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Distfiles Mirroring Changes Report


1.  Master Stats

Report was generated on Thursday Oct 24 2013, 05:52:52 UTC

Important: Remember the tree could've changed since then.

173304071992 bytes: 62635 files: Mirrored
354327307 bytes: 39 files: Slated for deletion
Added 0 files in last run
Removed 0 files in last run

2.  Failed Fetches

Important: Why has a file failed to be fetched?

Upstream re-releases, a large failure in upstream mirrors/host, or flat out invalid URL's are typically the cause. Broken mirror specifications also (mirror:/gentoo is not valid for example, must be mirror://gentoo). Odd ports for the host can cause issues also (guidelines for ebuilds suggest standard ports for URI hosts).

In other words, there is something wrong with the ebuild referenced, so please check the ebuild. It's more likely then not broke in some fashion even if the maintainer isn't aware of it.

Ebuild File Reason
www-plugins/gnash-0.8.10_p20131019 gnash-0.8.10_p20131019.tar.xz no fetchable uris

3.  Files Added

Ebuild File

4.  Files Removed

Ebuild File

5.  Scheduled Deletions

Deletions for Thursday October 24 2013

Ebuild (If known) File
app-emulation/libguestfs-1.16.34 libguestfs-1.16.34.tar.gz
app-emulation/libguestfs-1.18.11 libguestfs-1.18.11.tar.gz
app-emulation/libguestfs-1.20.4 libguestfs-1.20.4.tar.gz
app-emulation/libguestfs-1.22.6 libguestfs-1.22.6.tar.gz
app-emulation/libvirt-1.1.2-r2 libvirt-1.1.2-a61ad1bc.tar.xz
dev-ruby/daemon_controller-1.1.4 daemon_controller-1.1.4.gem
dev-ruby/yard-0.8.7 yard-0.8.7-git.tgz
dev-ruby/yard- yard-
sys-apps/openrc-0.12 openrc-0.12.tar.bz2
sys-apps/openrc-0.12.1 openrc-0.12.1.tar.bz2
www-apps/nikola-6.1.0 nikola-6.1.0.tar.gz
x11-wm/xpra-0.10.2 xpra-0.10.2.tar.bz2

Deletions for Friday October 25 2013

Ebuild (If known) File
dev-libs/bcm2835-1.26 bcm2835-1.26.tar.gz
mail-mta/exim-4.82_rc3 exim-4.82_RC3.tar.bz2
x11-wm/xpra-0.10.6 xpra-0.10.6.tar.bz2

Deletions for Saturday October 26 2013

Ebuild (If known) File
app-crypt/ckpass-0.1 ckpass-0.1.tar.gz
app-i18n/multiskkserv-20051220 multiskkserv-20051220.tar.bz2
dev-libs/libkpass-3 libkpass-3.tar.gz
dev-python/PyQt4-4.10.1 PyQt-x11-gpl-4.10.1.tar.gz
dev-python/autopep8-0.9.3 autopep8-0.9.3.tar.gz
dev-python/sip-4.14.6 sip-4.14.6.tar.gz
dev-ruby/cocaine-0.4.2 cocaine-0.4.2.gem
dev-ruby/cocaine-0.5.1 cocaine-0.5.1.gem
dev-ruby/cocaine-0.5.2 cocaine-0.5.2.gem
kde-misc/akonadi-git-resource-0_p20120222 akonadi-git-resource-0_p20120222.tar.xz
kde-misc/akonadi-git-resource-0_p20130522 akonadi-git-resource-0_p20130522.tar.xz
media-gfx/qrencode-3.4.1 qrencode-3.4.1.tar.bz2
media-gfx/qrencode-3.4.2 qrencode-3.4.2.tar.bz2
sys-kernel/genkernel-next-38 genkernel-next-38.tar.xz
sys-kernel/vanilla-sources-3.0.100 patch-3.0.100.xz
sys-kernel/vanilla-sources-3.4.66 patch-3.4.66.xz
www-client/chromium-32.0.1664.3 chromium-32.0.1664.3-testdata.tar.xz

Deletions for Sunday October 27 2013

Ebuild (If known) File
net-irc/quassel-0.8.0 quassel-0.8.0.tar.bz2
net-irc/quassel-0.9.0 quassel-0.9.0.tar.bz2
www-apps/bugzilla-3.6.13 bugzilla-3.6.13.tar.gz

6.  White Lists

Whitelist Report


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