GSoC - g-Octave - weekly report #2 #3

Hi folks,

sorry for the delay and the lack of informations about the project.

As usual, I'm sending daily reports to my mentor, and this "weekly" report is based on those daily reports.

During this period I wrote some documentation, that's available here:

Fixes to the documentation are welcome, as always.

I'll post the weekly report #4 soon.

GSoC report: g-Octave (Improve Octave/Matlab support)

May 31

  • Not much work, only some fixes in the tests.

June 1

  • Started planning the implementation of the tinderbox stuff.
  • Studied the flameeyes' tinderbox scripts.

June 2

  • Started the tinderbox script. The basic functionality is done. The script is already capable to find all the packages in the database and build them.

June 3

  • Added a module to interact with the Trac instance. Written firstly to use urllib2, but urllib2 doesn't supports file uploads, then I needed to port the module to use pyCurl.
  • Fixes in the tinderbox script.

June 4

June 7

  • Started the script to extract the non-octave dependencies from the DESCRIPTION files and generate the JSON file used by g-octave

June 8

  • Finished the script to create and edit the JSON file with the non-octave dependencies.

June 9

  • More small fixes to the script that generates the JSON file with the non-octave dependencies.

June 10

  • Small fixes to the script ''
  • Implemented a filter for duplicated dependencies
  • Documentation fixes for the coming release

June 11

  • Released g-octave 0.2_rc1

June 14

  • Started the next milestone
  • Created a class to handle the SVN stuff, using pysvn

June 15

  • More work in the previously created class.
  • Created a class to handle the SVN revisions number, using a JSON file.

That's all for now.