Standalone library for fts functions.

From `man 3 fts`: The fts functions are provided for traversing file hierarchies. A simple overview is that the fts_open() function returns a "handle" on a file hierarchy, which is then supplied to the other fts functions. The function fts_read() returns a pointer to a structure describing one of the files in the file hierarchy. The function fts_children() returns a pointer to a linked list of structures, each of which describes one of the files contained in a directory in the hierarchy. fts conforms to 4.4BSD.

fts is usually provided by the system's libc, as glibc and uClibc do. However, musl does not and hence the need for a standalone version. This code was adopted from OpenBSD 5.7 and modified slightly to build in Linux.


Maintainer: Anthony G. Basile <>

Last modified: July 12, 2015