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Sun Apr 1 22:23:11 CEST 2007

OpenOffice.org goes Tango, me goes Brainshare

Been very busy lately, still managed to get some OpenOffice.org-related stuff done. openoffice-bin 2.2.0 is already in the tree, source-based version should follow in the not-to-distant future. In the meantime, I've updated openoffice-2.1.0-r1 to the latest ooo-build-patchset which - besides a bunch of bugfixes - brings real beauty to OOo: A whole new Tango-based iconset. But see for yourself:

Besides that I've been mostly occupied with my day-job lately which is - as some of you might know - writing for the online edition of the Austrian newspaper 'DER STANDARD'. For this I've been visiting Novell's Brainshare two weeks ago, which was a bit exhausting (two days at airports and on airplanes for three days of stay in Salt Lake city, add to this the joy of getting my back flight from Chicago cancelled), but interesting nonetheless.

This time I also decided to publish two of the pieces I wrote in english (in addition to german). One with Mono-lead Miguel de Icaza ('The Microsoft / Novell partnership should have included a technical Mono/.NET collaboration') and one with Nat Friedman ('Flamewars are part of the community culture'). There is lot more in there as the headline can express, so if you are interested in Mono or the Linux / GNOME desktop, you might find some interesting bits in there. If not: My bad ;)

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