a3li Busy with life. Leave email after the beep. @ 2017/01/06 20:38Z
alunduil I'm reducing my Gentoo activities and should have resolution around September of @ 2017/07/03 14:24Z
antarus On leave. Not reading email or irc. @ 2014/06/07 15:34Z
chewi Away from computer with family until 2017-07-08. May check mail. @ 2017/07/01 22:11Z
ercpe Currently n/a. Not really looking into bugzilla and IRC but reachable via mail. @ 2015/05/14 04:47Z
fordfrog I'll be away till cca 1st August 2017 @ 2017/07/15 07:10Z
haubi busy at work: patches welcome for my bugs @ 2016/09/30 08:00Z
idl0r Mail away, please contact me via IRC @ 2016/06/01 14:36Z
jcallen Limited time for Gentoo work currently, but still checking email and IRC. @ 2017/06/22 00:54Z
je_fro Going to China for work for a couple of months. Back stateside in July. @ 2017/03/04 06:42Z
jmbsvicetto Away on Pico Island: 19/07 - 25/07. Will have laptop and e-mail but limited availability. @ 2017/07/18 08:29Z
kensington hardware issues, best reachable by email @ 2017/04/04 12:14Z
kumba Mostly busy w/ real life, but working on updated install stages/netboot for SGI/MIPS. Drop me an e-mail if needed. @ 2017/06/26 04:06Z
lordvan Limited time for gentoo work at the moment, but will try to keep up with bugs, ... Still available on IRC, Jabber and Email @ 2012/03/11 18:34Z
neddyseagoon In the process of retiring from paid employment. Gentoo time sporadic/unknown for 12 months. @ 2016/07/13 21:00Z
pchrist Still busy with real life. Do whatever you want with my packages but "you touch them, you fix them". @ 2016/10/03 17:10Z
pinkbyte Taking a break from active development. Available via e-mail for urgent and QA leading stuff. Feel free to touch my packages. No ETA. Random commits may happen, though @ 2016/08/17 08:54Z
robbat2 Travelling 2017/07/18 - 07/24; No Laptop due to border crossings. @ 2017/07/17 07:37Z
swift Holidays, on and off available until August, then unavailable until August 20th @ 2017/07/11 08:26Z
vikraman On vacation, feel free to fix my bugs. @ 2017/06/03 21:37Z

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