Gentoo UK Meeting Car Pool

We're planning to get Gentoo users and developers from the UK to our second national meet up in Manchester on the 12th March 2005.
As many people will be driving there, I'm trying to organise some car-pooling. If you're planning on coming and you've got space in your car or need a lift, then fill in the details below.

First click on where you'll be coming from on the map, then fill out the form.

UK car pool map

The red dots are people who are driving, the pink dots are those who need a lift and the big green dot is where we're meeting up.




I am coming and I need a lift I've got a car with spaces

I'm planning to come on the: 11th March 12th March

E-mail address:
E-mail addresses will only be used for co-ordinating lifts

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