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Build times


The following build times are done with a fresh stage3 tarball from October 2010. The armv5tel stage3 is softfloat-based while the armv7a is softfp-based. Therefore no CFLAGS have been changed. The portage snapshot is the same for all machines as well, and its located on the USB stick as well.

Important: The USB stick used is the same for all the hardware.

The commands ran to obtain the buildtimes are as follows:

  1. emerge -v screen portage-utils gentoolkit
  2. emerge -vF binutils gcc glibc portage
  3. emerge -v1 binutils gcc glibc portage
  4. qlop -tgHv binutils gcc glibc portage
Package SheevaPlug(armv5tel) Genesi EfikaMX Smarttop(armv7a) Nvidia Tegra2 Devboard(armv7a) Pandaboard(armv7a)
binutils-2.20.1-r1 27m33s 30m38s 12m12s 12m7s
gcc-4.4.3-r3 5h34m 5h48m 1h51m 2h6m
glibc-2.11.2 2h37m 2h48m 1h11m 1h24m
portage- 1m50s 1m33s 1m2s 1m10s
Machine A B C D
Processor Feroceon6281@1.2GHz i.MX515@800MHz(Cortex A8) Dual-Core Nvidia Tegra2@1GHz(Cortex A9) Dual-core TI OMAP4430@1GHz(Cortex A9)
Disk 8GB Stick USB(ext2) 8GB Stick USB(ext2) 8GB Stick USB(ext2) 8GB Stick USB(ext2)
RAM 512M 512M 1G 1G


Page updated December 2, 2010

Raúl Porcel

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