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Sat Feb 4 17:22:22 CET 2006


Following recent trends in the coolness department, decided to play around with Xgl and glxcompmgr a bit. Thanks to the Overlay from Hanno and his instructions not too much hassle to setup. Had to modify some keyboard-stuff with xmodmap to get the Super_L-key (better known as the left Windows-Key) to work and to enjoy all of the effects glxcompgr provides , but after that, I have to admit: Wow. This is seriously cool stuff. Have been wobbling, zooming, rotating for some time now and am already addicted to it ;) Ok, admitted: Most of this is "only" eye candy to impress your friends (which should not be underestimated in getting people interested in the Linux desktop), but a few things come in handy. Like the hardware-accelerated zoom stuff, which is very nice accessibility-wise, or the Expose-goodness. Best is you can combine all this stuff, for example you can zoom in on the Expose-view and even rotate it at the same time, while the windows (for example running videos or loading webpages) are update all the time. And the speed is also quite impressive :)

If someone has no clue what I'm talking about, check the recent news about the upcoming Novell Linux Desktop 10, or take a look at some videos of the presentation Nat Friedman gave a few days in Paris.

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