Ongoing projects for dberkholz

Name Description Length Difficulty
Clustering LiveCD A LiveCD that will boot into an autoconfigured HPC cluster, with MPI, PBS, and a few useful applications that use them. To really do it right, you may need to create some Zeroconf applications for service autodiscovery. This may turn it into a longer, difficult task. 1 week to months medium to hard
Port LTSP 5 to Gentoo The Linux Terminal Server Project is migrating from basically maintaining its own distribution to using distro-provided componenents and just providing the value-added parts itself. This requires some porting of the client builder plugin, the init scripts and packaging a few extra things. 1 week medium to hard
Diskless cluster HOWTO Our current HPC clustering documention is either outdated or a hack, depending on which doc you're reading. We need a rewrite using clean, Gentoo-accepted techniques such as ROOT rather than copying crap all over the place. I wrote a manual LTSP setup that should give a rough idea of what needs to happen. 1 week medium
Gentoo boot floppy Enhance Catalyst or Genkernel as necessary to create floppy images. Two interesting goals here are to try to fit X onto it (kdrive?) or to try fitting the quickstart installer onto it. Some of my manual work on boot floppies is here. 1 month hard
Autotool CCP4 The CCP4 package has a crappy build system that's really an aggregation of random build systems from all the subpackages it's made of. Autotool it. Some initial work is here. 1 month medium
MPI eselect module Bug #44132 has been open for a couple of years. MPI implementations don't share an ABI, so all applications compiled against them also need to be slotted by MPI implem. Another requirement is ability to switch between which compiler was used. 1 week medium
Unified Gentoo theming Getting a single theme from GRUB splash through bootsplash to desktop manager login screen and finally whatever WM/DE you're using. I wrote up some details here, and the artwork team has taken over these efforts. 1 month medium
X init scripts rewrite Our X init scripts have diverged too far from upstream, and so have those of many other distributions. The goal is to enhance the upstream xinit as necessary, then start using it. To figure out which enhancements are necessary, you'll need to check many distros to see what changes they've made. Nobody will be willing to lose any functionality. Next, make these changes to upstream xinit, while figuring out a way to remove any distro-specific code (perhaps using a plugin directory that distros can drop their code into). 1 month medium to hard
Get X bugs under 20 Triage X bugs as needed. Make sure they all apply to current ~arch versions and close NEEDINFO when asking that. Send any bugs that aren't with ebuild code upstream to bugs.fd.o. 1 week easy
Set up a virtualized test cluster Get a box accessible to any Gentoo devs who want to test clustering stuff and set it up as a virtualized diskless cluster, with one master and at least 3 slave nodes. Ideally, one could drop in various unionfs overlays on the nodes from different NFS exports of the master for varying cluster setups. The setup of this cluster should be the basis for the diskless clustering HOWTO mentioned elsewhere. 1 week medium
Write up a process document for press releases To take advantage of our expertise in PR and editing and to ensure we communicate with the world to the best of our ability, we're going to start sending drafts of all postings to except GWN announcements to the alias for review prior to posting. 1 week medium

Some older projects are in subdirectories: