GSoC - g-Octave - weekly report #9

Hi folks,

here is my weekly report #9.

GSoC report: g-Octave (Improve Octave/Matlab support)

July 20

  • Did a lot of tests with some matlab packages that are supposed to works with octave.

July 21

  • Implemented the search of octave-forge packages (-s/--search command-line option).

July 22

  • Started removing the implicit hardmask of live versions. The users will need to use the configuration file to say if they want to create the ebuild for the live versions or not (use_scm option). Additionally, the users can disable or enable the installation of the live version using the command line (--scm and --no-scm options). As part of this change of behavior, the user will still need to unmask the package on the package manager configuration files, in order to install the live version of the package.

July 23

  • g-octave stuff got new home (thanks ferringb) and a new domain name ( Spent the day configuring the trac instance, not done yet, but already works fairly.

July 24

  • Fixed some bugs with the automated tests, that broke with the new trac instance. Some work on this is still needed.

July 26

  • Finished the work to remove the implicit hardmask of live versions and the implementation of the new behavior.

That's all for now.