GSoC - g-Octave - weekly report #5

Hi folks,

here is my weekly report #5.

GSoC report: g-Octave (Improve Octave/Matlab support)

June 23

  • Heavy homework to do. Not a lot of work on g-octave.

June 24

  • Improved the script to create the package database.

June 25

  • Splited the script that create the package database (scripts/ in 2 others (scripts/ and scripts/
  • Fixed some test cases and documentation

June 27

  • Moved the octave-forge eclass to the g-octave source tree, renamed to g-octave.eclass
  • minor fixes.

June 28

  • Started working in the g-octave eclass, to be able to install packages from the octave-forge SVN repository.

June 29

  • More work on the eclass to work with the SVN repository.

That's all for now.