a3li mostly away until May. email for urgent stuff. @ 2014/01/29 23:35Z
creffett Unpleasantly busy semester. Will be available on IRC as needed, but can't guarantee quick reactions. If you need to mess with one of my packages, go ahead, just let me know what you did. @ 2014/04/03 21:52Z
dagger Focusing on RL atm. Please feel free to touch any packages I maintain @ 2013/02/06 09:12Z
darkside Check email. Monitor Gentoo Infra stuff, otherwise a Gentoo User. @ 2014/01/05 00:09Z
dilfridge Taking it slow a bit ( in combination with real work). See you at FOSDEM. @ 2014/01/22 23:01Z
dolsen Limited time for working on things. Packing & moving house, so also some internet interuption. Will be around a bit. @ 2013/08/14 14:10Z
ercpe Busy with my job with little time to work on Gentoo. Actively monitoring b.g.o, mails and IRC. @ 2014/03/31 04:39Z
fauli Work load high, available through mail @ 2011/02/02 20:21Z
gengor Not actively committing to gentoo-x86, but still available via IRC and email. Fully intend to become commit-active again at some point... @ 2011/11/23 19:08Z
haubi easter holidays until April 22nd @ 2014/04/15 20:02Z
hkbst Busy with real life. @ 2013/12/09 12:25Z
hwoarang Away. No e-mal. Contact comrel during my absence @ 2014/01/27 17:54Z
josejx Limited availablity until November 2013. @ 2013/10/22 05:52Z
ken69267 Busy with some post-grad stuff. My AMD64 machine is also terribly outdated at this point and will need some time to get updated to be suitable for testing. @ 2013/05/15 16:51Z
kumba Busy w/ RL at the time. Will update mips-sources periodically. E-mail me if anything pressing is needed. @ 2013/10/25 23:49Z
lack As the father of new twins, I will be significantly less responsive for the forseeable future. Please update my packages as needed, and I will try to check in as I can. Likely to have more time by May 2014. @ 2014/03/31 00:05Z
lordvan Limited time for gentoo work at the moment, but will try to keep up with bugs, ... Still available on IRC, Jabber and Email @ 2012/03/11 18:34Z
mduft No time for active development currently. Looks like it's getting even longer :( No certain return date available. @ 2013/11/12 06:12Z
mschiff I am on vacation until 2014/04/22 @ 2014/03/21 15:45Z
nightmorph massive hardware/software failure. every gentoo hdd is dead. working on restoring a basic environment. email me if it's urgent. otherwise, contact swift for docs stuff; tampakrap for planet stuff. @ 2013/09/11 10:16Z
pauldv I'm not very active due to work and family commitments. If you need me, send me a direct email, and I'll normally be able to reply quickly. @ 2012/02/03 14:21Z
pchrist New job, new rules. I hope to able to contribute again, at least partially, from late September. @ 2013/08/23 14:46Z
pebenito Will be gone for an indeterminate time to deal with family illness. @ 2011/02/03 13:52Z
phosphan Setting up a new dev box, hope I'll be back in December - see bug #473480 @ 2013/11/19 19:21Z
pinkbyte Limited development activity till June 1, 2014. Available via e-mail, feel free to contact on urgent stuff or fix things yourself. But do not break anything ;-) @ 2014/04/05 15:04Z
psomas Busy with work. Contact me via email if needed. Hope to be back soon. @ 2012/10/12 10:05Z
qiaomuf Busy with new job, ETA 20121130 @ 2012/10/08 13:42Z
rajiv retiring. please email @ 2014/01/02 18:24Z
robbat2 2014/02/13-2014/02/16: vacation @ 2014/02/13 23:23Z
sbriesen Too few spare time right now. Feel free to fix any bugs & ebuilds... ;-) @ 2013/10/30 10:48Z
steev In michigan until April. Feel free to touch my package(s) @ 2014/03/10 12:46Z
suka On vacation until beginning of July - feel free to update my stuff when necessary @ 2013/06/23 17:07Z
tampakrap Military service, away till end of the year @ 2014/02/04 13:50Z
tetromino On vacation, won't have access to my main machine @ 2014/03/05 04:59Z
timebandit Away, pending voluntary retirement. It's time to stop deluding myself that I will contribute again "soon." :( @ 2013/05/15 04:05Z
ultrabug Holidays. Will be back May 12 2014, contact the cluster herd or python her if needed. Cya ;) @ 2014/04/15 15:21Z
vostorga Limited time and high workload, because I've got a new job. Feel free to touch any package. @ 2014/04/06 18:45Z
wormo Wormo is busy right now, but should be back in a few weeks (author:antarus) @ 2012/06/16 19:34Z
xarthisius On the conference till 07/20, feel free to fix my bugs @ 2013/07/12 06:30Z
zmedico limited availability; please feel free to maintain "my" packages @ 2013/11/13 12:19Z

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