Author: Patrick Lauer
Date: 17 Jun 2009

Who are you?

Patrick Lauer, says my birth certificate. I'm a mixed european, somewhere near 28 years old, working as admin or programmer, depending on the season.
I've been using Gentoo since early 2001 or so and been a dev from 2004 to 2006 and since late 2008.

What do you do in Gentooland?

Currently I'm trying to fix what I think needs it most. So I'm jumping around between KDE (which manages quite well without me these days), the forensics and benchmark herds, co-maintaining a few random things like Virtualbox, bumping random ebuilds and trying to build everything in the tree. I want Gentoo to be on the bleeding edge again, which means getting newer versions of packages to users. Since manpower is always an issue I don't care about territorialism and just bump or fix packages (apart from critical things like system packages and silly distractions like games).
The build-it-all process has been mostly taken over by Flameeyes, so I focus more on fixing things whenever I find the time and motivation.
I'm also one of the #gentoo ops and one of those people that are on IRC way too much, you might know me as bonsaikitten.

What are your plans?

World domination!
Apart from that I want to improve the basis of Gentoo. Most people seem to like castles in the sky and shiny stuff that blinks a lot, but their ideas won't be possible without a solid foundation to build on. What do I mean by that?
That's the, uhm, "strategic" goals. If we can improve these areas many other things will become easier, which means we'll be able to do more awesome things. I really want every dev to be subscribed to the gentoo-dev@ mailinglist again. Which means we need to improve the interaction and the signal-to-noise ratio a lot. If that means muting repeat offenders so be it, but what good is a mailinglist when those that should read it don't?
And having everyone on the same page might lead to more interactions, which usually leads to some good new things appearing. The whole Code of Conduct / Proctors thing didn't work out that well, so we need to see what went wrong and fix that.

There are many small things like the GLEP process, PMS, sunrise and about two dozen I can't remember right now that need some contemplation too.

You might notice that I didn't mention the whole EAPI tarbaby until now. And that for a good reason - I don't think it contributes that much to be worth that much discussion time. We have enough different EAPIs now to confuse people, so we should think about a schedule to limit the proliferation of new ones (say, one a year? That can be discussed). In the same spirit we should deprecate old ones so there's EAPI0 for legacy reasons and "the newest one" for stuff that gets changed or added to the tree. Keep it simple. And as long as we are short on manpower it might be a good idea to keep destructive ideas like GLEP55 to a minimum.

I hope the new council improves the time management for meetings, the last ... oh ... three? four? meetings were mostly taken over by circular discussions about fancy stuff instead of getting things done. It's quite disappointing to see the most heated debate about the most irrelevant things suck out the little time people have, so I am strongly in favour of avoiding that.

Now if you're still reading I must thank you for your patience, if you can please vote in the council election. It's your privilege as a dev, let your voice be heard. And if it is only a random vote - it takes all of five minutes, if you can't be bothered to do that you're really strange.
Take care, have fun, be awesome,