GSoC - g-Octave - weekly report #6

Hi folks,

here is my weekly report #6.

GSoC report: g-Octave (Improve Octave/Matlab support)

June 30

  • More changes on g-octave to be able to work with SVN stuff.
  • Finished the stuff to create new package databases.

July 1

  • Introduced the support of the installation from SVN to the module g_octave.ebuild.
  • Fixed some test cases.
  • Changed g-octave to be able to work with a package database installed by portage. (octave-forge databases now "live" on the SRC_URI of g-octave's ebuild)
  • Changed g-octave to only fetch a package database directly from the mirrors if the user is with the live version of g-octave installed.
  • Fixed the documentation for the coming release.
  • More minor fixes.
  • Released g-octave 0.2.

July 2

  • Fixed the ebuilds to g-octave 0.2 and to add the pysvn dependency.
  • Bug fixes: missing source tarballs (optim and ode), and missing $OCT_PKGDIR for the fresh octave installations. (reported by Paulo Matias, thanks!)
  • Released g-octave 0.2.1.

July 3

  • Added support to logging actions to a file. not used in the source code yet.

July 4

  • Only small bug fixes in the eclass g-octave.eclass.

July 5

  • Started moving the g-octave stuff from a VPS to the Gentoo infrastructure (Moved the source control to Git and the octave-forge's source tarballs to More details about this in a next post.

That's all for now.