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Current Gentoo Embedded

Most of my own recent work has been on the Gentoo Embedded side, and gets pushed to the Gentoo ARM repo. The following overlays contain a mixture of bleeding-edge stuff, "backports", fixes, and other modifications for various ARM devices (Raspberrypi, Trimslice, Wandboard, BeagleBoneBlack, Samsung ARM Chromebook, and Udoo), PowerPC G4, and x86_64/x86:

Fun commit graphs made from my Gentoo commits with Graphviz; note all are large graphs:

* approx. 10 years of data

For quick startup, browse the

  • packages or install it with layman.

    The kernels below are a little stale; see the tools on github to build a newer one.

    The latest 4.9 kernels and related u-boot images work well on both wandboard and udoo (with various levels of hardware support) but the BBB kernel is recommended over the multi-kernel for BeagleBoneBlack/Green/Blue.

    For any questions on the above, feel free to use the github issue trackers (for the portage overlays) or ask in #gentoo-embedded.

    For more articles/pointers on general/embedded Linux and open source development topics, see the new VCT Labs web content (also my current workplace). There should be a comment plugin soon...

    Upcoming / Recent Stuff

    Updates: 5 VCT abstracts were accepted and delivered at SCaLE 13x (abstracts here and talk videos here) and the AMS talk recording is up on the AMS conference site (see abstract link below). Two more abstracts from myself and Stephanie (wormo) were accepted for the Embedded Linux Conference (last week of March) and we have two ODF events coming up to support Document Freedom Day.

    Older stuff

    SBLUG Gentoo talk - stolen, er, updated from rajiv's slides

    CCLUG Embedded Gentoo talk - modified from the above slides (only the first 8 or 9)

    Free Tools for Software Engineering and Analysis - a lunchtime talk, with some Gentoo backup slides.

    Open Source Audio

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