This page hosts updated scripts and core files for GNAP originally by Thierry Carrez.


  • Build on GCC 4.4.1 from hardened-dev overlay.
  • Uclibc with added uclibc-fix-ppoll patch from bug #272199.
  • 2.6.28-hardened-r9 kernel.
  • Based on 20090928 Portage snapshot with a few patches.
  • Support for UMTS USB modems using the option kernel driver.
  • Support for ethernet bridging.
  • Enhanced overlay init script split from GNAP config init script.
  • Plus the usual official GNAP stuff.


Portage snapshot:


  • /etc/overlay.conf is now /etc/conf.d/overlay.
  • /etc/conf.d/gnap.conf is now /etc/conf.d/gnap.

Known issues

  • Builds only with Catalyst 2.0.1. At least Catalyst 2.0.3_pre3 and 2.0.6 doesn't work at least with my current seed stage. It seems to be unable to find the correct GCC profile and fails with C compiler cannot create executables.
  • Extensions building using Catalyst GRP target is currently still broken with newer Portage versions. Package directory layout apparently changed and it seems that Catalyst 2.0.1 is not compatible with this change.
  • Halt/reboot is not working on all platforms. It fails with /mnt/livecd is busy.