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Jorge Manuel B. S Vicetto's (jmbsvicetto) manifesto

1.  Manifesto

Why am I running for the Gentoo Council?

Because I have some goals and a certain outlook into Gentoo based on a few beliefs.

Why am I running for this election?

I was asked to run in past elections, but at that time I was more concerned with ensuring we would have an election than to be a candidate. I also didn't feel I was sufficiently involved in the distribution before. Finally, I feel I can no longer just sit back "comfortably" and rely on others and that it's time for me to step up and be ready to offer my services for global issues.

What for?


  • Continue Denis (calchan) job to reform GLEP39 and address Gentoo's meta-structure
  • Promote a debate about overall goals for Gentoo and evaluate how to increase focus on them
  • Promote a balance between individual developers, projects and the council
  • Study and promote ways to facilitate contribution and more participation from community



  • council should lead by example
  • council must not become a singular entity (single member)
  • council should never become a "trial court" and shall remain an "appellate court" for disciplinary actions
  • council may nominate community members or assemble teams to study and present proposals for particular issues
  • council may have permanent "commissions"
  • council members should join or act as liaisons between the council and the teams / commissions
  • council members can and should pro-actively deal with issues and whether acting on their own or pulling the best people to promote an agenda, they should always engage the community and promote its participation


  • all developers should be free to create projects at will
  • even though new projects should be discussed in the dev ml and attempts should be made to reach agreements, there should be no limitation to create parallel or competing projects when agreement isn't attainable
  • projects have self authority, are formed and guided by their members and are not just a surrogate of council

GLEP39 / meta-structure:

  • Gentoo's meta-structure document must require a global vote for any changes
  • the document might be set as a "constitution" and should focus on base (general) rules and goals
  • specific rules and particular details about the council organization should be part of an "operations guide" that should remain at council's care and require a simple council majority for approving updates


  • Gentoo should strive to bolster an open an inviting community
  • despite its current short falls, the global community already tries to be open and inviting
  • existing issues should be addressed appropriately and within proportion
  • to bolster an open and inviting community, besides careful use of language, we need much tolerance, respect and understanding between community members
  • the Gentoo community is made of its members and they are what they are. We have a mostly technical adult male community, including a few people with rough or challenging social skills.

Who am I?

I'm Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto, a 34 years old Portuguese working as a Net / Sys admin for my local Hospital.

I officially joined Gentoo on 2006/08/19. I was asked by the Forums Moderation Team on 2006/06/16 to join the global moderation team and after some work on the staff quiz and an "interview" with Shyam (fox2mike) bug 137051 got closed as fixed. A few months later I started working with Christel (christel) and Mark (mark_alec) and joined the User Relations team. A few months later I also started working with Alex (nesl247) and Roderick (rgreening) in the gentoo-xeffects overlay and with Wulf (Philantrop), Ingmar (ingmar) and the other KDE members in the then experimental kde overlays were the Gentoo work for KDE4 started. This was when I first applied to gentoo-x86 access. From there I went to become a SPARC AT and KDE team member. Later I was the SPARC AT Lead, KDE HT Lead and also the KDE lead for one term. I've since worked with Chrissy (musikc) and Łukasz (rane) leading me to join the undertakers team and later to become a full member of Developer Relations where I've worked closely with Joshua (tsunam), Petteri (Betelgeuse), Denis (Calchan), Homer (hparker) and Ferris (fmccor). I've also started the elections team with Łukasz and Shyam and was a member of the Proctors.

I'm currently a member of the Forums, KDE, User Relations, Developer Relations and Elections teams. I also work on desktop-effects and try to help with mysql.

Finally, I'm a proud member of the Gentoo community.


Page updated July 1, 2010

Summary: Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto's (jmbsvicetto) Manifesto for the council201006 election.

Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto

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