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1.  Project Description

The primary goal of the Proxy Maintainers project is to create and maintain relationships between developers and users in order to ensure packages in the Gentoo tree stay up to date. This involves a few main tasks:

  • List Interested Developers who are interested in being Commiters.
  • Recruit Interested Users for Proxy Maintainers.
  • Commiter/Proxy Maintainer Training.
  • Maintain a list of pairings between Commiters/Proxy Maintainers.

2.  Developers

Developer Nickname Role
antarus Lead

All developers can be reached by e-mail using

3.  What it takes to be a Proxy Maintainer


Proxy Maintainers should be interested in the packages that they are maintaining. By becoming a Proxy Maintainer you are essentially the person in charge of that package in Gentoo. When users have questions regarding a package and how it works in Gentoo, you and your Commiter will be the people that those questions are directed towards. We would like you to enjoy the maintaince and not feel as though it is a chore. To that end we are looking for enthusiastic people.


At a minimum you will be assigned one Commiter who is your partner with regards to a specific package. Your work will be reviewed by your Commiter for violations of Gentoo QA policy; much of the policy is based more on common sense and less on specific rules. If your work does not meet QA your Commiter will notify you of where this occurs and will help you fix the problems to ensure that you work meets guidelines and can be included in the Gentoo package repository. Please do not take offense to these suggestions; all criticism should be intended as constructive criticism.


Similarly in the vein above, don't Proxy-Maintain a package you know very little about unless you are dead sure you can get up to speed on it. For many packages this is not a big problem (many are quite small). However for larger applications and/or libraries it is important to have prior knowledge about the package in question. Bugs about the package will be directed toward you (and also your Commiter). However as Proxy-Maintainer you are responsible for responding to the bugs with patches/comments/etc. Be prepared to do this.


Sometimes the Gentoo Developer with whom you are collaborating goes MIA. Preferably they will inform the Proxy-Maintainer project ahead of time (or via devaway) and we will notify you and attempt to find a replacement Committer during their absense. This may take some time; please be patient with us while we find a replacement. However don't be afraid to prod every once in a while on the status of your Committer if they are not responsive.

4.  What it takes to be a Commiter

CVS access to gentoo-x86

Being a Commiter for this project requires commit access to the Gentoo package repository. CVS access will be granted only to full Gentoo Developers who have passed all their quizes (ebuild + end quiz).


Potential Commiters should have a decent amount of tree experience. Reviewing work is an important part of being a Commiter; as a Commiter you are still responsible for everything that you commit. As such, reviewing the work of Proxy Maintainers is required. As a Commiter, you should also be prepared to critique the work of the Proxy Maintainer in a constructive manner. To this end a wide range of experience with Gentoo, ebuilds, bash, awk, sed, and so forth is required. As a Gentoo Developer, you should already have many of these skills.

5.  Reporting Problems

Problems between a Proxy Maintainer and a Commiter

If a Proxy Maintainer has a problem with their Commiter, or a Commiter has a problem with their Proxy Maintainer they should attempt to work it out amongst themselves. Often things end up being a misunderstanding; please try not to get angry at each other. If things cannot be resolved satisfactorily for each party please contact the Proxy-Maintainer lead.

6.  Contributors

Committer Proxy-Maintainers Packages Maintained
Alec Warner ( None None


Page updated March 28, 2006

Summary: Proxy Maintainers is a project to co-ordinate and maintain relationships between developers with tree access and an interest in a wide variety of packages and users who wish to keep select packages up to date.

Alec Warner

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