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Gentoo Foundation - 2010 Elections - Manifesto of dabbott


1.  Introduction


My background is not in computer science but in the management of people and organization to provide the tools and manpower to get goals accomplished. My day job is a Golf Course Superintendent. I have been in this business for close to 30 years, but I got started very young :). I have been an avid Gentoo user for close to Seven years. I just recently joined the ranks as a Gentoo Developer / Staff Member, soon to be Full Dev, I hope, see bug # 275724.

2.  Goals

Communication Communication Communication

Continue to demand transparency all matters of the Foundation. Do my part in keeping track of items that must be addressed, keeping the foundation web page up to date so everyone can be kept up to date. Provide a meeting agenda that is easy to follow and keep track of all old business and add new business as requested.

Institute better recording of the actions undertaken by trustees on official business. The details themselves may contain confidential information, but a summary of those actions is certainly an option.

Progress in terms of the financial state of the Foundation - acquire the services of an accountant and/or CPA, we need to pay someone so someone is accountable to keep the records up to date and report directly to the Foundation Treasurer.

3.  Dreams

Technical Organization Structure

A web application to organise and keep records of all foundation decisions, emails recieved and status, and much more to make management of the Gentoo Foundation less time consuming.


Page updated January 2, 2010

Summary: Discribe my goals for the Gentoo Foundation and what assets I can contribute.

David Abbott

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