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Gentoo /etc/conf.d/net complex configurations by robbat2

As written Robin H. Johnson (robbat2)

This is a collection of /etc/conf.d/net configurations that I've written over the years, along with some minimal documentation about them.

Don't be discouraged by the old dates on them. Aside from the usage of bash arrays, all of these configurations DO work up to and including OpenRC-0.12.

Multi-homing, dual Internet connection, home setup

Written in mid-2004, last updated in 2006/06/16, valid as of 2013/04/25


This configuration was written for a friend that wanted to connect his routing box to two ISPs at the same time. The LAN segment was very small, and contained no other routes.

There is no automatic failover, if one ISP was out, he just stopped that interface and updated his DynDNS records.

Some of the services he ran on his machines were explicitly bound to certain addresses, to deal with ISP quotas (unlimited but slow vs capped but fast). A large set of iproute2 rules are required to deal with netblocks that are local to each ISP, this might have been better dealt with via a routing deamon.

Multi-homing, enterprise setup

Written around Feburary 2006, last updated 2007/01/25, valid as of 2013/04/25


This is a more complex multi-homed configuration that I wrote for usage at my job (IsoHunt). While it doesn't have larger network accessibility preferences, it does have more ways to reach the internet (4 in total), with some failover for outgoing traffic.

Also contains a fix for the e1000 network up status issue, where the e1000 device was still in a power saving state, and does not report accurate carrier status. This is fixed in modern kernels.

Snippet: (Hurriance Electric) IPv6 tunnel

Written originally in 2007, last updated 2009/10/17, valid as of 2013/04/25


This is a snippet that can integrate all of the IPv6 tunnel handling with as your tunnel broker. Fill in the couple of FIXME blocks, and start up the net.tun0 service :-).