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Gnome 2.32 Upgrade Guide


1.  Changes

General changes

Please see the GNOME 2.32 Release Notes for what is new in this major release of GNOME.

2.  Troubleshooting

Gnome Panel hangs at startup

Some people reported hanging problems with gnome-base/gnome-panel notably with dual monitor setups. Please visit bug #351439 for details on the issue. If you are suffering this problem, you should try to remove your old interface configuration as follows:

Code Listing 2.1: Remove old configuration causing panel to hang

$ gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /desktop/gnome/interface

Gnome Panel problems and crashers on multiscreen setups

As reported in bug #348253, you could suffer panel crashers when using multiscreen setups. This is an upstream problem (gnome bug #632369) that is partially fixed applying some patches from the upstream report (gnome bug #632369 comment #12).

However, even with these patches, some people have reported problems showing applet menus. Any help on fixing this is highly appreciated.

Problems with Evolution address books

Some people have reported problems like duplicated entries or errors while trying to open Evolution Address Books after updating (see gentoo bug #348063 and gnome bug #634897 for reference). These problems will likely affect people that updated from 2.30.x versions of mail-client/evolution and gnome-extra/evolution-data-server to versions any version prior to 2.32.1-r1.

A script is available to help you on fixing these problems. It removes uri attribute from local Address Books and also removes the additional address books that could have been wrongly created by pruning those not part of the group with the most local Address Books.

At first, it is important to backup your address book configuration to prevent any data loss by running the following command:

Code Listing 2.2: Backup old address books configuration

$ gconftool-2 --get /apps/evolution/addressbook/sources > evoaddrbook.bak

After that, you will need to run the script as follows:

Code Listing 2.3: Fix Evolution Address Books with script

$ wget "" -O
$ chmod +x
$ evolution -q
$ ./

If this does not fix your problems, you will probably need to use gnome-extra/gconf-editor to try to fix /apps/evolution/addressbook/sources key yourself. If you need more help on this, please check for any opened bug related with this problem and, if none of them fits with your issue, open a new one after reading bug #348063.

Compilation errors due to python3 being set as main interpreter

During our work on getting Gnome 2.32 ready to be stabilized, we have focused on making every new package compile and work even when python3 is set as main interpreter, either using it if possible or going back to python2 when needed at compilation and run times.

On the other hand, because a lot of other packages in the tree used by GNOME still do not work well on a system with python3 set as the default interpreter, you will still need to use eselect to set python2 as the default one to avoid problems.

Code Listing 2.4: Use Python 2.6 as main interpreter

# eselect python set python2.6


Page updated January 31, 2011

Summary: This is a guide for upgrading from GNOME 2.30.x to GNOME 2.32.x.

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