Python 3.8 porting tips

This section highlights known incompatible changes made in Python 3.8 that could break Python scripts and modules that used to work in Python 3.7.

This guide is by no means considered complete. If you can think of other problems you’ve hit while porting your packages, please let me know and I will update it.

See also: what’s new in Python 3.8

python-config and pkg-config no longer lists Python library by default

Until Python 3.7, the python-X.Y pkg-config file and python-config tool listed the Python library. Starting with 3.8, this is no longer the case. If you are building Python extensions, this is fine (they are not supposed to link directly to libpython).

If you are building programs that need to embed the Python interpreter, new python-X.Y-embed pkg-config file and --embed parameter are provided for the purpose.

$ pkg-config --libs python-3.7
$ pkg-config --libs python-3.8

$ pkg-config --libs python-3.8-embed

To achieve backwards compatibility, you should query python-X.Y-embed first and fall back to python-X.Y.