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Gentoo Foundation Inc - Situations Vacant
Posted on August 7, 2008 by Roy Bamford


Following the resignation of Tom Gall both as a Trustee and as Secretary, the Foundation is recruiting for two vacancies.

1 Trustee

Under Section 5.7. Vacancies, of the proposed Bylaws, the remaining trustees are seeking to fill the vacancy by appointment. The appointee will remain in office until the election planned for February 2009.

Qualifications - Applicants must be members of the Gentoo Foundation Inc

The Trustees are mainly an administrative group, dealing with the authorities in New Mexico, the Gentoo Store soon, hopefully, the American IRS. An interest and skills in business administration as well as Gentoo s required for the role. Being located in the USA or being familiar with the US way of doing things may be an advantage but is not essential. The appointment will be made by the remaining trustees based on the skills and experience offered that best appear to complement the remaining trustees.

2. Secretary

Qualifications - None

Until recently, while the Foundation was in the process of being returned to good standing, it was desirable for the Trustees to serve as officers of the Foundation. As we will soon achieve NPO normality, with the adoption of the Bylaws, this early imperitve has been removed. Indeed, it is desirable to separate the posts of Foundation Trustees from those of Foundation Officers as it improves the checks and balances within the organisation.

The duties of the secetary are described in the Bylaws as :-

The Secretary shall keep accurate records of the acts and proceedings of all meetings of the members and Trustees. The Secretary shall give all notices required by law and by these Bylaws. In addition, the Secretary shall have general charge of the corporate books and records and of the corporate seal, and he or she shall affix, or attest the affixing of, the corporate seal to any lawfully executed instrument requiring it. The Secretary shall have general charge of the membership records of the foundation and shall keep, at the registered or principal office of the foundation, a record of the members showing the name, address, telephone number, and electronic mail address of each member. The Secretary shall sign such instruments as may require his or her signature and, in general, shall perform all duties as may be assigned to him or her from time to time by the Chairman, the President or the Board of Trustees.

In practice, the record keeping is semi automatic as we only ever meet on IRC and the turnover in membership is low.

Further Information

Chat to us in #gentoo-trustees or email the trustees


Applications for either vacancy by cryptographically signed email only to the trustees stating the vacancy you are applying for and outlining the skills and experience you can bring to the role


Interviews, if required, will be held privately on IRC

Page updated August 7, 2008

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