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Releng's autobuild timetable


Automated stages

These automated stages are built weekly

Day Architecture Maintainer
Monday sparc64 armin76
Tuesday ia64 armin76
Wednesday x86 jmbsvicetto
Thursday amd64 jmbsvicetto
Friday hppa armin76
Saturday alpha armin76/klausman(Blackb|rd)
Sunday ppc/ppc64 armin76/ranger

Manual stages

The following architectures are running manually due to some reason and maybe they aren't even running.

Architecture Maintainer Reason
s390/s390x armin76/vapier Not too many users of s390
sh4/sh4a armin76 Not too many users of sh


Page updated August 16, 2013

Summary: Releng's timetable

Raúl Porcel

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