Package portage :: Package dbapi :: Module bintree
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Module bintree

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str(object='') -> string
int(x=0) -> int or long int(x, base=10) -> int or long
this tree scans for a list of all packages available in PKGDIR
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Given a PackageIndex instance, create a dict of cpv -> metadata map.
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  __package__ = 'portage.dbapi'
  hashfunc_map = {}

Imports: portage, slot_dict_class, CACHE_PATH, fakedbapi, Atom, use_reduce, paren_enclose, AlarmSignal, InvalidData, InvalidPackageName, ParseError, PermissionDenied, PortageException, _, _movefile, os, _encodings, _unicode_decode, _unicode_encode, codecs, errno, io, stat, subprocess, sys, tempfile, textwrap, time, traceback, warnings, GzipFile, chain, urlparse, _unicode, EOutput, _apply_hash_filter, _check_distfile, _hash_filter, _hide_url_passwd, _pkg_str, _urlopen, atomic_ofstream, best, catpkgsplit, catsplit, colorize, dep_expand, dep_getkey, ensure_dirs, first_existing, isjustname, isvalidatom, listdir, lockfile, match_from_list, normalize_path, perform_multiple_checksums, unlockfile, update_dbentries, verify_all, writemsg, writemsg_stdout

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Given a PackageIndex instance, create a dict of cpv -> metadata map. If multiple packages have identical CPV values, prefer the package with latest BUILD_TIME value.

  • pkgindex (PackageIndex) - A PackageIndex instance.
Returns: dict
a dict containing entry for the give cpv.