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Wed Jan 3 17:39:15 CET 2007

On OpenOffice.org 2.1.0

I've got some requests lately, asking when openoffice-2.1.0 will hit the tree, so I thought I'd better answer this publicly: While openoffice-bin-2.1.0 is in since the day of its release, the source based build takes a little bit longer this time. The reason simply being us using ooo-build, which hasn't seen a release for 2.1.0 yet. If you don't know: ooo-build is a multi-distro effort which makes building OpenOffice.org a lot easier and also offers a bunch of enhancements over the vanilla version of OOo. This time though a lot of the other distros had major releases recently, so most of the work went into the 2.0.4-branch, leaving 2.1.0 in sort of an unfinished state.

After the holidays development has gained speed again, so a release shouldn't be to far away. The Gentoo-specific stuff is mostly set, so expect an ebuild in the tree shortly after that.

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