GSoC - g-Octave - weekly report #8

Hi folks,

here is my weekly report #8.

GSoC report: g-Octave (Improve Octave/Matlab support)

July 13

  • Fixed some tests.
  • Updated the documentation.
  • Disabled the logging feature for run the tests.
  • Fixed some general stuff to the release.
  • Released g-octave 0.3

July 14

  • Added some stuff to the package manager classes to help with the listing of users with permissions to run each package manager.
  • Added a Python module (g_octave/ to help with the compatibility of g-octave with py3k.
  • Ported all the modules to py3k.
  • Ported the helper packages to py3k.
  • Ported the scripts to py3k.
  • Ported the test suite to py3k.
  • Added a cleanup of environment variables to the script that runs the test suite, because these variables can broke some tests.
  • Finished the py3k porting.

July 15

  • Finished the work to restrict the use of g-octave to the users allowed to run the current selected package manager.
  • Added some stuff to check if the current selected package manager is really installed.

July 16

  • Not a lot of work, only some discussions about the next milestones.

July 19

  • Testing some stuff to the next milestone.

That's all for now.