GSoC - g-Octave - weekly report #10

Hi folks,

here is my weekly report #10.

GSoC report: g-Octave (Improve Octave/Matlab support)

July 27

  • Tested some Python libraries to work with Git repositories.

July 28

  • Nothing done.

July 29

  • Did more tests with Python libraries to work with Git repositories

July 30

  • Found a RSS feed with the package releases of octave-forge and wrote scripts to build the package database using that feed (contrib/ and contrib/
  • Moved away from the Python libraries to work with Git repositories and wrote a simple class to call the git binary directly. It's fair enough for what I needed.
  • Moved the package database to GitHub and rewrote the module g-octave.fetch to get the package database from GitHub, using the snapshot tarballs.

July 31

  • Did some changes to remove the PySVN dependency.
  • Rewrote the command-line option --list.
  • Fixed the eclass to remove the forced strip from mkoctfile calls and more small fixes.
  • Added the command-line option --oneshot.
  • Did a clean up on the sources.

August 1

August 2

  • Added metadata.xml to the ebuild directories.
  • Improved the license support on the ebuilds. The LICENSE variable from the ebuilds now matches with the license names found on ${PORTDIR}/licenses
  • Started updating the documentation for the coming release.

That's all for now.