alicef Still busy for university exams. Feel free to touch my packages. @ 2015/08/24 09:53Z
antarus On leave. Not reading email or irc. @ 2014/06/07 15:34Z
armin76 Relocated to Ireland since April, still no internet and not finished moving yet, feel free to touch my packages @ 2015/06/14 19:17Z
caster Away until second child born and things settle down (I expect March). @ 2015/01/06 15:20Z
darkside Check email. Monitor Gentoo Infra stuff, otherwise a Gentoo User. @ 2014/01/05 00:09Z
dastergon new job; relocating. partially available @ 2015/03/20 10:08Z
dilfridge main devbox and vserver broken. reachable by e-mail, occasionally on irc (but no backlog). @ 2015/10/02 21:36Z
ercpe Currently n/a. Not really looking into bugzilla and IRC but reachable via mail. @ 2015/05/14 04:47Z
fauli Work load high, available through mail @ 2011/02/02 20:21Z
haubi offline until mid of October, 2015 @ 2015/09/01 09:18Z
hkbst Busy with real life. @ 2013/12/09 12:25Z
hwoarang No time for gentoo. No ETA. If you want to fix my bugs go ahead @ 2014/06/29 11:53Z
iksaif Hardware died, away till May (set by infra per undertakers@, 2015/04/21) @ 2015/04/21 18:35Z
jauhien Not really away, but have limited access to hardware. Please, ask me before seriously touching my ebuilds @ 2015/07/05 17:36Z
josejx Limited availablity until November 2013. @ 2013/10/22 05:52Z
kumba Busy w/ RL, but working on resurrecting SGI Octane support for Linux. Stay tuned! @ 2014/07/13 10:36Z
lordvan Limited time for gentoo work at the moment, but will try to keep up with bugs, ... Still available on IRC, Jabber and Email @ 2012/03/11 18:34Z
mgorny Very limited time, and even less willingness. @ 2015/09/24 20:12Z
neurogeek Lost my last Gentoo box and haven't been able to recover it. Maybe back by Jan. @ 2014/11/26 02:01Z
nightmorph working on getting systems back up. doing some limited email and bugzilla stuff in the meantime. @ 2014/11/10 10:23Z
nullishzero Not much time for Gentoo due to real life. Checking occasional email. @ 2015/05/14 02:52Z
olemarkus Little time for Gentoo. Will fix sec bugs asap, but other bugs may take some time. @ 2014/08/21 20:13Z
patrick Mostly offline for a little while. Feel free to fix stuff that needs fixing. @ 2015/09/03 07:56Z
pchrist Vacation to Italy, really afk. Do whatever you want with my packages, but the rule "you touch it, you fix it" applies here too. Be careful of the monster called guile. @ 2015/08/22 15:55Z
psomas Busy with work. Contact me via email if needed. Hope to be back soon. @ 2012/10/12 10:05Z
radhermit indefinite break @ 2015/07/22 01:03Z
ranger Taking temporary leave. I will return @ 2014/05/28 15:19Z
remi Gone fishing until Aug. 15, x11 and gnome herds should be able to answer questions about "my" @ 2015/07/24 06:14Z
rhill Away indefinitely. Feel free to do whatever you want to any package I maintain. @ 2014/09/06 22:58Z
robbat2 Seattle 2015/08/27-09/02 @ 2015/08/27 01:48Z
sbriesen Too few spare time right now. Feel free to fix any bugs & ebuilds... ;-) @ 2013/10/30 10:48Z
sera Too busy with work till mid September @ 2014/08/17 15:58Z
sochotnicky Back first week of June @ 2014/05/23 11:06Z
tampakrap retired @ 2015/07/04 15:22Z
tomk Busy with RL, back soon @ 2015/01/21 16:10Z
tomwij I am taking a break from Gentoo. I don't think I'm ready to retire, but I think I need a break to decide. Still present to talk if you can catch me... @ 2014/09/10 12:28Z
vapier traveling; expect delayed response @ 2015/06/09 16:18Z
vostorga Limited time and high workload, because I've got a new job. Feel free to touch any package. @ 2014/04/06 18:45Z
voyageur Limited availability until mid-august. Thanks for fixing my packages in the meantime! @ 2015/07/03 21:32Z

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