Package _emerge :: Package resolver :: Module output
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Module output

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Resolver output display operation.

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str(object='') -> string
Formats and outputs the depgrah supplied it for merge/re-merge, etc.
Variables [hide private]
  bad = create_color_func("BAD")
  __package__ = '_emerge.resolver'

Imports: sys, portage, os, dep_expand, cpvequal, _repo_separator, _slot_separator, _get_eapi_attrs, InvalidDependString, SignatureException, _get_feature_flags, spawn_nofetch, blue, colorize, create_color_func, darkblue, darkgreen, green, nc_len, teal, writemsg_stdout, best, Blocker, create_world_atom, _DisplayConfig, _tree_display, _PackageCounters, _create_use_string, _format_size, _calc_changelog, PkgInfo, show_invalid_depstring_notice, _unicode