client fails to build
vmware-modules 260979 app-emulation/vmware-modules- fails to compile on kern..
268741 app-emulation/vmware-modules-1.0.0.{24,25} conflicting types for ..
273173 app-emulation/vmware-modules- fails to build with sys-..
274529 [PATCH] app-emulation/vmware-modules- compile error w..
282743 app-emulation/vmware-server- with app-emulation/vmwar..
xen-tools 200717 app-emulation/xen-tools-3.1.2: doesn't support XENFB_TOOLS build..
225715 app-emulation/xen-tools bridge script IPv6 compatibility problem
236380 app-emulation/xen-tools-3.3.0 does not install pv-grub
243592 app-emulation/xen-tools: CC variable not respected
254703 app-emulation/xen-tools-3.3.0 using bridge setup, domU's can see ..
258378 app-emulation/xen-tools-3.3.0 does not bring eth0 up
260880 app-emulation/xen-tools: uses -Werror during build
281919 app-emulation/xen-tools-3.4.1 don't compile on hardened
282729 app-emulation/xen-tools - DeprecationWarnings with python 2.6
293714 Please stabilise app-emulation/xen-tools-3.4.2, app-emulation/xen..
293717 app-emulation/xen-tools-3.4.1-r1: Bug in network-bridge startup s..
311207 app-emulation/xen-tools: Verify and potentially improve Python-re..
e-uae 158416 app-emulation/e-uae unable to use capslib on amd64
205047 app-emulation/e-uae-0.8.29_rc4-r1 does not compile
vmware-dsp 150495 app-emulation/vmware-dsp-1.3 tries to build from 32-bit source o..
153141 app-emulation/vmware-dsp-1.3 failing to load esd
netemul 299732 app-emulation/netemul (New ebuild)
wine-etersoft-public 199648 app-emulation/wine-etersoft-public (new ebuild)
kdeqemu 144204 app-emulation/kdeqemu - kde qemu frontend (new ebuild)
dosemu 180451 app-emulation/dosemu: stack smashing detected after upgrade to gl..
279700 app-emulation/dosemu- segfault
294843 app-emulation/dosemu fails to build
301325 Please stabilize app-emulation/dosemu-1.4.1_pre20091009
libvirt 302743 app-emulation/libvirt-0.7.5 libvirtd segfaults
309427 app-emulation/libvirt-0.7.7 version bump
310219 app-emulation/libvirt-0.7.6-r1 should check a hypervisor use flag..
310229 app-emulation/libvirt-0.7.6-r1 USE="-python" installs a broken vi..
310231 app-emulation/libvirt-0.7.6-r1 with USE="python" needs dev-libs/l..
311187 app-emulation/libvirt: Verify and potentially improve Python-rela..
311227 app-emulation/libvirt compiles with Debug
312389 sys-cluster/drbd and app-emulation/libvirt: libvirtd will allways..
qemu-launcher 151228 app-emulation/qemu-launcher-1.7.1 (new ebuild)
crossover-office-pro-bin 291629 app-emulation/crossover-office-pro-bin-8.0.0 doesn't create menu-..
311943 app-emulation/crossover-office-pro-bin-9.0.0 version bump request
spim 310859 Version bump for app-emulation/spim
emul-linux-x86 262414 app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-* should ship with pkg-config files
312471 32bit binary-only packages depending on app-emulation/emul-linux-..
convirt 142177 app-emulation/convirt (new ebuild)
qenv 239997 app-emulation/qenv requires qemu at build time (not in DEPEND)
mol 199294 app-emulation/mol- does not build due to missing ioctl in..
emul-linux-x86-baselibs 196865 app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-baselibs: Multiple issues
213823 <app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-baselibs-20080316; <net-nds/openlda..
293936 games-q3mod eclass depends on app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-baselibs
312035 app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-baselibs-20100220 include /usr/lib32..
basiliskII-jit 255644 app-emulation/basiliskII-jit: a lot improved ebuild
emul-linux-x86-java 179162 app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-java-1.6*: internal copy of libpng i..
emul-linux-x86-medialibs 213745 [QA] [TEXTREL] >=app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-medialibs-20080316 ..
299047 app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-medialibs-20091231: QA Notice: TEXTREL
303431 Include media-libs/xine-lib in app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-media..
kqemu 202606 app-emulation/kqemu ~x86-fbsd keyword request (w/ patch)
235078 app-emulation/kqemu-1.3.0_pre11: patches for x86-fbsd
243582 app-emulation/kqemu: CC variable not respected
256764 app-emulation/kqemu-1.3.0_pre11 segfaults then hangs when build w..
260876 app-emulation/kqemu: uses -Werror during build
263837 app-emulation/kqemu-1.4.0_pre1 should filter -ftracer from CFLAGS
kvm-85-r1 269017 app-emulation/kvm-85-r1 hangs on shutdown of windows xp or window..
virtualbox-guest-additions 296851 app-emulation/virtualbox-guest-additions fails to install mount c..
297633 app-emulation/virtualbox-guest-additions-3.1.0: all features shou..
298988 app-emulation/virtualbox-guest-additions: various kernel module p..
305583 app-emulation/virtualbox-guest-additions-3.1.4 init script is bro..
vice 196564 app-emulation/vice-1.21-r1 doesn't start if compiled with --enabl..
302506 Please stabilize =app-emulation/vice-2.1
aranym 294859 app-emulation/aranym: documentation installed outside /usr/share/..
virtualbox-modules 265281 app-emulation/virtualbox-modules message is incorrect for sys-app..
285866 app-emulation/virtualbox-modules-3.0.6 doesn't support kernel obj..
295179 app-emulation/virtualbox-modules-3.0.12: udev rules cleanup
vmware-workstation-7x 291241 app-emulation/vmware-workstation-7x ebuild Request
vmware-workstation 213548 app-emulation/vmware-workstation +server +player Multiple vulnera..
242764 gentoo-sources-2.6.25* freezes under app-emulation/vmware-worksta..
247679 app-emulation/vmware-workstation- startup failure .....
254148 app-emulation/vmware-player <= and app-emulation/vmw..
263537 app-emulation/vmware-workstation- keyboard problems i..
274339 app-emulation/vmware-workstation directly uses oss. meaning 2 oss..
276684 app-emulation/vmware-workstation- installer fails to..
277322 app-emulation/vmware-workstation- does not proper..
278488 app-emulation/vmware-workstation- crash while crea..
287842 app-emulation/vmware-workstation-6.5 has no icon images
311203 app-emulation/vmware-workstation: Verify and potentially improve ..
vmware-server 247361 app-emulation/vmware-server- vmrun segfault due to m..
250040 Installation of app-emulation/vmware-server- fails be..
262389 app-emulation/vmware-server-1.0.8 - Unable to connect to the MKS:..
263560 app-emulation/vmware-server- `vmrun list': Error: The..
265139 <app-emulation/vmware-{workstation,player}-*.5.2.156735, <app-emu..
271172 app-emulation/vmware-server- does not set the PAX fla..
282743 app-emulation/vmware-server- with app-emulation/vmwar..
294215 <=app-emulation/vmware-server- multiple vulnerabiliti..
312677 app-emulation/vmware-server- fails to start with late..
qemu-user 243584 app-emulation/qemu-user: CC variable not respected
kvm-kmod-88-r1 280282 app-emulation/kvm-kmod-88-r1 fails to build with gentoo-sources-2..
wine-doors 264181 app-emulation/wine-doors fails to install
277491 app-emulation/wine-doors-0.1.3: package update fails
311205 app-emulation/wine-doors: Verify and potentially improve Python-r..
bochs 121426 app-emulation/bochs does not build the GDB stub
153104 stepping doesn't work after breakpoint in app-emulation/bochs-2.2.6
209307 app-emulation/bochs-2.3.6 fails configure on amd64 or when USE=sse
222409 app-emulation/bochs need --nogui option
258141 app-emulation/bochs-2.3.7 configure: WARNING: unrecognized option..
291724 app-emulation/bochs-2.4.1-r1 enhancement
295763 app-emulation/bochs: documentation installed outside /usr/share/d..
systemsim-cell 266760 app-emulation/systemsim-cell-3.1_p8: Version bump request
266762 Please add sysroot_image to app-emulation/systemsim-cell
274525 can't emerge app-emulation/systemsim-cell
point2play 311189 app-emulation/point2play: verify and potentially improve Python-r..
emul-linux-x86-soundlibs 298512 app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-soundlibs-20091226: TEXTREL usr/lib3..
qemu-softmmu 200979 >=app-emulation/qemu-softmmu-0.9.0: implicit declaration of do_ar..
204860 app-emulation/qemu-softmmu: stripping missing for all binaries
207710 app-emulation/qemu-softmmu-0.9.0 fix for Gentoo/FreeBSD
212351 app-emulation/qemu-softmmu <= 0.9.1-r1 insufficient block device ..
221943 app-emulation/qemu-softmmu < 0.9.1-r3 "drive_init()" security byp..
223649 app-emulation/qemu-softmmu: vulnerable to CVE-2007-1320 (heap bas..
235219 app-emulation/qemu-softmmu "removable media" Host file disclosure..
249399 app-emulation/qemu-softmmu -- add gta01(neo1973) gta02fake(neo fr..
261877 app-emulation/qemu-softmmu-0.10.0 ebuild should be improved
267569 app-emulation/qemu-softmmu-0.10.1/-0.10.2 segfaults when built wi..
288869 app-emulation/qemu-softmmu-*: Insecure Password Vulnerability in ..
ies4linux 184168 app-emulation/ies4linux-2.5_beta6 minor issues
311185 app-emulation/ies4linux: Verify and potentially improve Python-re..
wine 151522 >=app-emulation/wine-0.9.9 crashes when using --libdir
158207 app-emulation/wine 0.9.27 winecfg crash
174338 app-emulation/wine doesn't work correctly with GCC 4.1.1
184507 app-emulation/wine does not work for ldap-only users
202604 app-emulation/wine crash after kernel upgrade to gentoo-sources-2..
252916 app-emulation/wine bundles a copy of libungif
255767 app-emulation/wine bundles a fork of libtomcrypt (and libtommath ..
259088 app-emulation/wine-1.1.12 crashes with unhandled page fault
288080 import app-emulation/wine-1.1.30 on x86-solaris [PATCH]
291567 app-emulation/wine: desktop menu entries and icons
296347 Failed to emerge app-emulation/wine-1.1.29 (hardened system)
296608 app-emulation/wine: split in a 32 and a 64 bit package
299490 app-emulation/wine-1.1.35 fails to build with mp3 support under a..
310611 app-emulation/wine whould be nice to be slotted
app-emulations vmware-server 196667 app-emulations/vmware-server vmware-authd is binary incompatible ..
app-forensics afflib 311209 app-forensics/afflib: Verify and potentially improve Python-relat..
lynis 312633 Stabilize =app-forensics/lynis-1.2.9
sleuthkit 240006 app-forensics/sleuthkit: CFLAGS are ignored
examiner 241256 app-forensics/examiner: documentation installed outside /usr/shar..
chkrootkit 260178 app-forensics/chkrootkit-0.48-r1 uses a lot mem/cpu when ccache i..
265478 app-forensics/chkrootkit-0.48-r1 has a problem in the PHP file se..
280332 app-forensics/chkrootkit-0.49 version bump
308557 app-forensics/chkrootkit-0.48-r1 does not transverse /lib or /usr..
yim2text 123203 app-forensics/yim2text-0.1.0.ebuild (new package)
rkhunter 301707 app-forensics/rkhunter should depend on virtual/cron and virtual/..
sqlninja 208201 app-forensics/sqlninja-0.2.2 (New Package)
pyflag 233089 app-forensics/pyflag-0.82 fails to build
samhain 150091 app-forensics/samhain ebuild issues
220713 Enable ability to customize app-forensics/samhain-2.1.3 for clien..
zzuf 279465 app-forensics/zzuf FEATURES misuse (sandbox)
memdump 243594 app-forensics/memdump: CC variable not respected
278874 app-forensics/memdump FEATURES misuse (userpriv)
app-i18n minichinput 280919 app-i18n/minichinput fails to build with gcc 4.3
enca 311639 Stabilize app-i18n/enca-1.13
ibus-qt 305763 app-i18n/ibus-qt- stabilize
uim 167598 app-i18n/uim and gtk.immodules; changing default im behavior
282922 app-i18n/uim-1.5.6-r1 fails to emerge, something related to Qt4
284815 app-i18n/uim-1.5.6-r1 links against already installed uim
298221 app-i18n/uim-1.5.7 stabilize
306929 app-i18n/uim-1.4.2 (required by app-i18n/scim-uim) fails to build..
ibus 303413 ~ppc request for app-i18n/ibus and app-i18n/ibus-anthy
305025 app-i18n/ibus- stabilize/keyword (first time)
311211 app-i18n/ibus*: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
fcitx 301795 app-i18n/fcitx-3.6.2 failed to build with ssp-enabled gcc.
wnn7sdk 260226 app-i18n/wnn7sdk: breaks with forced --as-needed
zhcon 303001 app-i18n/zhcon: automagic deps on sys-libs/gpm and media-libs/lib..
man-pages-ru-extra-utf8 219399 app-i18n/man-pages-ru-extra-utf8 (new ebuild)
ibus-skk 305765 app-i18n/ibus-skk-0.0.4 stabilize
virtaal 309197 New translation application: app-i18n/virtaal
fbterm 252155 [ebuild] new ebuild for app-i18n/fbterm
libtabe 277206 app-i18n/libtabe: fails with forced --as-needed
scim-tables 313109 app-i18n/scim and app-i18n/scim-tables contain obsolete dependenc..
scim 131644 app-i18n/scim enabled - deadkeys in Qt 3 & 4 & KDE apps don't work.
217375 app-i18n/scim-1.4.7: Scim doesn't work in xterm for locale != en_..
222757 app-i18n/scim: input table doesn't fellow the cursor when use sci..
247254 app-i18n/scim: no dead keys in urxvt 9.05 (no tabs)/xterm 235
306035 Stabilize app-i18n/scim-1.4.9-r1
313109 app-i18n/scim and app-i18n/scim-tables contain obsolete dependenc..
ibus-pinyin 305761 app-i18n/ibus-pinyin- stabilize
libtomoe-gtk 299018 app-i18n/libtomoe-gtk installs pointless libtool archive (.la) fi..
ibus-chewing 294883 app-i18n/ibus-chewing fails to build
nabi 165867 app-i18n/nabi-0.17 fails to respond; prevents keyboard input; cau..
abs-guide-zh_CN 264193 (Chinese Version) app-i18n/abs-guide-zh_CN-3.9.1 Advanced Bash-Sc..
nkf 253287 app-i18n/nkf needs to build a shared object
311215 app-i18n/nkf: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
ibus-table 305767 app-i18n/ibus-table- stabilize
scim-prime 306933 Stabilize app-i18n/scim-prime-1.0.1
ibus-m17n 305759 app-i18n/ibus-m17n- stabilize
canfep 212709 app-i18n/canfep is not Unix98 pty compliant
ibus-handwrite 310477 app-i18n/ibus-handwrite
fitx 233791 app-i18n/fitx: add ebuild file, new chinese input method
man-pages-es 240012 app-i18n/man-pages-es has broken iconv usage
295188 app-i18n/man-pages-es removal request
freewnn 300258 Stabilize =app-i18n/freewnn-1.1.1_alpha21-r1
libhangul 312911 app-i18n/libhangul-0.0.10 stabilize
adaptit 274332 app-i18n/adaptit fails to build
imhangul-status-applet 277554 app-i18n/imhangul-status-applet fails to build
jmcce 227613 app-i18n/jmcce-1.4_rc2 fails to build
scim-pinyin 267400 app-i18n/scim-pinyin table not configured
ibus-hangul 305757 app-i18n/ibus-hangul- stabilize
scim-uim 306929 app-i18n/uim-1.4.2 (required by app-i18n/scim-uim) fails to build..
ibus-anthy 303413 ~ppc request for app-i18n/ibus and app-i18n/ibus-anthy
305755 app-i18n/ibus-anthy- stabilize
tomoe 204194 app-i18n/tomoe-0.6.0 compilation eats all memory and dies a horri..
311989 app-i18n/tomoe-0.6.0: doesn't respect LDFLAGS and installs static..
rskkserv 298526 app-i18n/rskkserv fails tests
gcin 61905 new ebuild: app-i18n/gcin-0.2.6
app-kids tuxwordsmith 218432 new package app-kids/tuxwordsmith
app-laptop spicutils 243604 app-laptop/spicutils: CC variable not respected
toshibagui 185208 app-laptop/toshibagui ebuild request
tpb 221955 [patch] app-laptop/tpb on thinkpad t61
lapsus 233822 app-laptop/lapsus-9999.ebuild
laptop-mode-tools 300905 app-laptop/laptop-mode-tools-1.52 should keepdir /var/run/laptop-..
dellfand 300715 new ebuild: app-laptop/dellfand-0.9
i8kutils 240015 app-laptop/i8kutils: CFLAGS are ignored
243602 app-laptop/i8kutils: CC variable not respected
acerhdf 262394 [NEW EBUILD] app-laptop/acerhdf
nvidia-bl 296127 app-laptop/nvidia-bl (new ebuild)
acerhk 277598 app-laptop/acerhk fails to build
tp_smapi 294251 app-laptop/tp_smapi-0.40 fails to compile when KBUILD_OUTPUT is set
307027 app-laptop/tp_smapi-0.40: tp_smapimodule fails to load
toshset 113487 app-laptop/toshset (new ebuild)
batterymon 312353 Stabilize =app-laptop/batterymon-1.2.0
lt_hotswap 140861 app-laptop/lt_hotswap-0.3.6.ebuild (New Package)
acer_acpi 208577 app-laptop/acer_acpi-0.11.2 compilation fails
262399 app-laptop/acer_acpi-0.11.2 doesn't build with gentoo-sources-2.6..
272494 app-laptop/acer_acpi-0.11.2 kernel >2.6.26 - wmi-acer.c:277: erro..
274744 app-laptop/acer_acpi-0.5 compilation fails
hotswap 132762 app-laptop/hotswap (new ebuild)
laptop-mode-utils 306137 app-laptop/laptop-mode-utils: bump to 1.53
brightd 177214 app-laptop/brightd (new ebuild)
app-misc clpbar 222673 app-misc/clpbar-1.10.9 [new ebuild]
mved 311533 app-misc/mved: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
atol 159239 app-misc/atol (New package)
dvtm 293549 keyword app-misc/dvtm-0.5.2 on ppc
setcd 142470 app-misc/setcd (new ebuild)
polarviewer 75097 app-misc/polarviewer (new package)
wiipdf 238296 New ebuild: app-misc/wiipdf-1.0
2gis 280034 ebuilds for app-misc/2gis & app-misc/2gis-data
gramps 311523 app-misc/gramps: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
pki-native-tools 310539 new ebuild app-misc/pki-native-tools
strigi 291883 app-misc/strigi-0.7.0 eats up all free disk space
302475 app-misc/strigi-0.7.1 segfaults, backtrace attached
307143 app-misc/strigi-0.7.1 should depend on kde-base/nepomuk
307323 app-misc/strigi-0.7.0 fails its selftest
muttprint 184158 app-misc/muttprint-0.72d doesn't format sig properly, fixed in up..
tasque 288539 app-misc/tasque-0.1.8 USE="-hiveminder" does not work correctly
revoco 230569 app-misc/revoco-0.4 (New Package)
beagle 233220 app-misc/beagle-0.3.7-r1: beagle-settings crashes with exception ..
293021 app-misc/beagle-0.3.9-r2 does not build with www-client/epiphany-..
306313 app-misc/beagle-0.3.9-r2 `SqliteBusyException' could not be found
311499 app-misc/beagle-0.3.9-r2: patch for porting to gmime-2.4
ca-certificates-20080514-r2 252347 Remove Comodo root-Certificate from app-misc/ca-certificates-2008..
gato 256576 sci-misc/gato and app-misc/gato both install /usr/bin/gato
gwine 239615 app-misc/gwine-0.10.3 fails to build
271935 app-misc/gwine fails with international characters in database
lirc 160134 app-misc/lirc-0.8.0-r8 ebuild fails on hardened/amd64; flag issue..
209552 app-misc/lirc-0.8.3_pre1 doesn't compile under PPC32ul w/ PPC64 k..
212745 app-misc/lirc-0.8.3_pre1 fails w/ KBUILD_OUTPUT
218717 app-misc/lirc-0.8.3_pre1: aclocal.m4 uses "-m elf_x86_64" option ..
234180 app-misc/lirc - Add support for Pinnacle MCE USB IR dongle
235740 app-misc/lirc-0.8.3-r2 installs the wrong /etc/lircd.conf with op..
246609 app-misc/lirc-0.8.4: irexec fails to start applications when I ty..
265443 app-misc/lirc-0.8.4: Some drivers (eg lirc_imon) will not build a..
275872 Please stabilise app-misc/lirc-0.8.5
276518 app-misc/lirc-0.8.5 fails to build ( ftdi.h: No such file or dire..
277550 app-misc/lirc should include pkgconfig file
283340 app-misc/lirc-0.8.5 user environmnet not set by "start-stop-daem..
286227 =app-misc/lirc-0.8.6 : only builds last driver specified on confi..
286975 vdr: ir does not work with app-misc/lirc-0.8.6 as socket path was..
293307 app-misc/lirc should have init.d script to run irxevent
293606 app-misc/lirc: wrong example in /etc/conf.d/lircd (still)
296739 app-misc/lirc-0.8.6-r2 does not compile agains gentoo-sources-2.6..
299030 app-misc/lirc-0.8.6 uinput support broken by >=xf86-input-evdev-2..
301321 app-misc/lirc-0.8.6-r2 fails to compile with kernel 2.6.33-rc4 an..
301346 >=app-misc/lirc-0.8.2-r2 wrong example in /etc/conf.d/lircd (still)
303029 app-misc/lirc-0.8.5 lirc_igorplugusb freeze, too long timeout
310193 app-misc/lirc-0.8.6-r2 does not respect LDFLAGS
pki-setup 310545 new ebuild app-misc/pki-setup
bottlerocket 309477 app-misc/bottlerocket bad homepage
geoclue 275067 New ebuild for app-misc/geoclue-0.11.1
gnote 299755 app-misc/gnote fails to build
ca-certificates 235714 Add Microsoft certificate to the app-misc/ca-certificates
245984 app-misc/ca-certificates ebuild should recommend `update-ca-certi..
281847 app-misc/ca-certificates should support addition local only certi..
ompload 287413 Stabilize app-misc/ompload-20090517
klive 300041 [patch] app-misc/klive uses deprecated md5 module
310921 app-misc/klive-0.28 fails with =dev-lang/python-2.6.5*
311527 app-misc/klive: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
regex-markup 240044 app-misc/regex-markup fails to build with -O0
usbirboy 250300 app-misc/usbirboy: kernel sources accessed through /lib/modules/`..
webcomics-collector 311537 app-misc/webcomics-collector: Verify and potentially improve Pyth..
gcalcli 195592 app-misc/gcalcli-1.4 (New Package)
upm 185880 app-misc/upm-1.5 (New Package) => Universal Password Manager 1.5
XORSearch 300030 app-misc/XORSearch (New Package)
astrolog 240057 app-misc/astrolog: CFLAGS are ignored
livecd-tools 198083 app-misc/livecd-tools-1.0.35-r1: dhcp broadcasting is no-op
235068 app-misc/livecd-tools doesn't set root's $HOME dir in a consisten..
292437 app-misc/livecd-tools: unmute Speaker control for sound
302381 app-misc/livecd-tools: calls to dialog need the --visit-items op..
pki-util 310911 new ebuiild app-misc/pki-util
beanstalkd 288103 Stabilize app-misc/beanstalkd-1.3
297184 app-misc/beanstalkd init doesn't set pid
298875 app-misc/beanstalkd: documentation installed outside /usr/share/d..
300508 app-misc/beanstalkd fails tests
307623 app-misc/beanstalkd-1.4.3 does not work out of the box due to per..
310033 app-misc/beanstalkd-1.4.4 version bump
pmr 84568 app-misc/pmr-0.10 (new ebuild)
lfm 191494 app-misc/lfm - console file manager (new ebuild)
gdircmp 190709 New package: app-misc/gdircmp
geneweb 299756 app-misc/geneweb fails to build
fist 190824 app-misc/fist-4.0 (new ebuild)
systester 253708 app-misc/systester-1.0.2 (new package)
ytree 306307 app-misc/ytree-1.92-r1: crash when attempting to navigate to a di..
306543 app-misc/ytree-1.94 version bump
autokey-gtk 290502 app-misc/autokey-gtk
iguanaIR 308921 Version Bump app-misc/iguanaIR-1.0_pre2
lockfile-progs 306633 Please keyword ~arch app-misc/lockfile-progs-0.1.13
graphlcd-base 205063 app-misc/graphlcd-base-0.1.5-r1 missing DEPEND
227163 app-misc/graphlcd-base-0.1.5-r1 doesn't respect user LDFLAGS
307687 app-misc/graphlcd-base-0.1.6 version bump
ssid 151145 app-misc/ssid new ebuild
cdcollect 289135 app-misc/cdcollect does not start with new mono
ithought 294897 app-misc/ithought: ELF files in /usr/share
tracker 262770 >=app-misc/tracker-0.7 deskbar module not functional
296794 app-misc/tracker-0.7.11 keywording request
fslint 33341 app-misc/fslint - duplicate file findr (new ebuild)
pwsafe 292749 app-misc/pwsafe and app-crypt/gorilla must be in the same category
gnomecatalog 263001 app-misc/gnomecatalog-0.3.3 won't start up
311519 app-misc/gnomecatalog: Verify and potentially improve Python-rela..
jbidwatcher 235124 app-misc/jbidwatcher version bump to 2.0 beta 8
298701 app-misc/jbidwatcher class files not found via depend
zeitgeist 277993 [New ebuild] app-misc/zeitgeist-0.2.0
mmv 177818 app-misc/mmv incorrect LICENSE
271973 app-misc/mmv can't cope with UTF-8 filenames
mendeleydesktop 308509 app-misc/mendeleydesktop (New Ebuild)
screen 168281 app-misc/screen-4.0.3 fails to compile w/ sys-libs/uclibc-
171277 app-misc/screen vertical split patch
190746 app-misc/screen 4.0.3_p20070403 configure fails w/ paludis/pkgcore
209403 app-misc/screen standard binding for "-" (blank window) is change..
245003 app-misc/screen-9999.ebuild (git.eclass)
273150 app-misc/screen-4.0.3 When trying to open www-client/links-2.2, L..
298135 app-misc/screen-4.0.3: build fails in utmp.c
workrave 307185 app-misc/workrave-1.8.5 fails to emerge (missing gnome.h)
310261 stable newer app-misc/workrave
glimpse 288618 app-misc/glimpse and dev-libs/tre cannot coexist, due to agrep
fgr 159677 app-misc/fgr-4.0.5 - Fgr Command Find Tool (new ebuild)
egads 243636 app-misc/egads: CC variable not respected
312983 app-misc/egads upstream website disappeared (and QA warnings)
dtach 256026 net-p2p/rtorrent using app-misc/dtach as daemonizer
symlinks 260316 app-misc/symlinks uses malloc.h
cfilesplit 81641 app-misc/cfilesplit-0.2 (new package)
recoll 171271 app-misc/recoll-1.8.1 (new ebuild)
qmenu 265447 new ebuild app-misc/qmenu
jdictionary 177032 app-misc/jdictionary bundles dev-java/kunststoff classes inside i..
ccpublisher 157494 app-misc/ccpublisher ebuild
remotedroidserver 257579 app-misc/remotedroidserver-1.2 (new package)
screen-profiles 268031 app-misc/screen-profiles-1.42 requires >= python 2.5
yagtd 311539 app-misc/yagtd: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
openca-tools 309537 new ebuild app-misc/openca-tools
mucommander 248764 [NEW EBUILD] app-misc/mucommander
tomboy 304425 app-misc/tomboy-1.1.1 is not localized (at least not in italian)
305421 app-misc/tomboy-0.12.2 should DEPEND on app-text/(scrollkeeper|ra..
311501 >=app-misc/tomboy-0.14.3 should work with dev-libs/gmime:2.4 inst..
freeme2 249720 New ebuild: app-misc/freeme2
alexandria 267483 app-misc/alexandria- fails to install with ruby-1.9
g15daemon 284520 <app-misc/g15daemon-1.9.4 Mysterious issue (CVE-2008-7197)
301340 app-misc/g15daemon- usbfs: process 6257 (g15daemon) di..
byobu 269453 app-misc/byobu crashes when selecting anything on its ncurses scr..
294965 app-misc/byobu-2.38 failed to install on dh_clean step.
logitech-applet 176027 app-misc/logitech-applet - Add udev rule for increasing sensor re..
221825 app-misc/logitech-applet - Outdated information about homepage
tofu 247531 New application app-misc/tofu
digitemp 240067 app-misc/digitemp: CFLAGS are ignored
243632 app-misc/digitemp: CC variable not respected
299235 app-misc/digitemp command not found during install phase
pax-utils 308577 app-misc/pax-utils calls `cc' in src_install()
sdricoh_cs 255774 app-misc/sdricoh_cs: kernel sources accessed through /lib/modules..
beagle-xesam 264284 app-misc/beagle-xesam fails to build
yokadi 278525 app-misc/yokadi-0.10.0 (new package)
gourmet 288887 app-misc/gourmet-0.13.8 doesn't work with python-2.6(?)
311521 app-misc/gourmet: Verify and potentially improve Python-related c..
gizmod 134016 app-misc/gizmod (new ebuild) - includes powermated (see #84124)
beep 144343 app-misc/beep-1.2.2-r1 settings doesn't work
168201 app-misc/beep-1.2.2-r1 - suid patch issues
235428 app-misc/beep-1.2.2-r1 does not beep on NSLU2
cycle 279845 app-misc/cycle ebuild submission
activylircd 294369 app-misc/activylircd fails to build (missing dep?)
zisofs-tools 287414 Stabilize app-misc/zisofs-tools-1.0.8
bbgallery 158671 app-misc/bbgallery-1.2.0 (New package)
SimplyConnMgr 267101 New ebuild for app-misc/SimplyConnMgr (Simply Accounting Connecti..
razercfg 277996 app-misc/razercfg: New package / ebuild
tablix 240046 app-misc/tablix fails to build with -O0
246921 app-misc/tablix installs locale data in /usr/locale
joymouse 139315 app-misc/joymouse new init script
wyrd 222065 app-misc/wyrd-1.4.4 crashes on terminal resize (sometimes)
infobash 209291 new ebuild: app-misc/infobash-3.01
skype-call-recorder 233523 app-misc/skype-call-recorder-0.5.ebuild (New Package)
wday 303323 New package: app-misc/wday
rainlendar 154664 app-misc/rainlendar-2.0.1.ebuild (New Package)
megatunix 102449 app-misc/megatunix-0.7.9.ebuild (New Package)
secure-delete 288721 dev-util/smem and app-misc/secure-delete -- filename collision /u..
abook 301502 Version Bump: =app-misc/abook-0.6.0_pre2
301503 Version Bump: =app-misc/abook-9999 (cvs)
empty 97387 new ebuild: app-misc/empty
lcdproc 297654 running /etc/init.d/LCDd (app-misc/lcdproc) gives segfault
freemind 224061 app-misc/freemind: Please package version 0.8.1
wipefreespace 235358 Please add app-misc/wipefreespace-0.9.ebuild
anichou 279846 app-misc/anichou ebuild submission
irtrans-irserver 235146 app-misc/irtrans-irclient-5.11.04-r1: ip_assign patch & app-misc/..
248959 app-misc/irtrans-irserver: big file in $FILESDIR
zgsmplay 164358 app-misc/zgsmplay (new ebuild)
slashtime 311963 Please stabilize app-misc/slashtime-0.5.11
fujiplay 255810 app-misc/fujiplay: pre-stripped files found
todo 149233 New ebuild for app-misc/todo-1.7
booh 231065 app-misc/booh-0.9.1 needs to depend on imagemagick being built wi..
298729 app-misc/booh bundles rexml
2gis-data 280034 ebuilds for app-misc/2gis & app-misc/2gis-data
harmony 208613 app-misc/harmony - Logitech Harmony programming utility
emelfm2 299219 Version Bump app-misc/emelfm2-0.7.1
realpath 299970 app-portage/gentoolkit-0.3.0_rc8 dropped keywords due to app-misc..
300657 app-misc/realpath build fails on uclibc without nls
perroquet 299938 app-misc/perroquet-1.0.1 (New Package)
anki 273545 app-misc/anki- segmentation fault
274616 app-misc/anki- won't compile
311513 app-misc/anki: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
liveusb-creator 234745 app-misc/liveusb-creator-2.7 (New package)
pki-common 310547 new ebuild app-misc/pki-common
run-mailcap 251181 net-mail/metamail + app-misc/run-mailcap - file collision: /usr/s..
ccal 311541 RESTABILIZE app-misc/ccal
lcd4linux 311529 app-misc/lcd4linux: Verify and potentially improve Python-related..
gpsdrive 251279 app-misc/gpsdrive <=2.10_pre5 insecure tempfile usage (CVE-2008-{..
bsc 115002 app-misc/bsc-2.27 (BSCommander) - new ebuild
sphinx 258934 emerge app-misc/sphinx-0.9.9_rc1 fails on test
wordtrainer 197739 app-misc/wordtrainer-3.1.0_beta1 (New Package)
sportstracker 75101 New ebuild: app-misc/sportstracker
specto 174604 app-misc/specto (New package)
irtrans-irclient 235146 app-misc/irtrans-irclient-5.11.04-r1: ip_assign patch & app-misc/..
ovaldi 225065 [ebuild request] app-misc/ovaldi Open Vulnerability and Assessmen..
almanah 230265 [New ebuild] app-misc/almanah-0.5.0
bins 250971 app-misc/bins-1.1.29 , various bugs
app-mobilephone p2kc 228993 New ebuild request: app-mobilephone/p2kc
gnokii 277301 app-mobilephone/smstools-2.2.20 collision with app-mobilephone/gn..
288961 app-mobilephone/gnokii- doesn't parse commands with param..
obex-data-server 305875 Stabilize app-mobilephone/obex-data-server-0.4.5
305913 app-mobilephone/obex-data-server-0.4.5 keyword request
obexftp 231645 >=dev-libs/openobex-1.3, app-mobilephone/obexftp-0.22: Does not o..
277040 app-mobilephone/obexftp-0.23-r1 fails to build ruby bindings
297589 app-mobilephone/obexftp installs Perl modules into site-dir (shou..
311665 app-mobilephone/obexftp: Verify and potentially improve Python-re..
312725 app-mobilephone/obexftp fails automake
pysms 311667 app-mobilephone/pysms: Verify and potentially improve Python-rela..
gammu 311663 app-mobilephone/gammu: Verify and potentially improve Python-rela..
smsclient 304537 app-mobilephone/smsclient tries to install missing documentation
kannel 306131 app-mobilephone/kannel-1.4.3-r1 fails to build with USE=doc
moisms 202523 app-mobilephone/moisms-2.13 (new ebuild) moiosms moio sms
bitpim 311661 app-mobilephone/bitpim: Verify and potentially improve Python-rel..
smstools 277301 app-mobilephone/smstools-2.2.20 collision with app-mobilephone/gn..
wammu 311669 app-mobilephone/wammu: Verify and potentially improve Python-rela..
phonetooth 224303 [ebuild] app-mobilephone/phonetooth (New package)
smssend 239268 app-mobilephone/smssend-3.4 homepage entry in ebuild is misinterp..
app-mobilphone escritorio-movistar 221521 New package: app-mobilphone/escritorio-movistar-6.5
mobile-manager 233012 New package: app-mobilphone/mobile-manager-0.7
app-office unoconv 262083 app-office/unoconv-0.3 (New Package)
abiword-plugins 216245 app-office/abiword-plugins-2.6.0 dependency issue (dev-libs/boost)
305057 app-office/abiword-plugins-2.6.8 libxslt dependency
306405 Stabilize =app-office/abiword-plugins-2.6.8
309437 app-office/abiword-plugins-2.6.4 doesn't compile without having n..
ganttproject 119276 Ebuild-Request app-office/ganttproject-2.0
zemberek-ooo 246971 app-office/zemberek-ooo (new package)
openoffice-bin 249051 app-office/openoffice-bin-3.0.0 kills prelinking
261039 app-office/openoffice-bin missing rdep on x11-libs/libXinerama ?
284403 app-office/openoffice-bin-3.1.1: merging hangs on sed expression ..
299200 app-office/openoffice-bin-3.1.1 base can not conect to mail-clien..
lyx 247683 [QA] >=app-office/lyx-1.6.0 : Precompiled python object files do ..
311677 app-office/lyx: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
koffice-libs 276444 app-office/koffice-libs-2.0.1 fails tests
311805 [kde overlay] app-office/koffice-libs-2.1.81 (2.2 beta 1) still b..
taskcoach 311687 app-office/taskcoach: Verify and potentially improve Python-relat..
311841 app-office/taskcoach: stabilization
nostaples 311679 app-office/nostaples: Verify and potentially improve Python-relat..
akonadi-server 261813 Some KDE4 packages break permissions to /usr/share/config (it aff..
267513 app-office/akonadi-server-1.1.1 crash
306539 app-office/akonadi-server-1.3.1: Unable to add initial data to ta..
310831 app-office/akonadi-server-1.3.1 and 1.2.1: missing dependency x11..
311625 app-office/akonadi-server-1.3.1 does not work after dev-db/mysql-..
kpresenter 311631 [kde overlay] app-office/kpresenter-2.1.81
borg 174173 app-office/borg uses bundled jcalendar.jar
174175 Testing request for app-office/borg-1.5.2 and dev-java/ical4j
306757 app-office/borg-1.7.3 version bump
ekee 227765 [science overlay] app-office/ekee (New package)
306763 app-office/eqe -> app-office/ekee-2.0.2 version bump
gfa 161398 app-office/gfa-0.4.1 [new ebuild]
pyspread 309667 app-office/pyspread-0.0.14b.ebuild (New Package)
texmaker 299590 app-office/texmaker-1.92 stable request
311567 app-office/texmaker should use qt4-r2.eclass
kword 279288 app-office/kword-2 fails tests
thinking-rock 154978 app-office/thinking-rock-1.2.3.ebuild (new package)
hibiscus 276105 app-office/hibiscus-1.9 (new ebuild)
passepartout 287611 app-office/passepartout-0.7 USE-Flag gnome is not optional
295100 app-office/passepartout: documentation installed outside /usr/sha..
clocking 129406 app-office/clocking-0.1.1.ebuild (new package required by faces-pm)
gtg 280351 app-office/gtg-0.1.1 build failed AttributeError: 'list' object h..
298833 app-office/gtg-0.2.2 version bump
311675 app-office/gtg: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
mdbtools 305297 Please stabilize app-office/mdbtools-0.6_pre2-r2
311973 app-office/mdbtools-0.6_pre2-r2 fails to compile because of confl..
abiword 149765 app-office/abiword does not install its help files
238225 app-office/abiword{,-plugins} keyword request
256954 =app-office/abiword-2.6.5 crashes when printing
260189 app-office/abiword-2.6 breaks with >=gnome-extra/gucharmap-2.24.3
272097 app-office/abiword-2.8.2 version bump
283031 Stable request for app-office/abiword-2.6.8
odftools 246268 app-office/odftools (new package)
openoffice-voikko 140032 app-office/openoffice-voikko-1.0, ebuild for FLOSS Finnish spelli..
winstrom 242902 app-office/winstrom-10.8.0 (new ebuild)
kmymoney 307427 app-office/kmymoney-3.96.1 failes selftest
312309 app-office/kmymoney-3.97.0 bump request
ppsei 171432 new ebuild: app-office/ppsei-0.1
eqe 306763 app-office/eqe -> app-office/ekee-2.0.2 version bump
billreminder 219987 New ebuild: app-office/billreminder-0.3.1
jameica-bin 276104 app-office/jameica-bin-1.7 (new ebuild)
riot 163895 app-office/riot (New Package)
glabels 206055 app-office/glabels-2.2.0 printing and other errors.
pybliographer 268754 app-office/pybliographer-{1.2.11,1.2.12}: GUI is dead
gnumeric 280872 =app-office/gnumeric-1.8.4-r2[-gnome] creates /@GCONF_SCHEMA_FILE..
284694 app-office/gnumeric-1.8.4-r1 emerge failed.
311673 app-office/gnumeric: Verify and potentially improve Python-relate..
313025 app-office/gnumeric: QA Notice: Unrecognized configure options
eqonomize 143523 app-office/eqonomize - brandnew financial budgeting app (new ebui..
openoffice 192440 app-dict/myspell-en-20060316 thesaurus doesn't work with app-offi..
196770 app-office/openoffice-2.3.0 uses static copy of jfreereport; use ..
210065 app-office/openoffice during build: typesconfig crashed with type..
244467 >=app-office/openoffice-3.1.0 keyword request ~ppc64
256030 app-office/openoffice-3.0.0 - changing paragraph style of table c..
258051 Wrong path check in app-office/openoffice-3.0.0 ebuild in pkg_pos..
267290 app-office/openoffice ebuild should export MAXPROCESS
268100 app-office/openoffice-3.1.1 ignores LDFLAGS
268295 app-office/openoffice-3.0.0 and -3.1.0_beta6 fail to build with e..
271895 app-office/openoffice necessary patches in solaris prefix (WIP)
274629 app-office/openoffice-3.1.0 build fails while compiling svtools/s..
279597 sys-devel/gcc-4.3.3-r2 segfaults compiling app-office/openoffice-..
283004 app-office/openoffice nsplugin does not work without gtk+
283370 <app-office/openoffice{,-bin}-3.1.1: Multiple vulnerabilities (CV..
286618 app-office/openoffice-3.1.1: Package openoffice is breaking /usr/..
286681 Icons disappear in compiled app-office/openoffice-3.1.1
287794 app-office/openoffice-3.1.1 Error code 1, while making '../../....
289665 app-office/openoffice-3.1.1: Copying from calc to writer causes c..
290861 app-office/openoffice-3.1.1[kde] "Save as..." dialog broken
291461 app-office/openoffice-3.1.1 component oocalc doesn't fade out the..
291835 app-office/openoffice: ooBase (openoffice base) form wizard fails..
292519 app-office/openoffice-3.1.1: ERROR: ERROR: Could not register all..
295268 app-office/openoffice-3.1.1 emerge fails with system redland Erro..
296136 app-office/openoffice-3.1.1 doesn't save images from .doc or .odt..
296712 app-office/openoffice-3.1.1 crashes when trying to install extens..
301597 app-office/openoffice-3.1.1 Calc half-operable add sheet operation
305195 <app-office/openoffice-3.2.0: Multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2006-..
306135 app-office/openoffice-3.2.0 doesn't find QT4 Libraries
306223 app-office/openoffice-3.2.0 fails with XDM authorization error
306421 app-office/openoffice-3.2.0 fails to build udkapi module
307851 app-office/openoffice-3.2.0[kde]: Blank status bar and ghost pixe..
307879 app-office/openoffice-3.2.0: ERROR: Could not register all compon..
308015 app-office/openoffice buffer overflow (CVE-2009-{3569,3570,3571})
308365 app-office/openoffice[kde] quickstarter disappears
308419 app-office/openoffice-3.2.0 ebuild typo
308423 app-office/openoffice-3.2.0 fails to build helpcontent2
308661 app-office/openoffice-3.2.0: filesize disagreement between gentoo..
309431 app-office/openoffice-3.2.0 regcomp crashes with PaX
311683 app-office/openoffice: Verify and potentially improve Python-rela..
311697 app-office/openoffice-3.2.0: error 65280 for bridgetest & saxon
312049 app-office/openoffice-3.2.0 must emerge twice to successfully build
312833 app-office/openoffice-3.2.0 fails to build - ERROR: There's no bu..
313083 =app-office/openoffice-3.2.0 with USE=kde fails with forced --as-..
ical 305295 Stabilize =app-office/ical-3.0-r1
plan 306773 app-office/plan-1.10 version bump
odf-converter 171182 app-office/odf-converter- (new package)
openerp-client 311681 app-office/openerp-client: Verify and potentially improve Python-..
homebank 295716 app-office/homebank fails tests
kspread 279287 app-office/kspread-2 fails tests
jgnash 104219 app-office/jgnash-1.9.2.ebuild (New Package)
faces-pm 121387 app-office/faces-pm-0.11.7.ebuild (new ebuild)
gnucash 219589 app-office/gnucash: stack smashing attack in function gnc_dense_c..
288131 app-office/gnucash-2.2.9-r1 has unnecessary gnome use flag requir..
288172 app-office/gnucash-2.2.9-r1 works under ppc64
297917 app-office/gnucash-2.2.9-r1 doesn't compile
dia 257020 <app-office/dia-0.97.1 untrusted search path vulnerability in the..
276892 app-office/dia-0.97 fails tests
298232 app-office/dia fails to find libpython26.a from the prefix
301158 app-office/dia-0.97-r1 mishandling text on export
311671 app-office/dia: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
wiipresent 282476 [NEW EBUILD] app-office/wiipresent
oodmath 251598 new ebuild app-office/oodmath-3.2
timetracker 133588 app-office/timetracker (new ebuild)
orage 311311 Version bump: app-office/orage-4.7.5
scribus 279111 =app-office/scribus- Make cups optional (?)
app-openoffice openoffice-infra 254572 New ebuild: app-openoffice/openoffice-infra-2.4.2 and app-openoff..
app-p2p moorie 200937 app-p2p/moorie-0.1.4 (new ebuild)
app-pda synce-dccm 213770 app-pda/synce-dccm <0.10.1 vdccm Multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-20..
libiphone 311087 Version bump: app-pda/libiphone to app-pda/libimobiledevice-1.0.0
libopensync-plugin-python 276220 app-pda/libopensync-plugin-python-0.36 failed to configure
308801 app-pda/libopensync-plugin-python-0.36 fails to build because of ..
311765 app-pda/libopensync-plugin-python: Verify and potentially improve..
coldsync 243694 app-pda/coldsync: CC variable not respected
279292 app-pda/coldsync fails to build in parallel
297204 app-pda/coldsync installs Perl modules into site-dir (should go i..
usbmuxd 310809 version bump and improvement : app-pda/usbmuxd
libopensync-plugin-sunbird 206012 app-pda/libopensync-plugin-sunbird-0.22 missing pkg-config dep
msynctool 287751 app-pda/msynctool-0.36 ImportError: No module named opensync
barry 294602 app-pda/barry fails to build
libopensync 311763 app-pda/libopensync: Verify and potentially improve Python-relate..
libopensync-plugin-google-calendar 185475 app-pda/libopensync-plugin-google-calendar crashes if you have re..
247268 app-pda/libopensync-plugin-google-calendar-9999 won't compile wit..
250119 app-pda/libopensync-plugin-google-calendar [new version]
282641 app-pda/libopensync-plugin-google-calendar-9999 won't compile
301729 app-pda/libopensync-plugin-google-calendar asks for httplib2 whic..
jpilot-Mail 246924 app-pda/jpilot-Mail installs documentation in /usr/doc
synce-librapi2 299217 app-pda/synce-librapi2 installs pointless libtool archive (.la) f..
jpilot 225277 Version bump: app-pda/jpilot-1.6.2 is out
synce-trayicon 295749 app-pda/synce-trayicon fails tests
299115 app-pda/synce-trayicon requires hal
306391 app-pda/synce-trayicon should depend on x11-libs/libnotify
synce-gvfs 308537 please bump app-pda/synce-gvfs-0.3.1
synce-kpm 300778 app-pda/synce-kpm fails to run if dev-libs/libxslt is built w/o p..
syncal 50204 app-pda/syncal - synchronizes an ical calendar file with a Palm d..
jpilot-backup 240390 app-pda/jpilot-backup and app-pda/jpilot-plucker fail to build (m..
gtkpod 311095 Version bump: app-pda/gtkpod-0.99.16
libimobiledevice 311087 Version bump: app-pda/libiphone to app-pda/libimobiledevice-1.0.0
gpixpod 221277 app-pda/gpixpod: fails to start
311761 app-pda/gpixpod: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
multisync-gui 237366 app-pda/multisync-gui-0.92.0_pre20080531 installs shared files in..
250054 app-pda/multisync-gui fails to build
298109 app-pda/multisync-gui-0.92.0_pre20080531 emerge fails on opensync..
libopensync-plugin-syncml 299271 app-pda/libopensync-plugin-syncml-9999 needs /trunk added to ESVN..
gnupod 145538 app-pda/gnupod-0.99.8 version bump
synce-hal 277680 app-pda/synce-hal-0.13: missing synce-hal.conf in /etc/dbus-1/sys..
synce-sync-engine 298279 app-pda/synce-sync-engine: einfo instead of elog
synce-gnomevfs 227599 app-pda/synce-gnomevfs-0.2 missing pkgconfig dep
libopensync-plugin-synce 300947 app-pda/libopensync-plugin-synce-0.22-r1 does not build against a..
pilot-mailsync 192856 app-pda/pilot-mailsync-0.9.2 has broken Gnome support
227565 app-pda/pilot-mailsync- fails to compile
251871 app-pda/pilot-mailsync: pre-stripped files found
259564 app-pda/pilot-mailsync-0.9.2 - configure: error: *** file /gpilot..
309113 Consider app-pda/pilot-mailsync for removal
ifuse 311089 Version bump: app-pda/ifuse-1.0.0
hipo 170715 [ebuild] app-pda/hipo-0.6.1
synce 248575 app-pda/synce-0.12 blocking synce-kde && synce-kpm not compatible..
311769 app-pda/synce-*: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
synce-librra 300947 app-pda/libopensync-plugin-synce-0.22-r1 does not build against a..
libopensync-plugin-moto 211262 app-pda/libopensync-plugin-moto to be included in portage
pilot-link 247207 app-pda/pilot-link-0.12.3 does not respect LDFLAGS
249889 app-pda/pilot-link does not respect bluetooth USE flag?
265728 app-pda/pilot-link-0.12.3: open with O_CREAT in second argument n..
266322 app-pda/pilot-link-0.11.8-r1: O_CREAT in second argument needs 3 ..
271473 app-pda/pilot-link-0.12.4 released
308629 app-pda/pilot-link-0.12.3 perl extension not linked properly
308639 version bump: app-pda/pilot-link, 0.12.5 is available
311767 app-pda/pilot-link: Verify and potentially improve Python-related..
synce-kio4-rapip 301495 New package: app-pda/synce-kio4-rapip
osynctool 283228 app-pda/osynctool-0.39 ebuild request
jpilot-plucker 240390 app-pda/jpilot-backup and app-pda/jpilot-plucker fail to build (m..
app-portage epkg 156109 app-portage/epkg-1.2 (New package)
portage-hooks 258386 New Ebuild : app-portage/portage-hooks
kuroo 277235 app-portage/kuroo-0.82.0 (new ebuild)
ufed 281304 app-portage/ufed should be cleaned from use.defaults references
portage-jobsmon 306439 (new package) app-portage/portage-jobsmon - parallel emerge log w..
mirrorselect 312359 Stabilize =app-portage/mirrorselect-2.1.0-r1
fquery 131745 app-portage/fquery (new ebuild)
genlop 128194 app-portage/genlop-0.30.5 Date::Manip error when using --date yes..
136925 app-portage/genlop: genlop -i doesn't handle multiline IUSE
185507 app-portage/genlop - Bad error message for --current
196599 app-portage/genlop - typo in genlop manpage
200074 app-portage/genlop --version typo
211688 app-portage/genlop prints first package as heading when listing p..
211856 Consistent tabination and readability for app-portage/genlop
232942 Suggested improvement for app-portage/genlop manpage
243298 [feature request] app-portage/genlop add feature: ability to list..
243300 app-portage/genlop-0.30.8-r1 -i has a funny (unexpected) message ..
280486 app-portage/genlop no working merge found
283628 app-portage/genlop-0.30.8-r2: genlop -c output for parallel build..
285218 app-portage/genlop-0.30.8-r2: -g switch has no effect on unmerges
289724 [PATCH-provided] much faster --pretend processing for app-portage..
295338 app-portage/genlop-0.30.8-r2 is confused by log error.
porthole 311791 app-portage/porthole: Verify and potentially improve Python-relat..
unmasker 242300 Add ebuild for app-portage/unmasker-0.4
estab 143880 app-portage/estab - a stabilization detector (new ebuild)
gatt 311899 app-portage/gatt-0.6.4 fails tests due missing qt3 USE flag
pytage 191196 app-portage/pytage-0.4 (New Package)
layman 234627 >=app-portage/layman-1.1 fails to fetch overlay lists that requir..
267686 app-portage/layman please document "nocheck : yes" better
298901 app-portage/layman-1.2.4 only tries first configured DNS server
307709 app-portage/layman-1.3.2-r1: stabilize
307849 app-portage/layman: Propagate move of VCS tools (keyword dev-vcs)
309617 app-portage/layman-1.3.2-r1 showing wrong warnings?
309843 app-portage/layman-1.3.1: cannot sync with git repositories if pu..
splat 122620 /usr/bin/splat used by two applications: app-portage/splat and sc..
perl-info 308139 app-portage/perl-info perl-post.eclass (deprecated in 2003)
estat 204795 app-portage/estat-1.2 (new ebuild)
emerge-delta-webrsync 154209 app-portage/emerge-delta-webrsync-3.5.1-r2 should not automatical..
156221 app-portage/emerge-delta-webrsync-3.5.1-r2 store portage-YYYYMMDD..
286373 app-portage/emerge-delta-webrsync has no gpg support
gentoolkit-dev 267565 Rewrite of app-portage/gentoolkit-dev's ekeyword in python
284680 [TRACKER] app-portage/gentoolkit-dev-
elogviewer 233493 app-portage/elogviewer-0.5.2-r2 doesn't show all content of elog ..
253552 app-portage/elogviewer gives misleading error message if user is ..
310345 app-portage/elogviewer doesn't handle FEATURES="split-elog" at all
portato 299607 app-portage/portato tries to install missing files
311789 app-portage/portato: Verify and potentially improve Python-relate..
layman-add 260770 app-portage/layman-add-1.3 (New package)
himerge 284007 app-portage/himerge-0.30.37 fails to emerge
291514 [app-portage/himerge] Please add desktop file for himerge
291714 app-portage/himerge-0.30.37 doesn't queueing packages for world u..
g-cpan 233386 app-portage/g-cpan-0.15.0-r1 patch set
312371 app-portage/g-cpan call ncftpget with illegal parameters
313049 [PATCH] app-portage/g-cpan doesn't generate proper ebuilds for CP..
kuroolito 192007 app-portage/kuroolito-0.10.1 (new ebuild)
esearch 61754 app-portage/esearch: would be nice if esync could determine what'..
134314 app-portage/esearch-0.7.1-r2: eupdatedb prints error messages on ..
139528 [PATCH] app-portage/esearch: Add support for emerge-delta-webrsync
195481 app-portage/esearch - exclude feature
253455 app-portage/esearch-0.7.1-r7: esync traceback
259082 app-portage/esearch-0.7.1-r7 difference report list shows only th..
261935 app-portage/esearch - patch for new "search for packages NOT inst..
311773 app-portage/esearch: Verify and potentially improve Python-relate..
smart-live-rebuild 310975 [new package] app-portage/smart-live-rebuild - rebuild updated li..
gpytage 311779 app-portage/gpytage: Verify and potentially improve Python-relate..
elogv 310343 app-portage/elogv doesn't handle FEATURES="split-elog" at all
311771 app-portage/elogv: Verify and potentially improve Python-related ..
pfl 301660 please stabilize app-portage/pfl-1.8.1
gcac 111844 app-portage/gcac (new ebuild)
meatoo 311785 app-portage/meatoo: Verify and potentially improve Python-related..
gentoolkit 97073 app-portage/gentoolkit: revdep-rebuild: option -q has no effect
140142 app-portage/gentoolkit-0.2.2: equery uses --all cat/pkg doesn't d..
156959 app-portage/gentoolkit - enhance revdep-rebuild on repeated failure
162589 app-portage/gentoolkit - revdep-rebuild doesn't pass "-d -r" to ldd
174311 app-portage/gentoolkit & sys-apps/portage: api guideline
184291 scanelf-packagecheck (potential app-portage/gentoolkit: revdep-re..
187644 revdep-rebuild from app-portage/gentoolkit-0.2.4_pre6 doesn't det..
203414 app-portage/gentoolkit < 0.2.4_rc6 Insecure temp file creation
204324 app-portage/gentoolkit - list packages install from overlay or re..
211780 [TRACKER] app-portage/gentoolkit portage-2.2 deprecation warnings
213607 app-portage/gentoolkit doesn't detect some missing dependencies i..
219562 merge app-portage/gentoolkit into sys-apps/portage
224515 app-portage/gentoolkit: show app versions with a "=" before them ..
231146 app-portage/gentoolkit: glsa-check: missing characters when showi..
231394 app-portage/gentoolkit-0.2.4_rc4's euse treats an absolute path a..
235970 app-portage/gentoolkit - glsa-check Add option for reversed listing
237964 [TRACKER] app-portage/gentoolkit-0.3.0_rc9
252817 app-portage/gentoolkit- awk shouldn't complain about miss..
258507 app-portage/gentoolkit api: package.get_runtime_deps() and boolea..
259318 app-portage/gentoolkit- euse doesn't look in /etc/port..
262191 request: app-portage/gentoolkit eclean option for distfiles path
264521 app-portage/gentoolkit-*; add --retry-failed to revdep-rebuild
275105 glsa-check -f new fails with app-portage/gentoolkit-0.3.0_rc7
275362 app-portage/gentoolkit- euse creates broken /etc/make...
276166 app-portage/gentoolkit-0.2.*: glsa-check doesn't mark =dev-db/php..
276939 sys-apps/portage and app-portage/gentoolkit don't appear to suppo..
278081 app-portage/gentoolkit- revdep-rebuild patch to allow use ..
286479 app-portage/gentoolkit-0.3.0_rc7: revdep-rebuild prints a syntax ..
293002 app-portage/gentoolkit- "eclean -d distfiles" removes too..
294675 app-portage/gentoolkit: Extra letter in eclean output
299970 app-portage/gentoolkit-0.3.0_rc8 dropped keywords due to app-misc..
300075 app-portage/gentoolkit: eclean-pkg should call 'emaint --fix binh..
301026 app-portage/gentoolkit-0.3.0_rc7 equery s counts hardlinks as sep..
304125 app-portage/gentoolkit-0.3.0_rc8-r1 : equery colors are inconsist..
304187 app-portage/gentoolkit should depend on dev-lang/python:2.6[xml] ..
304817 app-portage/gentoolkit- euse -i does not reflects /etc/po..
305175 app-portage/gentoolkit - eclean not suggesting ALL versions of fi..
305793 Stabilize app-portage/gentoolkit-
306121 app-portage/gentoolkit-0.3.0_rc9: 'equery size' crashes if any of..
306417 app-portage/gentoolkit - revdep-rebuild should not log broken fil..
307647 app-portage/gentoolkit-0.3.0_rc9 bad exception handling
308527 app-portage/gentoolkit - euse -i has no support for USE_EXPAND st..
308709 app-portage/gentoolkit-0.3.0_rc9: equery use shows flag unset if ..
309921 app-portage/gentoolkit-0.3.0_rc9: "equery l -p -f x11-drivers" li..
311053 app-portage/gentoolkit: add an option to revdep-rebuild to check ..
311799 app-portage/gentoolkit-0.3.0_rc9: "equery l -d -f sources" gicves..
312955 app-portage/gentoolkit: full symbol table checking in revdep-rebu..
postsync 249739 New ebuild: app-portage/postsync
udept 169648 app-portage/udept should depend on mktemp
172611 app-portage/udept- - problems with multiple versi..
deltup 218901 app-portage/deltup need support of lzma compression
etc-proposals 311775 app-portage/etc-proposals: Verify and potentially improve Python-..
metagen 313065 app-portage/metagen-0.5.1 fails to import metagenerator
cfg-update 219892 app-portage/cfg-update-1.8.2-r1 takes up to an hour, before finis..
230183 app-portage/cfg-update does not restore correct permissions
303199 Please, make app-portage/cfg-update support dev-util/beediff
getdelta 239439 [PATCH] app-portage/getdelta-0.7.8 breaks with EAPI=2
portage-utils 112818 app-portage/portage-utils: qlop's show_emerge_history() shows too..
154405 app-portage/portage-utils: add overlays support
186721 app-portage/portage-utils' "qlop -c" reset elapsed time for each ..
192918 app-portage/portage-utils an option like genlop's --date could be..
222021 [Regression] app-portage/portage-utils-0.1.29+: qatom gives incor..
242186 app-portage/portage-utils - qlop -tH showing wrong stats
248067 [patch] app-portage/portage-utils-0.1.29 - portage-utils/qtbz2.c ..
249461 app-portage/portage-utils doesn't cope with inter-revisions
249976 app-portage/portage-utils-0.1.29: qlist doesn't give slot informa..
263423 app-portage/portage-utils should detect ttys and terminal capabil..
266646 app-portage/portage-utils: qpkg doesn't find package with -rX to ..
274489 app-portage/portage-utils-0.2: qlop -g doesn't show all the emerg..
278336 app-portage/portage-utils-0.2: "emerge --sync --quiet" incorrectl..
282647 app-portage/portage-utils-0.1.29 - qcheck doesn't return > 0 if a..
291700 app-portage/portage-utils: qdepends crashes when asked for revers..
296829 [regression] app-portage/portage-utils-0.2.1: qsearch does not re..
297285 [regression] app-portage/portage-utils qsearch no longer supports..
301360 app-portage/portage-utils: add a qcheck option for ignoring chang..
301721 app-portage/portage-utils-0.3.1 strips executable bit for q-reini..
311443 app-portage/portage-utils-0.3.1: buffer overflow in eat_file()
portpeek 300825 app-portage/portpeek- Please add ~arm keyword
309059 [stable request] app-portage/portpeek-
eix 304819 app-portage/eix: request of bash-completion ^_^
305737 app-portage/eix-0.20.1 fails to build on Mac OS X 10.6(.2) 64bit
autounmask 262424 app-portage/autounmask misinterprets non ASCII names of directori..
279600 app-portage/autounmask writes to files unneccessarily
279601 app-portage/autounmask unmasks more package versions than neccess..
280097 portage should provide the functionality of app-portage/autounmask
285438 app-portage/autounmask-0.27: modifies package.unmask on pretend i..
292221 [patch] app-portage/autounmask should be able to unmask sets (int..
300647 app-portage/autounmask-0.27 should create /etc/portage if it does..
300823 app-portage/autounmask: Please add ~arm keyword
309913 app-portage/autounmask-0.27: doesn't find an upgrade path to unst..
epm 73494 app-portage/epm - feature request: epm -qf to handle symbolic links
93843 app-portage/epm - epm -qf issues
153921 app-portage/epm - epm -qf <dir> does not work in epm-1.33
168283 Feature request: app-portage/epm to support ROOT, PORTAGE_CONFIGR..
310475 Introduction of app-portage/epm-1.33 'declare ...' prefaced assi..
profuse 196552 app-portage/profuse - add support for /etc/portage/package.use
225071 app-portage/profuse-0.25.4 has the same problem as ufed in bug #2..
maintainer-helper 311783 app-portage/maintainer-helper: Verify and potentially improve Pyt..
app-sci eqp 49209 app-sci/eqp-0.9d.ebuild (New Package)
graphthing 50154 app-sci/graphthing-0.9.5 - create, manipulate and study graphs (n..
mace4-2003b 49205 app-sci/mace4-2003b.ebuild (new package)
synplify 65206 new package request - app-sci/synplify
acl2 49316 app-sci/acl2-2.8.ebuild - industrial strength theorem prover (New..
xppaut 50209 app-sci/xppaut-5.85 - analysis and simulation of dynamic systems ..
sem 49208 app-sci/sem-1.7.ebuild (New Package)
FlowDesigner 50456 app-sci/FlowDesigner-0.8.0 - free data flow oriented development ..
app-shell gsh 268826 ebuild for app-shell/gsh
zsh 268937 app-shell/zsh: don't link all the modules statically?
289963 app-shell/zsh fails to build with USE=static
bash 250843 <=app-shell/bash-3.2_p48 and <=dev-lang/python-2.6-r5 don't handl..
app-shells pdksh 250269 app-shells/pdksh doesn't escape special characters
pdsh 252398 app-shells/pdsh bundles its own libltdl
rush 247631 app-shells/rush-1.4 (new-ebuild)
scsh-install-lib 295103 app-shells/scsh-install-lib: documentation installed outside /usr..
gentoo-bashcomp 235454 app-shells/gentoo-bashcomp doesn't support completion of portage ..
285428 =app-shells/gentoo-bashcomp-20090613, emerge --info completion pr..
287092 app-shells/gentoo-bashcomp should include support for equery meta
298916 [PATCH]app-shells/gentoo-bashcomp: equery dep(g)raph should compl..
298919 [PATCH]app-shells/gentoo-bashcomp: completion for 'equery check' ..
301582 [PATCH] app-shells/gentoo-bashcomp `_pkgname -A` doesn't filter c..
311441 app-shells/gentoo-bashcomp-20091225: revdep-rebuild completion br..
tcsh 262849 Please stabilise app-shells/tcsh-6.16
mksh 307983 app-shells/mksh likes to try to write to /dev/urandom
fish 205809 app-shells/fish - colorful gentoo-ish prompt
bash-completion 267788 app-shells/bash-completion: clean handling of extglob and other s..
283593 app-shells/bash-completion || app-emulation/virtualbox-{bin,ose} ..
296252 =app-shells/bash-completion-1.1-r4 has file collision with =dev-u..
296719 app-shells/bash-completion-1.1-r4: Tab-completion has problems wi..
heirloom-sh 293196 New Ebuild: app-shells/heirloom-sh
dash 171630 app-shells/dash does not assign variables mid-statement
283479 groff error message when reading man page for app-shells/dash-0.5..
osh 107791 app-shells/osh (new package)
squirrelsh 304501 stabilize app-shells/squirrelsh
smrsh 251872 app-shells/smrsh: pre-stripped files found
tcshrc 119361 app-shells/tcshrc-1.6.0.ebuild (new ebuild)
bashdb 276877 app-shells/bashdb fails tests
scsh 206019 app-shells/scsh-0.6.6 fails to build
299414 app-shells/scsh fails tests
zsh 213627 app-shells/zsh - expand the default config
256494 app-shells/zsh for single user mode
261488 app-shells/zsh-4.3.9 stable request
297117 stable request: =app-shells/zsh-4.3.10
ksh 238906 app-shells/ksh refuses to build, throws "cross compiler" error
bash 95259 app-shells/bash ignores echo escape sequences w/ UTF-8 enabled co..
96598 app-shells/bash resets PS1 set by sudo with SUDO_PS1
177095 app-shells/bash-3.2_p17: multibyte characters in prompt still con..
200854 app-shells/bash compgen fails on apostrophes
223641 app-shells/bash - default /etc/bash/bashrc unnecessary PROMPT_COM..
251319 app-shells/bash >=3.2_p39 aliasconv symlink attack (CVE-2008-5374)
259957 Please bring back app-shells/bash-3.2_p17-r1 for blocker resolution
262309 Possible memory leak in app-shells/bash
280331 app-shells/bash: tab completion adds too many '\' when command pa..
302994 app-shells/bash: filename auto completion may trigger a segfault
310473 Stabilize app-shells/bash-4.0_p37
311655 app-shells/bash-4.1_p5 version bump
app-text texlive-code-2008-r5 278212 app-text/texlive-code-2008-r5: internal compiler error (ICE) in s..
opensp 209829 app-text/openjade and app-text/opensp filter a bit too much
273681 app-text/opensp-1.5.2-r1 fails tests (missing dependencies?)
286955 app-text/opensp-1.5.2 fails to build with C++ errors (on IRIX)
290422 app-text/opensp needs test? ( app-text/openjade ) dependency
crm114 299503 app-text/crm114-20090807 tries to link statically with dev-libs/tre
fbreader 311411 app-text/fbreader-0.12.9 bump request
gnome-doc-utils 260611 app-text/gnome-doc-utils is not parallel make safe
312103 app-text/gnome-doc-utils: Verify and potentially improve Python-r..
utrac 240146 app-text/utrac: CFLAGS are ignored
243758 app-text/utrac: CC variable not respected
271513 missing header files in app-text/utrac-0.3.0
pdfmod 279947 new ebuild: app-text/pdfmod: a simple tool for modifying PDF docu..
evince 283295 app-text/evince printing fails when used as pre-viewer
289844 app-text/evince fails to handle pdf transparency and gradients co..
307885 app-text/evince-2.28.2 segfaults on a DVI file, possibly a ghosts..
unicode 102187 app-text/unicode-0.4.8.ebuild (New Package)
libwps 284159 app-text/libwps Microsoft Works format import library
gonzui 188241 app-text/gonzui starts ok but init script thinks it didn't
297463 app-text/gonzui fails to build with parallel make
hypen 201357 [EBUILD] app-text/hypen
ptex 282874 app-text/ptex bibtex invalid reads/writes when parsing big *.bib ..
303965 app-text/ptex-3.1.10_p20090610-r1 - /usr/include/bits/fcntl2.h:51..
lodgeit 312109 app-text/lodgeit: Verify and potentially improve Python-related c..
migemo 301519 Please stabilise app-text/migemo-0.40-r4
pdfsam 196516 app-text/pdfsam-1.6.0e New Ebuild
bibletime 310273 app-text/bibletime-2.6 version bump
ugrep 107086 app-text/ugrep (new package)
sgmltools-lite 312123 app-text/sgmltools-lite: Verify and potentially improve Python-re..
cuneiform-qt 267746 app-text/cuneiform-qt ebuild
xmldiff 282073 app-text/xmldiff-0.6.9: IndexError: list index out of range
312129 app-text/xmldiff: Verify and potentially improve Python-related c..
rarian 252920 app-text/rarian bundles a copy of tinyxml
286793 app-text/rarian-0.8.1 attempts to use 'getopt' from util-linux
gsview 283165 app-text/gsview fails parallel make
284197 [VERSION BUMP] app-text/gsview-4.9
docbook-xsl 282302 app-text/docbook-xsl-(ns-)?stylesheets-1.75.2 stable request
tesseract-pl 279669 [new ebuild] app-text/tesseract-pl
odin 223349 app-text/odin-0.1.4: new package
cedilla 294416 app-text/cedilla-0.3 searches for files in /var/tmp/portage/
psutils 186503 app-text/psutils-1.17 produces broken PS that Ghostscript does no..
htmldoc 219373 app-text/htmldoc-1.8.27: crash due to missing boundary checking i..
ghostscript 264594 app-text/ghostscript-* jbig2dec JBIG2 Buffer Overflow / ICC Integ..
active-dvi 292213 app-text/active-dvi-1.7.3-r1: freezes when view dvi file with emb..
htmlrecode 240135 app-text/htmlrecode: CFLAGS are ignored
gtkspell 310397 please stabilize =app-text/gtkspell-2.0.16
html2text 144497 app-text/html2text skips character...
240133 app-text/html2text: CFLAGS are ignored
254923 app-text/html2text UTF-8 support patch
enchant 132433 app-text/enchant doesn't work with current ispell dictionaries
232245 Rekeyword request for =app-text/enchant-1.4.2
a2ps 297405 app-text/a2ps - ./obstack.h:176: error: expected specifier-qualif..
kchmviewer 310019 stabilize app-text/kchmviewer-5.1
gnochm 312101 app-text/gnochm: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
docbook-sgml-utils 184551 app-text/docbook-sgml-utils-0.6.14 fails to merge
230948 app-text/docbook-sgml-utils-0.6.14: commands show problems with s..
238996 app-text/docbook-sgml-utils-0.6.14 fails to build
grcompiler 209772 New ebuild: app-text/grcompiler
yudit 249719 app-text/yudit-2.9.0 stabilisation request
docbook-xml-simple-dtd 290680 app-text/build-docbook-catalog: add support for app-text/docbook-..
html401 276400 Please mark app-text/html401 and app-text/xhtml1 as stable
man2html 261347 app-text/man2html-1.6f fails to install in new slot simultaneousl..
rbmake 150007 app-text/rbmake (new ebuild)
zebra 106776 app-text/zebra-1.3.28 (new ebuild)
htp 312105 app-text/htp: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
texi2html 258998 app-text/texi2html-1.82 released
mupdf 280469 app-text/mupdf-20090707 - new ebuild
teckit 300063 app-text/teckit keywording request
enscript 244334 app-text/enscript-1.6.4-r2 can't detect php scripts with -E
chm2pdf 312097 app-text/chm2pdf: Verify and potentially improve Python-related c..
voikko 140031 app-text/voikko-1.0, ebuild for Finnish spelling and hyphenation ..
catfish 161730 app-text/catfish 0.2 [new ebuild]
bibclean 299322 app-text/bibclean fails tests
poppler 263028 <app-text/poppler-0.10.5-r1 JBIG2 Multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2..
290430 app-text/poppler < 0.12.1 OR app-text/xpdf < 3.02pl4: Xpdf Multip..
303461 app-text/xpdf-3.02-r4: stabilize as current stable is broken with..
303591 media-libs/fontconfig: default settings for 2 symbols fonts leads..
308017 app-text/poppler : code execution (CVE-2009-3938)
309297 app-text/poppler-0.12.3-r3 ignores CXXFLAGS
xdvik 293541 app-text/xdvik-22.84.16 fails to build with parallel make.
xml2doc 243764 app-text/xml2doc: CC variable not respected
pdfshuffler 295393 Stablisation Request: app-text/pdfshuffler-0.4.2
312115 app-text/pdfshuffler: Verify and potentially improve Python-relat..
glpresent 181517 app-text/glpresent (new ebuild)
openjade 158605 app-text/openjade - patch to improve openjade processing speed
196230 app-text/openjade-1.3.2-r1 segfaults at start
209829 app-text/openjade and app-text/opensp filter a bit too much
290422 app-text/opensp needs test? ( app-text/openjade ) dependency
poppler-data 223433 app-text/poppler-data and app-text/ghostscript-gpl duplicate some..
xhtml1 276400 Please mark app-text/html401 and app-text/xhtml1 as stable
ghostscript-gpl 206893 app-text/ghostscript-gpl carries internal copies of jbig2dec and ..
223433 app-text/poppler-data and app-text/ghostscript-gpl duplicate some..
234378 app-text/ghostscript-gpl-8.63 does not parallel-build (forces MAK..
251066 app-text/ghostscript-gpl-8.63 does not parallel-install (forces M..
263225 app-text/ghostscript-gpl-8.64-r2: /usr/bin/gsx segfaults
269687 app-text/ghostscript-gpl could make use of x11-libs/cairo[svg] us..
271810 app-text/ghostscript-gpl-8.64 ignores USE=-X
296487 app-text/ghostscript-gpl-8.64 - hylafax cannot find fonts
300192 app-text/ghostscript-gpl Stack-based buffer overflow in errprintf..
303647 KEYWORDREQ app-text/ghostscript-gpl
305111 app-text/ghostscript-gpl-8.70-r1 fails to compile against media-l..
311405 app-text/ghostscript-gpl-8.64-r3: 9 of 37 Mb are docs, please add..
311923 app-text/ghostscript-gpl-8.71-r2 missing Courier font : breaks ma..
312927 Printing using net-print/cups / app-text/ghostscript-gpl from kde..
asciidoc 311555 app-text/asciidoc-8.2.6 missing dependency on docbook-xml-dtd
312095 app-text/asciidoc: Verify and potentially improve Python-related ..
fop-miniscribus 237043 app-text/fop-miniscribus-2.0.0_beta (new ebuild)
zemberek-server 232411 app-text/zemberek-server keyword request
253054 Please stabilize =app-text/zemberek-server-0.7.1 and its dependen..
xindy 281271 app-text/xindy-2.3 fails to emerge with dev-lisp/clisp-2.48
281677 app-text/xindy-3.0 version bump
xpdf 290430 app-text/poppler < 0.12.1 OR app-text/xpdf < 3.02pl4: Xpdf Multip..
301592 app-text/xpdf-3.02-r4: fullscreen+too zoomed in+next page=crash
303461 app-text/xpdf-3.02-r4: stabilize as current stable is broken with..
305587 app-text/xpdf-3.02-r4: outline pane problems
pdx 74713 app-text/pdx-1.6.1 (new package)
pdfjam 253919 app-text/pdfjam-1.20: pdfnup fails (cp: cannot stat `/var/tmp/481..
262274 app-text/pdfjam: pdfjoin fails for PDF-files containing pages wit..
scrollkeeper 256379 app-text/scrollkeeper should install /etc/sandbox.d/ entry for /v..
dictd 310023 stabilize app-text/dictd-1.11.2
labelnation 176639 app-text/labelnation-1.164 (New Ebuild)
po4a 312979 app-text/po4a-0.32-r1 fails tests
stardict 265792 >=app-text/stardict-3.0.1 sigbuses on sparc when loading cache fi..
288555 Stable request for app-text/stardict-3.0.1-r2
pdf 232815 suggestions: build app-text/pdf with -t1lib and -freetype
ocrad 300562 app-text/ocrad-0.18 rekeyword request (was: version bump)
303022 app-text/ocrad-0.19 version bump
tesseract 287373 app-text/tesseract tries to use eng.unicharset by default even wi..
297553 app-text/tesseract - Enhancements to build shared libs with libtool
304053 Stabilize =app-text/tesseract-2.04-r1
bibus 259074 app-text/bibus-{,.1}: QA Notice: Precompiled python object..
288232 app-text/bibus crashes while starting (undefined symbol: _PyUnico..
311747 app-text/bibus-1.5.0: ImportError GnomePrint, needs dependency x1..
ding 309733 app-text/ding-1.6 - "Error: unknown color name "" "
sgml-common 196162 app-text/sgml-common - upgrade or downgrade loses SGML catalog
295115 app-text/sgml-common: documentation installed outside /usr/share/..
docbook-xml-dtd 309797 stabilize app-text/docbook-xml-dtd-{4.5-r1,4.4-r2}
docfrac 109259 app-text/docfrac - rtf/html/txt converter (new ebuild)
gnome-u2ps 131720 app-text/gnome-u2ps (New package)
replace 250657 app-text/replace-2.24
xournal 276696 app-text/xournal: upstream patch to fix crazy scrollbar behavior ..
311133 app-text/xournal-0.4.5-r1 should not depend on gnome-base/libgnom..
tmview 80815 app-text/tmview-1.03 (new package)
build-docbook-catalog 290680 app-text/build-docbook-catalog: add support for app-text/docbook-..
fmt-ptrn 277640 app-text/fmt-ptrn: fails with forced --as-needed
djvu 299574 Stable =app-text/djvu-3.5.22-r1 djview4-4.5-r1
rest2web 219980 New ebuild: app-text/rest2web
txt2tags 312125 app-text/txt2tags: Verify and potentially improve Python-related ..
chasen 305695 app-text/chasen-2.4.4 stabilize
unac 134732 app-text/unac-1.7.0 (new ebuild)
yamcha 299983 app-text/yamcha fails to build (perl 5.10 related?)
pdfcrop 307701 app-text/pdfcrop ebuild request
wklej 302824 please stabilize app-text/wklej-0.1.7
312127 app-text/wklej: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
pinfo 269862 [PATCH] app-text/pinfo should support lzma or xz compressed info ..
306445 app-text/pinfo-0.6.9 fails for some items
duali 312099 app-text/duali: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
texlive-core-2009-r1 308601 app-text/texlive-core-2009-r1 fails to build on x86-solaris 10
312009 app-text/texlive-core-2009-r1, XeTeX "Could not open config file:..
pdfcube 210797 app-text/pdfcube-0.0.3.ebuild (New Package)
ocropus-svn 185810 app-text/ocropus-svn-9999 (new package)
jasperreports 164129 Version bump app-text/jasperreports to 3.0.0
aspell 257769 app-text/aspell-0.60.6 fails to build on IRIX
310015 stabilize app-text/aspell-0.60.6-r1 and some dictionaries
hunspell 254634 stabilize app-text/hunspell-1.2.8
257781 app-text/hunspell-1.2.8 patches for IRIX
highlight 241262 app-text/highlight: documentation installed outside /usr/share/do..
306711 Stabilize =app-text/highlight-2.9
hyperestraier 259877 app-text/hyperestraier-1.4.13 fails to build
dvipdfmx-20090708-r1 303124 app-text/dvipdfmx-20090708-r1: ebuild store config file in wrong ..
txtfmt 150162 app-text/txtfmt (new ebuild)
ghostscript-gnu 264614 app-text/ghostscript-gnu Multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2007-6725,..
chmsee 295949 app-text/chmsee-1.1.0_rc1 (new package)
linuxdoc-tools 287555 app-text/linuxdoc-tools-0.9.21_p11 partially ignores LDFLAGS
287557 app-text/linuxdoc-tools-0.9.65 bump request
notecase 298157 app-text/notecase: documentation installed outside /usr/share/doc..
302146 app-text/notecase 1.9.8 background color settings not restored on..
pdftk 196361 app-text/pdftk-1.41: fails to compile on ppc64
254463 app-text/pdftk fails when CFLAGS contain flags not understood by ..
275620 Please stabilize app-text/pdftk-1.41-r1
296455 app-text/pdftk-1.41: nodrm patch missing
par 276635 app-text/par doesn't include the UTF-8 support
flpsed 294392 app-text/flpsed needs ghostscript with X
xdvipdfmx 222869 app-text/xdvipdfmx-0.4: dvipdfmx.cfg is not installed
304049 app-text/xdvipdfmx - incorrect description.
acroread 212625 app-text/acroread should have USE flags for asian fonts
251539 app-text/acroread bundles internal copies of zlib-1.1.4 and expat..
273915 <www-client/mozilla-firefox-? & <app-text/acroread-? (CVE-2009-{1..
283095 app-text/acroread scanelf: rpath_security_checks
287613 app-text/acroread forces binary packages on amd64
287958 app-text/acroread-9.1.3: -- terminate called after throwing an in..
289018 app-text/acroread-9.1.3: look for libgtkembedmoz.so in xulrunner ..
297385 <app-text/acroread-9.3: code execution (CVE-2009-{3953,4324})
300411 app-text/acroread - please remove www-client/seamonkey dependency
306429 <app-text/acroread-9.3.1 Multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2010-{0186..
310387 app-text/acroread-9.3.1 ebuild needs a bunch of QA_DT_HASH statem..
mftrace 312111 app-text/mftrace: Verify and potentially improve Python-related c..
nfoview 312113 app-text/nfoview: Verify and potentially improve Python-related c..
mbtpdfasm 246968 app-text/mbtpdfasm contains an internal copy of zlib-1.2.3
pyrpub 312119 app-text/pyrpub: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
omegat 258358 app-text/omegat bundles an internal (binary?) copy of libhunspell..
264290 app-text/omegat produces too high bytecode
discount 294000 ebuild for discount (app-text/discount)
texlive-core-2008-r5 276592 app-text/texlive-core-2008-r5: font configuration generated by ge..
texlive-core-2008-r4 262578 emerge app-text/texlive-core-2008-r4 parallel make fails
265232 app-text/texlive-core-2008-r4 uses internal copy of icu
texlive-core-2008-r7 264598 <app-text/texlive-core-2008-r7 bibtex invalid reads/writes when p..
289818 app-text/texlive-core-2008-r7: epstopdf does not use a shebang, b..
295451 app-text/texlive-core-2008-r7 textrels in mf and mf-nowin
xmlroff 124339 new ebuild: app-text/xmlroff
sgrep 243750 app-text/sgrep: CC variable not respected
285593 MAIL_{BODY,MESS,HEADER} macros provided by app-text/sgrep with it..
winefish 297637 app-text/winefish: documentation installed outside /usr/share/doc..
queequeg 312121 app-text/queequeg: Verify and potentially improve Python-related ..
foxitreader 308147 new ebuild: app-text/foxitreader (PDF viewer)
grutatxt 312493 app-text/grutatxt-2.0.15 version bump
itex2mml 194499 app-text/itex2mml-1.3.5 - new ebuild
jabref 279666 Stable request for app-text/jabref-2.5
tagutils 122973 new app-text/tagutils-0.3.0.ebuild
sloccount 243752 app-text/sloccount: CC variable not respected
recode 221369 app-text/recode: probably needs flex build-time dependency
261220 please mark =app-text/recode-3.6_p15 stable for gcc-4.3
307889 please stabilize =app-text/recode-3.6_p16
xapian-omega 255157 New ebuild: app-text/xapian-omega
odt2txt 263574 new ebuild for app-text/odt2txt-0.4
noweb 264273 app-text/noweb-2.11b: make jobserver unavailable
unrtf 277428 app-text/unrtf fails tests
iso-codes 312107 app-text/iso-codes: Verify and potentially improve Python-related..
djview4 303091 app-text/djview4-4.5-r1: nsplugin does not work
ghostcript 272314 app-text/ghostcript: NULL pointer dereference
docbook2X 205703 app-text/docbook2X-0.8.8 fix naming convention
223071 app-text/docbook2X-0.8.8-r1 tests does not pass
296112 app-text/docbook2X: documentation installed outside /usr/share/do..
mathml-xml-dtd 194501 app-text/mathml-xml-dtd-2.0 - new ebuild
epdfview 232351 app-text/epdfview-0.1.6-r1 - src_test() doesn't seem to do anything
280833 app-text/epdfview-0.1.7-r2: file opening is badly broken [PATCH]
app-vim vim-ris 159815 app-vim/vim-ris-1.2.ebuild
dbext 255240 app-vim/dbext-9.00 version bump
vimcdoc 263832 app-vim/vimcdoc-1.7.0 (new ebuild)
extra-syntax 218855 app-vim/extra-syntax stabilization and cleanup
cream 299758 app-vim/cream tries to install missing files
306949 Please bump app-vim/cream to 0.42 and mark 0.41-r2 stable
foldutil 270300 app-vim/foldutil-3.0 requires genutils v2+
alternate 245629 app-vim/alternate-2.15 patch fails
pyclewn 254273 [new package] app-vim/pyclewn
colorsel 281829 Please consider app-vim/colorsel-20051121 for stabilisation.
securemodelines 178480 app-vim/securemodelines-20070518 keywording request
vimacs 212762 app-vim/vimacs - an emacs emulation for vim (new ebuild)
nerdcommenter 254493 app-vim/nerdcommenter-2.2.2 version bump
scala-syntax 258417 app-vim/scala-syntax: New ebuild with scala support for vim
tt2-syntax 191500 Please keyword app-vim/tt2-syntax (was: dev-perl/Template-Toolkit..
gentoo-syntax 253653 app-vim/gentoo-syntax should set commentstring
281481 app-vim/gentoo-syntax should be aware of ACCEPT_LICENSE and ACCEP..
297282 app-vim/gentoo-syntax-20090220: highlight lines after initial com..
latexsuite 289870 app-vim/latexsuite version bump (sort of)
colorschemes 310067 Stabilize app-vim/colorschemes-20100218
supertab 246798 Stabilization request of =app-vim/supertab-0.45
261425 app-vim/supertab-0.49 version bump
gtk-syntax 301103 Request for updated app-vim/gtk-syntax
omnicppcomplete 200259 app-vim/omnicppcomplete-0.41 (New package)
perl-support 262575 app-vim/perl-support-4.3 version bump
vimclojure 292301 New package: app-vim/vimclojure
gentoo-syntax-20080717-r1 238420 app-vim/gentoo-syntax-20080717-r1 - filetype.vim patch to recogni..
wikipedia-syntax 254267 Please bump app-vim/wikipedia-syntax-20071103
surround 307839 Stabilize app-vim/surround-1.34
app-xemacs flim 58256 [New Package] app-xemacs/flim/flim-1.14.6.ebuild
ocaml-mode 156943 Rename app-xemacs/ocaml to app-xemacs/ocaml-mode ?
slime 240327 app-xemacs/slime ebuild request
ocaml 156943 Rename app-xemacs/ocaml to app-xemacs/ocaml-mode ?
apple-darwin ghc 312007 dev-lang/ghc-6.10.4-r1 build failes: can't open file: lib/*-apple..
apps-admin eselect-vi 251659 apps-admin/eselect-vi stabilize request
apps-misc openkiosk 101887 apps-misc/openkiosk-2.0.6 (new ebuild)
nodeview 101888 apps-misc/nodeview-2.0.3 (new ebuild)
collision-protect protect-owned 276015 Perform no* FEATURES before collision-protect/protect-owned
cross-avr binutils 147155 [cross-avr/binutils] "ld" for avr cannot find linker script "avr5..
cross-mingw32 runtime 149379 [cross-mingw32/runtime] fails at mingwthrd.exp with illegal reloc..
mingw-runtime 156767 [cross-mingw32/mingw-runtime] mingw-gcc directory include order p..
deb-libs glib 274647 deb-libs/glib: Add --disable-visibility on USE=debug
deb-util kbuild 259319 deb-util/kbuild-0.1.4 - "*** %n in writable segment detected ***"
default-bsd fbsd 219175 app-crypt/mit-krb5-1.6.3-r1 fails linking on default-bsd/fbsd/6.2..
dev-ada cbind 251873 dev-ada/cbind: pre-stripped files found
polyorb 167980 dev-ada/polyorb personality configuration options
216244 dev-ada/polyorb-2.1.0 build fails when building it's ravenscar mo..
219219 dev-ada/polyorb-2.1.0 fails when building against gnat-gcc-4.3
250066 dev-ada/polyorb fails to build
qtada 227171 dev-ada/qtada installs wrong project file
287483 dev-ada/qtada-1.0.4 fails to build
gtkada 241758 dev-ada/gtkada-2.10.2 version bump
252519 dev-ada/gtkada bundles a copy of gtk+extra
279962 dev-ada/gtkada fails to build with parallel make
booch_components 298686 dev-ada/booch_components fails tests
xmlada 249845 dev-ada/xmlada has ${WORKDIR} in RPATH
283160 dev-ada/xmlada fails with parallel install
adasockets 250055 dev-ada/adasockets fails to build
florist 310059 dev-ada/florist: build fails owing to source violation of style c..
gps-bin 251875 dev-ada/gps-bin bundles a copy of python 2.3
gps 75803 New ebuild for dev-ada/gps v. 2.1.0 (from source, not -bin)
dev-cpp gflags 312131 dev-cpp/gflags: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
libpqpp 239600 dev-cpp/libpqpp-4.0-r6 fails to build
libgnomecanvasmm 295331 dev-cpp/libgnomecanvasmm-2.22.0 Build fail
Ice 236264 dev-cpp/Ice-3.3.0: bad categorization + missing additional compon..
285755 Stable request for dev-cpp/Ice-3.3.1
312023 dev-cpp/Ice-3.3.1 fails to compile against openssl-1.0.0
312133 dev-cpp/Ice: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
312869 dev-cpp/Ice-3.4.0 new release ebuild+patch file
libgdamm 236384 dev-cpp/libgdamm-3.0.1
aspectc++ 128037 ebuild: dev-cpp/aspectc++
gtksourceviewmm 266221 dev-cpp/gtksourceviewmm-2.3.1 version bump
gtkmm 218607 dev-cpp/gtkmm-2.12.7 failed: undefined reference to `std::basic_o..
244543 dev-cpp/gtkmm-2.2.12: build failure, 'g_assert' was not declared ..
264157 dev-cpp/gtkmm-2.14.3 compilation warnings for unrecognized options
281770 dev-cpp/gtkmm-2.16.0 failes to compile with >=gtk+-2.17*
296845 dev-cpp/gtkmm tries to install missing documentation
libvmime 148250 dev-cpp/libvmime new package request
libxmlpp 270893 Keywording of newer dev-cpp/libxmlpp on mips or dropping keyword ..
ETL 111277 dev-cpp/ETL-0.04.09.ebuild (New Package)
ucommon 220597 dev-cpp/ucommon new package
asio 277195 dev-cpp/asio fails to build for memory allocation problems on a 1..
294979 dev-cpp/asio fails tests
libgtksourceviewmm 298158 dev-cpp/libgtksourceviewmm tries to install missing documentation
cli 301561 [ebuild] please add dev-cpp/cli-1.1.0
libmcpp 299467 dev-cpp/libmcpp: documentation installed outside /usr/share/doc/$..
litesql 145675 dev-cpp/litesql new ebuild request
cppcsp2 294824 dev-cpp/cppcsp2 fails tests
yaml-cpp 293492 New package: dev-cpp/yaml-cpp
ctemplate 294980 dev-cpp/ctemplate fails to install
301463 dev-cpp/ctemplate-0.96 version bump
libcutl 301249 [ebuild] please add dev-cpp/libcutl-1.1.1
ne7ssh 290140 New ebuild: dev-cpp/ne7ssh - SSH client library in C++
gconfmm 249279 dev-cpp/libglademm-2.6.7 and dev-cpp/gconfmm-2.24.0 QA Notice: Un..
287419 Stabilize dev-cpp/gconfmm-2.24.0
hiberlite 264502 dev-cpp/hiberlite-0.6 (new ebuild)
commoncpp2 279505 dev-cpp/commoncpp2-1.7.3 version bump
libthrowable 296896 dev-cpp/libthrowable fails tests
glibmm 295757 dev-cpp/glibmm: documentation installed outside /usr/share/doc/${..
311401 dev-cpp/glibmm-2.22.1: 12 of 14 Mb are docs, please add doc USE f..
growler-link 271017 [science] dev-cpp/growler-link-0.3.7 does not compile (gcc-4.3)
libglademm 156089 dev-cpp/libglademm needs updated dependencies.
249279 dev-cpp/libglademm-2.6.7 and dev-cpp/gconfmm-2.24.0 QA Notice: Un..
sqplus 169060 dev-cpp/sqplus - C++ bindings for Squirrel (new ebuild)
tbb 297838 [version bump] dev-cpp/tbb-2.2
gccxml 275714 dev-cpp/gccxml doesn't work with g++-4.3.3
294282 dev-cpp/gccxml: documentation installed outside /usr/share/doc/${..
304403 dev-cpp/gccxml fails tests
libassa 299605 dev-cpp/libassa fails tests
geglmm 312509 dev-cpp/geglmm (new ebuild)
libgnomeuimm 299779 dev-cpp/libgnomeuimm-2.22.0 fails to install, undefiend reference..
cairomm 269680 dev-cpp/cairomm need more x11-libs/cairo use-deps
pangomm 286009 dev-cpp/pangomm-2.24.0: QA Notice: file does not exist
gnome-vfsmm 247680 dev-cpp/gnome-vfsmm-2.24.0 : Unrecognized options: --disable-gtk-..
gtkmm-utils 233733 dev-cpp/gtkmm-utils-0.3.2 (new ebuild)
dev-cvs statcvs 312157 dev-cvs/statcvs and dev-vcs/statsvn 0.7.0 version bump
dev-db phpmyadmin 239125 dev-db/phpmyadmin: unnecessary change of config.default.php
276166 app-portage/gentoolkit-0.2.*: glsa-check doesn't mark =dev-db/php..
284609 dev-db/phpmyadmin- should not depend on mysql
288899 <dev-db/phpmyadmin-{,}: SQLi, XSS (CVE-2009-{3696..
295575 dev-db/phpmyadmin-3.2.4 version bump
296706 dev-db/phpmyadmin- config.default.inc.php broken
302745 <dev-db/phpmyadmin-2.11.10: tempdir permissions issue (CVE-2008-{..
303451 dev-db/phpmyadmin: version bump (2.11.10 and 3.2.5)
303761 <=dev-db/phpmyadmin-2.11.10 CSRF (CVE-2009-4605)
sqlite 212282 dev-db/sqlite-3.x fails to build on IRIX due to junk output
245072 dev-libs/cyrus-sasl should RDEPEND on <dev-db/sqlite-3
249418 dev-db/sqlite-2 deprecation tracker
300145 Stable request for dev-db/sqlite-3.6.21
308923 dev-db/sqlite-3.6.22-r2 leaves pkgIndex.tcl in wrong place (?)
310195 dev-db/sqlite-2.8.16-r4 - prestripped files, does not respect LDF..
pgagent 292767 Ebuild for dev-db/pgagent-3.0.1
c-jdbc 157427 Version bump dev-db/c-jdbc to 2.0.2
pgbouncer 243232 Ebuild for dev-db/pgbouncer
gsql 249594 dev-db/gsql - New ebuild
CDB 125645 dev-db/CDB-0.2.0_alpha4 (New Package)
xbase 208596 Conflict between media-tv/linuxtv-dvb-apps and dev-db/xbase
227499 dev-db/xbase-2.0.0 fails to build
298599 dev-db/xbase tries to install missing documentation
spatialite-tools 284913 new ebuild: dev-db/spatialite-tools-2.3.1
ibwebadmin 84677 New ebuild: dev-db/ibwebadmin-0.99.2
squirrel-sql 39330 dev-db/squirrel-sql (new ebuild)
galax 181032 dev-db/galax-0.7.2.ebuild (New Package)
xtrabackup 265407 Ebuild request: dev-db/xtrabackup
maatkit 304031 Please stabilize dev-db/maatkit-5240
phppgadmin 198321 ~x86-fbsd keyword request for dev-db/phppgadmin
Firebird 279800 dev-db/Firebird SQL op_connect_request main listener shutdown vul..
mysql 152787 dev-db/mysql init script does not handle chroot
189223 dev-db/mysql-5.0.44-r1 needs ~mips keyword
215535 dev-db/mysql-init-scripts: dev-db/mysql-5.0.54 initscript fails w..
220813 dev-db/mysql: arbitrary shell command execution
229329 dev-db/mysql <= 5.0.60-r1: GRANT statement DoS
237166 dev-db/mysql <5.0.66 b'' Server DoS (CVE-2008-3963)
238117 dev-db/mysql <5.0.70 DATA / INDEX DIRECTORY symlink attack (CVE-2..
240407 dev-db/mysql: XSS in command line client of MySQL 5.0.{26-45} (CV..
277717 <dev-db/mysql-5.0.83 dispatch_command() multiple format string vu..
294187 <dev-db/mysql-{5.0.88,5.1.41} multiple vulnerabilites (CVE-2008-7..
303747 <dev-db/mysql-5.0.90-r2 multiple stack-based buffer overflows in ..
306315 dev-db/mysql-5.1.44[embedded] doesn't install libmysqld.so
306647 dev-db/mysql-5.0.90 on x86-solaris
307305 dev-db/mysql-5.1.44 mysqldump can not be used to dump the informa..
310533 New Keyword for: dev-db/mysql-5.1.45-r1 (~x64-macos)
311625 app-office/akonadi-server-1.3.1 does not work after dev-db/mysql-..
312055 dev-db/mysql-5.1.45-r1 installs a perror(1) binary with a too gen..
312435 ~dev-db/mysql-5.1 fails to build with GCC 4.5
312533 dev-db/mysql libmysqlclient.so visibility, exports list_* functions
312811 dev-db/mysql duplicates -lpthread in linker commands
312845 dev-db/mysql-5.0.90-r2 - test archive_gis fails on HPPA
313095 =dev-db/mysql-5.0.90-r2 hangs on testsuite on ARM
glom 63906 dev-db/glom (new ebuild)
plr 272610 dev-db/plr ebuild request
pgtop 179571 dev-db/pgtop (new ebuild)
gnome-db 303327 dev-db/gnome-db (ebuild request)
postgres-erlang 174780 dev-db/postgres-erlang-20070202 (New eBuild)
pg_bulkload 250346 new ebuild dev-db/pg_bulkload
myodbc 302944 dev-db/myodbc-{5.1.5_p1144,3.51.26_p1127-r1}: stabilization
pgpooll-II 196300 dev-db/pgpooll-II (new ebuild)
libpq 160178 dev-db/libpq : using (almost deprecated) gnuconfig_update
249697 =dev-db/libpq-7.4 doesn't install pg_config binary
280198 dev-db/libpq-8.1.11 fetch failed
302545 dev-db/libpq-8.2.14 file collisions + Cannot write to '/usr/inclu..
306957 dev-db/libpq-8.2.14 ebuild assumes wrong library version
couchdb 312439 <dev-db/couchdb-0.11.0: Timing attacks/Information Disclosure (CV..
spatialite 284476 new ebuild: dev-db/spatialite-2.3.1
tokyocabinet 300335 dev-db/tokyocabinet fails tests (HPPA)
navicat 208345 dev-db/navicat ebuild request
libdbi-drivers 288456 dev-db/libdbi-drivers should depend on virtual/postgresql-base
297979 dev-db/libdbi-drivers-0.8.3 installs 2 directories in /usr/share/..
310025 stabilize dev-db/libdbi-drivers-0.8.3-r1
310437 dev-db/libdbi and dev-db/libdbi-drivers fail to respect env CFLAGS
pgasync 312139 dev-db/pgasync: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
skytools 243158 Ebuild for dev-db/skytools
pxview 105253 dev-db/pxlib, dev-db/pxview: utilities for browsing paradox datab..
sqldeveloper 261547 =dev-db/sqldeveloper- stablization request
280435 revbump for dev-db/sqldeveloper-
297775 dev-db/sqldeveloper- (Update)
300852 dev-db/sqldeveloper- failed: Cannot find jtds.jar
postgresql-base 246397 dev-db/postgresql-base-8.3.4 with USE=kerberos and app-crypt/heim..
265006 app-admin/eselect-postgresql-0.3 doesn't correct work with dev-db..
300793 dev-db/postgresql-base-8.4.2 breaks net-mail/dovecot & x11-libs/q..
300964 dev-db/postgresql-base-8.4.2-r1: libpq is not thread-safe when bu..
freetds 276045 import dev-db/freetds, with econf changes
282871 dev-db/freetds-0.82-r2 documentation not accessible
soci 156506 new package dev-db/soci
pgmemcache 277524 dev-db/pgmemcache-2.0_rc1 (New package)
libzdb 251063 [new package] dev-db/libzdb needed for net-mail/dbmail-2.3.4
gtko2 192266 dev-db/gtko2-2.16 (new ebuild)
table_log 137091 dev-db/table_log-0.4.2.ebuild (New Package)
sql2class 142961 dev-db/sql2class (and dependencies) new ebuild
oracle-instantclient-basic 257417 sci-libs/gdal-1.5.3 and dev-db/oracle-instantclient-basic-11.1.0...
284096 [dev-db/oracle-instantclient-basic] provide 32bit libraries on mu..
unixODBC 277917 freetds ebuild's 'odbc' USE flag is tied to dev-db/unixODBC, howe..
280408 dev-db/unixODBC-2.2.12: odbcinst -j reports wrong directories if ..
kmysqladmin 122169 dev-db/kmysqladmin-0.7.2.ebuild (New Package)
opendbx 306251 dev-db/opendbx-1.4.4 cannot find postgresql headers
desktopcouch 312135 dev-db/desktopcouch: Verify and potentially improve Python-relate..
virtuoso 304431 version bump: dev-db/virtuoso-*-6.1.1 was: dev-db/virtuoso-*-6.1...
mysql-erlang 174779 dev-db/mysql-erlang-20070202 (New eBuild)
ingres 297025 dev-db/ingres: fails with forced --as-needed
crunchyfrog 248258 Ebuild for dev-db/crunchyfrog
postgresql-server 232174 dev-db/postgresql-server-8.3.3 test failures
300176 mail-filter/dspam-3.8.0-r15 wrongly hardcodes lib/share paths for..
300879 dev-db/postgresql-server-7.4.26 fails to install libpgtcl.so (req..
302384 dev-db/postgresql-server does not install PAM configuration file
308063 dev-db/postgresql-server: DOS (CVE-2010-0442)
311047 New init scripts and conf files for dev-db/postgresql-server
312171 dev-db/postgis-1.3.1 does not compile against dev-db/postgresql-s..
312939 pkg_config() of dev-db/postgresql-server handles locale very badly
pxlib 105253 dev-db/pxlib, dev-db/pxview: utilities for browsing paradox datab..
mysql-init-scripts 171753 dev-db/mysql-init-scripts - better support for multiple servers
172870 dev-db/mysql-init-scripts-1.2: logrotate fails if mysqld not runn..
175783 dev-db/mysql-init-scripts: mysql fails to start on baselayout-2/o..
199772 dev-db/mysql-init-scripts-1.2: typo in /etc/init.d/mysql
215535 dev-db/mysql-init-scripts: dev-db/mysql-5.0.54 initscript fails w..
230501 dev-db/mysql-init-scripts: add features from debian-start
253670 dev-db/mysql-init-scripts: Incorrect documentation of man command..
metakit 169509 dev-db/metakit- stablization requests
252474 dev-db/metakit statically link libmk4 to the python bindings
312137 dev-db/metakit: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
xbae 243774 dev-db/xbae: CC variable not respected
pygresql 154793 dev-db/pygresql-3.8.1 re-keywording request
227491 dev-db/pygresql-3.8.1 - No such file or directory: '/usr/include/..
279690 net-print/pykota-1.25_p2437-r1 build issue with dev-db/pygresql-4.0
289228 <=dev-db/pygresql-4.0: Missing escape function (CVE-2009-2940)
312141 dev-db/pygresql: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
postgresql 160181 dev-db/postgresql : using (almost deprecated) gnuconfig_update
166290 dev-db/postgresql-8.1.5-r1: test fails
189854 dev-db/postgresql - pg_autovacuum fails if postgres user needs a ..
228035 dev-db/postgresql - Add a vim-syntax module
255004 dev-db/postgresql - init.d script should use better errormessage ..
261223 dev-db/postgresql-* potential DoS due to conversion functions (CV..
262165 default dev-db/postgresql installation does not have any log, nor..
263096 dev-db/postgresql-8.2*: wrong configure option
271603 dev-db/postgresql multiple package instances single slot
274568 dev-db/postgresql-8.2*: wrong pg_ctl parameter
274836 dev-db/postgresql-{base,server}-8.4.3 ignores LDFLAGS
275341 dev-db/postgresql: suggestion: use /var/lib/postgresql instead of..
278960 dev-db/postgresql FEATURES misuse (test userpriv)
284274 dev-db/postgresql: PostgreSQL security updates fix multiple vulne..
297383 dev-db/postgresql* multiple vulnerabilites (CVE-2009-{4034,4136})
firebird 175905 ebuild request for rfunc (used by dev-db/firebird)
233435 dev-db/firebird- crashes emerge and won't merge with..
237087 dev-db/firebird in classic version fb_lock_manag..
240988 dev-db/firebird- - shouldn't isql_static be renam..
libdbi 310437 dev-db/libdbi and dev-db/libdbi-drivers fail to respect env CFLAGS
ora2pg 204162 dev-db/ora2pg (Oracle to PostgreSQL database schema converter) - ..
virtuoso-server 305077 dev-db/virtuoso-server fails tests
wxSQLite3 143950 dev-db/wxSQLite3 (new ebuild)
postgis 273960 dev-db/postgis-1.3.6 reads PG_USER & PGDATABASE when installed an..
296172 dev-db/postgis-1.4.0 --config fails with postgresql-server-8.4
312171 dev-db/postgis-1.3.1 does not compile against dev-db/postgresql-s..
rekall 200151 New ebuild: dev-db/rekall
hsqldb 242324 dev-db/hsqldb: add commandline wrapper for hsqldb-databasemanager
253163 dev-db/hsqldb- emerge failed with sandbox problem
slony1 217868 dev-db/slony1 - have init.d/conf.d support more than one cluster
306369 dev-db/slony1-1.2.20 version bump , there is also slony-I 2.0.2
mysql-proxy 298520 dev-db/mysql-proxy: documentation installed outside /usr/share/do..
libiodbc 277917 freetds ebuild's 'odbc' USE flag is tied to dev-db/unixODBC, howe..
285457 x11-libs/wxGTK:2.8: allow using dev-db/libiodbc
ctdb 278141 dev-db/ctdb fails tests
tinycdb 302062 dev-python/python-cdb should optionally depend on dev-db/tinycdb
302064 Stabilize dev-db/tinycdb-0.77
mysql-zrm 164850 dev-db/mysql-zrm-1.1.4.ebuild (New Package)
pgadmin3 167876 dev-db/pgadmin3-1.4.3 compile error
232158 dev-db/pgadmin3-1.8.4 ignores C{,XX}FLAGS
241748 dev-db/pgadmin3 - pgAdminIII reports errors after installing KDE ..
247008 dev-db/pgadmin3 should check for USE flags on wxGTK
296149 dev-db/pgadmin3-1.10.1 fails to emerge
dev-dotnet mono-fuse 259309 dev-dotnet/mono-fuse-0.4.2 ignores its use flag 'examples' (examp..
gnomevfs-sharp 306047 dev-dotnet/gnomevfs-sharp-2.24.1 fails to build
gluezilla 304925 dev-dotnet/gluezilla-2.4.2 fails to configure, because of missing..
libanculus-sharp 230698 New ebuild: dev-dotnet/libanculus-sharp
pnet 189806 dev-dotnet/pnet-0.8.0: bundles and install boehm-gc
222171 dev-dotnet/pnet blocks dev-libs/boehm-gc
monocalendar 191432 dev-dotnet/monocalendar-0.7.2 ~amd64 keyword request
gecko-sharp 282281 dev-dotnet/gecko-sharp-0.11-r1 depends on Xulrunner 1.8/Firefox 2
gnome-desktop-sharp 312163 [gnome-overlay] dev-dotnet/gnome-desktop-sharp-2.26.0 fails at ru..
db4o 234846 Please bump dev-dotnet/db4o to latest version
google-gdata-sharp 310101 dev-dotnet/google-gdata-sharp- fails tests
monouml 274384 dev-dotnet/monouml fails to build
ikvm 254522 dev-dotnet/ikvm- from the dotnet-overlay fails to compile
306819 dev-dotnet/ikvm- fails to build
pe-format 246456 dev-dotnet/pe-format-0 should tell difference between wine and mono
263261 dev-dotnet/pe-format-0 emerge fails
294749 dev-dotnet/pe-format init.d script uses bashisms
dev-embedded powersoftplus-libftdi 240175 dev-embedded/powersoftplus-libftdi: C(XX)FLAGS are ignored (at sr..
tavrasm 221319 dev-embedded/tavrasm: suspect runtime-depend on sys-devel/flex
221583 dev-embedded/tavrasm: suspect runtime-depend on sys-devel/bison
240173 dev-embedded/tavrasm: C(XX)FLAGS are ignored (at src_configure/co..
243864 dev-embedded/tavrasm: CC variable not respected
icd2prog 211144 dev-embedded/icd2prog-0.3.0 (new ebuild)
bitbake 310479 dev-embedded/bitbake: port to EAPI=2 and distutils eclass
312143 dev-embedded/bitbake: Verify and potentially improve Python-relat..
dc-tool-ip 240172 dev-embedded/dc-tool-ip: C(XX)FLAGS are ignored (at src_configure..
avrdude 300312 dev-embedded/avrdude-5.8 crashes when used with AVRDragon
304361 version bump request for dev-embedded/avrdude to 5.10
libftdi 312145 dev-embedded/libftdi: Verify and potentially improve Python-relat..
scratchbox 296294 dev-embedded/scratchbox compile fails for ARM target
msp430-libc 208065 dev-embedded/msp430-libc new ebuild
sdcc 251876 dev-embedded/sdcc: pre-stripped files found
270621 dev-embedded/sdcc-2.9.0 (version bump)
308097 dev-util/cmake-2.8.0-r1: tests fail with CFLAGS and dev-embedded/..
kontrollerlab 162116 dev-embedded/kontrollerlab ebuild
m-asl 158403 dev-embedded/m-asl (new ebuild)
gnap 148646 dev-embedded/gnap: can't find /etc/catalyst2/catalyst2.conf
arduino 303043 dev-embedded/arduino-0018 version bump
ponyprog 282244 dev-embedded/ponyprog fails parallel make
300418 dev-embedded/ponyprog - please remove www-client/seamonkey depend..
avr-libc 303549 dev-embedded/avr-libc-1.6.4 - configure: error: Wrong C compiler ..
at89prog 146926 dev-embedded/at89prog-0.7-r2.ebuild (New Package)
parapin-driver 280920 dev-embedded/parapin-driver fails to build
tigcc 151569 dev-embedded/tigcc-0.95-r2 fails to compile
221587 dev-embedded/tigcc: suspect runtime-depend on sys-devel/bison
243866 dev-embedded/tigcc: CC variable not respected
parapin 180156 dev-embedded/parapin-1.5.0 version bump
cc65 178641 dev-embedded/cc65 (new ebuild)
dfu-programmer 233806 new ebuild: dev-embedded/dfu-programmer
htc-flasher 229751 new ebuilds for dev-embedded/htc-flasher
gpio-new 173378 dev-embedded/gpio-new - ebuild for kernel-2.6 modules
s51dude 241662 New package dev-embedded/s51dude
openocd 305805 dev-embedded/openocd: should be able to disable more features
ftdi_eeprom 287421 dev-embedded/ftdi_eeprom amd64 keyword request
picp 240161 dev-embedded/picp: pre-stripped files found
sdcc-svn 255659 dev-embedded/sdcc-svn: automake called by maintainer-mode
gnusim8085 295095 dev-embedded/gnusim8085: documentation installed outside /usr/sha..
310971 dev-embedded/gnusim8085-1.3.6 bump
dev-embeded powersoftplus-libftdi 243862 dev-embeded/powersoftplus-libftdi: CC variable not respected
dev-erlang gtknode 165247 dev-erlang/gtknode-0.30 (New Package)
dev-games renpy 301324 dev-games/renpy dev-games/renpy-modules (New package)
ogre 295987 dev-games/ogre-1.6.4 fails to emerge in install phase: undefined ..
307205 dev-games/ogre-1.7.0 uses cmake
307487 dev-games/ogre needs media-libs/freeimage
308387 dev-games/ogre-1.6.5 failed to configure with both USE flags "cg..
libtpproto-py 167906 dev-games/libtpproto-py-0.2.1.ebuild (New Package)
game-editor 289276 dev-games/game-editor - ebuild request
gtkradiant 251878 dev-games/gtkradiant: pre-stripped files found
cegui 286722 dev-games/cegui version bump to 0.7.0 sep 20
291953 dev-games/cegui version bump to 0.7.1
ogreopcode 199523 Ebuild: dev-games/ogreopcode
tuxcap 273475 dev-games/tuxcap [new package]
OgreAL 209716 dev-games/OgreAL (new package)
libndofdev 276945 dev-games/libndofdev (New Package)
libtpproto-cpp 167881 dev-games/libtpproto-cpp-0.1.0.ebuild (New Package)
openscenegraph 263839 dev-games/openscenegraph-2.8.0: ebuild enhancement request
312159 dev-games/openscenegraph-2.8.2 fails to build on AMD64
raknet 164721 New ebuild : dev-games/raknet
cel 295778 dev-games/cel installs python bindings (and ELF files) in /usr/sh..
fareditor 197291 dev-games/fareditor (New Package)
libtpclient-py 167914 dev-games/libtpclient-py-0.2.1.ebuild (New Package)
ogrenewt 270166 new package: dev-games/ogrenewt
ois 303471 Stabilize dev-games/ois-1.2.0
clanlib 288218 dev-games/clanlib version bump
renpy-modules 301324 dev-games/renpy dev-games/renpy-modules (New package)
simgear 253514 dev-games/simgear creates a second static copy of libexpat
307793 Please stabilize dev-games/simgear-1.9.1
ReplicantBody 154533 dev-games/ReplicantBody - a character animation library
neoengine 247243 dev-games/neoengine contains internal copy of dev-lang/lua
260956 dev-games/neoengine Multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2006-{6226,6227})
irrlicht 305271 dev-games/irrlicht - build a shared library too
crystalspace 174742 dev-games/crystalspace-1.x fails to compile
297142 dev-games/crystalspace installs ELF files in /usr/share
311431 dev-games/crystalspace-1.4.0 version bump request
dev-haskell cabal 276418 dev-haskell/cabal- fails to compile
279739 Please stabilize dev-haskell/cabal-
hdoc 251888 dev-haskell/hdoc: pre-stripped files found
hsshellscript 282909 dev-haskell/hsshellscript installs doc into /usr/local
285204 Migrate dev-haskell/hsshellscript-2.7.0 to EAPI 2
296527 dev-haskell/hsshellscript fails to build during haskell-updater
wash 227519 dev-haskell/wash-2.12 fails to build
regex-base 213932 dev-haskell/regex-base-0.72 doesn't pull in cabal first
hsql 278897 dev-haskell/hsql-1.7: not compatible with GHC 6.10
parsec 206283 dev-haskell/network-2.0.1 depends on dev-haskell/parsec
language-c 306311 Please keyword dev-haskell/c2hs-0.16.0 and dev-haskell/language-c..
306465 Please keyword dev-haskell/c2hs-0.16.0 and dev-haskell/language-c..
hdbc 296529 dev-haskell/hdbc fails to build during haskell-updater
missingh 282911 dev-haskell/missingh installs into /usr/local
294306 dev-haskell/missingh fails tests
network 206283 dev-haskell/network-2.0.1 depends on dev-haskell/parsec
278545 Stable request for dev-haskell/network-2.2.1
hunit 279736 Please stabilize dev-haskell/hunit-
c2hs 251881 dev-haskell/c2hs: pre-stripped files found
279630 Keyword dev-haskell/c2hs and dep
306311 Please keyword dev-haskell/c2hs-0.16.0 and dev-haskell/language-c..
306465 Please keyword dev-haskell/c2hs-0.16.0 and dev-haskell/language-c..
scion 292392 Add dev-haskell/scion to portage
hs-plugins 131227 dev-haskell/hs-plugins-1.0_rc0 version bump
179992 dev-haskell/hs-plugins-0.9.10-r1 - emerge don't report an error, ..
hdbc-postgresql 227513 dev-haskell/hdbc-postgresql- fails to build
hslogger 241926 dev-haskell/hslogger- version bump
cpphs 251882 dev-haskell/cpphs: pre-stripped files found
happy 250010 dev-haskell/happy-1.17 fails to compile
http 241936 dev-haskell/http-3001.1.3 version bump
frown 251883 dev-haskell/frown: pre-stripped files found
296617 dev-haskell/frown fails to build
uuagc 227517 dev-haskell/uuagc-0.9.5 fails to build
regex-posix 285413 dev-haskell/regex-posix only installs on the second try
wxhaskell 242056 version bump to dev-haskell/wxhaskell-
gtk2hs 267974 dev-haskell/gtk2hs- failed to build
284216 dev-haskell/gtk2hs- build error - haddock problem
tagsoup 245151 [Port Request] dev-haskell/tagsoup
pandoc 240345 dev-haskell/pandoc-1.0 ebuild requested
arrows 296530 dev-haskell/arrows fails to build during haskell-updater
haddock 241928 dev-haskell/haddock- version bump
251884 dev-haskell/haddock: pre-stripped files found
278659 dev-util/darcs-2.2.1[doc] fails to build with dev-haskell/haddock..
hmake 255822 dev-haskell/hmake: pre-stripped files found
haxml 251886 dev-haskell/haxml: pre-stripped files found
mtl 268248 dev-haskell/mtl- fails to emerge due to Stack space overflow
291377 x11-wm/xmonad-0.9 requires dev-haskell/mtl
time 305853 dev-haskell/time- fails to compile
dev-java plexus-container-default 174996 dev-java/plexus-container-default (New Ebuild)
hibernate-extensions 96029 ebuild for dev-java/hibernate-extensions
cornerstone-sockets 175838 dev-java/cornerstone-sockets (New Ebuild)
jxta 178428 Request for ebuild: dev-java/jxta
plexus-compiler 181489 dev-java/plexus-compiler (new ebuild)
icedtea6 244901 [java-overlay]dev-java/icedtea6-1.3.1 fails with hardened profile
249052 dev-java/icedtea6-1.3.1-r1 fails bootstrap with cacao-0.99.2-r1
249053 dev-java/icedtea6-1.3.1-r1 fails bootstrap with jamvm-1.5.1
257567 [java-overlay] dev-java/icedtea6 : shark + amd64
266733 [java-overlay] dev-java/icedtea6 fails due to ARCH and ARCH_DATA_..
302607 [java-overlay] dev-java/icedtea6-1.6.2 and dev-java/icedtea6-bin-..
302910 [java-overlay] dev-java/gcj-jdk-4.3-r4 + dev-java/eclipse-ecj-3.3..
jeuclid 269608 dev-java/jeuclid ebuild request
maven-plugins 197947 dev-java/maven-plugins (new ebuild)
javatoolkit 236377 dev-java/javatoolkit-0.3.0-r2 has unneeded dependency on dev-pyth..
261218 dev-java/javatoolkit should depend on dev-lang/python[xml]
268313 dev-java/javatoolkit and/or java-ant-2.eclass xml rewriter incons..
312149 dev-java/javatoolkit: Verify and potentially improve Python-relat..
wagon-http-lightweight 175501 dev-java/wagon-http-lightweight (New Ebuild)
kappalayout 179817 New package dev-java/kappalayout
commons-jelly-tags-ant 70894 new package: dev-java/commons-jelly-tags-ant
commons-httpclient-contrib 143389 new package: dev-java/commons-httpclient-contrib
junit 287757 Version bump: dev-java/junit-4.7
plexus-utils 174986 dev-java/plexus-utils (New Ebuild)
253538 [java-overlay] dev-java/plexus-utils-1.5.1 refers to unavailable ..
jboss-module-security 137403 [java-experimental] dev-java/jboss-module-security-4.0.2 doesn't ..
taglibrarydoc 156086 [EBUILD] dev-java/taglibrarydoc
jna-posix 276844 dev-java/jna-posix fails tests
312543 Please stabilize dev-java/jna-posix-1.0.1
gnu-crypto 102646 dev-java/gnu-crypto support for compiling native libraries missing
ant-apache-regexp 273860 dev-java/ant-apache-regexp-1.7.1: Class files not found via DEPEND
jrefactory 167424 dev-java/jrefactory (new ebuild)
jacl 251305 dev-java/jacl-1.4.1 bundles janino
298717 dev-java/jacl class files not found via depend
scout 94460 Request for jboss dependency: dev-java/scout
velocity-tools 97756 Request for ebuild: dev-java/velocity-tools
jamvm 168736 Keywording request for dev-java/jamvm-1.5.4-r1
hdf-java 301049 [EBUILD] dev-java/hdf-java-2.6.ebuild new package
311231 [science overlay] dev-java/hdf-java-2.6.1: fails to compile becau..
uispec4j 250610 [Java-Experimental] dev-java/uispec4j
facebook-java-api 222465 dev-java/facebook-java-api-1.7.4 (new package)
freemarker 249742 dev-java/freemarker-2.3.13 does not build with ecj-3.4
279348 dev-java/freemarker-2.3.15 version bump
ant-commons-logging 273861 dev-java/ant-commons-logging: Class files not found via DEPEND
openspml 174614 dev-java/openspml-0.5 uses bundled jars
298886 dev-java/openspml class files not found via depend
picocontainer 166693 Version bump: dev-java/picocontainer-1.2
lucene-highlighter 258902 dev-java/lucene-highlighter (new package)
jaranalyzer 261307 [java-experimental] dev-java/jaranalyzer-1.2
tigase-utils 238750 dev-java/tigase-utils (new package)
javancss 130756 ebuild for dev-java/javancss
maven-plugin-descriptor 177485 dev-java/maven-plugin-descriptor (New Ebuild)
maven-base-poms 182521 dev-java/maven-base-poms (New Ebuild)
openjdk-javac 177770 dev-java/openjdk-javac (new package)
istack-common-buildtools 276171 dev-java/istack-common-buildtools fails to build with JAVA_PKG_ST..
clover-ant-bin 92205 request for dev-java/clover-ant-bin
tablelayout 172050 dev-java/tablelayout-0.1 (New Package)
276382 [java-experimental] dev-java/tablelayout-20090610 (New Package)
jpwgen 229057 dev-java/jpwgen-1.0.3 New Ebuild
xom 146593 dev-java/xom-1.1 is available
maven-artifact-test 177478 dev-java/maven-artifact-test (New Ebuild)
jdbc-postgresql 310825 Stable request for dev-java/jdbc-postgresql-8.4_p701-r1
pluto 94701 Request for ebuild: dev-java/pluto
webgraph 162938 Version bump: dev-java/webgraph-1.7
lucene-analyzers 258908 dev-java/lucene-analyzers (version bump to 2.4)
298704 dev-java/lucene-analyzers class files not found via depend
jpcap 168360 [java-overlay] dev-java/jpcap-0.7 (new package)
jax-rpc 298691 dev-java/jax-rpc class files not found via depend
jikes 295754 dev-java/jikes documentation installed outside /usr/share/doc/${PF}
red5-bin 309411 NEW EBUILD dev-java/red5-bin-0.9.1
xmlgraphics-commons 212935 dev-java/xmlgraphics-commons-1.2 uses com.sun. classes
jama 53843 [java overlay] dev-java/jama (New Package)
derby 268422 Ebuild request: dev-java/derby
excalibur-threads 175836 dev-java/excalibur-threads (New Ebuild)
lucene-queries 258905 dev-java/lucene-queries (new package)
jruby 282439 dev-java/jruby-1.3.1 fails tests
301239 >=dev-java/jruby-1.4.0-r6 re-keywording request
302187 dev-java/jruby-1.4.0-r4: gems symlink removal breaks packages
312547 Please stabilize dev-java/jruby
janino 180800 dev-java/janino (new ebuild)
shale-remoting 268408 Ebuild request: dev-java/shale-remoting
hamcrest-integration 287777 New ebuild: dev-java/hamcrest-integration
fec 276728 dev-java/fec produces textrels on shared object
307549 dev-java/fec-1.0.3-r1 on Hardened Gentoo fails to compile
swingx 161710 [EBUILD] dev-java/swingx
hudson 157550 dev-java/hudson ebuild request
e-xml 236836 [java-experimental] dev-java/e-xml
opensaml 94428 Request for jboss dependency: dev-java/opensaml
buildmagic-tasks 96562 Request for jboss dependency: dev-java/buildmagic-tasks
plexus-velocity 175044 dev-java/plexus-velocity (New Ebuild)
hamcrest-library 287775 New ebuild: dev-java/hamcrest-library
jmp 233548 dev-java/tijmp (java 1.6 compatible replacement for dev-java/jmp)..
jdbc-oracle-bin 252767 dev-java/jdbc-oracle-bin- released
itext 275176 Stable request for dev-java/itext-2.1.5
mg4j 161440 Version bump dev-java/mg4j to 2.1.1
diablo-jdk 235795 dev-java/diablo-jdk debugger crashes with tomcat debug
scrumworks 154109 dev-java/scrumworks-1.8.0.ebuild (NEW)
plexus-io 181488 dev-java/plexus-io (new ebuild)
dvsl 97757 Request for ebuild: dev-java/dvsl
icu4j 296767 dev-java/icu4j-4.2.1 released
299080 dev-java/icu4j-4.2 fails tests
299082 dev-java/icu4j- fails tests
java-gnome 194158 Compilation of dev-java/java-gnome-4.0.4 fails - unrecognized com..
224281 dev-java/java-gnome-4.0.7 compile failure with distcc
310395 Please stabilize dev-java/java-gnome-4.0.14
asyncweb 178429 Request for ebuild: dev-java/asyncweb
icedtea 294027 [java-overlay] dev-java/icedtea-7.1.12 fails to build with icedte..
298541 [java-overlay] dev-java/icedtea-1.12 fails to build: java.lang.Il..
303203 dev-java/icedtea:6 fails to emerge with /bin/sh: line 6: -sourcep..
303535 [java-overlay] dev-java/icedtea-7.1.12[nsplugin] does not support..
307213 dev-java/icedtea- fails to cross-compile: ld: cannot find ..
308513 Please keyword dev-java/icedtea ~ppc and ~ppc64
310503 [java-overlay] dev-java/icedtea- fails to build due to -We..
312297 dev-java/icedtea and dev-java/icedtea6-bin multiple vulnerabilities
commons-jelly-tags-define 70895 new package: dev-java/commons-jelly-tags-define
jlayer 309227 Stable request for dev-java/jlayer-1.0.1
doxia 177501 dev-java/doxia (New Ebuild)
servletapi 310099 dev-java/servletapi-2.4-r5: build fails
cglib 298710 dev-java/cglib class files not found via depend
lwgjl 169604 New package: dev-java/lwgjl
martyr 92771 new ebuild for dev-java/martyr-0.3.9
ibm-jdk-bin 217442 Packages failing with dev-java/ibm-jdk-bin-
219668 dev-java/velocity-1.5-r1 fails with dev-java/ibm-jdk-bin- ..
233652 dev-java/ibm-jdk-bin and ibm-jre-bin: multiple vulnerabilities
252416 dev-java/ibm-jdk-bin <= <= <= and ibm-jr..
287490 dev-java/ibm-jdk-bin < < < and ibm-jr..
306583 dev-java/ibm-jdk-bin < < and ibm-jre-bin: Vu..
wagon-ssh-common 175061 dev-java/wagon-ssh-common (New Ebuild)
ant-ivy 309343 dev-java/ant-ivy-2.1.0 bump request
javaserverfaces 268424 Ebuild request: dev-java/javaserverfaces
toplink-essentials 183348 New Ebuild dev-java/toplink-essentials
istack-commons-tools 188015 dev-java/istack-commons-runtime and dev-java/istack-commons-tools..
275726 [java-experimental] Update dev-java/jaxb-2.1.10 to work with dev-..
298700 dev-java/istack-commons-tools class files not found in depend
gnu-classpath 251463 dev-java/gnu-classpath gnu.java.security.util.PRNG produces easil..
299679 Failed to emerge dev-java/gnu-classpath-0.98-r1
304135 Stable request for dev-java/gnu-classpath-0.98-r2
jmagick 224663 dev-java/jmagick- (new ebuild)
informa 93888 Request for ebuild: dev-java/informa
excalibur-datasource 161942 New package: dev-java/excalibur-datasource
dynalang 268434 Ebuild request: dev-java/dynalang
jboss-module-common 137375 [experimental-overlay] dev-java/jboss-module-common-4.0.2 doesn't..
266575 [java-experimental] dev-java/jboss-module-common: java-experiment..
jgoodies-looks 213339 dev-java/jgoodies-looks-1.2.2-r1 fails merge w/ gcj overlay [ sem..
jnlp-bin 185743 dev-java/jnlp-bin: version bump
298706 dev-java/jnlp-bin class files not found via depend
commons-chain 152233 request for dev-java/commons-chain-1.1
ehcache 292503 Stabilization request for dev-java/ehcache-1.2.4-r2
jmf-mp3 192001 dev-java/jmf-mp3-1.0 (new ebuild)
smack 216776 dev-java/smack-3.0.4 version bump
hamcrest-generator 287760 New ebuild: dev-java/hamcrest-generator
snmptrapappender 165293 dev-java/snmptrapappender (new ebuild)
maven-monitor 177481 dev-java/maven-monitor (New Ebuild)
commons-dbcp 205245 dev-java/commons-dbcp-1.2.2 and www-servers/tomcat-6.0.14-r1 circ..
302433 dev-java/commons-dbcp: damaged tar file (tar: A lone zero block a..
proguard 182475 dev-java/proguard has a dependency over sun-j2me-bin and as such ..
jna 271533 dev-java/jffi and dev-java/jna gnores CC, user-defined CFLAGS and..
290506 dev-java/jna-3.0.3-r1: failing because of missing X11/Xlib.h
294289 dev-java/jna fails tests
311105 stable request for dev-java/jna-3.2.4
filters 161718 [EBUILD] dev-java/filters
plexus-i18n 177504 dev-java/plexus-i18n (New Ebuild)
maven-model 177480 dev-java/maven-model (New Ebuild)
wagon-ftp 175827 dev-java/wagon-ftp (New Ebuild)
jspeex 216797 New package: dev-java/jspeex
maven-plugin-registry 177487 dev-java/maven-plugin-registry (New Ebuild)
kxml 145182 dev-java/kxml - new ebuilds
294407 [java-overlay] dev-java/kxml-1.2.1 uses ‘Enhydra’ license, wh..
plexus-component-factories 177503 dev-java/plexus-component-factories (New Ebuild)
javacup 312499 Please stabilize =dev-java/javacup-0.11a_beta20060608
glassfish-jspparser 268410 Ebuild request: dev-java/glassfish-jspparser
wsdl4j 214210 dev-java/wsdl4j-1.6.2 fails src_test with JDK 1.4 or 1.7
jlatexmath 301048 [science overlay] dev-java/jlatexmath (New package)
excalibur-instrument 176204 dev-java/excalibur-instrument-1.0
plexus-interactivity-api 175045 dev-java/plexus-interactivity-api (New Ebuild)
commons-lang 230101 dev-java/commons-lang:2.1 fails tests with ibm-jdk-bin:1.6
275765 [java-overlay] dev-java/maven-core-2.1pre20071021 depends on none..
cocoon 63276 dev-java/cocoon uses packed jars
sun-jai-imageio-bin 252249 dev-java/sun-jai-imageio-bin-1.1 (New Package)
mockobjects 190307 Add j2ee support to dev-java/mockobjects
243098 [java-overlay] dev-java/mockobjects/mockobjects-0.09-r3 fails to ..
jdom-jaxen 298715 dev-java/jdom-jaxen class files not found via depend
ini4j 207950 Request for ebuild: dev-java/ini4j
wsrp4j 217288 Ebuild request: dev-java/wsrp4j is needed by cocoon-2.1.10
ant-pretty 167511 dev-java/ant-pretty (new ebuild)
maven-bin 63285 dev-java/maven-bin can be build from source
166147 dev-java/maven-bin-2.0.4 requires UTF-8 locale
310331 stable request for dev-java/maven-bin-2.2.1 2.1.0 and 2.0.10-r1
ant-python 259312 Ebuild Submission for dev-java/ant-python , Python Tasks for Ant
jackson 296670 [java-overlay] Version bump dev-java/jackson-1.3.2
commons-betwixt 294684 dev-java/commons-betwixt fails tests
tclib 232666 dev-java/tclib (typed.jar) - Type-Specific Collections Library
monolog 167265 dev-java/monolog (new-ebuild)
matrix-toolkits-java 294364 dev-java/matrix-toolkits-java fails to build with STRICT
rngom 254404 dev-java/rngom-20051226: missing resources in rngom.jar
java3dsloader 232466 dev-java/java3dsloader-1.2 (new ebuild)
jemmy 268411 Ebuild request: dev-java/jemmy
icedtea6-bin 266295 dev-java/icedtea6-bin-1.4 uses unavailable default fonts
302607 [java-overlay] dev-java/icedtea6-1.6.2 and dev-java/icedtea6-bin-..
305833 dev-java/icedtea6-bin nsplugin problems
311321 dev-java/icedtea6-bin-1.6.2-r2 : no sound device in tuxguitar and..
312297 dev-java/icedtea and dev-java/icedtea6-bin multiple vulnerabilities
aspectj-bin 231589 new ebuild: dev-java/aspectj-bin-1.6.1
jdbc-jaybird 218118 dev-java/jdbc-jaybird-2.1.x fails to compile w/ jni USE flag
310417 Keywords dropped: dev-java/jdbc-jaybird-2.1.6
mockrunner 259027 new package: dev-java/mockrunner
hibernate 167319 Version bump: dev-java/hibernate-3.2.2
json 161720 [EBUILD] dev-java/json
junitejb 94442 Request for jboss dependency: dev-java/junitejb
uddi4j 93986 new ebuild: dev-java/uddi4j-2.0.3
maven-settings 177499 dev-java/maven-settings (New Ebuild)
lucene-snowball 258907 dev-java/lucene-snowball (new package)
plexus-server 175828 dev-java/plexus-server (New Ebuild)
libreadline-java 208285 dev-java/libreadline-java - support for editline and getline
296741 dev-java/libreadline-java: calling gcc directory
asm 212860 dev-java/asm test suite
216655 dev-java/asm-1.5.3 doesnt compile
jgroups 259025 src_test to >=dev-java/jgroups-2.7
311739 Stable request for dev-java/jgroups-2.9.0
maven-project 177491 dev-java/maven-project (New Ebuild)
digester-rss 155068 request for dev-java/digester-rss
xmlenc 116489 dev-java/xmlenc-0.52.ebuild (New Package)
excalibur-i18n 176099 dev-java/excalibur-i18n (New package)
junitperf 212999 Dropped keywords: dev-java/dom4j-1.6.1-r3 (needs dev-java/junitpe..
excalibur-sourceresolve 163936 New package dev-java/excalibur-sourceresolve
jboss-velocity 168399 dev-java/jboss-velocity (new ebuild)
jswat 181347 Add dev-java/jswat back to tree
rxtx 277262 dev-java/rxtx-2.2_pre2 version bump
309111 Stable request for dev-java/rxtx-
gluegen 170305 [EBUILD] dev-java/gluegen
265431 [java-experimental] dev-java/jogl doesn't build with dev-java/glu..
swingx-ws 161714 [EBUILD] dev-java/swingx-ws
hamcrest-core 287763 Version bump: dev-java/hamcrest-core-1.2
jogl 143019 dev-java/jogl-1.0.0 (New Package)
265431 [java-experimental] dev-java/jogl doesn't build with dev-java/glu..
312377 [java-overlay] dev-java/jogl-1.1.1 fails to compile because of mi..
aspectwerkz 203268 Fix dev-java/aspectwerkz-2.0 src_test
273863 dev-java/aspectwerkz: Class files not found via DEPEND
mule-bin 155859 New ebuild: dev-java/mule-bin-1.3.2
maven-scm 197350 dev-java/maven-scm (new ebuild)
dbunit 274091 Version Bump dev-java/dbunit
struts 152352 dev-java/struts-1.3.5 version bump
microemulator-bin 208216 dev-java/microemulator-bin (new ebuild)
flexiprovider 216882 [ebuild request] request for flexi cryptography provider dev-java..
plexus-jetty-httpd 175482 dev-java/plexus-jetty-httpd (New Ebuild)
commons-jelly-tags-xml 70897 new package: dev-java/commons-jelly-tags-xml
commons-email 223359 [java-overlay] dev-java/commons-email-1.1 (New Package)
plexus-active-collections 181700 dev-java/plexus-active-collections (New Ebuild)
cornerstone-connection 175839 dev-java/cornerstone-connection (New Ebuild)
xmlc 308239 Stable request for dev-java/xmlc-2.3.1
ant-jaxb 188009 dev-java/ant-jaxb: new package
findbugs 93232 ebuild request: dev-java/findbugs
vecmath 303039 [java-overlay]dev-java/vecmath-1.5.2: version bump request
libmatthew-java 311741 Stable request for dev-java/libmatthew-java-0.7.2
tijmp 233548 dev-java/tijmp (java 1.6 compatible replacement for dev-java/jmp)..
serp 203062 [Ebuild Request] dev-java/serp framework for manipulating Java by..
maven-core 175036 dev-java/maven-core (New Ebuild)
275765 [java-overlay] dev-java/maven-core-2.1pre20071021 depends on none..
geronimo-specs 166815 dev-java/geronimo-specs-1.1 (new ebuild)
lucene 299867 Stable request for dev-java/lucene-2.9.1
300002 Stable request for dev-java/lucene-3.0.0
310147 >=dev-java/lucene-2.9 merge analyzers addition into lucene[analyz..
312437 dev-java/lucene-2.4.1 fails tests
commons-jelly-tags-util 70898 new package: dev-java/commons-jelly-tags-util
libhttpd 154762 [java-overlay] dev-java/libhttpd-1.0.3 (new package)
jscience 180290 Version bump dev-java/jscience to 4.1
amazon-s3 236936 [Java-Experimental] dev-java/amazon-s3
jarjar 263636 [version bump] dev-java/jarjar-1.0_rc8
jmock 213175 Version bump: dev-java/jmock-2.4.0
ant 298689 dev-java/ant-* class files not found via depend
300970 dev-java/ant sets wrong ANT_HOME
305929 [tracker] dev-java/ant-1.8.0
plexus-component-api 174994 dev-java/plexus-component-api (New Ebuild)
istack-commons-runtime 188015 dev-java/istack-commons-runtime and dev-java/istack-commons-tools..
275049 dev-java/jaxb-2.1.2-r1 fails to compile with dev-java/istack-comm..
xml-commons 179851 dev-java/xml-commons uses bundled jars
excalibur-instrumentation 161951 new package: dev-java/excalibur-instrumentation
sun-jre-bin 178575 dev-java/sun-jdk-1.6.0* and dev-java/sun-jre-bin-1.6.0* internal ..
jfreereport 212273 New package dev-java/jfreereport
cssparser 163972 dev-java/cssparser (New Package)
backport-util-concurrent 275182 Stable request for dev-vcs/statsvn-0.5.0 and dev-vcs/statcvs-0.5...
castor 268619 dev-java/castor version bump to 1.2 and 1.3
jaxme 292286 Please stabilize/keyword dev-java/jaxme-0.5.2
297803 dev-java/jaxme-0.5.2 cannot compile without active Internet conec..
310311 dev-java/jaxme-0.5.2: fails to install
dom4j 212993 dev-java/dom4j-1.6.1-r2 uses bundled jaxen
212999 Dropped keywords: dev-java/dom4j-1.6.1-r3 (needs dev-java/junitpe..
hibernate-entitymanager 166448 dev-java/hibernate-entitymanager (new ebuild)
javacc 273164 dev-java/javacc-4.2 fails tests
298720 dev-java/javacc class files not found via depend
309265 Stable request for dev-java/javacc-4.2
joda-time 187616 dev-java/joda-time: failing tests
220481 dev-java/joda-time-1.5.1 fails with ibm-jdk-bin-
263403 dev-java/joda-time-1.6 emerge can't compile zoneinfo
jxl 233736 New package: dev-java/jxl
werkz 294409 [java-overlay] dev-java/werkz-1.0_beta4 uses ‘Werken’ license..
wagon-ssh-external 175068 dev-java/wagon-ssh-external (New Ebuild)
sun-j2me-bin 152448 dev-java/sun-j2me-bin stable on x86
209396 dev-java/sun-j2me-bin-2.5.2 (update)
245891 dev-java/sun-j2me-bin: in ktoolbar: KVEM_HOME should (probably) b..
251540 dev-java/sun-j2me-bin has internal copies of zlib-1.1.4 and libpn..
bsh 143224 dev-java/bsh-2.0_beta4-r2.ebuild (fixed deps)
wagon-file 175081 dev-java/wagon-file (New Ebuild)
jflex 286288 dev-java/jflex-1.4.3 new ebuild
zonelayout 260493 [EBUILD] dev-java/zonelayout
wagon-http-shared 175499 dev-java/wagon-http-shared (New Ebuild)
velocity 219668 dev-java/velocity-1.5-r1 fails with dev-java/ibm-jdk-bin- ..
commons-io 279847 [PATCH] dev-java/commons-io-1.4 fails testing due to java.lang.No..
nailgun 295840 dev-java/nailgun collides with app-editors/ng
neethi 168255 dev-java/neethi (new ebuild)
sbaz 298716 dev-java/sbaz class files not found via depend
sfl4j-simple 309453 dev-java/sfl4j-simple: new ebuild
exolabcore 220287 dev-java/exolabcore-0.3.7_p20050205-r1 uses com.sun.* classes
jenable 310341 New package: dev-java/jenable
sun-ejb-spec 294417 [java-overlay] dev-java/sun-ejb-spec-2.1 uses ‘sun-ejb-spec-2.1..
sun-jdk 165330 dev-java/sun-jdk-1.6.0-r1 error while loading shared libraries: l..
178575 dev-java/sun-jdk-1.6.0* and dev-java/sun-jre-bin-1.6.0* internal ..
181854 dev-java/sun-jdk- libXt got loaded before libXm error wit..
191219 new install of dev-java/sun-jdk- fails with portage-2.0.54
202597 dev-java/sun-jdk bogus error messages
210177 dev-java/sun-jdk- - libjavaplugin_oji.so: undefined symbo..
243460 dev-java/sun-jdk- nsplugin does not call paint-method in ..
243484 dev-java/sun-jdk- nsplugin gives sometimes bad response t..
258311 dev-java/sun-jdk- is missing GNU_STACK program header, re..
263722 dev-util/netbeans-6.5.1 version bump (was "dev-util/netbeans-6.5-..
280861 cp fails on install of dev-java/sun-jdk-
axiom 168254 dev-java/axiom (new ebuild)
openjms-bin 105925 Update dev-java/openjms-bin to version
247399 dev-java/openjms and dev-java/openjms-bin collide
tiles 203850 [Ebuild Request] dev-java/tiles
stripes 155320 [EBUILD] dev-java/stripes
glazedlists 198101 dev-java/glazedlists-1.7.0 could add extensions
304697 please stabilize dev-java/glazedlists-1.7.0-r1
echopointng 147716 dev-java/echopointng-2.1.0 (new ebuild)
jakarta-jstl 212890 dev-java/jakarta-jstl src_test support
jdbc-rowset-bin 97012 Request for spring-framework dependency: dev-java/jdbc-rowset-bin
jorbis 251008 [java-experiment] dev-java/jorbis
wagon-ssh-common-test 175063 dev-java/wagon-ssh-common-test (New Ebuild)
rjava 239585 dev-java/rjava-0.5.1 fails to build
252333 dev-java/rjava should not use LD_LIBRARY_PATH in env.d
278756 dev-java/rjava FEATURES misuse (test)
portletapi 239839 dev-java/portletapi could depend on something smaller than JetSpeed
jade 158218 dev-java/jade 3.4.1 version bump
netx 155933 New package: dev-java/netx
jaxb-tools 188007 >=dev-java/jaxb-2.1.9 and >=dev-java/jaxb-tools-2.1.9: version bump
188011 dev-java/jaxb-tools: include schemagen tool
jboss-logging-spi 237128 [java-experimental] dev-java/jboss-logging-spi
jgraphx 300979 [science overlay] dev-java/jgraphx (New package)
gdata 265827 [EBUILD] dev-java/gdata
xerces 280611 dev-java/xerces Codenomicon Malformed XML input DoS (CVE-2009-2625)
wagon-ssh 175070 dev-java/wagon-ssh (New Ebuild)
excalibur-compatibility 212695 dev-java/excalibur-compatibility (New Package)
miglayout 301493 New package dev-java/miglayout
jta 267192 dev-java/jta version bump to 1.1
jflac 252556 [java-experimental] dev-java/jflac
debug-commons-java 268420 Ebuild request: dev-java/debug-commons-java
commons-httpclient 310089 dev-java/commons-httpclient: version bump
sablecc 227209 Please Stabilise dev-java/sablecc-3.2
298713 dev-java/sablecc class files not found via depend
osutil 310531 new ebuild dev-java/osutil
jdic 53897 dev-java/jdic (new package)
jakarta-slide-webdavclient 237162 [java-experimental] dev-java/jakarta-slide-webdavclient
apache-addressing 94463 Request for jboss dependency: dev-java/apache-addressing
foxtrot 252550 [java-experimental] dev-java/foxtrot
cos 177049 dev-java/cos had quotes in DESCRIPTION and java eclasses didn't w..
ant-junit 273862 dev-java/ant-junit-1.7.1: Class files not found via DEPEND
plexus-classworlds 174995 dev-java/plexus-classworlds (New Ebuild)
jruby-parser 268416 Ebuild request: dev-java/jruby-parser
plexus-archiver 181491 dev-java/plexus-archiver (new ebuild)
maven-repository-metadata 177493 dev-java/maven-repository-metadata (New Ebuild)
jersey 268428 Ebuild request: dev-java/jersey
ant-core 178664 dev-java/ant-core-1.6.5-r14 fails to compile with cacao as VM
202276 dev-java/ant-core-1.7.0-r1: warnings about bad path elements
287728 dev-java/ant-core launcher and gjl launchers override default jav..
308717 [PATCH] dev-java/ant-core-1.8.0-r1 fails in install_qa_check_pref..
xmlpull-api 179165 New package dev-java/xmlpull-api
simple 144737 dev-java/simple - new ebuild
maven-plugin-parameter-documenter 177486 dev-java/maven-plugin-parameter-documenter (New Ebuild)
maven-error-diagnostics 177479 dev-java/maven-error-diagnostics (New Ebuild)
openjms 166387 dev-java/openjms- cannot start (classpath issue)
247399 dev-java/openjms and dev-java/openjms-bin collide
eva 304327 dev-java/eva: new ebuild for EvA2
mylyn 268412 Ebuild request: dev-java/mylyn
maven-compiler-plugin 181496 dev-java/maven-compiler-plugin (new ebuild)
ldapsdk 309545 dev-java/ldapsdk-4.1.8 Version bump request
jsr93 259972 dev-java/jsr93-1.0: source file missing - upstream urls changed
guice 225191 [java-overlay] dev-java/guice-1.0-r1 (new package)
plexus-avalon-personality 175830 dev-java/plexus-avalon-personality (New Ebuild)
java-config-wrapper 272288 dev-java/java-config-wrapper-0.16 minor error when '/usr/share/*/..
gentoo-void-jar 180552 dev-java/gentoo-void-jar (New Ebuild)
cornerstone-threads 175834 dev-java/cornerstone-threads (New Ebuild)
bluej-bin 121141 new package: dev-java/bluej-bin-2.1.3
java-config 156231 virtual/jre in DEPEND affects the behaviour of depend-java-query ..
297687 dev-java/java-config: gjl launcher will override env variables (i..
300137 dev-java/java-config-2.1.9-r1 fails to emerge on hppa-hpux
302109 dev-java/java-config don't show build only warning when there are..
307705 emerge dev-java/java-config-2.1.10 fails with ' Illegal installat..
gcj-jdk 240159 [java overlay] dev-java/gcj-jdk-4.3 gcc version handling problems
302910 [java-overlay] dev-java/gcj-jdk-4.3-r4 + dev-java/eclipse-ecj-3.3..
plexus-mail-sender 196575 dev-java/plexus-mail-sender (new ebuild)
scala-bin 298705 dev-java/scala-bin class files not found via depend
commons-math 291663 dev-java/commons-math:2.0 QA cleanup
metro 268426 Ebuild request: dev-java/metro
kunststoff 177032 app-misc/jdictionary bundles dev-java/kunststoff classes inside i..
juddi 94441 Request for jboss dependency: dev-java/juddi
jboss-module-varia 137479 [java-experimental] Velocity app missing when emerging dev-java/j..
freehep-graphicsio-emf 304323 dev-java/freehep-graphicsio-emf emf2svg launcher
bare-bones-browser-launch 297669 New package: dev-java/bare-bones-browser-launch
hamcrest 205489 [java-overlay] dev-java/hamcrest should be split to subpackages
ical4j 174175 Testing request for app-office/borg-1.5.2 and dev-java/ical4j
jax-ws 250923 Version bump: dev-java/jax-ws-2.1.5, dev-java/jax-ws-tools-2.1.5,..
jpf 278806 dev-java/jpf: jpf-tools.jar doesn't contain org.java.plugin.tools..
eventbus 297667 New package: dev-java/eventbus
commons-modeler 298696 dev-java/commons-modeler class files not found in depend
commons-compress 172791 New package: dev-java/commons-compress
gpl-util 94439 Request for jboss dependency: dev-java/gpl-util
jboss-wsdl4j 166761 dev-java/jboss-wsdl4j (new ebuild)
maven-artifact-manager 177476 dev-java/maven-artifact-manager (New Ebuild)
maven-artifact 177474 dev-java/maven-artifact (New Ebuild)
282350 [java-overlay] dev-java/maven-artifact-2.1_pre20071021 should dep..
myfaces 94434 Request for jboss dependency: dev-java/myfaces
fuse 166634 dev-java/fuse (New Package)
javacsv 217500 [java-overlay] dev-java/javacsv-2.0 (new package)
echo2extras 147715 dev-java/echo2extras-0.3 (new ebuild)
rome 220499 dev-java/rome-0.9 junit test fails with ibm-jdk-bin-
commons-digester 310357 Version bump: dev-java/commons-digester-2.0
jfor 217436 Ebuild request: dev-java/jfor, dependency of cocoon
antlr 264196 Add missing features to dev-java/antlr:3
265188 dev-java/antlr-2.7.7[mono]: jobserver unavailable
275617 dev-java/antlr-2.7.7 fails on examples
293305 version bump: dev-java/antlr-3.2
312147 dev-java/antlr: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
jdom 215958 dev-java/jdom-1.1 version bump request
jusb 279088 dev-java/jusb fails with parallel make
wagon-provider-api 175057 dev-java/wagon-provider-api (New Ebuild)
forrest 177431 ebuild request: dev-java/forrest
jdbc2-stdext 244791 [java-overlay] New package: dev-java/jdbc2-stdext
294406 [java-overlay] dev-java/jdbc2-stdext-2.0-r2 uses ‘sun-bcla-jdbc..
excalibur-logger 176119 dev-java/excalibur-logger-1.1
jffi 271533 dev-java/jffi and dev-java/jna gnores CC, user-defined CFLAGS and..
304979 dev-java/jffi-0.7_pre20100131 doesn't build with gcc-3.4
timingframework 168276 [EBUILD] dev-java/timingframework
maven-profile 177488 dev-java/maven-profile (New Ebuild)
bnd 203080 [Java Experimental] dev-java/bnd
jdbc-mysql 297179 dev-java/jdbc-mysql-5.1.{6,10} fails to build
309109 Stable request for dev-java/jdbc-mysql-5.1.11
jython 298869 dev-java/jython-{2.2.1-r1,2.5.0-r1} class files not found via dep..
305103 dev-java/jython:2.5: Prepare for being Python ABI provider
jacorb 93396 new package: dev-java/jacorb-2.2.4
186675 [java-overlay] dev-java/jacorb-2.2.4-r1 does not build with doc U..
jdictrayapi 196522 dev-java/jdictrayapi-0.9.1-r2 is stable on amd64 but is broken an..
241512 dev-java/jdictrayapi-0.9.1-r3 - [exec] Tray.c:714: error: 'LIBARC..
xmlrpc 203802 dev-java/xmlrpc-3.1 released
easymock 282350 [java-overlay] dev-java/maven-artifact-2.1_pre20071021 should dep..
jibx 269764 Version bump: dev-java/jibx-1.2.1
310339 dev-java/jibx uses bundled jenable
excalibur-xmlutil 216828 Ebuild request: dev-java/excalibur-xmlutil-2.1
jrosetta 253108 [java-overlay] dev-java/jrosetta (new ebuild)
sablecc-anttask 298712 dev-java/sablecc-anttask class files not found via depend
flexdock 266249 [java-experimental] dev-java/flexdock (New package)
aspectj 175570 dev-java/aspectj-1.2-r2 - multiple problems
275755 [java-experimental] dev-java/aspectj-1.5.3-r1 fails to fetch pack..
xml-security 94438 Request for jboss dependency: dev-java/xml-security
277873 [java overlay] dev-java/xml-security XML signature HMAC truncatio..
emma 298708 dev-java/emma class files not found via depend
grizzly 178182 ebuild request dev-java/grizzly
jfreechart 300769 FEATURES="test" emerge =dev-java/jfreechart-1.0.13 fails
dnsjava 181877 dev-java/dnsjava (New Ebuild)
jrockit-jdk-bin 228929 dev-java/jrockit-jdk-bin- fails to fetch
velocity-dvsl 263457 [EBUILD] dev-java/velocity-dvsl-1.0
spring-framework 97004 Request for ebuild: dev-java/spring-framework
poi 220487 dev-java/poi-3.0.1-r1 fails with ibm-jdk-bin-
fop 177585 dev-java/fop-0.93 has package.use.masked doc on amd64 due to out ..
217488 Cocoon needs a different dev-java/fop
tomcat-servlet-api 266590 dev-java/tomcat-servlet-api-6.0.18 doesn't come with a doc USE fl..
298695 dev-java/tomcat-servlet-api class files not found via depend
maven-assembly-plugin 181898 dev-java/maven-assembly-plugin (New Ebuild)
jalopy 294954 New packages: dev-java/jalopy and dev-java/ant-jalopy
saaj 212854 dev-java/saaj-1.3 uses com.sun.*
wagon-http 175505 dev-java/wagon-http (New Ebuild)
hibernate-annotations 166441 [java-overlay] dev-java/hibernate-annotations (new ebuild)
jax-ws-api 250923 Version bump: dev-java/jax-ws-2.1.5, dev-java/jax-ws-tools-2.1.5,..
jcip-annotations 236939 [java-overlay] dev-java/jcip-annotations
maven-script 177497 dev-java/maven-script (New Ebuild)
excalibur-pool 161940 New package: dev-java/excalibur-pool
maven 175034 dev-java/maven (New Ebuild)
196576 dev-java/maven/plugins (new ebuild)
piccolo2d 308237 Version bump dev-java/piccolo2d-1.3_rc4
junitx 161528 New package: dev-java/junitx
wss4j 168284 dev-java/wss4j (new ebuild)
google-web-toolkit 171257 dev-java/google-web-toolkit(-bin) - new ebuild
p6spy 187238 [java-overlay] dev-java/p6spy cannot be merged (dependencies brok..
jcharts 180437 dev-java/jcharts-0.7.5 uses com.sun.* classes
jboss-jacorb 166655 dev-java/jboss-jacorb-2.2.4 (new ebuild)
plexus-cli 197195 dev-java/plexus-cli (new ebuild)
dbus-java 311745 Please stabilize dev-java/dbus-java-2.7-r1
libeds-java 295859 [java-overlay] Please fix your package (dev-java/libeds-java-0.5...
sun-java3d 169847 dev-java/sun-java3d-1.5.0 (new ebuild)
lucene-regex 258906 dev-java/lucene-regex (new package)
maven-plugin-api 177483 dev-java/maven-plugin-api (New Ebuild)
263637 New package: dev-java/maven-plugin-api-2.0.9
sun-java3d-bin 133721 dev-java/sun-java3d-bin-1.5.2 version bump
tomcat-native 256155 dev-java/tomcat-native breaks Tomcat on AMD64
304245 Stable request for dev-java/tomcat-native-1.1.18
visad 112212 dev-java/visad (New Package)
maven-resources-plugin 181916 dev-java/maven-resources-plugin (New Ebuild)
jdbm 106343 jdbm-1.0 is available (dev-java/jdbm)
ant-eclipse-ecj 295678 Stable request for dev-java/eclipse-ecj-3.5.1 and dev-java/ant-ec..
jax-ws-tools 250923 Version bump: dev-java/jax-ws-2.1.5, dev-java/jax-ws-tools-2.1.5,..
maven-build-context 181698 dev-java/maven-build-context (New Ebuild)
maven-embedder 181694 dev-java/maven-embedder (New Ebuild)
eclipse-ecj 244186 [java-overlay] dev-java/eclipse-ecj-3.3.0-r5 fails to build using..
293004 dev-java/eclipse-ecj: pass -Xmx to java vm
293154 [java-overlay] dev-java/eclipse-ecj uses bash syntax in sh script
295678 Stable request for dev-java/eclipse-ecj-3.5.1 and dev-java/ant-ec..
302910 [java-overlay] dev-java/gcj-jdk-4.3-r4 + dev-java/eclipse-ecj-3.3..
jcifs 306605 Stable request for dev-java/jcifs-1.3.13
joram 167283 dev-java/joram (new ebuild)
plexus-digest 196610 dev-java/plexus-digest (new ebuild)
maven-model-v3 196603 dev-java/maven-model-v3 (new ebuild)
myfaces-core 217285 Ebuild request: dev-java/myfaces-core is needed by cocoon-2.1.10
noelios-restlet 177517 dev-java/noelios-restlet-1.0.1.ebuild (New Package)
maven-reporting-api 177492 dev-java/maven-reporting-api (New Ebuild)
jboss-commons-logging 168395 dev-java/jboss-commons-logging
maven-jar-plugin 181490 dev-java/maven-jar-plugin (new ebuild)
plexus-resources 197929 dev-java/plexus-resources (new ebuild)
jaffl 299160 Please keyword dev-java/jaffl-0.3
swt 215998 dev-java/swt-3.4_pre6 requires net-libs/xulrunner
227935 dev-java/swt- blocks www-client/firefox-3.0
253756 [QA] dev-java/swt: shared libraries lack a SONAME
254623 dev-java/swt-3.4-r2: Can't run SWT apps, window flash, 100% CPU
282289 dev-java/swt:3 depends on xulrunner 1.8
j3d-core 287267 [java-overlay]version bump: dev-java/j3d-core-1.5.2
escher 171224 [EBUILD] dev-java/escher
ws-policy 168285 dev-java/ws-policy (new ebuild)
kaffe 309459 Removal of dev-java/kaffe
ant-jalopy 294954 New packages: dev-java/jalopy and dev-java/ant-jalopy
lucene-instantiated 258903 dev-java/lucene-instantiated (new package)
sun-jms 282277 dev-java/sun-jms-1.1-r2: provided download link does not work
ibatis 203076 [Ebuild Request] dev-java/ibatis
metadata-extractor 297999 dev-java/metadata-extractor fails to build due to com.sun classes..
cacao 178665 Using dev-java/cacao as VM
vldocking 264415 [java-overlay] dev-java/vldocking
concurrent-util 197923 [gcj-overlay] dev-java/concurrent-util-1.3.4-r1 fails to build wi..
maven-lifecycle 181696 dev-java/maven-lifecycle (New Ebuild)
joni 312545 Please stabilize dev-java/joni
epsgraphics 162790 New package: dev-java/epsgraphics
quartz 166776 Version Bump: dev-java/quartz-1.6.0 using system jars
maven-shared-components 182518 dev-java/maven-shared-components (New Ebuild)
jaxb 188007 >=dev-java/jaxb-2.1.9 and >=dev-java/jaxb-tools-2.1.9: version bump
275049 dev-java/jaxb-2.1.2-r1 fails to compile with dev-java/istack-comm..
275726 [java-experimental] Update dev-java/jaxb-2.1.10 to work with dev-..
jung 312739 [request update] dev-java/jung to JUNG2
jmf-bin 164830 dev-java/jmf-bin + seamonkey not working (CLASSPATH problem?)
298703 dev-java/jmf-bin class files not found via depend
excalibur-store 216826 Ebuild request: dev-java/excalibur-store
commons-collections 200267 dev-java/commons-collections-3.2-r1 fails a test on ppc
220475 dev-java/commons-collections-3.2-r1 fails with ibm-jdk-bin-
tigase-xmltools 238742 dev-java/tigase-xmltools (new package)
idm-console-framework 309547 new ebuild dev-java/idm-console-framework
tomcat 300938 dev-java/tomcat-6.0.20-r2: ebuild references missing file
glassfish-logging 268407 Ebuild request: dev-java/glassfish-logging
gorilla 292300 New package: dev-java/gorilla
libantlr3c 288072 dev-java/libantlr3c-3.1.4.ebuild (New Package)
freehep-graphicsio 304317 dev-java/freehep-graphicsio-2.1.1 EMFConverter throws NPE
304321 dev-java/freehep-graphicsio-* include ExportFileType in each jar
jsr101 220073 Add doc and source support to dev-java/jsr101-1.4
avalon-framework 216803 dev-java/avalon-framework-4.3 version bump
dev-lang erlang 279613 net-im/ejabberd init scripts fail if configured for SMP with dev-..
288414 net-im/ejabberd-2.0.5-r3[-ssl] configure fails with dev-lang/erla..
305021 dev-lang/erlang R13B03 hangs during ASN1 linking
cobra 279853 dev-lang/cobra-0.8.0.ebuild (new package)
gambas 302136 New package: dev-lang/gambas
IoServer 87782 Ask for a new ebuild : dev-lang/IoServer
esco 198060 dev-lang/esco-0.25 (New Package)
IoDesktop 87783 Ask for a new ebuild : dev-lang/IoDesktop
spidermonkey 266225 dev-lang/spidermonkey-1.8 version bump
rebol-sdk 202270 dev-lang/rebol-sdk-2705042 (NEW ebuild)
tcl 267889 dev-lang/tcl-8.5.7 fails to install on IRIX due to reliance on no..
280934 dev-lang/tcl-8.5.7 - application-specific initialization failed: ..
ferite 244871 dev-lang/ferite fails with parallel make
smlnj 243886 dev-lang/smlnj: CC variable not respected
248162 dev-lang/smlnj creates /usr/bin subdirectories
262203 dev-lang/smlnj-110.69 fails to build
304625 dev-lang/smlnj-110.72 version bump
awib 146885 dev-lang/awib (new package)
fpc-ide 268516 dev-lang/fpc-ide-2.2.4 builds without built-in GDB support
297975 dev-lang/fpc-ide: documentation installed outside /usr/share/doc/..
helium 161426 stable request for dev-lang/helium-1.6
212725 dev-lang/helium-1.6 failed to build
247044 dev-lang/helium: fails with forced --as-needed
tcc 133781 dev-lang/tcc-0.9.22 fails to compile on uclibc/hardened
243892 dev-lang/tcc: CC variable not respected
hugs98 240036 dev-lang/hugs98-2006.9 fails to build with USE=docs
303665 dev-lang/hugs98-2006.9 compile stuck at checking for ANSI C head..
ucblogo 243896 dev-lang/ucblogo: CC variable not respected
oorexx 125130 dev-lang/oorexx (new ebuild)
syx 205584 dev-lang/syx: new ebuild
fpc 294731 dev-lang/fpc: documentation installed outside /usr/share/doc/${PF}
scala 268543 dev-lang/scala-2.7.4-r1 generates bad paths due to doubled prefix.
icc 26757 dev-lang/icc - gcc-config profile
259403 dev-lang/icc-10.X and dev-lang/ifc-10.X problems with libstdc++.s..
282146 dev-lang/icc-11.1 ebuild will not allow icpc to compile C++ code
288136 Make dev-lang/icc a slotted package
297542 dev-lang/icc breaks itself during upgrade
297867 dev-lang/icc-11.1.056[use=mkl] doesn't install eselect blas/cblas..
lua 247243 dev-games/neoengine contains internal copy of dev-lang/lua
305321 dev-vcs/monotone: ebuild should force "deprecated" USE-Flag on de..
dmd-bin 212793 dev-lang/dmd-bin-2.012 and dev-lang/dmd-bin-1.028 version bump
214623 dev-lang/dmd-bin-2.008-r1: errors in (successfull) emerge
269619 dev-lang/dmd-bin-2.030 version bump
299468 dev-lang/dmd-bin tries to install missing documentation
squeak-webimage 200325 New ebuild: dev-lang/squeak-webimage
kaya 232777 EBuild dev-lang/kaya-0.5.0.ebuild (New Package)
perl 181435 =dev-lang/perl-5.*: Ignored LDFLAGS: Many files
194600 dev-lang/perl-5.8.8-r2 won't do h2ph for asm-generic/
236200 dev-lang/perl and xs: bad CFLAGS handling
249629 dev-lang/perl File::Path multiple symlink attack vulnerabilities ..
265164 [QA] dev-lang/perl-5.8.8-r5: jobserver unavailable
275966 perl-core/Test-Harness depends on dev-lang/perl[-build]
279039 dev-lang/perl-5.8.8-r6 fails to build "Unable to make"
280724 [TRACKER] dev-lang/perl-5.10.1, sys-devel/libperl-5.10.1
280730 dev-lang/perl: move site to /usr/local
282084 dev-lang/perl-5.8.8-r5 redundant redeclaration in CORE/proto.h
288028 Please keyword =dev-lang/perl-5.10.1,=sys-devel/libperl-5.10.1,=a..
292985 dev-lang/perl, app-admin/perl-cleaner:Which header files should b..
296597 dev-lang/perl-5.8.8-r8 with sys-libs/glibc-2.11-r1: compile error..
307179 dev-lang/perl-5.10.1 errors about files that don't exist
307475 test-suite failures for dev-lang/perl-5.10.1 on IRIX
308987 dev-lang/perl-5.10.1 lost "perlsuid" useflag
312061 [TRACKER] dev-lang/perl-5.12.0
312425 dev-lang/perl-5.10.1 fails tests
312813 [perl-experimental] can't build dev-perl/perl-tk with dev-lang/pe..
312991 [perl-experimental] can't build perl-core/version-0.80 with dev-l..
eleven 295118 dev-lang/eleven installs Perl modules into site-dir (should go in..
squeak-image 196985 dev-lang/squeak-image (new ebuild)
nemerle 259700 dev-lang/nemerle-0.9.3 fails to build w/ >=dev-lang/mono-2.2
312151 dev-lang/nemerle: Verify and potentially improve Python-related c..
maude 250655 dev-lang/maude-2.4
283176 dev-lang/maude fails tests
factor 231106 dev-lang/factor - Add ebuild for factor programming language
brainwash 143223 [EBUILD] new package: dev-lang/brainwash
cm3-bin 223783 dev-lang/cm3-bin-5.4.0 binaries give fatal error on start-up
mlton 295110 dev-lang/mlton[binary]: pre-stripped files found
295112 dev-lang/mlton: documentation installed outside /usr/share/doc/${..
swig 199368 dev-lang/swig-1.3.32 keywords dropped because of many new deps
221497 sys-cluster/heartbeat: suspect runtime-depend on dev-lang/swig
283584 dev-lang/swig-1.3.40 fails tests
291063 dev-lang/swig-1.3.40 fails to compile: error: redeclaration of C+..
307613 Stabilize dev-lang/swig-1.3.40
gdl 286634 dev-lang/gdl-0.9_rc2 fails to emerge on 32bit systems with invali..
boo 269907 dev-lang/boo fails to install because of root-owned ${T}/.wapi
gforth 231510 dev-lang/gforth-0.6.2-r1 Working GForth programs fail with gforth..
kumir 289554 dev-lang/kumir (New package)
gnat-gcc 299094 dev-lang/gnat-gcc fails parallel install
301446 dev-lang/gnat-gcc-4.3.x on sparc fails to build
python 190221 dev-lang/python-2.5.1-r2 fails tests with TAI timezone
204221 dev-lang/python breaks Turkish capitalization rules
212769 dev-lang/python-2.5.4-r2 tests fail on uclibc/hardened
246091 dev-lang/python-2.5.2-r7 - import readline in python writes stran..
250075 dev-lang/python-2.5* patches for turkish locale support
250843 <=app-shell/bash-3.2_p48 and <=dev-lang/python-2.6-r5 don't handl..
251003 [PATCH] media-libs/aubio-0.3.2-r1 not compatible with dev-lang/py..
251689 dev-lang/python-2.5.2-r8: failed to emerge with permission denied
256619 dev-lang/python PySys_SetArgv() Untrusted search path vulnerabili..
257750 Unmerged dev-lang/python rescue guide
261218 dev-java/javatoolkit should depend on dev-lang/python[xml]
265784 net-p2p/bittorrent-5.2.2 incompatible with dev-lang/python:2.6
268051 dev-lang/python-{2.4.6,2.5.4-r4,2.6.4-r1}.: test_largefile fails ..
271642 emerge of dev-lang/python-2.4.6 fails because of make -j4
284203 app-admin/denyhosts: missing dependency on dev-lang/python[threads]
286479 app-portage/gentoolkit-0.3.0_rc7: revdep-rebuild prints a syntax ..
286972 [TRACKER] Deprecation of bsddb module in dev-lang/python
291454 dev-lang/python-2.6.4: test_fcntl_64_bit from test_fcntl.py fails
294047 dev-python/soappy-0.12.0 build fails on alpha with <dev-lang/pyth..
295026 dev-lang/python-2.6.4 fails tests when local timezone not set
295066 Stabilize dev-lang/python-2.6.4 and dev-python/python-docs-2.6.4
295705 =dev-libs/boost-1.41.0[python,mpi] fails to compile with =dev-lan..
295800 dev-lang/python-2.6.4 - test_docxmlrpc never ends
297276 dev-lang/python no longer needs NDEBUG and OPT is bogus as we nee..
298680 dev-lang/python-2.6.4 fails test my_ip_addr = socket.gethostbynam..
299162 dev-lang/python-2.6.4 fails to build on aix-6.1
300484 dev-lang/python-2.6.4 fails to crosscompile for arm
301666 =sys-libs/libieee1284-0.2.11 fails build with dev-lang/python:3.1
302487 dev-lang/python-* - test_multiprocessing hangs
303134 dev-lang/python-2.5.5 released
303829 dev-lang/python: /usr/bin/python2.6: malloc(): memory corruption
304187 app-portage/gentoolkit should depend on dev-lang/python:2.6[xml] ..
305067 Darwin 10: dev-lang/python-2.6: os.getgroups() fails as root
308901 dev-lang/python-2.6.4-r1 fails selftest "test_socket"
310221 dev-lang/python-2.6.4-r1 does not compile (USE="tk")
310783 dev-lang/python-{2.6.5,3.1.2} fails tests with zlib-1.2.4
310921 app-misc/klive-0.28 fails with =dev-lang/python-2.6.5*
311269 dev-lang/python-2.6.4-r1 fails crosscompile
311393 dev-lang/python-2.6.5-r1: Failed to emerge
311437 dev-lang/python-3.1.2-r1: parallel install fails, file exists
vala 310579 dev-lang/vala miscompiles (it tried to access build directory)
ghc 111183 dev-lang/ghc-6.4.1-r1 does not emerge: tee error
202212 dev-lang/ghc-6.6.1 doesn't compile: lexical error
206142 dev-lang/ghc-6.4.2 fails to build
206643 dev-lang/ghc-6.8.2 DEPEND/pkg_setup logic is broken
212305 dev-lang/ghc-6.8.2 stops compiling
212307 dev-lang/ghc-6.8.2 fails to compile (gcc4.3)
259867 dev-lang/ghc hard depends on readline-5
269342 dev-lang/ghc build failure, along with other haskell-related buil..
283531 dev-lang/ghc - dropped keywords
299492 dev-lang/ghc ignores LDFLAGS and pre-strips files
299709 dev-lang/ghc need to disable MPROTECT of /usr/lib/ghc-6.10.4/ghc
301623 dev-lang/ghc-6.12.1 released 14th Dec 2009
304075 dev-lang/ghc-6.10.4-r1 Segfault in cghi (unstable package)
304915 unable to compile =dev-lang/ghc-6.8.2-r1 ; even when using LC_ALL..
311361 dev-lang/ghc-6.12.1 doesn't handle ldscripts
312007 dev-lang/ghc-6.10.4-r1 build failes: can't open file: lib/*-apple..
newlisp 175009 dev-lang/newlisp-9.1.1 (new package)
haxe 153110 dev-lang/haxe (new ebuild)
lazarus 237758 dev-lang/lazarus-0.9.24 linking problem with dev-libs/glib-2.16.5
269221 sys-devel/binutils: strip --strip-unneeded removes required debug..
297416 dev-lang/lazarus installs ELF files in /usr/share
swi-prolog 269556 dev-lang/swi-prolog-5.6.64 - src_test(): *** 3 tests failed ***
305963 Stabilize dev-lang/swi-prolog-5.8.3
squeak 247363 dev-lang/squeak contains internal copies of jpeg, pcre, libmpeg3,..
298684 dev-lang/squeak fails to build
falcon 295734 dev-lang/falcon fails tests
312401 dev-lang/falcon bundles a copy of zlib-1.2.3
php 206970 dev-lang/php - mbstring uses a bundled dev-libs/oniguruma copy
208155 Add php-fpm patch to dev-lang/php
211536 dev-lang/php extend ebuild to include embed SAPI
217139 dev-lang/php: mod_php can overtake apache file handles (CVE-2003-..
221357 dev-lang/php: probably needs flex build-time dependency
249443 dev-lang/php - USE=libharu support
251046 <=dev-lang/php-5.2.8 USE=postgres - php-5.2.8/ext/pdo_pgsql/php_p..
252713 dev-lang/php-5.2.8-r1 fails to compile with global USE=-unicode.
256941 dev-lang/php-5.2.8-r2 - multiviews don't work (AddType to SetHand..
258149 dev-lang/php-5.2.8-r2: failes to compile with pcre USE flag
262244 dev-lang/php-5.2.8-r2 doesn't emerge with ROOT=/some/place option
274512 dev-lang/php-5.3 version bump request
275240 >=dev-lang/php-5.2.9-r2: incorrect detection of curl' SSL lib wit..
275419 dev-lang/php-5.2.10: tests/lang/bug45392.phpt not found
275472 dev-lang/php-5.2.10: does not work with memcache as session handl..
278439 dev-lang/php: only one sapi's php-config gets installed
278707 dev-lang/php-5.2.10: curl_setopt fails for file opened with tmpfi..
278814 dev-lang/php-5.2.10 regressions since php-5.2.9-r2
280490 dev-lang/php-5.2.10 imap_search() ALL causing segfault
281697 dev-lang/php-5.2.10-r1 fails with autoconf-2.64 due to change in ..
282858 ERROR: dev-lang/php-5.2.10 failed. /usr/portage/dev-lang/php/php-..
285419 dev-lang/php: php5_2-sapi.eclass - minor annoyances
285816 default core functions of dev-lang/php unavailable
285908 dev-lang/php-5.2.10 - memory leaks - signal Segmentation fault
289669 dev-lang/php-5.2.11 doesn't support sys-libs/db-4.7
289686 dev-lang/php: "Enabling ZTS for Apache2 MPM" warning should be mo..
294944 dev-lang/php-5.2 sqlite improvements
295367 dev-libs/openssl-0.9.8l breaks dev-lang/php-5.2.11 soap local_cer..
295682 dev-lang/php-5.2.11-r1 SIGBUSes on sparc (strict-aliasing issue)
296500 dev-lang/php-5.2.11-r1 timestamp in error_log file is GMT+0 always
297374 dev-lang/php proc_open() safe_mode bypass (CVE-2009-4018)
298205 Update packages which check for USE=pcre in dev-lang/php
298969 >=dev-lang/php-5.2.12 w/ USE=concurrentmodphp: ld: duplicate vers..
300000 USE=apache2 emerge -u dev-lang/php => modifies /etc/conf.d/apache..
300695 dev-lang/php-5.2.12: Clients can see the version of PHP with defa..
303427 dev-lang/php-5.2.12: build fails with zend_compile.o: file format..
303721 dev-lang/php-5* remove flag gd-external, cause rare problems
304281 dev-lang/php-5.2.12: compilation failure with openssl 1.0.0
306939 <dev-lang/php-5.2.13: Multiple security vulnerabilities (CVE-2010..
310383 dev-lang/php: set useflag defaults in ebuilds instead of profile
312409 dev-php5/mongo does not depend on dev-lang/php (uh?)
312775 [Tracker] dev-lang/php-5.3 issues
ruby 203706 dev-lang/ruby-1.9.1 version bump
253276 dev-lang/ruby bundles a copy of syck
267326 dev-lang/ruby-1.8.7: securerandom with UTF-8 produces output inco..
269795 dev-lang/ruby-1.8.6_p368: eval "0.0/0.0": warning: Float 0.0 out ..
271190 dev-lang/ruby-1.9.1_p129 segfault while compiling under Hardened ..
287906 media-libs/liblastfm-0.3 fails to build with dev-lang/ruby:1.9
296052 <dev-lang/ruby-1.9.1_p376 String#ljust, #center, #rjust Heap-base..
300468 <dev-lang/ruby-{1.8.6_p388, 1.8.7_p249, 1.9.1_p378} webrick missi..
304427 dev-lang/ruby fails to compile with openssl 1.0.0
306883 media-sound/rubyripper-0.5.7 stops working when used with dev-lan..
309789 dev-lang/ruby-1.8.7 with pthreads support cause Puppet to hang
angelscript 122061 dev-lang/angelscript (new package)
icon 209560 dev-lang/icon-9.4.3-r2 ignores cflags, pre stripped files found
262857 dev-lang/icon enhancement: rswitch for AMD64 Linux
274174 Stabilise =dev-lang/icon-9.4.3-r4
pike 282342 dev-lang/pike-7.{6.86-r1,6.112-r1,8.316} fails multilib-strict
xharbour 123975 new ebuild - dev-lang/xharbour
snobol 299429 dev-lang/snobol tries to install missing documentation
gwydion-dylan 247043 dev-lang/gwydion-dylan/: fails with forced --as-needed
parrot 297473 dev-lang/parrot fails to build
mozart 253473 dev-lang/mozart: strange install?
298155 dev-lang/mozart fails tests and install
aplus 132018 dev-lang/aplus - new ebuild
mono 220337 dev-lang/mono: ebuild not quite correct (1.2, 1.9, 2.0.1 and 2.2)..
249711 dev-lang/mono-2.0.1 meets the OOM killer
252547 dev-lang/mono-2.0.1 bundles a copy of boehm-gc
255410 dev-lang/mono-2.2: Keywords dropped
256261 dev-lang/mono-2.2 issue tracker
259700 dev-lang/nemerle-0.9.3 fails to build w/ >=dev-lang/mono-2.2
277878 dev-lang/mono XML signature HMAC truncation authentication bypass..
278951 dev-lang/mono FEATURES misuse (test)
285623 dev-lang/mono- fails to build with gcc 4.4.1
286280 dev-lang/mono- ebuild failes on hardened linux
296373 dev-lang/mono-2.6.1 version bump
303957 dev-lang/mono-2.4.3 collision width net-analyzer/paketto-1.10-r1
305335 dev-lang/mono could RDEPEND on www-client/elinks too(?)
wml 253286 dev-lang/wml bundles different Perl modules
lisaac 241270 dev-lang/lisaac: documentation installed outside /usr/share/doc/$..
243878 dev-lang/lisaac: CC variable not respected
ocaml 208991 dev-lang/ocaml - ocaml-rebuild.sh script should use portage API i..
237629 dev-lang/ocaml cross-compile failure (calls gcc directly instead ..
248934 net-p2p/mldonkey + >dev-lang/ocaml-3.10 - hangs interactively ask..
270290 [patch] dev-lang/ocaml-3.10.2 fails to compile on PPC64
279968 dev-lang/ocaml fails to build in parallel
292814 dev-lang/ocaml-3.11.1: QA Notice: runtime text relocations
295079 building dev-lang/ocaml fails with Fatal error: exception Invalid..
297131 dev-lang/ocaml-3.11.1 - _cTk.ml: No such file or directory
299061 dev-lang/ocaml: fail to build with pie enabled gcc.
clojure 255140 [java-overlay] dev-lang/clojure (new package)
gnat-gpl 272061 Please make dev-lang/gnat-gpl use virtual/libffi
299612 dev-lang/gnat-gpl fails parallel install
inform 184966 Version bump: dev-lang/inform-7.5j_p39
tinycc 213211 dev-lang/tinycc tiny c compiler, a fork of tcc (ebuild request)
polyml 256679 dev-lang/polyml-5.2.1: QA Notice: The following files contain exe..
296797 dev-lang/polyml-5.3: version bump request
stackless_python 309173 dev-lang/stackless_python-2.6.4-r1 (new package)
clojure-contrib 292295 New package: dev-lang/clojure-contrib
ifc 166480 dev-lang/ifc breaks dev-util/scons
259403 dev-lang/icc-10.X and dev-lang/ifc-10.X problems with libstdc++.s..
304885 kde-base/cantor-4.4.0: tries to link w/ libgfortran while libR.so..
OpenModelica 230685 dev-lang/OpenModelica-1.4.4 (new package)
gnu-smalltalk 277052 dev-lang/gnu-smalltalk fails tests
277089 dev-lang/gnu-smalltalk bundles a number of copies of libltdl
304617 =dev-lang/gnu-smalltalk-2.3.3 gets stuck in configure
qu-prolog 247433 dev-util/mpatch collides with app-editors/mp and dev-lang/qu-prolog
304999 Stabilize dev-lang/qu-prolog-8.10
idb 252476 dev-lang/idb comes with an unknown version of Qt
luajit 313005 dev-lang/luajit-2.0.0_beta4 ebuild submission
dev-lib rasqal 300287 dev-libs/soprano-2.3.1-r1 missing dev-lib/rasqal dependency
dev-libs lzo 158474 dev-libs/lzo-1 java/perl bindings request (did include python but..
286196 dev-libs/lzo added USE 'static-libs' to correctly handle .la/.a f..
stfl 312203 dev-libs/stfl: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
cdk 299479 emerge dev-libs/cdk-5.0.20081105 fails
opensc 310771 Stabilize dev-libs/openct-0.6.20 and dev-libs/opensc-0.11.13
libtomcrypt 262601 dev-libs/libtomcrypt-1.17-r3 stable request
276845 dev-libs/libtomcrypt fails tests
ilbc-rfc3951 217801 [voip overlay] net-misc/asterisk-1.4 requires dev-libs/ilbc-rfc3951
poppler 290464 dev-libs/poppler Integer Overflows (CVE-2009-{3603,3604,3605,3606..
gdl 298200 Stabilize dev-util/anjuta-, dev-libs/gdl-2.28.2 and dev-p..
gobject-introspection 290639 [gnome-overlay] dev-libs/gobject-introspection-0.6.5 build fix
312183 dev-libs/gobject-introspection: Verify and potentially improve Py..
ffcall 253963 dev-libs/ffcall-1.10 executable stacks
298348 dev-libs/ffcall fails to build in parallel
libparserutils 270126 new ebuild -- dev-libs/libparserutils
libk8055 174104 dev-libs/libk8055 (new ebuild)
389-adminutil 309557 new ebuild dev-libs/389-adminutil
openct 310771 Stabilize dev-libs/openct-0.6.20 and dev-libs/opensc-0.11.13
310985 dev-libs/openct: improve ifd (pcsc-lite) driver installation
pcl 276137 =dev-libs/pcl-1.6 bump request
gmp 236054 dev-libs/gmp-4.2.2-r2: text relocations in tests which fails on h..
282819 dev-libs/gmp-4.3.1 requires minor patch for IRIX
304083 Stabilize dev-libs/gmp-4.3.2
libmirage 222905 dev-libs/libmirage - mirage-disc.c:197: error: 'MIRAGE_DiscStruct..
cyberjack 294571 dev-libs/cyberjack-3.3.2 fails to build
dbus-c++ 220767 ebuild for dev-libs/dbus-c++
mpc 279851 Please keyword dev-libs/mpc-0.8
fampp2 216271 dev-libs/fampp2-6.0.0 fails to build
zthread 269988 dev-libs/zthread ebuild fixes
apr-util 291624 dev-util/subversion-1.6.6 and dev-libs/apr-util-1.3.9: inconsiste..
309335 dev-libs/apr-util ignores user-set CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, etc.
libsqlora8 186461 dev-libs/libsqlora8 version bump
fusion 149453 dev-libs/fusion (new ebuild)
rudedatabase 294006 New ebuild: dev-libs/rudedatabase-4.1.0
quantlib 270096 =dev-libs/quantlib-0.3.10 fails to compile: error: there are no a..
294580 dev-libs/quantlib fails tests
libserial 163637 dev-libs/libserial-0.5.2 (new ebuild)
cryptlib 247240 dev-libs/cryptlib parts of OpenSSL's libcrypto + license wrong
298461 dev-libs/cryptlib-3.3.3: QA Notice: make jobserver unavailable
libtecla 247046 dev-libs/libtecla fails with parallel install
linux-fusion 276934 dev-libs/DirectFB-1.27[fusion] should depend on =dev-libs/linux-f..
303633 Stabilize dev-libs/linux-fusion-8.1.1
log4cpp 247067 dev-libs/log4cpp: fails with forced --as-needed
svrcore 209589 dev-libs/svrcore-4.0.4 (New package)
libcoyotl 298217 dev-libs/libcoyotl tries to install missing documentation
307815 dev-libs/libcoyotl-3.0.1 fails to build
globalplatform 242228 dev-libs/globalplatform-5.0.0 and app-crypt/gpshell-1.4.2 ebuilds
eet 221099 dev-libs/eet - version 1.0.0 has been released
247501 dev-libs/eet-1.1.0 (new ebuild)
udis86 235361 new package dev-libs/udis86
xmlrpc-c 267616 Keywords dropped: dev-libs/xmlrpc-c-1.18.02
274536 dev-libs/xmlrpc-c-1.18.02: shared libraries not installed
283751 dev-libs/xmlrpc-c-1.06.27 does not compile on freebsd without USE..
291881 dev-libs/xmlrpc-c-1.18.02 fails to compile on amd64 (parallel bui..
299011 dev-libs/xmlrpc-c-1.21.02 released
301076 dev-libs/xmlrpc-c-1.18.02 fails to build with USE="-* curl cxx to..
libexploit 240212 dev-libs/libexploit fails to build with current linux-headers
libmemcached 288166 Stabilize dev-libs/libmemcached-0.31
libconfig 208918 Stabilize sys-fs/ntfsprogs-2.0.0 + dev-libs/libconfig-1.2
disko 271056 request for dev-libs/disko-9999 ebuild in portage
libccss 290147 New ebuild: x11-themes/gtk-css-engine dev-libs/libccss
vdk 221667 dev-libs/vdk: suspect runtime-depend on app-doc/doxygen
lzlib 311019 new package: app-arch/plzip-0.6 and library dev-libs/lzlib-1.0_rc1
pwlib 290062 dev-libs/pwlib removal (replace it with net-libs/ptlib)
290067 net-voip/gnugk should use net-libs/ptlib and net-libs/h323plus in..
290068 net-voip/yate-2.0.0 should use net-libs/ptlib and net-libs/h323pl..
libsoap 150848 ebuild for dev-libs/libsoap
tre 288618 app-misc/glimpse and dev-libs/tre cannot coexist, due to agrep
296813 dev-libs/tre --enable-system-abi unpredictable behaviour
299503 app-text/crm114-20090807 tries to link statically with dev-libs/tre
openobex 231645 >=dev-libs/openobex-1.3, app-mobilephone/obexftp-0.22: Does not o..
redland-bindings 299761 dev-libs/redland-bindings fails tests
312201 dev-libs/redland-bindings: Verify and potentially improve Python-..
libcdio 260428 media-libs/xine-lib + dev-libs/libcdio[minimal] - /usr/include/cd..
287523 Stabilize dev-libs/libcdio-0.80-r1
290829 dev-libs/libcdio-0.82: Test failure in check_paranoia.sh
libsigsegv 292745 dev-libs/libsigsegv-2.6/2.4 block in configuration process in new..
gmsl 172178 dev-libs/gmsl (new package)
libxslt 240924 dev-libs/libxslt-1.1.24-r1 segfaults
300778 app-pda/synce-kpm fails to run if dev-libs/libxslt is built w/o p..
312195 dev-libs/libxslt: Verify and potentially improve Python-related c..
klibc 253916 dev-libs/klibc FEATURES='ccache distcc' - undefined reference to ..
285355 dev-libs/klibc-1.5.15-r1 compilation fails on x86
310011 dev-libs/klibc-1.5.16: version bump
tntdb 181641 dev-libs/tntdb (new ebuild)
libbeagle 248331 Collision between sci-libs/beagle and dev-libs/libbeagle
312185 dev-libs/libbeagle: Verify and potentially improve Python-related..
elfutils 268047 dev-libs/elfutils-0.131-r2 fails run-native-test.sh test on harde..
281595 dev-libs/elfutils-0.140 does not cross-compile
291302 dev-libs/elfutils-0.131-r2 fails testsuite on arm
engine_pkcs11 304003 Stabilize dev-libs/engine_pkcs11-0.1.8
libgpg-error 237148 dev-libs/libgpg-error-1.6 (homepage wrong)
shared-desktop-ontologies 309011 [kde-overlay] dev-libs/shared-desktop-ontologies : wrong version ..
poco 269422 New release dev-libs/poco-1.3.5
ccmath 214548 dev-libs/ccmath: libccm.so lacks SONAME and NEEDED
boost 216245 app-office/abiword-plugins-2.6.0 dependency issue (dev-libs/boost)
226885 dev-libs/boost: append-ldflags is used to pass libraries
260404 dev-libs/boost provides no way to select which libs get built - s..
287638 [PATCH] =dev-libs/boost-1.36 fails with gcc4.4
292796 dev-python/cgkit needs to depend on dev-libs/boost[python]
293036 [TRACKER] packages that wrongly RDEPEND on dev-libs/boost
293064 =app-editors/xmlcopyeditor- wrongly RDEPENDS on dev-lib..
293077 =net-p2p/deluge-1.1.9 wrongly RDEPENDS on dev-libs/boost
293080 =sci-chemistry/avogadro-1.0.0 wrongly RDEPENDS on dev-libs/boost
293082 =sci-electronics/kicad-20090320.1666-r2 wrongly RDEPENDS on dev-l..
293088 several kde applications wrongly RDEPEND on dev-libs/boost
295006 net-p2p/btg-1.0.0-r1 dev-libs/boost dependency issue [PATCH]
295705 =dev-libs/boost-1.41.0[python,mpi] fails to compile with =dev-lan..
297694 sys-fs/encfs-1.5 fails to properly detect dev-libs/boost
298251 dev-libs/boost-1.41.0-r3: ICE with sys-devel/gcc-4.4 in assoc_lag..
300653 dev-libs/boost has no documented way to be detectable (update sci..
301673 [TRACKER] dev-libs/boost-1.42.0: packages broken due to changes i..
301684 sci-libs/vtk-5.4.2-r1 does not work with >=dev-libs/boost-1.42
301687 sci-libs/libmems-1.6 does not work with >=dev-libs/boost-1.42
306335 Stabilize =dev-libs/boost-1.41.0-r3
307561 dev-libs/boost-1.35.0-r5 does not emerge when MAKEOPTS="--jobs --..
307829 sys-fs/encfs build against dev-libs/boost-1.42.0 will not mount f..
309415 net-p2p/qbittorrent-2.1.2 fails to build with dev-libs/boost-1.41*
310207 dev-libs/boost: add useflags to enable/disable boost libraries
311247 dev-libs/boost-1.35.0-r5 shows python deprecation warning
312155 dev-libs/boost: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
icu 215729 [QA] dev-libs/icu-3.8.1-r1 - shared libraries lack NEEDED entries
260127 dev-libs/icu breaks deps with LC_ALL=et_EE
265372 sci-geosciences/googleearth-5.0.11337.1968_beta preserving /usr/l..
272328 dev-libs/icu-4.2: emake install fails with race condition
275769 >=dev-libs/icu-4.2 fails to build on arm, hppa, ia64, s390, sh an..
296901 =dev-libs/icu-4.2.1 fails to build on arm/ia64/sparc if >-O0
304837 dev-libs/icu-4.2.1 doesn't suggest running revdep-rebuild --library
308083 dev-libs/icu-4.2.1 fails tests
310297 dev-libs/icu-4.4 doesn't install libicutest.so.44 needed by icuinfo
310497 >=dev-libs/libgdata-0.6.2 automagic dependency on dev-libs/icu
libelf 247059 dev-libs/libelf fails during parallel install
ferrisloki 221139 dev-libs/ferrisloki-3.0.1 emerge failure with libsigc++-2.2
xapian-bindings 176419 dev-libs/xapian-bindings-1.0.16 installs too high bytecode
257423 dev-libs/xapian-bindings-1.0.10 should create /etc/php/*/ext/xapi..
libgdata 307725 [FEATURES=test failure] dev-libs/libgdata-0.6.2 fails tests
310497 >=dev-libs/libgdata-0.6.2 automagic dependency on dev-libs/icu
xerces-c 248966 dev-libs/xerces-c: big file in $FILESDIR
280613 <dev-libs/xerces-c-3.0.1-r1 Codenomicon Malformed XML input DoS (..
307303 dev-libs/xerces-c-3.1.0 fails tests
308009 <dev-libs/xerces-c-3.1.0 DOS (CVE-2009-1885)
cyrus-sasl 185690 dev-libs/cyrus-sasl needs epunt_cxx
186450 dev-libs/cyrus-sasl - multiple issues
245072 dev-libs/cyrus-sasl should RDEPEND on <dev-db/sqlite-3
261855 circular dependency between net-nds/openldap-2.3.43-r1 and dev-li..
269827 dev-libs/cyrus-sasl-2.1.22-r2 fails because bin/install: cannot ..
272393 Request to install dev-libs/cyrus-sasl saslauthd to run under its..
275718 dev-libs/cyrus-sasl-2.1.23 with USE="postgres" fails to compile
281745 using berkdb backend in dev-libs/cyrus-sasl causes floating point..
289985 dev-libs/cyrus-sasl has a postinstall problem with /usr/sbin/sasl..
290040 sys-libs/db-4.6.21_p4 + dev-libs/cyrus-sasl-2.1.23-r1 problematic..
294015 dev-libs/cyrus-sasl-2.1.23-r1 ebuild fails with sun jdk1.6
296391 dev-libs/cyrus-sasl-2.1.23-r1: QA Notice: command not found: pg_c..
libprelude 298455 dev-libs/libprelude installs Perl modules into site-dir (should g..
libsigc++ 246314 dev-libs/libsigc++-2.0.18 - ../sigc++/signal.h:1675: error: decla..
289274 dev-libs/libsigc++- needs static-libs use-flag
298431 [QA] dev-libs/libsigc++-2.2.3 unrecognized configure option --ena..
libgamin 267604 dev-libs/libgamin-0.1.10-r2 and app-admin/gam-server-0.1.10 fail ..
310485 dev-libs/libgamin-0.1.10-r2 shows deprecation warning
312187 dev-libs/libgamin: Verify and potentially improve Python-related ..
cgicc 227537 dev-libs/cgicc-3.2.5 fails to build
290108 dev-libs/cgicc-3.2.9 version bump
297333 dev-libs/cgicc fails to build
305741 dev-libs/cgicc-3.2.3 does not build with gcc-4.3.4
crypto++ 300547 dev-libs/crypto++-5.6.0-r1 fails test
310791 net-p2p/amule-2.2.6 segfaults with dev-libs/crypto++-2.6.0-r1 and..
newt 285854 dev-libs/newt doReflow() Heap-based buffer overflow (CVE-2009-2905)
312197 dev-libs/newt: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
rlog 241278 dev-libs/rlog: documentation installed outside /usr/share/doc/${PF}
xapian 272720 dev-libs/xapian (ab)uses valgrind during tests phase
ace 249920 file collision between net-misc/omniORB-4.0.5 and dev-libs/ace-5...
255661 dev-libs/ace: automake called by maintainer-mode
273186 dev-libs/ace-5.5-r1 emerge fails with configure error
304195 dev-libs/ace: should install additional files
305029 dev-libs/ace-5.7.6 version bump
307595 cc1plus gets oom-killed compiling dev-libs/ace
openssl 196554 dev-libs/openssl-0.9.8.g parallel make fails
213066 net-libs/libesmtp-1.0.4 is broken with dev-libs/openssl-0.9.8g
245934 dev-libs/openssl with app-crypt/heimdal - compatibility issue
278744 dev-libs/openssl FEATURES misuse (noman)
288903 dev-libs/openssl[kerberos] conflict with net-fs/samba-libs[samba4]
295367 dev-libs/openssl-0.9.8l breaks dev-lang/php-5.2.11 soap local_cer..
303739 dev-libs/openssl Memory leak in zlib_stateful_finish() (CVE-2009-..
304279 [TRACKER] dev-libs/openssl 1.0.0 compatibility
308011 <dev-libs/openssl-0.9.8n Multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2009-3245,..
308133 dev-libs/openssl compiled with -O3 crashes a lot of related progr..
308405 www-servers/lighttpd-1.4.26 breaks after upgrade to dev-libs/open..
308455 QA failures for dev-libs/openssl-0.9.8n
310451 app-crypt/mit-krb5-1.6.3-r6 and 1.7-r2 fails to compile with dev-..
311473 dev-libs/openssl-0.9.8n fails when $CROSS_COMPILE is in env
312517 dev-libs/openssl-0.9.8n breaks net-mail/cyrus-imapd-2.3.14-r3 in ..
312551 dev-libs/openssl-0.9.8n fails when $SCRIPTS is defined
cgixx 154864 dev-libs/cgixx 1.07 (new ebuild)
libxdg-basedir 226217 dev-libs/libxdg-basedir: builds tests with FEATURES=-test
libgweather 278763 dev-libs/libgweather-2.24.3 should depend on dev-python/pygtk eve..
libnatspec 312191 dev-libs/libnatspec: Verify and potentially improve Python-relate..
libhl 271832 New Ebuild: dev-libs/libhl-2.1.0
libical 297401 dev-libs/libical-0.44 still broken includes
dvnet 310217 dev-libs/dvnet-0.9.21: 2 of 21 tests failed
libdwarf 294661 dev-libs/libdwarf ebuild request
libmimedir 221323 dev-libs/libmimedir: suspect runtime-depend on sys-devel/flex
221591 dev-libs/libmimedir: suspect runtime-depend on sys-devel/bison
miracl 193175 dev-libs/miracl-5.3.1 (new ebuild)
xalan-c 296749 dev-libs/xalan-c fails to build
apr 204485 www-servers/apache and dev-libs/apr do not bundle libtool and use..
240264 www-servers/apache-2.2.9-r1 + >=dev-libs/apr{,-util}-1.3 segfault..
281123 emerge dev-libs/apr-1.3.8 FAILED
libatasmart 309779 dev-libs/libatasmart: Please keyword on ~ppc
unittest 273257 dev-libs/unittest (New package)
EasySoap++ 157448 New package: dev-libs/EasySoap++
confuse 220647 dev-libs/confuse-2.6-r1 fails to compile at -O0: undeclared LC_ME..
226351 dev-libs/confuse: builds examples/demos (that are not installed)
238936 dev-libs/confuse-2.6 - cc1: warnings being treated as errors lexe..
ppl 269087 Keyword dev-libs/ppl
294978 dev-libs/ppl fails tests
307415 AMD64: problem building dev-libs/ppl-0.10.2-r1
libmoe 302326 please mark stable dev-libs/libmoe-1.5.8-r2
libgrss 312801 dev-libs/libgrss: new package
libgee 310575 dev-libs/libgee: Patches fixing segfaults should be applied
dklibs 201659 dev-libs/dklibs (new ebuild)
nss 256102 dev-libs/nss fails to build on IRIX
280226 <dev-libs/nss-3.12.3 multiple vulnerabilites (CVE-2009-{2404,2408})
292034 <dev-libs/nss-3.12.5 TLS Session Renegotiation MITM vulnerability..
292050 sys-apps/sandbox-2.2: dev-libs/nss fails to install on hardened s..
304995 dev-libs/nss-3.12.5 client certificate authentication broken
312341 dev-libs/nss-3.12.6-r1 failed: nss make failed
eggdbus 309451 dev-libs/eggdbus-0.6: build fix for FreeBSD
libprefs 108603 dev-libs/libprefs-
libre2 310605 dev-libs/libre2: new ebuild
tvmet 268367 dev-libs/tvmet-1.7.2-r1 access violation
282475 dev-libs/tvmet fails tests
libcgi 298078 New Ebuild dev-libs/libcgi
libleaftag 122974 new dev-libs/libleaftag-0.3.0.ebuild
rudeconfig 294005 New ebuild: dev-libs/rudeconfig-5.0.5
libedit-20061103-r2 313043 dev-libs/libedit-20061103-r2 fails to build on OS X 10.6.3/64bit
quicklz 281347 dev-libs/quicklz/quicklz-1.4.1_beta3.ebuild - new ebuild, depende..
libgcrypt 264313 dev-libs/libgcrypt-1.4.4: Please revive IDEA support
267479 dev-libs/libgcrypt-1.4.4 tries to link against native libgpg-erro..
277181 wpa_supplicant-0.6.4 / dev-libs/libgcrypt-1.4.4 : Libgcrypt war..
308593 dev-libs/libgcrypt: MIPS: buildfix wrt. GCC-4.4
libmix 256871 dev-libs/libmix-2.05-r1: QA Notice: shared libraries lack a SONAME
268444 dev-libs/libmix-2.05-r1 ignores LDFLAGS
findlocale 307825 dev-libs/findlocale ebuild request
dietlibc 221961 dev-libs/dietlibc-[0.30-r2|0.31|0.32_pre20080829] exhibits wrong ..
243908 dev-libs/dietlibc: CC variable not respected
xmlwrapp 257918 dev-libs/xmlwrapp-0.5.0-r1 does not link correctly with libs
279258 dev-libs/xmlwrapp-0.6.1 version bump
dbxml 312181 dev-libs/dbxml: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
libpcre 254659 dev-libs/glib:2 should use the system dev-libs/libpcre
266016 >=dev-libs/libpcre-7.8-r1 does not provide static libs, lacks mec..
282209 sys-apps/paludis-0.38.2 requires recent version of dev-libs/libpc..
303111 dev-libs/libpcre-8.00 always installs libtool wrappers in place o..
311077 Version bump: dev-libs/libpcre-8.02
tomsfastmath 264838 dev-libs/tomsfastmath-0.12-r1 stable request
276063 dev-libs/tomsfastmath fails to build
glib 104468 [dev-libs/glib] Why is glib-2.6* hard-masked in the uclibc profile?
226209 dev-libs/glib: builds tests with FEATURES=-test
237758 dev-lang/lazarus-0.9.24 linking problem with dev-libs/glib-2.16.5
254659 dev-libs/glib:2 should use the system dev-libs/libpcre
257996 dev-libs/glib-1.2.10-r5: libraries to link to should not be passe..
267603 dev-libs/glib-2.18.4-r1 fails to croscompile because of libtool r..
268647 dev-libs/glib-2.18.4-r1: fix uclibc cross-compilation
273237 sci-electronics/balsa-3.5 configure fails if dev-libs/glib-1.2.x ..
276212 dev-libs/glib-2.18.4-r1 can't find the libraries for the thread i..
286102 <dev-libs/glib-2.20.5-r1 symlink permission error (CVE-2009-3289)
286629 dev-libs/glib-2.20.5 testsuite needs dev-util/desktop-file-utils
292081 dev-libs/glib-2.22.2 fails to compile on IRIX (and any UNIX with ..
294385 dev-libs/glib-2.22.2 black screen lockup on start
297483 dev-libs/glib-2.22.3: everything stopped working since the upgrade
305495 dev-libs/glib-1.2.10-r5 failed: cannot run test program while cro..
309237 [TRACKER] x11-libs/gtk+-2.20 & dev-libs/glib-2.24
311917 dev-libs/glib-2.22.5: hostutils tests freeze
libcroco 226215 dev-libs/libcroco: builds tests with FEATURES=-test
cloog-ppl 269088 Keyword dev-libs/cloog-ppl
libdatrie 264654 dev-libs/libdatrie-0.1.4: new ebuild
libgnugetopt 277041 dev-libs/libgnugetopt-1.2 ebuild for IRIX
libusb 231645 >=dev-libs/openobex-1.3, app-mobilephone/obexftp-0.22: Does not o..
304149 dev-libs/libusb-1 stabilization
libmpq 219306 [ebuild] new package: dev-libs/libmpq
libevent 137932 dev-libs/9libs package collisions w/ dev-libs/libevent-1.1a
271516 dev-libs/libevent-1.4.11 tests fail
312333 net-proxy/dnsproxy-1.15 won't compile with dev-libs/libevent-1.4...
dvutil 273334 dev-libs/dvutil: package unconditionally links statically
309169 stabilize =dev-libs/dvutil-1.0.10
redland 301306 Stable =dev-libs/redland-1.0.10-r1 (and related matching ebuilds)
gcstl 196125 dev-libs/gcstl-0.3.1 (new ebuild)
mozldap 309539 new ebuild dev-libs/mozldap
beecrypt 282216 dev-libs/beecrypt-4.1.2-r2 fails to compile assembly files
312153 dev-libs/beecrypt: Verify and potentially improve Python-related ..
libedit 237882 dev-libs/libedit-20050930 enters an infinite loop upon reading a ..
258015 app-crypt/heimdal and dev-libs/libedit file collision on /usr/sha..
276652 dev-libs/libedit-20090905.3.0 re-keyword request
geoip 255147 dev-libs/geoip request for use="network-cron"
289360 stabilize dev-libs/geoip-1.4.6
elfhacks 203484 dev-libs/elfhacks-0.4.0 (New Package)
libxml 281444 dev-libs/libxml removal
281446 <dev-libs/libxml-1.8.17-r4 Multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2004-{01..
iniparser 264508 dev-libs/iniparser-3.0b: undefined reference when be linked with..
296050 dev-libs/iniparser-3.0b-r1 ignores CC
libnoise 171082 dev-libs/libnoise 1.0.0_rc1 (new ebuild)
libferrisstreams 220507 dev-libs/libferrisstreams-0.5.2 fails to compile.
luasec 290592 New ebuild: dev-libs/luasec-0.4
libnds 179226 dev-libs/libnds (New package)
libmcal 210814 dev-libs/libmcal should install a mstore PAM configuration file w..
243924 dev-libs/libmcal: CC variable not respected
312951 dev-libs/libmcal-0.7-r5: QA Notice: The following shared librarie..
tntnet 252934 dev-libs/tntnet bundles code from unzip
dswifi 179227 dev-libs/dswifi (New package)
libxml2 246745 dev-libs/libxml2-2.7.2 has undefined references
257058 sys-apps/ivman-0.6.14 + dev-libs/libxml2-2.7.3 - "Nothing"
280617 <dev-libs/libxml2-2.7.3-r2 Multiple DoS vulnerabilities (CVE-2009..
293195 [FEATURES=test failure] dev-libs/libxml2-2.7.6 fails src_test in ..
306479 dev-libs/libxml2 segfault / add threads use flag
309949 Stabilize =dev-libs/libxml2-2.7.6
310231 app-emulation/libvirt-0.7.6-r1 with USE="python" needs dev-libs/l..
312193 dev-libs/libxml2: Verify and potentially improve Python-related c..
gmime 308051 dev-libs/gmime: buffer overflow (CVE-2010-0409)
311497 [TRACKER] Drop dev-libs/gmime:0
311501 >=app-misc/tomboy-0.14.3 should work with dev-libs/gmime:2.4 inst..
expat 280615 <dev-libs/expat-2.0.1-r2 Bug 1990430 UTF-8 parser crash?) (CVE-20..
303727 <dev-libs/expat-2.0.1-r3 big2_toUtf8() DoS (CVE-2009-3560)
306655 dev-libs/expat: need unicode/wide-unicode versions of the library
atk 222083 dev-libs/atk-1.22.0 has unnecessary DEPEND on gettext
226353 dev-libs/atk: builds tests with FEATURES=-test
307843 dev-libs/atk is built static-only on Interix
wxxml2 158103 dev-libs/wxxml2-1.6.ebuild (new package)
gir-repository 312757 [gnome-overlay] dev-libs/gir-repository-0.6.5: sandbox violation
312765 [gnome-overlay] x11-libs/libwnck-2.30.0[introspection] depends on..
boehm-gc 222171 dev-dotnet/pnet blocks dev-libs/boehm-gc
245359 =dev-libs/boehm-gc-7* USE=threads - pthread_support.c:{1297,1300}..
284857 Stable request for dev-libs/boehm-gc-7.1
289909 sys-devel/gcc-4.3.4 uses several GB RAM when compiling dev-libs/b..
306473 dev-scheme/bigloo-3.2{a,b}_p2 fail to compile with dev-libs/boehm..
libwbxml 294592 dev-libs/libwbxml: documentation installed outside /usr/share/doc..
check 219142 media-libs/gstreamer wrongly rdepends on dev-libs/check unconditi..
268002 dev-libs/check will not compile with non-GNU compilers, blocking ..
273362 dev-libs/check-0.9.6 fails to emerge
287514 Stabilize dev-libs/check-0.9.6
libinfinity 294922 dev-libs/libinfinity-0.3.1 version bump
qzion 247502 dev-libs/qzion-0.3.0 (new ebuild)
oniguruma 206970 dev-lang/php - mbstring uses a bundled dev-libs/oniguruma copy
libpreludedb 294892 dev-libs/libpreludedb installs Perl stuff into sitedir rather tha..
libdnet 253267 dev-libs/libdnet does not link the python extension to the shared..
botan 307139 ebuild request : dev-libs/botan-1.9*
312177 Stabilize dev-libs/botan-1.8.8-r1
libisoburn 309049 Please keyword dev-libs/libisoburn on alpha
arabica 112747 dev-libs/arabica-2007.10 new ebuild request
dbus-glib 254192 dev-libs/dbus-glib fails testsuite with FEATURES=userpriv
292901 dev-libs/dbus-glib-0.82 fails to build if already installed
310705 Stabilize dev-libs/dbus-glib-0.82-r1
libgarmin 219921 dev-libs/libgarmin (New package) can be used by navit
9libs 137932 dev-libs/9libs package collisions w/ dev-libs/libevent-1.1a
syck 252909 dev-libs/syck does not install a shared object
312205 dev-libs/syck: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
libchewing 302328 please mark stable dev-libs/libchewing-0.3.2
STLport 240604 emerge dev-libs/STLport-5.1.2 fails ... no path for limits.h
255393 dev-libs/STLport-5.2.1 released
276247 dev-libs/STLport fails tests
305399 dev-libs/STLport-5.1.5 failed to build
rasqal 269559 dev-libs/rasqal-0.9.16 fails to compile with GOLD linker
clearsilver 199344 dev-libs/clearsilver-0.10.5 crc test fails on amd64
251091 requesting java support in dev-libs/clearsilver-0.10.5
295895 dev-libs/clearsilver installs Perl modules into site-dir (should ..
312179 dev-libs/clearsilver: Verify and potentially improve Python-relat..
gnome-build 233402 dev-libs/gnome-build-0.3.0 ~x86-fbsd keyword request
308859 Stabilize dev-libs/gnome-build-2.24.1 (Was: dev-libs/gnome-build-..
protobuf 312199 dev-libs/protobuf: Verify and potentially improve Python-related ..
libsphinxclient 308747 dev-libs/libsphinxclient (new package)
iniparse 279529 new ebuild for dev-libs/iniparse-0.3.11
matrixssl 243938 dev-libs/matrixssl: CC variable not respected
293158 <dev-libs/matrixssl-1.8.8 TLS Session Renegotiation MITM vulnerab..
DirectFB 276934 dev-libs/DirectFB-1.27[fusion] should depend on =dev-libs/linux-f..
ltxml 203808 dev-libs/ltxml-1.2.7 released
240225 dev-libs/ltxml: C(XX)FLAGS are ignored (at src_configure/compile)
darts 302323 please mark stable dev-libs/darts-0.32
libffi 298322 Rekeyword >=dev-libs/libffi-3.0.9
306281 Stabilize =dev-libs/libffi-3.0.9
lemon 202586 dev-libs/lemon-9999 (new package)
zziplib 312207 dev-libs/zziplib: Verify and potentially improve Python-related c..
libsofthsm 278576 dev-libs/libsofthsm-1.0.0_rc2 (New package)
libzen 309927 [new ebuild] dev-libs/libzen
fribidi 260320 dev-libs/fribidi should be slotted
287517 Stabilize dev-libs/fribidi-0.19.1
adobe-air-sdk-bin 267555 dev-libs/adobe-air-sdk-bin: Adobe AIR SDK on Gentoo
soprano 256976 dev-libs/soprano-2.2 fails to emerge due to JAVA_INCLUDE_PATH2
281712 dev-libs/soprano-2.3.* and fails testsuite
300287 dev-libs/soprano-2.3.1-r1 missing dev-lib/rasqal dependency
packetstream 203486 dev-libs/packetstream-0.1.3 (New Package)
uulib 268307 dev-perl/Convert-UUlib uses a bundles a modified dev-libs/uulib
dev-lisp cl-sql 223499 ebuild dev-lisp/cl-sql-4.0.3 for testing
304739 dev-lisp/cl-sql-5.0.3 cannot load clsql_uffi.so
abcl 312209 dev-lisp/abcl: Verify and potentially improve Python-related code
cl-clx 250638 dev-lisp/cl-clx-0.7.1--wouldn't load, couldn't find manual/clx.te..
lush 296253 dev-lisp/lush-1.2.1: building with CFLAGS = -Os causes undefined ..
296285 dev-lisp/lush "lisp USER shell" should be "lisp UNIVERSAL shell"
305869 dev-lisp/lush installs ELF files in /usr/share
cl-rfc2388-darcs 206165 dev-lisp/cl-rfc2388-darcs-20060825 fails to checkout
cl-kmrcl 278087 dev-lisp/cl-kmrcl fails tests
cl-rsm-delayed 297941 dev-lisp/cl-rsm-delayed tries to install missing documentation
cl-rsm-bitcomp 297428 dev-lisp/cl-rsm-bitcomp tries to install missing documentation
cl-rsm-finance 296763 dev-lisp/cl-rsm-finance tries to install missing documentation
cl-pipes 209196 Package dev-lisp/cl-pipes has an invalid homepage
cl-chunga 222195 dev-lisp/cl-chunga-0.4.2 [VERSION BUMP]
sbcl 132992 dev-lisp/sbcl does not like --as-needed flag
154887 dev-lisp/sbcl invalid hardened toolchain check
264159 dev-lisp/sbcl-1.0.26-r10 fails to compile on hardened
294173 dev-lisp/sbcl-1.0.31(?) fails to build cause of inaccessible sysl..
cl-launch 201184 dev-lisp/cl-launch - wrong DEFAULT_INCLUDE_PATH in wrapper.sh
cl-plus-ssl 222189 dev-lisp/cl-plus-ssl-20070707 [VERSION BUMP]
cl-ppcre 208881 dev-lisp/cl-ppcre-2.0.0 released
222197 dev-lisp/cl-ppcre-1.3.2 [VERSION BUMP]
gcl 129752 dev-lisp/gcl missing gcl.info for (help)
132873 dev-lisp/gcl 2.6.7,2.6.7-r1, and CVS do not compile on hardened
156161 dev-lisp/gcl-2.6.7* fails on ppc and disrespects CFLAGS
183544 dev-lisp/gcl-2.6.7 is unable to link a simple new image
205803 dev-lisp/gcl-2.6.7-r3 fails to (compiler::emit-fn t)
236391 dev-lisp/gcl-2.6.7 : No configure.{ac,in} present!
256868 dev-lisp/gcl-2.6.7-r3 places some PDF, TEX,DVI files in /usr/shar..
278986 dev-lisp/gcl fails to compile with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
ecls 303699 Please stabilize dev-lisp/ecls-9.12.3 on x86 and amd64
308909 dev-lisp/ecls-9* and ecls-10.2 fail to build on ppc
gentoo-init 208522 dev-lisp/cmucl-19d_p2 - add support for dev-lisp/gentoo-init
xlispstat 298209 dev-lisp/xlispstat fails to build in parallel
clisp 192521 dev-lisp/clisp fails to configure on hardened due to some failed ..
196176 dev-lisp/clisp - ffcall/configure fails on sparc/hppa
278849 dev-lisp/clisp-2.47-r1: build fails with internal compiler error
281271 app-text/xindy-2.3 fails to emerge with dev-lisp/clisp-2.48
286867 dev-lisp/clisp fails to install for execstacks
295656 dev-lisp/clisp-2.47-r1: Vim's internal encoding altered in Vim s..
301330 dev-lisp/clisp: svm plugin for clisp-2.48 is broken
cl-who 222201 dev-lisp/cl-who-0.11.1 [VERSION BUMP]
cmucl-19d_p2 208522 dev-lisp/cmucl-19d_p2 - add support for dev-lisp/gentoo-init
228583 dev-lisp/cmucl-19d_p2 fails to compile
285363 dev-lisp/cmucl-19d_p2 fails - segmentation violation (reproducible)
cl-hyperobject 276241 dev-lisp/cl-hyperobject fails tests
hyperspec 206168 dev-lisp/hyperspec-7.0 missing RESTRICT="fetch"
207593 dev-list/cl-colorize depends on broken version of dev-lisp/hypers..
cl-fad 222191 dev-lisp/cl-fad-0.6.2 [VERSION BUMP]
cl-rsm-string 304947 dev-lisp/cl-rsm-string tries to install missing documentation
cl-mcclim 222187 dev-lisp/cl-mcclim-0.9.6 [VERSION BUMP]
uffi 304019 [lisp overlay] dev-lisp/uffi-1-7-3 fails to emerge: package with ..
cl-rsm-modal 298004 dev-lisp/cl-rsm-modal tries to install missing documentation
cl-pdf 148516 dev-lisp/cl-pdf-118 version bump
cl-rsm-random 299072 dev-lisp/cl-rsm-random tries to install missing documentation
cl-url-rewrite 222199 dev-lisp/cl-url-rewrite-0.1.1 [VERSION BUMP]
cl+ssl 252293 dev-lisp/cl-smtp-20080417.1 depends on dev-lisp/cl+ssl, which doe..
cl-rsm-memo 298591 dev-lisp/cl-rsm-memo tries to install missing documentation
cl-asdf 174082 dev-lisp/cl-asdf missing dependency on commonlisp
cl-albert 250929 dev-lisp/cl-albert contains an internal copy of expat
298683 dev-lisp/cl-albert fails to build in parallel
clsql 293907 dev-lisp/clsql-4.1.2 fails to load on amd64: cannot find clsql_uf..
cl-hunchentoot 222203 dev-lisp/cl-hunchentoot-0.15.6 [VERSION BUMP]
cl-zpb-ttf 306811 dev-lisp/cl-zpb-ttf-1.0 version bump
cl-flexi-streams 222193 dev-lisp/cl-flexi-streams-0.14.0 [VERSION BUMP]
clozurecl 299763 dev-lisp/clozurecl fails to build(heap randomization (CONFIG_COMP..
cl-rsm-rsa 299469 dev-lisp/cl-rsm-rsa tries to install missing documentation
cl-smtp 193627 dev-lisp/cl-smtp-20060404.1: Download or Digest verification fail..
252293 dev-lisp/cl-smtp-20080417.1 depends on dev-lisp/cl+ssl, which doe..
cmucl-19c 280669 =dev-lisp/cmucl-19c: ./internals.h:1:2: error [run genesis (via b..
cl-cffi 196194 dev-lisp/cl-cffi version bump to 0.9.2
cl-parenscript-darcs 187279 dev-lisp/cl-parenscript-darcs repository moved
hedgehog 276888 dev-lisp/hedgehog fails to build with bashdb installed
dev-list cl-colorize 207593 dev-list/cl-colorize depends on broken version of dev-lisp/hypers..
dev-listp cl-asdf-binary-locations 251700 dev-listp/cl-asdf-binary-locations: asdf load fails to find "note..
dev-media libdv 193347 dev-media/libdv-1.0.0-r2 broken on powerpc
dev-ml postgresql-ocaml 289222 <=dev-ml/postgresql-ocaml-1.12.3: Missing escape function (CVE-20..
ocaml-json 250274 dev-ml/ocaml-json-{wheel,static} ebuilds
ocaml-mysql 289226 <=dev-ml/ocaml-mysql-1.0.4: Missing escape function (CVE-2009-2942)
camlimages 276235 <dev-ml/camlimages-3.0.1 integer overflows (CVE-2009-{2295,2660})
276452 dev-ml/camlimages fails to build
290222 <dev-ml/camlimages-3.0.2 Integer Overflows (CVE-2009-3296)
297506 dev-ml/camlimages-3.0.2 fails to emerge
ocaml+twt 127787 ebuild: dev-ml/ocaml+twt (identation awareness)
ocamlgsl 280939 [EBUILD] dev-ml/ocamlgsl-0.6.0 new package
mlgmpidl 290312 [science overlay] dev-ml/mlgmpidl (New package)
ocamlgraph 277743 [update request] =dev-ml/ocamlgraph-1.2
dev-neko neko 135419 dev-neko/neko-1.3.ebuild (New Package)
dev-openoffice dict-ru 245242 dev-openoffice/dict-ru and openoffice-ext.eclass to install openo..
dev-perl Sys-Statistics-Linux 277580 dev-perl/Sys-Statistics-Linux fails tests
OpenCA-DB 309505 new ebuild dev-perl/OpenCA-DB
Net-XMPP 277922 dev-perl/Net-XMPP fails tests when unable to resolve own hostname
Cflow 194957 [fPIC] dev-perl/Cflow-1.051-r1 compile fails
240244 dev-perl/Cflow fails to build but ebuild doesn't die (gcc 4.2+ at..
294856 dev-perl/Cflow installs in site dir rather than vendor dir
OpenCA-Configuration 309491 new ebuild dev-perl/OpenCA-Configuration
Archive-Zip 241236 Please (re-)keyword >=dev-perl/Archive-Zip-1.25
CSS-Packer 311045 new ebuild dev-perl/CSS-Packer
TimeDate 243346 Please keyword dev-perl/TimeDate and >=dev-perl/MailTools-2.04
IPTables-Parse 312615 [ebuild] dev-perl/IPTables-Parse-0.7
asterisk-perl 110583 New Package: dev-perl/asterisk-perl
adocman 281502 Remove dev-perl/adocman
Tk-TableMatrix 206180 dev-perl/Tk-TableMatrix-1.2.3 fails to build (missing X deps?)
SVN-Mirror 277407 dev-perl/SVN-Mirror fails tests
File-Which 285343 Please (re-)keyword dev-perl/File-Which-1.08 and dev-perl/Test-Sc..
RadiusPerl 252131 new ebuild: dev-perl/RadiusPerl
math-pari 253474 dev-perl/math-pari bundles an internal copy of libpari
261357 dev-perl/math-pari crash on 2.6.27-hardened-r8
296644 dev-perl/math-pari-2.01080603 - src_test(): t/55_graph.t ..........
MIME-tools 270686 mail-filter/MailScanner- fails to start after upgrade of ..
Text-VimColor 280223 [new ebuild] dev-perl/Text-VimColor (syntax highlighter)
File-RsyncP 243960 dev-perl/File-RsyncP: CC variable not respected
262156 dev-perl/File-RsyncP-0.68 : parallel make failure
POE-Component-Client-DNS 311015 new ebuild dev-perl/POE-Component-Client-DNS
Net-Google-SafeBrowsing-Blocklist 294320 dev-perl/Net-Google-SafeBrowsing-Blocklist-1.04 fails tests
Convert-UUlib 268307 dev-perl/Convert-UUlib uses a bundles a modified dev-libs/uulib
OpenCA-CRR 309497 new ebuild dev-perl/OpenCA-CRR-0.0.2.ebuild
MailTools 243346 Please keyword dev-perl/TimeDate and >=dev-perl/MailTools-2.04
GSSAPI 276555 dev-perl/GSSAPI-0.26 fails to build due to misparsed CFLAGS
Module-Loaded 311023 new ebuild dev-perl/Module-Loaded
Mail-IMAPClient 301836 Please keyword dev-perl/Mail-IMAPClient-3.21 stable (prior versio..
CUFlow 306911 dev-perl/CUFlow-1.5: CUGrapher.pl don't show graph, if use net-a..
Expect 312569 dev-perl/Expect fails tests
Authen-Simple-LDAP 278852 dev-perl/Authen-Simple and dev-perl/Authen-Simple-LDAP ebuilds
OpenCA-CRL 309493 new ebuild dev-perl/OpenCA-CRL
DBI 304449 net-analyzer/munin needs dev-perl/DBI
crypt-dsa 284740 Please (re-)keyword dev-perl/crypt-dsa-1.16 and dev-perl/Math-Big..
Config-JSON 311007 new ebuild dev-perl/Config-JSON
OpenCA-UI-HTML 309531 new ebuild dev-perl/OpenCA-UI-HTML
OpenCA-X509 309533 new ebuild dev-perl/OpenCA-X509
Net-Pcap 313071 dev-perl/Net-Pcap-0.16 failed to build
Authen-Simple 278852 dev-perl/Authen-Simple and dev-perl/Authen-Simple-LDAP ebuilds
Cairo 294204 dev-perl/Cairo-1.06.1 fails tests
Date-Calc 288523 dev-perl/Date-Calc-6.0 breaks net-firewall/psad-2.1.4
310753 import dev-perl/Date-Calc, dev-perl/Sys-Load, dev-perl/Crypt-Open..
gimp-perl 249786 dev-perl/gimp-perl-2.2_pre1 cannot be installed (sandbox access v..
OpenCA-Crypto 309499 new ebuild dev-perl/OpenCA-Crypto
Authen-SASL 189441 [KEYWORDS] dev-perl/Authen-SASL-2.10-r1 (new conditional dep)
Sys-Load 310753 import dev-perl/Date-Calc, dev-perl/Sys-Load, dev-perl/Crypt-Open..
IO-Socket-SSL 276360 <dev-perl/IO-Socket-SSL-1.26: verify_hostname_of_cert() improper ..
Term-ReadPassword-Win32 299184 Ebuild Request for dev-perl/Term-ReadPassword-Win32
DBD-mysql 268698 ebuild for dev-perl/DBD-mysql with embedded USE flag
306197 dev-perl/DBD-mysql-4.01.3 couldn't compile after upgrading mysql ..
HTML-Mason 199326 dev-perl/HTML-Mason Cannot create directory error on startup
Eidetic 277670 dev-perl/Eidetic: parallel make failure
gtk2-perl 264983 please keyword dev-perl/gtk2-perl and app-crypt/ccid
273033 dev-perl/gtk2-perl-1.203 fails to emerge with portage hanging ind..
Event-RPC 276274 dev-perl/Event-RPC fails tests
YAML-Syck 253277 dev-perl/YAML-Syck bundles a copy of syck
OpenCA-DBI 309507 new ebuild dev-perl/OpenCA-DBI
XML-TreePP 311011 new ebuild dev-perl/XML-TreePP
XML-Parser 300598 dev-perl/XML-Parser: ebuild may silently fail with distcc
forks 288181 dev-perl/forks-0.33 (new package)
Capture-Tiny 276656 dev-perl/Capture-Tiny fails tests
HTML-TagCloud 311037 new ebuild dev-perl/HTML-TagCloud
Math-BigInt-GMP 284740 Please (re-)keyword dev-perl/crypt-dsa-1.16 and dev-perl/Math-Big..
Net-IPv4Addr 312617 [ebuild] dev-perl/Net-IPv4Addr-0.10
Cache-Memcached-Fast 299972 dev-perl/Cache-Memcached-Fast fails to build with parallel make
HTML-Packer 311041 new ebuild dev-perl/HTML-Packer
Archive-Any 311017 new ebuild dev-perl/Archive-Any
gnome2-gconf 295820 dev-perl/gnome2-gconf fails tests
Net-DNS-Resolver-Programmable 310271 please stabilize =dev-perl/Net-DNS-Resolver-Programmable-0.003
Array-Compare 283244 dev-perl/Array-Compare-2.01: KEYWORDS.dropped
HTTP-BrowserDetect 290136 Please rekeyword >=dev-perl/HTTP-BrowserDetect-1.02 and dev-perl/..
PerlQt 231435 dev-perl/PerlQt-3.009_beta2 compiles but does not install
Color-Calc 311031 new ebuild dev-perl/Color-Calc
Object-Multitype 170032 dev-perl/Object-Multitype ebuild
DBD-SQLite2 258464 dev-perl/DBD-SQLite2 bundles a copy of libsqlite
294218 dev-perl/DBD-SQLite2-0.33 fails tests
LinuxDVB 289246 dev-perl/LinuxDVB module needed
HTML-TagFilter 311003 new ebuild dev-perl/HTML-TagFilter
OpenCA-REQ 309521 new ebuild dev-perl/OpenCA-REQ
IPTables-ChainMgr 312619 dev-perl/IPTables-ChainMgr-0.9 ebuild
Weather-Com 311033 new ebuild dev-perl/Weather-Com
perl-tk 208464 dev-lang/tk, dev-util/sourcenav, dev-util/insight, dev-perl/perl-..
253289 dev-perl/perl-tk bundles a copy of the entire libtk
312813 [perl-experimental] can't build dev-perl/perl-tk with dev-lang/pe..
XML-Smart 303441 dev-perl/XML-Smart ebuild
Net-Ping-External 201882 dev-perl/Net-Ping-External-0.12.ebuild (New Package)
Net-Jabber 278236 dev-perl/Net-Jabber fails tests
OpenCA-PKCS7 309517 new ebuild dev-perl/OpenCA-PKCS7
HTML-Highlight 311001 new ebuild dev-perl/HTML-Highlight
OpenCA-StateMachine 309525 new ebuild dev-perl/OpenCA-StateMachine
OpenCA-LDAP 309509 new ebuild dev-perl/OpenCA-LDAP
CGI-Ajax 261775 Ebuild for dev-perl/CGI-Ajax 0.707 (CGI-Ajax-0.707.ebuild)
OpenCA-XML-Cache 309535 new ebuild dev-perl/OpenCA-XML-Cache
IP-Country 253443 dev-perl/IP-Country: license question
Audio-Musepack 163070 dev-perl/Audio-Musepack ebuild
Business-Tax-VAT-Validation 311049 new ebuild dev-perl/Business-Tax-VAT-Validation
Tie-CPHash 310995 new ebuild dev-perl/Tie-CPHash
Mail-SPF 302880 [KEYWORDS] dev-perl/Mail-SPF (spamassassin-3.3.0 Optional Module)
OpenCA-Tools 309527 new ebuild dev-perl/OpenCA-Tools
Test-Script 285343 Please (re-)keyword dev-perl/File-Which-1.08 and dev-perl/Test-Sc..
perl-PBS 312779 dev-perl/perl-PBS fails to build
PortageXS 264680 [patch] dev-perl/PortageXS-0.02.09 broken searchPackage in Core.pm
289524 dev-perl/PortageXS incorrectly parses for KEYWORD with mixed Kern..
Data-Dump 290136 Please rekeyword >=dev-perl/HTTP-BrowserDetect-1.02 and dev-perl/..
Net-RTP 268785 [EBUILD] New ebuild for dev-perl/Net-RTP
MP4-Info 163075 dev-perl/MP4-Info - fetch info from MPEG-4 files (.mp4, .m4a, .m4..
XML-AutoWriter 294371 dev-perl/XML-AutoWriter-0.40 fails tests
PDL 267990 dev-perl/PDL needs sci-libs/fftw:2.1
300272 dev-perl/PDL-2.4.4: parallel build issue
OpenCA-AC 309489 New ebuild : dev-perl/OpenCA-AC
YAML-Tiny 298183 Please (re-)keyword =virtual/perl-Module-Build-0.36.01, =perl-cor..
Archive-Tar 247544 Paludis update broken by profile-masking of various dev-perl pack..
Class-XSAccessor-Array 275520 Remove dev-perl/Class-XSAccessor-Array
MARC 208430 dev-perl/MARC-* ebuilds for supporting Koha ILC
Inline-Python 312211 dev-perl/Inline-Python: Verify and potentially improve Python-rel..
OpenCA-RBAC 309519 new ebuild dev-perl/OpenCA-RBAC
Crypt-OpenSSL-AES 310753 import dev-perl/Date-Calc, dev-perl/Sys-Load, dev-perl/Crypt-Open..
Mail-ClamAV 264666 dev-perl/Mail-ClamAV fails to build with multiple make jobs
JavaScript-Packer 311043 new ebuild dev-perl/JavaScript-Packer
Template-Toolkit 191500 Please keyword app-vim/tt2-syntax (was: dev-perl/Template-Toolkit..
Class-InsideOut 311013 new ebuild dev-perl/Class-InsideOut
Net-FreeDB 225067 new ebuild: dev-perl/Net-FreeDB
Test-WWW-Mechanize 298033 dev-perl/Test-WWW-Mechanize fails tests
SpeedyCGI 277177 dev-perl/SpeedyCGI fails to build with parallel make
NetAddr-IP 302604 [KEYWORDS] dev-perl/NetAddr-IP (spamassassin-3.3.0 dep)
perl-mozldap 309541 new ebuild dev-perl/perl-mozldap
Device-SerialPort 243958 dev-perl/Device-SerialPort: CC variable not respected
Net-DNS 300221 Please (re-)keyword dev-perl/Net-DNS-0.66, virtual/perl-Digest-SH..
Graphics-ColorNames 311027 new ebuild dev-perl/Graphics-ColorNames
Audio-WMA 163074 dev-perl/Audio-WMA - Perl extension for reading WMA/ASF Metadata
perlmenu 242524 dev-perl/perlmenu getcap() doesn't work without file modifications
Test-Base 261707 (Re-)Keyword latest dev-perl/Test-Base and dev-perl/Test-Deep
Astro-SunTime 309381 Mask and removal of dev-perl/Astro-SunTime
Apache-MP3 268257 dev-perl/Apache-MP3-4.00: new ebuild
mon-client 214192 app-admin/mon-1.2.0 update, and dev-perl/mon-client as new depend..
Test-Deep 261707 (Re-)Keyword latest dev-perl/Test-Base and dev-perl/Test-Deep
XML-Encoding 242172 dev-perl/XML-Encoding does not need XML-Parser at build-time, bes..
Config-Any 312571 dev-perl/Config-Any fails tests
XML-FeedPP 311005 new ebuild dev-perl/XML-FeedPP
OpenCA-OpenSSL 309513 new ebuild dev-perl/OpenCA-OpenSSL
Socket6 243962 dev-perl/Socket6: CC variable not respected
Graphics-ColorNames-WWW 311029 new ebuild dev-perl/Graphics-ColorNames-WWW
Sys-CPU 303289 dev-perl/Sys-CPU FreeBSD patch
Linux-DVB-DVBT 304851 Ebuild for dev-perl/Linux-DVB-DVBT
POE-Component-Client-Keepalive 311009 new ebuild dev-perl/POE-Component-Client-Keepalive
Audio-CD-disc-cover 308851 app-cdr/disc-cover-1.5.6 always depend on dev-perl/Audio-CD-disc-..
OpenCA-Log 309511 new ebuild dev-perl/OpenCA-Log
Authen-SASL-Cyrus-server 154782 dev-perl/Authen-SASL-Cyrus-server-0.13: new ebuild for Authen::SA..
IO-AIO 294313 dev-perl/IO-AIO fails tests
DBD-ODBC 59287 ebuild for dev-perl/DBD-ODBC
OpenCA-TRIStateCGI 309529 new ebuild dev-perl/OpenCA-TRIStateCGI
DBD-SQLite 276463 dev-perl/DBD-SQLite - Add USE flag for enabling ICU extension
RTPG 309791 new ebuild dev-perl/RTPG
Net-SSLeay 310453 Please stabilize dev-perl/Net-SSLeay-1.36
Acme-Damn 288177 dev-perl/Acme-Damn-0.04 (new package)
MLDBM 171436 mail-filter/spamassassin-fuzzyocr-3.5.1 should RDEPEND on dev-per..
mogilefs-server 304369 dev-perl/mogilefs-server-2.34 mogstored does not stay running whe..
Finance-Quote 311337 Stabilize =dev-perl/Finance-Quote-1.17 (was: 1.16 outdated wrt cu..
OpenCA-Session 309523 new ebuild dev-perl/OpenCA-Session
Data-HexDump 252133 New ebuild: dev-perl/Data-HexDump
Net-XWhois 276745 dev-perl/Net-XWhois please check if it answers properly to .tel r..
dev-php PEAR-Mail 294256 dev-php/PEAR-Mail Argument Injection (CVE-2009-{4023,4111})
PEAR-MDB2_Driver_mysqli 312737 dev-php/PEAR-MDB2_Driver_mysqli fails INSERTS with php 5.3
PEAR-Text_CAPTCHA 291286 asking for dev-php/PEAR-Text_CAPTCHA-0.3.1 stable request
roadsend-php 306591 dev-php/roadsend-php doesn't respect CFLAGS/LDFLAGS
PEAR-PhpDocumentor 213318 dev-php/PEAR-PhpDocumentor: bundled smarty lib vulnerable (CVE-20..
pear 311633 Please stable =dev-php/pear-1.9.0 and related packages
PEAR-HTML_Common2 305745 dev-php/PEAR-HTML_Common2-2.0.0_rc1 fails to install
smarty 212147 dev-php/smarty < 2.6.19 Remote arbitrary PHP function call (CVE-2..
243856 dev-php/smarty <2.6.20-r1 "embedded variable" Remote code executi..
270494 <dev-php/smarty-2.6.23 Arbitrary command execution (CVE-2009-1669)
PEAR-PEAR 264171 dev-php/PEAR-PEAR fails to install PEAR packages
PEAR-Date_Holidays 223805 dev-php/PEAR-Date_Holidays-0.19.1 inclusion request
awl 229025 New ebuild: dev-php/awl
PEAR-Image_Canvas 218772 dev-php/PEAR-Image_Canvas-0.3.1: lacks fonts in /usr/share/php/Im..
cake 216388 dev-php/cake- (new) package
adodb 278433 stabilize dev-php/adodb-5.08a
dev-php5 symfony 250961 <dev-php5/symfony-1.2.6 Improper protection of extra fields in ne..
jpgraph 247441 dev-php5/jpgraph installed to /usr/share/php5
252682 dev-php5/jpgraph jpgraph_errhandler.inc.php LFI vulnerability (CV..
299054 dev-php5/jpgraph version bump to 3.0.6
303745 dev-php5/jpgraph multiple XSS vulnerabilities (CVE-2009-4422)
mongo 312409 dev-php5/mongo does not depend on dev-lang/php (uh?)
propel 241730 bump request for dev-php5/propel-1.3.0
magickwand 279836 =dev-php5/magickwand-1.0.8 version bump
pecl-html_parse 270389 Ebuild for dev-php5/pecl-html_parse package
270392 ekhtml lib needed by dev-php5/pecl-html_parse pecl package
suhosin 235676 dev-php5/suhosin-0.9.27 makes php + certain webapps invulnerable ..
phpunit 298994 dev-php5/phpunit-3.3.1 stabilization request
pecl-apc 294190 QA: dev-php5/pecl-apc throws warning about --enable-apxs
312785 dev-php5/pecl-apc-3.0.19 doesn't compile with upcoming PHP 5.3.2 ..
php-xmlsec 242250 New Ebuild: dev-php5/php-xmlsec
ZendFramework 282195 dev-php5/ZendFramework and php flags
300206 dev-php5/ZendFramework Zend_Log_Writer_Mail allows attackers to s..
PEAR-HTTP_Request2 249860 dev-php5/PEAR-HTTP_Request2 - new package/ebuild
pecl-dio 272017 I need dev-php5/pecl-dio
pecl-svn 266971 dev-php5/pecl-svn-0.5.0: please add to portage tree
pecl-idn 223807 dev-php5/pecl-idn-0.1 inclusion request
281374 dev-php5/pecl-idn ebuild request
phc 264727 Add dev-php5/phc to portage
aurora 227413 dev-php5/aurora
libchart 309785 dev-php5/libchart-1.2.1 version bump
pecl-mailparse 300893 dev-php5/pecl-mailparse: Bump to 2.1.5
CakePHP 221299 dev-php5/CakePHP maintainer request
IcePHP 270624 [php-testing overlay] dev-php5/IcePHP-3.2.1 - Cannot find config...
php-gtk 212595 dev-php5/php-gtk-2.0.0 compile failed w/ USE=sourceview
281788 dev-php5/php-gtk DEPEND on mozilla-firefox but may depend on xulr..
pecl-sphinx 308749 dev-php5/pecl-sphinx (New package)
ZendOptimizer 305965 dev-php5/ZendOptimizer-3.3.9 doesnt work with apache SAPI and thr..
mnogosearch-php-extension 187889 dev-php5/mnogosearch-php-extension-1.96 (new package)
pecl-lzf 223809 dev-php5/pecl-lzf-1.4 inclusion request
281368 dev-php5/pecl-lzf ebuild request
pecl-zip 265756 dev-php5/pecl-zip ZipArchive::extractTo directory traversal (CVE-..
agavi 256109 dev-php5/agavi-0.11.5: version bump
258779 <dev-php5/agavi-0.11.6 AgaviWebRouting::gen(null) XSS (CVE-2009-0..
pecl-http 266977 Version bump to dev-php5/pecl-http-1.6.5
271053 emerge dev-php5/pecl-http -- sandbox violation
eaccelerator 303587 Add new USE variable 'commentinclusion' to dev-php5/eaccelerator-..
304289 dev-php5/eaccelerator-0.9.6 version bump
pecl-memcache 266374 dev-php5/pecl-memcache-3.0.4 has broken memcache.session_redundancy
dev-pike Sql-Provider-SQLite 233352 dev-pike/Sql-Provider-SQLite-1.8.ebuild (New Package)
Public-Web-Wiki 233351 dev-pike/Public-Web-Wiki-1.7.ebuild (New Package)
Public-Tools-ConfigFiles 233349 dev-pike/Public-Tools-ConfigFiles-1.1.ebuild (New Package)
Public-Parser-ClearSilver 233347 dev-pike/Public-Parser-ClearSilver-1.2.ebuild (New Package)
dev-python django-pagination 264636 dev-python/django-pagination (New package)
eggtranslations 258897 dev-python/eggtranslations (new package)
concurrence 290554 dev-python/concurrence-0.3.1 (New package)
nltk-doc 237268 dev-python/nltk-doc-0.9.5 (New Package)
bicyclerepair 105151 dev-python/bicyclerepair support for IDLE
django-extensions 294084 dev-python/django-extensions (New package)
pymetar 309397 Stabilize dev-python/pymetar-0.16
clnum 186246 dev-python/clnum-1.4.ebuild (new package)
genshi 307255 www-apps/trac-0.12* doesn't work with dev-python/genshi-0.5.1
transifex 264638 dev-python/transifex (New package)
numexpr 302565 [science overlay] dev-python/numexpr
pygsl 300632 =dev-python/pygsl-0.9.4 fails tests (silently)
python-ldap 235325 dev-python/python-ldap depends on libresolv
295694 Stabilize dev-python/python-ldap-2.3.10
cython 294585 [4.4] dev-python/cython fails tests due to strict-aliasing
294869 dev-python/cython-0.12.1 fails tests with Python 2.7
308207 Stabilize dev-python/cython-0.12.1
jinja 296847 dev-python/jinja fails tests
pyyaml 287629 Stabilize dev-python/pyyaml-3.09
pyrex 312885 Stabilize dev-python/pyrex-
mainnav-reader 288163 dev-python/mainnav-reader-0.3.ebuild (New Package)
wehjit 305887 new ebuild dev-python/wehjit
cssutils 273185 Stabilise dev-python/cssutils-
299170 dev-python/cssutils-0.9.7_alpha2 fails tests with Python 2.6
pyzor 295042 dev-python/pyzor-0.5.0-r1 fails when called from spamassassin: de..
grin 293100 dev-python/grin (New package)
reinteract 265303 dev-python/reinteract (New package)
bsddb3 284817 net-nds/nsscache should be ported to use bsddb3 module (dev-pytho..
295057 dev-python/bsddb3-4.8.1 fails tests
302680 Stabilize dev-python/bsddb3-4.8.3
pythonnurbs 211453 dev-python/pythonnurbs (New package)
logilab-common 293913 dev-python/logilab-common-0.49.0 doesn't work with Python 2.7 (un..
300245 Stabilize dev-python/logilab-common-0.46.1
308219 dev-python/logilab-common-0.48.0 fails tests
pyxml 236377 dev-java/javatoolkit-0.3.0-r2 has unneeded dependency on dev-pyth..
libgksu-python 287537 dev-python/libgksu-python-2.19.1: DEPEND missing pygtk
byteflow 232789 dev-python/byteflow ebuild
dbglog 215081 dev-python/dbglog (New package)
pygtkglext 309323 [gnome-overlay] dev-python/pygtkglext-1.1.0 compile failed
311895 dev-python/pygtkglext-1.1.0 emerge fail with "GtkGLExt not found"..
librsvg-python 284813 gnome-extra/avant-window-navigator(-extras) should depend on dev-..
jinja2 273474 vim-syntax for dev-python/jinja2
310665 Stabilize dev-python/jinja2-2.3.1
mocker 295747 dev-python/mocker fails tests
ezpyinline 188781 dev-python/ezpyinline-0.1 (New package)
python-ptrace 291838 dev-python/python-ptrace-0.6 should install examples, doc
web2py 303047 dev-python/web2py (New package)
amara 295061 dev-python/amara- fails to install: illegal installation i..
PyAmanith 149150 dev-python/PyAmanith requires media-libs/glew
193595 dev-python/PyAmanith-0.3.34 fails to build with gcc-4.1.2
gst-python 298867 dev-python/gst-python installs pointless libtool archive (.la) fi..
304545 dev-python/gst-python - configure fails with python 3.1
308379 Stabilization of media-libs/gstreamer-0.10.25, media-plugins/gst-..
311403 =dev-python/gst-python-0.10.17 python_version() deprecation warning
pychart 310161 Stabilize dev-python/pychart-1.39
pyxmpp 135287 dev-python/pyxmpp-1.0.0.ebuild (New Package)
xsv 113773 dev-python/xsv-2.7 doesn't include 'xsv' or 'commandLine.py'
pywebkitgtk 307261 Stabilize dev-python/pywebkitgtk-1.1.7
pytyrant 288330 dev-python/pytyrant-1.1.17 (New package)
gdata 307253 Stabilize dev-python/gdata-2.0.7
pylibacl 280741 dev-python/pylibacl should check whether ACL is supported before ..
webhelpers 284888 dev-python/webhelpers Prototype JavaScript framework Cross-Site A..
py2app 221261 [ebuild] dev-python/py2app-0.3.6 - Create standalone Mac OS X app..
soappy 172818 Please test and mark dev-python/soappy ~arch
294047 dev-python/soappy-0.12.0 build fails on alpha with <dev-lang/pyth..
299199 dev-python/soappy-0.12.0 seems to need python[xml] only
pmwcontribd 187459 dev-python/pmwcontribd-2.0.2 (New Package)
skype4py 280353 =dev-python/skype4py- does not allow skysentials to run a..
303239 Version bump: dev-python/skype4py-
wsgi-xmlrpc 238895 dev-python/wsgi-xmlrpc (new package)
nose 233554 dev-python/nose (re)keyword request
310733 dev-python/nose fails tests
pythoncgns 291221 [science-overlay]: dev-python/pythoncgns (New package)
h5py 297997 dev-python/h5py fails tests
cmemcache 210306 [sunrise] dev-python/cmemcache-0.91 (new package)
river 234042 dev-python/river-0.1.1.ebuild (New Package Request)
cx_freeze 184263 dev-python/cx_freeze (New package)
multiprocessing 266519 dev-python/multiprocessing- (New package)
yenc 168192 dev-python/yenc-0.3 (new package)
pyscard 195305 dev-python/pyscard-1.6.4 (New package)
turbogears 284593 dev-python/turbogears-2.0 version bump
pyclutter 312403 dev-python/pyclutter installs pointless libtool archive (.la) files
demjson 276723 dev-python/demjson fails tests
numeric 181653 Please sunset dev-python/numeric
182392 Stable request for dev-python/numeric-24.2-r6
295297 dev-python/numeric-24.2-r6 fails tests
PyQt4 277711 dev-python/PyQt4-4.5.2 fails to build on systems with improved mu..
292419 dev-python/PyQt4-4.6.2 fails to build with Python 3.2 (PyCObject)
301105 [tracker] stabilization of dev-python/sip-4.10 and dev-python/PyQ..
304115 =dev-python/PyQt4-4.7 with USE="-X" tries to link with -lXext
312689 x11-libs/qt-core-4.6.2-r1 forces additional CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS f..
wxpython 163566 dev-python/wxpython- _core_ module broken by certain cflags
django-authopenid 264634 dev-python/django-authopenid (New package)
scrapemark 299566 [request] Please add dev-python/scrapemark to portage.
zanshin 258901 dev-python/zanshin (new package)
IcePy 293763 Remove dev-python/IcePy
html5lib 298494 dev-python/html5lib-0.11.1-r1 fails tests with Python 2.7
twill 285169 dev-python/twill-0.9: DeprecationWarning: the md5 module is depre..
SpreadModule 146344 dev-python/SpreadModule (New package)
virtualenv 292409 dev-python/virtualenv-1.4.5 doesn't work with Python 2.7
306337 Stabilize dev-python/virtualenv-1.4.5
reportlab 183401 dev-python/reportlab needs Type1 Times-Roman font
306339 Stabilize dev-python/reportlab-2.4
pmw 310775 Stabilize dev-python/pmw-1.3.2-r2
formencode 294845 dev-python/formencode fails tests
eventlet 276315 dev-python/eventlet-0.8.11 (New Package)
parsedatetime 258898 dev-python/parsedatetime (new package)
twitty-twister 300877 Ebuild for dev-python/twitty-twister (for the master version from..
pysmell 245453 dev-python/pysmell-0.7.1 (New package)
mwlib 266165 dev-python/mwlib.rl-0.10.1 (New package)
299740 runtime failures with dev-python/mwlib-0.12.12
docutils 207403 dev-python/docutils rst2{latex,newlatex}.py generated tex-files b..
281161 Keyword >=dev-python/setuptools-0.6.8 and >=dev-python/docutils-0..
297011 GLEP + dev-python/docutils: missing slash in header links
304641 dev-python/docutils-0.6: buildhtml.py doesn't work with Python 3
magnitude 238295 dev-python/magnitude-0.9.3.ebuild (New Package)
werkzeug 288106 Stabilize dev-python/werkzeug-0.5.1
oursql 291253 dev-python/oursql (New package)
pycallgraph 170806 dev-python/pycallgraph (New package)
pylibmc 267143 dev-python/pylibmc-0.6.1 (New package)
nltk-data 237265 dev-python/nltk-data-0.9.5 (New Package)
pyopengl 298612 Keyword dev-python/pyopengl-3.0.1_beta2 and dev-tcltk/togl
302672 Stabilize dev-python/pyopengl-3.0.1_beta2 and dev-tcltk/togl
313125 pydoc keyword searching is broken with sci-biology/biopython-1.53..
gunicorn 303649 dev-python/gunicorn-0.4.1 (New ebuild)
pytz-2010b 306797 Stabilize dev-python/pytz-2010b
matplotlib 294986 dev-python/matplotlib- with USE="doc -wxwidgets" fails, g..
301062 dev-python/matplotlib- fails to plot masked data
307881 dev-python/matplotlib- fails to emerge because of miss..
beanstalkc 302671 Stabilize dev-python/beanstalkc-0.2.0
pylucene 81416 dev-python/pylucene (new package)
ctypes 233400 QA Notice: Executable Stacks in dev-python/ctypes-1.0.2
299264 Sunset dev-python/ctypes
pygtk 199725 dev-python/pygobject testsuite depends on dev-python/pygtk
241910 [4.3] dev-python/pygtk-2.12.? segfaults on ppc64 (-fschedule-insns)
245103 [FEATURES=test failure] >=dev-python/pygtk-2.14.1-r1 fails test
274713 dev-python/pygtk: virt-manager-0.7.0-r1 fail to start due to prob..
278763 dev-libs/libgweather-2.24.3 should depend on dev-python/pygtk eve..
286385 dev-python/pygtk-2.16.0-r1 depends on hard masked dev-python/numpy
301658 dev-python/pygtk-2.17 ebuild request (version bump)
303541 dev-python/pygtk-2.14.1-r1 segfault in gtk.TreeModel.foreach() wh..
312881 Stabilize dev-python/pygtk-2.16.0-r1
pygobject 199725 dev-python/pygobject testsuite depends on dev-python/pygtk
262387 dev-python/pygobject-2.18.0-r1 configure: WARNING: unrecognized o..
285722 dev-python/pygobject: incorrect dep on python (needs USE=threads)
312877 Stabilize dev-python/pygobject-2.20.0
path 170209 dev-python/path (New package)
testoob 299002 dev-python/testoob-1.15 fails tests with Python 2.7
beaker 295823 dev-python/beaker fails tests
301409 Stabilize dev-python/beaker-1.5.1
hyphenator 300382 dev-python/hyphenator: new ebuild
pysoy 204282 dev-python/pysoy-1.0_beta2 (New package)
pyparted 300106 keyword =dev-python/pyparted-3.0-r1
pyperforce 210025 dev-python/pyperforce (New package)
generateDS 144099 dev-python/generateDS-1.8c.ebuild (New package)
pivy 291979 [science overlay] dev-python/pivy (New package)
py-editdist 277528 dev-python/py-editdist (New package)
simples3 267146 dev-python/simples3-0.2 (New package)
pyst 110635 New Package: dev-python/pyst
mpmath 278251 dev-python/mpmath fails tests
flickrapi 233330 dev-python/flickrapi-1.1 (new package)
routes 297642 dev-python/routes fails tests
312713 Updated ebuild for dev-python/routes
gdl-python 298200 Stabilize dev-util/anjuta-, dev-libs/gdl-2.28.2 and dev-p..
python-bugzilla 275083 dev-python/python-bugzilla-0.5.1 - A python library.. for bugzilla!
shm 243966 dev-python/shm: CC variable not respected
south 262923 dev-python/south (New package)
gmpy 298244 dev-python/gmpy-1.11 doesn't work with Python 3.2 (PyCObject)
309399 Stabilize dev-python/gmpy-1.11
configobj 305187 Stabilize dev-python/configobj-4.7.0
pottymouth 274612 dev-python/pottymouth-1.1.4 (New package)
rpy 277148 dev-python/rpy fails tests
299723 Stabilize dev-python/rpy-2.0.6
urwid 293887 dev-python/urwid-0.9.9 fails tests with Python 2.7
307259 Stabilize dev-python/urwid-
310621 net-misc/wicd-1.7.0 curses front-end crashes on a tty, but not a ..
cx_oracle 157431 dev-python/cx_oracle - DBI 2 compliant module connecting python t..
Whoosh 281095 dev-python/Whoosh (New package)
twisted 137619 >=dev-python/twisted-2 needs installable api docs
212347 wxpython causing a test failure in dev-python/twisted-2.5.0
263687 Generalize the init script for dev-python/twisted
300702 Stabilize dev-python/twisted*-9.0.0*
305285 dev-python/twisted-{9.0.0-r1,10.0.0} fails tests
pygments 198989 Please keyword =dev-python/pygments-0.9
pylucene-jcc 258896 dev-python/pylucene-jcc (new package)
astng 301410 Stabilize dev-python/astng-0.19.3-r1 and dev-python/pylint-0.19.0
pyenca 187823 dev-python/pyenca (New package)
statistics 274402 dev-python/statistics (New package)
leaftag-python 122971 new dev-python/leaftag-python-0.3.0.ebuild
4suite 246683 dev-python/4suite-1.0.2-r1 - ValueError: invalid version number: ..
250930 dev-python/4suite has an internal copy of expat-2.0.0
rabbyt 195553 dev-python/rabbyt - a fast python sprite opengl library ebuild re..
python-yadis 297111 dev-python/python-yadis fails tests
298118 dev-python/python-yadis missing dependencies
nevow 258698 make divmod.eclass or add plugin cache regen (for dev-python/nevo..
300704 Stabilize dev-python/nevow-0.10.0
302430 import dev-python/nevow for x86-linux
ctypesgen 263337 Keyword dev-python/ctypesgen and =dev-util/subversion-1.6*
tg-widgets-scriptaculous 284890 dev-python/tg-widgets-scriptaculous Prototype JavaScript framewor..
pytube 194951 dev-python/pytube (New package)
feedparser 252705 dev-python/feedparser-4.1 - UnicodeDecodeError
pydo 105210 dev-python/pydo (New package)
pysnippet 111801 [EBUILD] new package : dev-python/pysnippet
jpype 304325 dev-python/jpype- new ebuild
numpy 273206 dev-python/numpy-1.3.0 fails to emerge with MKL and USE="lapack"
279487 dev-python/numpy-1.3.0: ebuild patch to avoid #include <fenv.h>
286385 dev-python/pygtk-2.16.0-r1 depends on hard masked dev-python/numpy
300322 dev-python/numpy-1.4.0 fails to build with Python 2.7
306237 dev-python/numpy-1.4.0 doesn't build on ppc
311103 dev-python/numpy-1.4.0 fails to build on IRIX
webpy 311097 Version bump: dev-python/webpy-0.34
pykdeextensions 168292 dev-python/pykdeextensions-0.4.0 (New package)
sqlalchemy 282099 dev-python/sqlalchemy svn ebuild
298493 dev-python/sqlalchemy-0.5.7 fails tests with Python 2.7
pybeanstalk 299830 dev-python/pybeanstalk (New package)
mantissa 295719 dev-python/mantissa fails tests
epsilon 295068 dev-python/epsilon-0.5.12 fails tests
pylint 301410 Stabilize dev-python/astng-0.19.3-r1 and dev-python/pylint-0.19.0
gdmodule 100123 [science overlay] dev-python/gdmodule (New package)
python-utmp 255003 dev-python/python-utmp (New package)
cgkit 292796 dev-python/cgkit needs to depend on dev-libs/boost[python]
python-xlib 283666 gnome-extra/avant-window-navigator-extras- should have a r..
299454 dev-python/python-xlib-0.15_rc1 fails to build with USE="doc"
299897 dev-python/python-xlib-0.15_rc1 has debug output
dbus-python 226347 dev-python/dbus-python: builds tests with FEATURES=-test
288629 dev-python/dbus-python-0.83.0-r1 fails tests
299891 media-sound/listen missing dev-python/dbus-python dep
pyvtk 211448 dev-python/pyvtk (New package)
pykerberos 263952 dev-python/pykerberos (New package)
pyexiv2 289004 dev-python/pyexiv2-0.1.3 (New package)
pymetrics 133177 dev-python/pymetrics (New package)
wckgraph 187467 dev-python/wckgraph-0.5 (New Package)
pysvn 299422 dev-python/pysvn fails tests
scimath 305247 dev-python/scimath fails tests
spawning 276317 dev-python/spawning-0.8.10 (New package)
pycurl 310351 [FEATURES="test"] dev-python/pycurl-7.19.0 uses system installed ..
pythonmagick 312395 dev-python/pythonmagick installs pointless libtool archive (.la) ..
pysvg 258673 dev-python/pysvg has incorrect, too lax, license
pyflakes 295137 dev-python/pyflakes-0.4.0 fails tests with Python 2.7
299514 dev-python/pyflakes-0.4.0 fails tests with Python 2.6.4
turbocheetah 277168 dev-python/turbocheetah fails tests
lpod-python 306535 dev-python/lpod-python-0.9.0
chardet 300741 Rekeyword request for dev-util/eric-4.4.0-r1 and >=dev-python/cha..
305183 Stabilize dev-python/chardet-2.0.1
setuptools 281161 Keyword >=dev-python/setuptools-0.6.8 and >=dev-python/docutils-0..
pygtk-shell 165023 dev-python/pygtk-shell - new package
xmpppy 235634 dev-python/xmpppy authentication error
python-docs 295066 Stabilize dev-lang/python-2.6.4 and dev-python/python-docs-2.6.4
mpi4py 299775 dev-python/mpi4py fails tests
pyglet 207125 dev-python/pyglet-1.0 (New package)
gdchart-py 309445 Please help me create ebulid for dev-python/gdchart-py-0.6
twisted-web 295717 dev-python/twisted-web-{9.0.0,10.0.0} fails tests
cherrypy 298968 dev-python/cherrypy-3.2.0_rc1 version bump
312411 dev-python/cherrypy fails tests
decoratortools 295712 dev-python/decoratortools fails tests
295880 dev-python/decoratortools-1.7 fails tests with Python 2.7
suds 309099 add dev-python/suds to portage
pyPdf 309773 Stabilize dev-python/pyPdf-1.12
dnspython 309395 Stabilize dev-python/dnspython-1.8.0
imaging 302532 net-zope/plone-3.1.7 needs dev-python/imaging-1.1.7, but Imaging ..
wsgi-fileserver 238897 dev-python/wsgi-fileserver (new package)
mechanize 299001 dev-python/mechanize-0.1.11 fails tests with Python 2.7 (unittest..
coards 152285 [science overlay] dev-python/coards
pyserial 303245 Stabilize dev-python/pyserial-2.5_rc2
mako 312405 dev-python/mako fails tests
sip 301105 [tracker] stabilization of dev-python/sip-4.10 and dev-python/PyQ..
numarray 191240 dev-python/numarray 64-bit breakage on python-2.5
pyvlc 259745 dev-python/pyvlc-9999 (new package)
pycxx 292415 dev-python/pycxx-6.1.1 incompatible with Python 3.2 (PyCObject)
pygccxml 212013 dev-python/pygccxml-0.9.5 (New package)
ffnet 158038 [science overlay] dev-python/ffnet (New package)
python-krbV 309803 new ebuild dev-python/python-krbV
pygame 252523 dev-python/pygame bundles a piece of SDL_gfx
287438 Stabilize dev-python/pygame-1.9.1
289326 [ICE/hppa] dev-python/pygame-1.9.1 - src/alphablit.c:1902: intern..
293909 dev-python/pygame-1.9.1 doesn't work with Python 3.2 (PyCObject)
gtkmozembed-python 305287 Stabilize dev-python/gtkmozembed-python-2.19.1-r12
cheetah 293974 dev-python/cheetah- fails tests with Python 2.7
wck 187460 dev-python/wck-1.1.1 (New Package)
py++ 146679 dev-python/py++ (New package)
pymongo 279804 dev-python/pymongo-0.13 (New package)
python-nss 305881 new dev-python/python-nss
windmill 238884 dev-python/windmill (New package)
pyorbit 309045 dev-python/pyorbit: Support installation for multiple Python ABIs
execnet 301419 dev-python/execnet-1.0.5 fails tests with Python 2.7
telepathy-python 288191 dev-python/telepathy-python-0.15.12 fails to emerge (parallelism ..
vertex 299228 dev-python/vertex fails tests
pyfltk 303749 dev-python/pyfltk-1.1.5 fails to build with Python 2.7 (sysconfig)
306113 Stabilize dev-python/pyfltk-1.1.5
307297 dev-python/pyfltk-1.1.5 has syntax errors in the source code
portio 249782 [ebuild] dev-python/portio-0.4 ebuild for gentoo linux
python-krb5 309799 new ebuild dev-python/python-krb5
m2crypto 172817 please test and mark dev-python/m2crypto ~arch
310461 dev-python/m2crypto-0.20.2 failes to compile with openssl-1.0.0
lxml 294688 dev-python/lxml fails tests
wsgi-jsonrpc 238894 dev-python/wsgi-jsonrpc (new package)
coverage 300241 Stabilize dev-python/coverage-3.2
pysnmp 311357 Stabilize dev-python/pysnmp-4.1.13a
python-cdb 302062 dev-python/python-cdb should optionally depend on dev-db/tinycdb
soaplib 309101 add dev-python/soaplib to portage
greenlet 276314 dev-python/greenlet-0.2 (New package)
python-slip 275080 dev-python/python-slip-0.1.15 (New package)
sphinx 266015 Sandbox violations during generation of Grammar pickle of dev-pyt..
305185 Stabilize dev-python/sphinx-0.6.4
assets 305885 new ebuild: dev-python/assets
pycrypto 295698 Stabilize dev-python/pycrypto-2.1.0_beta1
302168 [PATCH] dev-python/pycrypto-2.1.0 emerge fail on FreeBSD
toscawidgets 264632 dev-python/toscawidgets (New package)
django-haystack 281096 dev-python/django-haystack (New package)
django-registration 264640 dev-python/django-registration (New package)
pyplusplus 212014 dev-python/pyplusplus-0.9.5 (New package)
mwlib-ext 294168 dev-python/mwlib-ext-0.12.1: Version bump
sizer 125528 dev-python/sizer (New package)
django 236310 dev-python/django-9999 incompatible with postgresql on freebsd
299433 dev-python/django-1.1.1 fails tests with Python 2.7
python-virtkey 248256 dev-python/python-virtkey (New package)
python-twitter 300967 Ebuild dev-python/python-twitter-9999 (using the sources from the..
netifaces 248601 dev-python/netifaces-0.4.ebuild submission
mother 166248 dev-python/mother-0.4.6.ebuild (New Package)
pymox 295344 dev-python/pymox (new package)
pycipher 258676 dev-python/pycipher doesn't install package, has incorrect licenc..
nltk 237254 dev-python/nltk-0.9.5.ebuild (New Package)
python-poppler 309769 please stable dev-python/python-poppler-0.12.1
dev-ruby mkrf 299783 dev-ruby/mkrf fails tests
highline 298746 dev-ruby/highline fails tests
grit 280863 dev-ruby/grit-2.0.0 (New Package)
shoes 234985 ebuild request dev-ruby/shoes
ruby-shadow 312953 Please stabilize =dev-ruby/ruby-shadow-1.4.1-r1
ruby-openid 310935 dev-ruby/ruby-openid-2.1.7: please add ~sparc keyword
ruby-gtkmozembed 298484 dev-ruby/ruby-gtkmozembed-0.19.1 fails to build
ruby-glib2 284974 dev-ruby/ruby-glib2-0.19.1 fail to compile when broken pkg-config..
300963 dev-ruby/ruby-glib2-0.19.3 failed on compile
nokogiri 297822 dev-ruby/nokogiri-1.4.1-r1 re-keywording request
realrand 143489 new ebuild: dev-ruby/realrand-1.0.2.ebuild
ruby-gettext 302042 Please stabilize dev-ruby/ruby-gettext-2.1.0 and its parts
eventmachine 299782 dev-ruby/eventmachine fails tests
testunit-mock 276979 dev-ruby/testunit-mock fails tests
treetop 293350 dev-ruby/treetop: add support for ruby19
ruby-mmap 276238 dev-ruby/ruby-mmap fails tests
rmagick 312561 Please stabilize =dev-ruby/rmagick-2.13.0-r1
haml 310421 dev-ruby/haml-2.2.20 add support for ruby19
ruby-filemagic 262606 new version of dev-ruby/ruby-filemagic
qt4-qtruby 224951 [Tracker] dev-ruby/qt4-qtruby issues
osmlib-base 306585 dev-ruby/osmlib-base-0.1.4: request for stabilization
dnsruby 303803 Ebuild for dev-ruby/dnsruby (new package)
hoe 297830 dev-ruby/hoe-2.4.0 rekeywording request
hpricot 269021 dev-ruby/hpricot-0.8 re-keyword request
276964 dev-ruby/hpricot-0.8 fails tests
innate 280091 new package dev-ruby/innate-2009.07
net-ping 141387 dev-ruby/net-ping ebuild
acts_as_versioned 187287 dev-ruby/acts_as_versioned ebuild request
god 280131 dev-ruby/god-0.7.13 (New Package)
IceRuby 312213 dev-ruby/IceRuby: Verify and potentially improve Python-related c..
rails 301007 dev-ruby/rails-2.3.5-r1 re-keywording request
sinatra 300512 dev-ruby/sinatra fails tests (ruby BUG)
312971 Please re-keyword dev-ruby/sinatra-1.0 and new dependency
ruby-sdl 250083 dev-ruby/ruby-sdl fails to install
gimp-ruby 237510 dev-ruby/gimp-ruby-082106.ebuild (New Package)
activesupport 271147 dev-ruby/activesupport-* bundle some of its dependencies
crack 302560 dev-ruby/crack-0.1.7 re-keywording request
tzinfo 312963 Please stabilize =dev-ruby/tzinfo-0.3.16
ruby-opengl 298477 dev-ruby/ruby-opengl-0.60.1 fails to build
slave 187661 dev-ruby/slave ebuild
flacinfo-rb 272220 dev-ruby/flacinfo-rb-0.4 new package
rake 311603 Please stabilize dev-ruby/rake-0.8.7-r3
sqlite3-ruby 297832 dev-ruby/sqlite3-ruby-1.2.5 keywording request
rubigen 306909 Please re-keyword dev-ruby/rubigen-1.5.4
ruby-gnome2 295942 Please stabilize dev-ruby/ruby-gnome2-0.19.1 and its parts
sequel 296565 ebuild request for sequel; dev-ruby/sequel-3.9.0 version bump req..
trollop 232644 dev-ruby/trollop ebuild request
apetag 272218 dev-ruby/apetag-1.1.2 new ebuild
rspec 305607 Please stabilize dev-ruby/rspec-1.2.9
ruby-debug 219213 [version bump + new ebuilds] dev-ruby/ruby-debug-0.10.1 + deps
302563 dev-ruby/ruby-debug-0.10.3-r3 re-keywording request
term-ansicolor 293353 dev-ruby/term-ansicolor-1.0.4 add support for ruby19
cucumber 293358 dev-ruby/cucumber-0.5.1 support for ruby19
rubygame 196658 dev-ruby/rubygame (new ebuild)
i18n 299367 dev-ruby/i18n-0.3.2 setting homedir permissions doesn't work for ..
rake-compiler 302616 dev-ruby/rake-compiler-0.7.0-r1 re-keywording request
ruby-ogginfo 272221 dev-ruby/ruby-ogginfo-0.3.1 new package
rss 211583 dev-ruby/rss-0.2.4 (New Package)
rcairo 277630 dev-ruby/rcairo-1.8.0-r1 "gem rdoc rcairo" fails due to missing d..
302943 dev-ruby/rcairo-1.8.1 not rg2 compatible?
ramaze 280090 new ebuild: dev-ruby/ramaze-2009.07
httparty 302963 dev-ruby/httparty-0.5.1 re-keywording request
chronic 280143 dev-ruby/chronic-0.2.3 (New Package)
builder 293356 dev-ruby/builder-2.1.2 add support for ruby19
ruby-lockfile 245336 dev-ruby/ruby-lockfile-1.4.3.ebuild (New Package)
fxruby 303085 =dev-ruby/fxruby-1.4* removal request
ruby-gsl 299785 dev-ruby/ruby-gsl fails to build
adhearsion 276701 Dropped keywords on dev-ruby/adhearsion-0.8.2
rubygems 278566 <=dev-ruby/rubygems-1.3.4: gem install overwrites arbitrary files..
292038 media-libs/liblastfm: missing deps x11-libs/qt-sql and dev-ruby/r..
307863 dev-ruby/rubygems-1.3.6: ruby19 support
312985 dev-ruby/rubygems-1.3.6 fails to install with RUBY_TARGETS=jruby
ruby-oci8 299164 dev-ruby/ruby-oci8-1.0.6 fails to compile
305993 Please stabilize dev-ruby/ruby-oci8-1.0.7-r1
fastthread 297843 dev-ruby/fastthread-1.0.7-r1 re-keywording request
mp4info 272216 dev-ruby/mp4info-0.3.3 new ebuild
flog 234770 dev-ruby/flog-1.1.0 package request
ruby-rmail 245337 dev-ruby/ruby-rmail-1.0.0.ebuild (New Package)
ruby-rdig 252136 dev-ruby/ruby-rdig-0.3.5: new ebuild
dev-scheme scm 206695 dev-scheme/slib fails test w/ dev-scheme/scm
206768 dev-scheme/scm fails test
251926 dev-scheme/scm: pre-stripped files found
259922 provide additional features of scm (dev-scheme/scm)
mechanics 157099 dev-scheme/mechanics - SICM mechanics software (new ebuild)
bigloo 251925 dev-scheme/bigloo: pre-stripped files found
276927 dev-scheme/bigloo segfaults when libdl functions are run around it
306473 dev-scheme/bigloo-3.2{a,b}_p2 fail to compile with dev-libs/boehm..
306487 dev-scheme/bigloo - prestripped files, fails to respect CFLAGS/LD..
gauche 252502 dev-scheme/gauche bundles a copy of boehm-gc