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Test benches


1.  Help wanted

Help us create test benches for the tools we maintain. See the 'Test benches' entry in our TODO list.

Instructions on how to test our packages and verify they work properly should get listed below. Developers, please remember that a non-specialist must be able to execute your test bench. List packages alphabetically, and store any required additional material in a bz2 tarball in the same directory as this guide.

2.  Test benches


An example is available in the source tarball. You can install its files by emerging GTKWave with USE=examples, which is what we are going to assume in the following instructions. You should replace ${PF} with the corresponding number of the version (with the revision) you want to test.

Code Listing 2.1: run the GTKWave example

$ cp -R /usr/share/doc/gtkwave-${PF}/examples .
$ cd examples
$ vzt2vcd des.vzt > des.vcd
VZTLOAD | 1432 facilities
VZTLOAD | Total value bits: 22921
VZTLOAD | Read 1 block header OK
VZTLOAD | [0] start time
VZTLOAD | [704] end time
VZTLOAD | block [0] processing 0 / 704
$ gtkwave des.vcd

Figure 2.1: an example GTKWave window

Fig. 1: GTKWave

In the SST window (left side, towards the top) navigate down the hierarchy of signals, then drag and drop a few signals from the 'Signals' window below the SST window, to the other 'Signals' window just right of SST. Play with signals a bit, zoom in, zoom out, etc...


Page updated November 28, 2010

Summary: Test benches for all software maintained by the Electronics subproject

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