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Package Manager Specification


1.  Project Description

Originally the ebuild environment and the package handling process as a whole has been defined by what Portage In the past, the ebuild environment has been defined by what Portage has supported. With the advent of alternative package managers, this ill-defined standard is no longer sufficient. The Package Manager Specification (PMS) aims to solve this by defining, independent of any package manager, what is and is not allowed in the tree, and what ebuilds may assume about their environment.

It is also required to document what each value of the EAPI ebuild variable actually means. At present PMS aims only to document EAPI=0, which will provide a base on top of which other values may be defined. These other EAPI values will be added to the specification once their meanings have been finalised.

2.  Development

PMS Editors

The current PMS editors are:

  • ciaranm
  • spb


Full list of contributors is included in the document. To get your contribution or to make a change to the PMS, a bug should be reported via Gentoo's Bugzilla and assigned to


Page updated September 11, 2008

Summary: The Package Manager Specification aims to document what is required of a Gentoo package manager, what functionality ebuilds can make use of, and what assumptions ebuilds can make about their environment.

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